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BEFORE YOU EDIT THIS PAGE- As Family Guy entries tend to attract this kind of complaining: This is not a place to complain about the Seasonal Rot. Nor to complain about Seth MacFarlane's directing. It is a place for those particular moments within the show you felt were truly horrible, idiotic, or insulting. If you feel that moment was the absolute low point for the show, please see the Dethroning Moment of Suck page for Family Guy. In particular, please try to avoid commenting on the decline in episode quality. Yes, these entries are symptoms of that, but this isn't the place for it, and it only drags the page down.
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     The Show & Characters In General 
  • Much of the main cast have increased in jerkiness every since they were revived (the second time).
  • The sheer amount of torture Meg goes through after the second revival, almost none of it is justified and it showcases the increased jerkiness of her family and everyone else in the show since they used to show some kind of concern for her.
  • A problem that actually existed since the beginning of the show is how they portray certain groups.
  • Since much of the humor relies on cutaway gags, there will be instants where they are either dragged out for too long, repeated even when it wasn't that amusing to begin with, or just never funny to begin with.
    • Example: When Peter makes a comment about being on public access radio. It begins as a dry book show, but quickly devolves into Peter chewing a cracker, taking a sip of tea, and going "Aaah" for over a minute. While we're stuck staring at a static picture of a radio.
    • The 9/11 jokes. They aren't funny, and Seth has no right making fun of a tragedy he was almost a part of.
  • The plot of specific episodes are extremely incoherent. Two specific offenders include "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One" (Season 5) and "Mc Stroke" (Season 6).
    • For example, the plot in "Mc Stroke" goes all over the place. First, Peter wants a mustache, then he's obsessed with his mustache, then he becomes a fire fighter, then gets free burgers, then gets a stroke, then somehow recovers from stem cell research, then attempts to sue said burger place, then finds a talking cow. Yes, that's the plot. At least the subplot (Stewie blending in with the popular kids) is somewhat coherent.
  • The fact that Peter is considered to be legally mentally retarded. What bothers me about this is that this was probably thought up as an excuse to give Peter a license to do whatever the hell he wants without consequence. If anything, Peter Griffin is not retarded; he is a sociopath. He does not seem to be aware that his actions can and will do harm to others; and instead of being the goofy, but caring father as he once was, he is extremely childish,idiotic,and an overall dick, becoming flanderized to the point where a chew toy is more important than Brian's life (as seen in Brian the Closer, season 13). He is more of a monster than any villains from the show ever were. He's worse than James Woods, worse than Diane Simmons, and even worse than any other character who is considered "evil." Except for Stewie, he's not evil now, he's gay. What are we supposed to like about our main characters?
  • Pretty much anytime something that's genuinely funny happens and something else is thrown in either as if to point out you're supposed to laugh at this or something they seem think is funny but just isn't. Good examples being Brian saying he likes being an outside dog and that's final immediately before a thunderstorm happens, causing him to run inside, and the claustaphobic turtle. Specifically, after Brian runs in and shouts "WHAT ARE YOU DOING STEWIE, GET INSIDE!", it immediately cuts to mayor west saying "Wow, he didn't see that comin, did he?", or the claustrophobic turtle eventually being accompanied by two people you can't understand that have nothing to do with the joke.

     Specific Episodes and Moments in Episodes 
  • The second half of the B-plot of "Patriot Games". Brian is a complete jerk to Stewie, blaming him for beating him up which Stewie did because Brian hadn't paid up in the first place! Brian paid up and the two should have been even, but Stewie just had to give him a revenge shot, which Brian takes advantage of, completely transforming Stewie—-who had just minutes ago been a Badass—-into a complete wimp!
    • Even after Brian had gotten his "revenge", in the following season he still made Stewie pay for the beatings that were Brian's own fault!
    • Admittedly, it's hard for a viewer's sympathy not to be towards Brian...at least considering he wasn't an ass yet at this point.
  • Everything about "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven" (particularly the A-story where Meg becomes a born-again Christian after watching a religious show starring Kirk Cameron) has angered a lot of tropers. To list the specifics would take up too much time and space, so Family Guy has its own Dethroning Moment of Suck page here dedicated to this episode (and other dethroning moments of suck). Please list them there.
    • A smaller Wallbanger for this episode, is at the point where everyone is hating on Brian for his atheism. In an interview, Mayor West says "I'd rather have terrorists in this town. At least they believe in a God." This triggers a real pet peeve of mine, where people think that the term terrorist is synonymous with Muslims or at least, extremist Muslims. This troper isn't a Muslim, but this mentality still bugs me to no end. The term terrorist is defined as "someone who uses violence to coerce others, especially for political purposes", not "an Hot-headed follower of Islam". Also, with the definition, Brian already is a terrorist due to his actions in "You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives".
  • The episode "Stew-roids" had two wall bangers:
    • First, Buff Stewie (what else can you call him?) has next to no development and was just an excuse for jokes. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot.
    • Second, why did Connie become popular again after Chris' downfall when it was Neil who orchestrated it?
  • Seth MacFarlane ought to be glad he didn't have much to do with the episode "McStroke" — he was participating in the writers' strike of 2007-2008 at the time, and FOX finished the episode and aired it without Seth's permission (which MacFarlane has called a "colossal dick move"). "McStroke" has a parade of facepalm moments. Following an awkward non-joke about stem cell treatment, Peter crusades to bring down the restaurant where he pigged out on hamburgers and gave himself a stroke. Brian mentions Peter's own culpability exactly once; it never comes up again, not even when a judge throws out his lawsuit (it's because the business has a superb legal team, natch, although a case this ridiculous shouldn't have required their services). Then they visit the McBurgerTown corporate headquarters to find... a slaughterhouse? Okay, we'll chalk it up to Rule of Funny here, because surely they're building up to something hilarious, right? But then they meet a cow who tells them of the horrors perpetrated against his species by the restaurant chain, and they use his testimony to bring down the company. WHAT!? How does that work? Who watching this show — or even in the show — didn't already know that beef comes from cows? The revelation that a fast food company uses meat that fresh should instantly quadruple their business! Rule of Funny utterly fails to cover this because it isn't funny. It's just stupid.
    • Hell, if a restaurant used meat that fresh, that would be the main focus of their advertising.
    • However, all this was saved by the mustache sequence. Why couldn't the whole episode have just kept its focus on that?
    • They also have a wasted opportunity with Ricardo Montalbán. They had him as a cow, but they make no jokes about 'soft Corinthian leather'! For shame.
  • The episode "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag". Brian dates an older woman, attracting intense ridicule from his family, and makes a huge deal about how he truly loves her and how she's not at all what one would expect a woman of her age (50) to be like. After this, however, out of nowhere, she starts acting stereotypically "old" (needing pills, breaking her hip, talking in out-of-date language, etc.), causing Brian to rethink staying with her, which ultimately ends in his cheating on her and getting dumped. The problem here is that up until about halfway through the episode, she never showed any of these issues. It's as if they suddenly manifested out of nowhere to ensure that the relationship would fail like all of Brian's previous ones, protecting the status quo. To make things worse, there was an earlier episode ("Brian Wallows; Peter Swallows") where Brian dated Pearl (the elderly shut-in who used to sing jingles and tried to launch a legitimate music career, only to be booed off the stage at Carnegie Hall) and she didn't act anything like the woman in "Brian's Got A Brand New Bag".
    • Worse yet, with the application of a little Fridge Logic: going by the airdate, the fifty year old girlfriend would have been twenty five in 1984. Lois and Peter are hypocrites to make fun of how old she was when they're less than a decade younger.
      • Speaking of, another episode revealed Glen Quagmire to be sixty-one, despite looking way younger. No one gives him any flack for that, given his constant womanizing.
      • And an earlier episode claims Brian to be 8 years old (56). So it's OK for men to be 50+ years old, but any woman over the age of 30 is obviously abhorrent and should be avoided.
  • "Big Man on Hippocampus", starting from when Peter is diagnosed with amnesia and continuing through the end of the episode. Peter forgetting who his family was is understandable; forgetting what a telephone is, less so.
    • Reality Is Unrealistic here, since amnesia isn't specific. Any, and more commonly all, memories can be locked off from the conscious mind.
    • Also, Lois acts all hurt and tearful about the amnesiac Peter becoming a bachelor because he can't remember their commitment, saying that being married is supposed to mean "being faithful". Yeeeah, what about at the beginning of the episode, where LOIS, under NO amnesia and in front of Peter, kisses the host of "Family Feud" and tells him "I wanna be your wedding ring" in a sexual voice. So Lois can be unfaithful to Peter, but Peter can't be unfaithful to her afterward? Especially given that Peter has an excuse, while Lois has none? That the episode is expecting us to feel sorry for Lois and ignore her hypocrisy is a big Wallbanger.
      • And that's without mentioning the Bill Clinton fiasco. And yet she still called Loretta "unforgivable". Let's face it: Lois is Bitch in Sheep's Clothing incarnate!
  • Much has been said about Quagmire's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian on this wiki. It is related to the Wall Banger that is the hypocrisy of Glen Quagmire. Quagmire tears a strip off Brian for abandoning his son, hitting on Lois, and only liking women for their bodies. But Quagmire's abandoned hundreds of illegitimate children, rooted through Lois's trash and stolen her hair and undergarments, and committed multiple rapes of both the "regular" and statutory kind. And where the hell does Quagmire get off beating up Brian for having sex with his transgender father? Brian didn't know that was Glen's father! And that relationship was consensual. There should be any number of people who would want to do to Quagmire what Quagmire did to Brian...
    • Note well: in the very same episode, when Quagmire's sister is getting beaten by her boyfriend, Quagmire runs outside to yell at Brian over his sister getting beaten. He's blaming Brian for something that isn't his fault without motivation, and chewing Brian out is more important to him than trying to rescue his own sister.
      • Wasn't the point Quagmire was making not that that Brian does all of those things, but that he acts intellectually and morally superior to everyone all the time in spite of them? That's one thing Quagmire himself doesn't do. The fact that he himself acknowledges his flaws and asks him "what gives you the right to judge anyone?" does seem to support this.
      • Having Delusions of Grandeur or being a rapist. Nope, those two things don't compare at all. Quagmire embracing the person he is somehow, makes him worse. See, he understands that he's a monster and he's okay with it. Brian is certainly a jackass, but he's also in denial, and possibly hasn't realized how he acts is wrong. But even if you don't agree with those statements, no man who admits that he'll eventually have sex with his daughter, should be preaching anything in a moral sense.
      • And he's not "a big alcoholic bore" either. Then again one could argue that having Quagmire lampshade the show's flaws has involved ironically diluting his personality and making him an Author Avatar too (his voice pitch even seems to convert more into Brian's throughout the speech amusingly enough). Also note the speech is about the one element in his resentment that isn't caused by Kafka Komedy (e.g. "Quagmire's Dad"). It's not really a justified Take That, Scrappy! if you're punishing a character for actions that aren't connected to their flaws or even their fault.
  • The episode "Jungle Love". This episode extends Lois's abusive behavior to Chris. She spends a good minute trying to convince Chris to tolerate school and realize it's not all bad, and then baits him to Freshmen-targeting high schoolers the minute he sets foot on school grounds. Granted, Lois's character these days is inconsistent and dependent on Comedic Sociopathy, but it's hard to take the Aesop the episode is handing us seriously after that. (Though, since this is Family Guy, that may be the point).
  • The entire episode "Padre de Familia" (which was one of the episodes Seth MacFarlane didn't do because of the 2007-2008 Writer Guild of America strike). Peter is fired from his job because he is an illegal immigrant, even though 1) his mother is American and 2) he's married to a citizen of America.
    • Don't forget the Fridge Logic that Peter had to have shown that he was a citizen many years earlier for, say, his driver's license or something like that. Not the best thought out episode ever. Still, it had its funny points.
  • There's a moment in the episode "Friends of Peter G". in which Brian said that people were fine without religion for years, followed by a cutaway in which people lived peacefully, but started slaughtering each other after the birth of Jesus was announced. This flashback has two Wall Bangers: first, that it implies that there was no religion before the birth of Jesus, and second, that religion is the cause of all evil. Seriously, no amount of Rule of Funny can't save such a massive Critical Research Failure.
    • There's another major issue with the above cutaway gag as well as the series in general. In the show, Jesus is shown not only in cutaway gags, but is an actual character as well. Not only that, but Brian himself (who happens to be an Atheist) has interacted with him in the series several times. This technically means that Christianity (or some variation thereof) in the Family Guy universe bears some truth to it. Yet, Brian (and the show in general) act as if all religion is automatically wrong. Rule of Funny doesn't excuse how utterly nonsensical this whole thing is. I can understand criticizing religion. However, when an actual being from that religion exists in-universe as a character in your show? And when a character who is a staunch Atheist has actually MET said religious figure? Now, I'm an Atheist myself. But, this baffles me to no end. The sheer confusion the show seems to have over both criticizing religion and having Jesus as a character just makes the whole issue so confusing that it causes nothing but headaches. You can't have it both ways, writers.
  • There's a few wall-bangers in the "Road To The Multiverse" episode, but two particularly bad ones bugged me.
    • In the "Japan didn't quit" multiverse, why would everyone be stuck in the Edo era? Did nobody involved in production realize that Japan was only able to threaten the Pacific rim in World War II because they abandoned samurai and Westernized so rapidly? An American family enculturated by an invading Japan would bear more resemblance to a non-invaded American family of the same time than to a Japanese family from the pre-Meiji eras. And why would everyone end every sentence with "da yo"? It'd be roughly equivalent to shouting every sentence and ending it with "DUH!" or "MAN, TOTALLY!" in English.
      • Just be glad they didn't choose the polite version. "Desu".
      • Not to mention that had the Japanese not quit in WWII, America would have kept dropping atomic bombs on them. And even if we remove the nukes, the Americans were beating the Japanese severely enough that Japan was planning on surrendering BEFORE the nukes. And unfortunately, Determination alone doesn't automatically allow you to defeat a far superior opponent. It merely draws out your beating.
      • And that is to say nothing of the Soviet involvement in the Pacific.
    • Walt Disney was not outspokenly anti-Semitic, did not ally himself with the Nazis (and may have actually helped win World War II), and employed Jews on his staff. Granted, his vision of America was steeped in a conservative and strongly Christian light, and according to The Other Wiki, the rumors of anti-Semitism sprang up due to his membership in a reactionary filmmaker's organization, but there's no evidence that he himself championed anti-Semitic philosophies. And given how nobody seems to care when the show normally tries to humiliate or kill Mort (e.g., everyone's favorite Schindler's List joke), why would it be a deal-breaker here for an otherwise-perfect universe?
    • Don't forget the "we'd be living in the Future right now if Christianity never existed." Uh, time out, here...
      1. Christianity actually helped PRESERVE lost Roman sciences and arts during the Dark Ages.
      2. The biggest cause of the Dark Ages was the burning of the Library of Alexandria by the Muslim caliphate and the destruction of the Roman Empire, both of which set back centralized research and development several centuries.
      • On the other hand, the Muslims preserved a lot of science and advanced scientifically while Europe didn't, and Muslim knowledge came back to Europe during the Crusades, which was what helped lead them out of the Dark Ages.
      • Keep in mind that Islam wouldn't even exist if Christianity was never formed.
      • And the fact in a world without Christianity there is still a Sistine Chapel (and by extension, Vatican City). A Face Palm can't shield one from this type of idiocy.
    • In the "People/Dog role reversal universe", apparently what 'breed' of dog you are is completely random, regardless of the 'breed' of your parents. That would be like the coupling of a white man and black woman giving birth to a Japanese baby.
    • Ok, in one gag of the episode, Brian and Stewie end up in a Flintstones-esque universe with Peter as Fred and Lois as Wilma. The joke? Nothing but "rock" puns. Um, the writers of the show do know that The Flintstones was essentially The Honeymooners with cavemen, right? It wasn't just "Rock Puns".
      • Also, Stewie's and Brian's reaction of utter boredom and annoyance at the Flintstones-esqe universe. Uh, writers of Family Guy? You do realize that The Flintstones was the longest-running cartoon sitcom for years until The Simpsons came and beat that record, pretty much paving the way for night-time cartoon sitcoms of the future. We're not saying the show is perfect, but without that kind of success, your show probably would've never existed in the first place.
      • It's especially insulting when you consider Seth MacFarlane started his animation career AT Hanna-Barbera; there's light-hearted jabs and then there's being disrespectful, this was the latter.
  • "Seahorse Seashell Party" had one of the most sadistic Yank the Dog's Chain in animation history. After finally standing up to her family and calling them all out for being terrible, sadistic, and downright abusing human beings, she looks back on the following breakdown and starts to show regret for saying exactly what they've needed to be told for a long time now. Ultimately she comes to realize that if your family's going to tear each other apart without you being the focus of their abuses, it's okay to not stand up for yourself. What. The. Fuck.
  • "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Fonz" has a scene that has Peter, Francis, and Brian sharing some common ground by stating how much they dislike Madonna. Now, disliking someone due to personal choices they've made in their lives, fine. A bit harsh, but nothing too serious. But, the wall banger comes in when the group calls Madonna a "liar" just because La Isla Bonita isn't a real place (Peter stated he couldn't find it on a map). Yes, because no one has ever created a fictional location before. Oh, except for Hogwarts, Isla Nublar (Isla Sorna in later books/films), and, oh yeah, QUAHOG!
  • "Stewie Loves Lois" - Lois finds Peter in the kitchen, and remarks that he looks awful before asking him what happened. He tells her he was raped... and she laughs! Yeah. This would not be so bad if she had laughed after he explained everything and she realized he mistook his prostate exam for sexual molestation. Laughing right after the phrase "I was raped" is uttered by a clearly distraught Peter though makes it seem like she finds the notion of Peter getting raped funny, and that's just wrong.
  • "You May Now Kiss The... uh... Guy who Receives". Aside from all of the other problems with the episode, Mayor West wants to ban gay marriage in Quahog. Uh... in 2006, gay marriage was not legal in Rhode Island, which is where Quahog is located. Why ban something that's not allowed? And the fact that a dog is marrying a human. That is what some that are against LGBT marriage think could happen if gay marriage is allowed.
    • Never mind that the relationship seems to be entirely physical and the Filipino man that Jasper is marrying doesn't know what's going on because he can't speak English. Jasper can't speak Spanish either, which just opens up even more issues. Lampshaded by Stewie in a Dude, Not Funny! way almost immediately.
    • Unfortunate Implications and Jasper's status as The Scrappy aside, another huge wallbanger is the fact that it's Brian who ends up trying (and succeeding thanks to Lois's change of heart) to convince Mayor West (at gunpoint no less) to lift the ban on Gay Marriage. To put it bluntly, rather than having Jasper, who's marriage is at stake throughout the episode, give a heartfelt reason why he should be allowed to marry whomever he wants, they have Brian act as the mouthpiece for the issue once again. That's right, Jasper isn't even a character. He's a plot device for Brian to be "Mr. Right" about something once again (regardless of whether or not you agree with his views).
    • Also, the cutaway "gag" making fun of a real-life victim of child abduction and molestation. There's being "edgy" and then there's... that.
    • A scene from "Yug Ylimaf" where Brian brings one of his dates into Stewie's time machine.
    Brian: Are you 16?
    Girl: I will be next September.
    Brian: Well, I think someone has a Barnes & Noble gift card coming from their silence.
    • Yeah, you heard it right. Brian is lusting after a teenager.
      • There is the fact that the Legal Age of Consent is 16 in Rhode Island. But the fact that Brian tries to cover this up reeks of Squick.
  • The episode "Friends Without Benefits". The episode is entirely dedicated on Meg bashing and cranking her yandere tendencies up to eleven. The whole message sent to the viewers, screaming "this character deserves abuse even though she did nothing wrong"note  is the real wall banger.
    • Way worse in "Seahorse Seashell Party", where the moral of the story is that Meg is bullied because the family needs to use a scapegoat as a lightning rod (so to function correctly). In other words, Meg needs to buckle down and just tolerate the extremely aggressive abuse she takes almost constantly, invoking a Broken Aesop to a pretty risky level.
  • "The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair": There was a joke where Lois is persuading Meg to help with Joe and Susie while Bonnie is gone. She tells/lies to Meg that Bonnie said Meg is "pretty" and Lois talked about how Bonnie and Lois played a game where they were "naming every pretty person they know" Lois said Rachel Maddow which stumped Bonnie who came up with Meg. Meg asks who Rachel Maddow is and then Lois lies once again saying, "A model." Meg is elated while Lois stifles her true reaction. I get it, Family Guy, you only think a select group of women are desirable. The others are too old, fat, don't fit a look of Generic Cuteness, too annoying (a later episode with Joan of Arc getting burned at the stake for trying to be a "bro"), their voices are annoying (hot girl with the annoying laugh) but oddly Bonnie and Lois whose characters have rotted under the current writers are "the most beautiful women". What befuddles me is that an uber-liberal like you and the writer of the episode would make an idiotic joke about someone who shares your politics? Or is it the fact that she is a theist? The fact that she does a kinder and gentler approach? Or that she admits she is wrong? Also that joke from way back about Quagmire needing to crash his plane through a beer ad to crash through a billboard of Greta Van Susteran sucked.
  • To me, basically when there's weightist and lookist note  jokes about a fat or ugly woman, especially when it involves Meg. The one that bothered me the most was when Stewie walks into an office full of fat women:
    Stewie: Is there a Miss... (excited gasping) ... es. (all sighing). note 
  • How could Lois call the FCC to Quahog and be SURPRISED when they don't let her and Peter have sex? Took a Level in Dumbass, anyone?
    • Even worse, she didn't think he wouldn't want to have sex when he was (temporarily) GAY!
      • While the former is handwaved by the fact she only wanted Peter's new show off the air, the fact she didn't sue the FCC for invading not only her home but her privacy is appalling! Seriously; you have a bunch of Media Watchdogs coming into your home to see you naked and try to cover you up. WTF?!
  • "Family Goy": Aside from the obvious one of Peter trying to kill his wife to get rid of the "Jewish curse", and it being played for laughs, there's another blink-and-you'll-miss-it one. Apparently, Lois's Jewish grandmother was named "Hebrewburg Moneygrubber". Classic Family Guy. Preaching tolerance while simultaneously enforcing the most negative stereotypes in existence.
    • The end has Jesus saying that all religions are crap. The sheer stupidity of someone who ''founded the world's largest religion" saying this overwhelms any potential Rule of Funny this may have, even if it wasn't pandering to Brian's Hollywood Atheism.
  • In "Yug Ylimaf", Stewie is smart enough to have a time machine yet stupid enough to forget what comes after G.
  • In "I Dream of Jesus", Peter tells Chris that polio in the 50s is like AIDS today, except polio people get into heaven. If this show is so liberal, why does it preach what the WBC wants you to believe!?
  • The B-plot of "Go, Stewie, Go!". Basically, Peter and Lois kept rejecting Meg's old boyfriends because something was wrong with them. And then she dates a guy named Anthony, which amazes the entire neighborhood because she finally dates someone who is 'normal'. But then Lois ruins it by having sex with him! This is one of those moments where I just wish Stewie would kill her already.
  • "Secondhand Spoke" for its Aesop Amnesia/Canon Discontinuity: sooo, we're all just going to forget that Peter spoke out against a cigarette company at the end of "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington"? Fine by me.
  • "Herpe, the Love Sore" for showing us that as long as you're a soldier, you can get away with beating the shit out of people and acting like a bunch of bastards to them. Heck, those guys even got respected for beating the crap out of Peter, Joe, and Quagmire!
    • Not to mention that "These Three Guys Day" totally celebrated the wrong three guys. I could have forgiven this episode for its utter stupidity if it wasn't for that! Getting ridiculed for wimping out against some people and then getting ridiculed again for standing up to them just because they turned out to be soldiers is incredibly contrived and unfunny and just an excuse to torture Peter, Joe and Quagmire for a half hour.
    • And the fact that Brian, knowing he has herpes, becomes blood brothers by mixing his blood with Chris and Stewie, giving them herpes too.
  • Yet another example of Lois's dumbassery in "Prick Up Your Ears". She catches Chris and his friends looking at dirty magazines... and assumes that they just have questions about sex that they should ask their teachers. *FACEPALM!*
  • "Baby Got Black"
    • Brian sucking up to black people. It's moments like this why he is my most hated character on this show.
  • Into Fat Air was already an unfunny episode, but the main Wall Banger is the joke that they want to start this episode, and the entire eleventh season off on. Lois asks, "Guess who I ran into at the market just now." Stewie responds, "your hairdresser who's dying of cancer?"... What? That's not even a joke. That's just a middle finger to people with relatives dying of cancer. It's like the show was just building up its fanbase for the first 3 seasons and is now challenging itself to see how fast it can throw it away. Because I'm honestly sure at this point that my pet Betta Fish could write more sophisticated humor.
  • In "Whistle While Your Wife Works," Brian shows the family his new girlfriend Jillian, who is not very intelligent. Lois makes fun of Brian for dating a dumb girl, which wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't already married to a man who is clinically retarded. Why did no one point that out to her? She truly is the epitome of hypocrisy. The B-Plot was awful, too. We don't need an episode where Peter sexually harasses his wife into having sex with him in his office while simultaneously attempting to distract her from her work. Seth, you can write better than this.
  • The end of "3 Acts of God". Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe have all convinced God to let the Patriots win at football again, and Lois chastises Peter for not asking God to do more for the world. Peter explains that he did ask God to do something else. And Meg starts to vanish from existence, complete with bloodcurdling scream, while Peter tells Lois not to look. What. The. Christ. Even for Meg's role as the show's resident Butt Monkey, it's like MacFarlane and everyone else who makes this show have zero respect left for her.
  • The entirety of "Tea Peter" is just an incredibly obvious and ignorant strawman against the Tea Party. Even if you don't agree with the ideals of the movement, at least have the respect to figure out what they are before you add to the gross misinformation out there.
  • Where do I begin with "Once Bitten"? Both plots of this episode each had at least one minor detail of not following its past rules that is bound to catch the eye of the longtime viewer. First, Brian bites Peter for inserting a pill into his butt, as per the vet's orders. Does Brian feel remorse for it, like he did in "Brian Sings and Swings"? Nope. He enjoyed it, and used it to bully Peter into doing what he wants. It shouldn't come off as a surprise to those who witnessed Brian knowingly giving Stewie and Chris herpes, but Brian just seemed malicious there. Is it any wonder he was taken to obedience school? We're not done here. The episode's subplot is that Chris' new friend is using him to get closer to Meg. Well, that's its summary before the episode's release, at least. It turns out the "new friend" is Neil Goldman. You know, that awkward kid who had a crush on Meg for years? A shocking revelation, I know, especially for those who didn't bother to look at the pictures for this episode before its premiere for the sake of surprising themselves. But now, get a load of this. Meg, believe it or not, had no problem talking to Neil. Wasn't she, I don't know, trying to avoid him at some point? Wasn't this the woman who clearly said "Neil Goldman of Quahog, Rhode Island, LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!!!". And now it's "Hey, what's up, Neil?". I could forgive all that if Meg and Neil connected at some other points, but the whole "Neil likes Meg" thing has been dropped for a while, so it doesn't really work. And furthermore, where was Cecilia during all of this? A namedrop would have sufficed. To quote The Mysterious Mr. Enter, "this is probably the biggest sign that a show has gone on too long, by not following the rules that THEY THEMSELVES ESTABLISH!!!"
  • There's 2 ways Brian could've avoided dying in "Life of Brian." 1, if he and Stewie didn't set up the hockey net IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! And 2, Brian could've jumped out of the way of the car! But for some reason, he just stands there and watches the car coming at him and he doesn't even look scared, he just looks bored as if he's thinking "Oh look, a car's coming at me at full speed. I'm pretty sure it'll stop before it can hit me." It does makes me wonder what would've happened if the car wasn't out of control and just stopped near Brian?
  • Time to shoot the elephant out of the room in Stewie and Lois' subplot in Fighting Irish: "What the hell? If anyone should be her helper, it should be me! She's my mother! We're supposed to be a team!" Uhhh, Stewie, you do remember trying to kill Lois, right?
  • "Roasted Guy": In this one, Peter decides to find new friends after Joe, Cleveland, Quagmire, and the others hurt his feelings during his roast (a plotline that was pretty much recycled from an episode of American Dad!). Eventually, he meets a trio of ladies who quickly become his new group of pals, only to find out that they're a bunch of snobby bitches who talk trash about him and Lois behind their backs. Once Peter brings this issue up to Lois, she decides to get revenge on them "lady-style". Unfortunately, her idea of "lady-style" is quite possibly one of the most appalling examples of Disproportionate Retribution this Troper had ever seen. When the two discover that one of the ladies, Jamie, has a young daughter who does competitive diving, Lois suggests that he break the girl's knees with a pipe. What the hell, Lois?! Are you seriously okay with attacking a young girl just because her mother is a bitch?! Thankfully, Peter doesn't go with the plan, but the fact that Lois would even come up with such an idea is nothing short of shocking. Later, the pair gets revenge on Karen by shamelessly ruining her daughter's wedding (Peter bribes the busboy into stabbing the groom). Seriously, if you want revenge on her, why do you have to ruin her family's lives as well? That's absolutely shameful.