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Ed, Edd n Eddy

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not a wall banger because the Eds (or your favorite character) got beat up. Please only put if the punishment was disproportionate or for a rather low reason.

  • A crown example is "If It Smells Like an Ed." All fans should be aware of the episode...ALL. After Eddy (and Eddy ONLY) gave Jimmy a wedgie, everyone else laughs at him. To get revenge, Jimmy then targets all three Eds by framing them for stealing several neighborhood items. Unfortunately, the Eds are unable to clear their name and have to choose between getting beaten up by the other kids or getting attacked by the Kanker Sisters. They choose option A as the lesser of two evils, but end up getting both options because Jimmy DIDN'T THINK THEY SUFFERED ENOUGH.
    • Another thing in this episode: when the paintbrush disappears, Sarah immediately assumes Ed took it despite lack of proof, and everyone else just goes with her.
  • The episode "To Sir With Ed" has Nazz treating Eddy like a baby and sending him to bed for something he didn't even do. Nazz then has a party at Eddy's house without inviting him or asking permission from his parents...and she's supposed to be babysitting him.
    • Nazz appears to be about the same age as Eddy, maybe a few months older. Getting a babysitter that's the same age as the person who she's watching is missing the point of babysitters. Early-Installment Weirdness, but it's a pity.
      • Babysitting someone who is the same age is unusual, but not unheard of. However, this usually involves someone who either physically or mentally is unable to care for themselves. Eddy? He's shown to be able to care for himself (It's implied that he even knows how to cook omelets at least if he gets hungry). Not exactly someone that needs a babysitter. It makes one wonder why Nazz didn't just say "Hey, your parents told me to check up on you now and again to make sure you're ok" rather than make him go through all that humiliation.
  • "A Town Called Ed." Say what you may want to about the Eds; but in this story, they only wanted to watch a monster truck marathon with the others. They try to point out that they own Peach Creek and so should be allowed to join them, but they get brushed off. It doesn't help that it turns out that the missing last page reveals that Eddy's ancestor bet it and lost to Lord Kanker.
  • "Stop, Look, Ed": After deciding that rules are for fools, Eddy attempts to persuade everyone to break any rule whatsoever in order to have a good time. Naturally, Edd still wants to obey the rules. Near the end of the episode, Edd calls everyone's parents. After panicking, the kids imprison all 3 Eds in a net. Anyone else see what's wrong with that last sentence? That's right: Edd acted alone — he ADMITS it — but ALL the Eds are punished! How is that fair? It's almost as bad as "If It Smells Like an Ed" (ALMOST).
    • Eddy seemed to have taken a hit from the Idiot Ball at the last minute. Out of either panic or loyalty he tried to defend Edd by saying he "broke a rule, like us." Still doesn't change the fact that Ed got caged with them even though he was pretty much oblivious to Edd's treachery until after Edd announced it.
  • "Postcards from the Ed": In that one, both Ed AND Edd are punished for Eddy's (and Eddy's alone) scam killing Plank's parents. In fact, both of the former tried to stop the latter. However, once Johnny 2x4 has discovered the accidental "murder", ALL THREE are literally up a tree, surrounded by mugsters Plank knows. While Eddy (as usual) deserved it, and Ed being punished could be justified as "betraying" Johnny's trust, EDD did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this retribution. He even tried to STOP him, as said before. But of course, like said before, he receives an unjustified punishing.
  • The Halloween episode. Ed went around kicking the kids' asses because he saw one too many horror movies; Edd and Eddy STILL GET HURT BY IT. Eddy didn't even have a scam that episode; he just wanted to go to Spook-E-Ville. Double D did nothing wrong, as usual. And worst of all they didn't attack Ed whom was responsible for their injuries in the first place.
  • The fact that Double D is usually punished with Ed and Eddy. It's usually almost never his fault.
  • The fact that Kevin and Sarah always get away with their unprovoked actions towards the Eds.
  • The ending of "Big Picture Show". There were situations when all three Eds got blamed for things Eddy did. The Movie does exactly the opposite. To make things clear: Eddy did absolutely nothing to help his friends in running away or finding the shelter. (Suggesting his bro's house doesn't count, since he doesn't even know where he lives!) Then, the quicksand joke. Yes, pissing off (at this point) the only guy who pushes this escape forward was a brilliant idea. Then they arrive at Mondo-A-Go-Go and everyone believes the Eds won. Eddy shows no signs of regretting his actions. And suddenly, Eddy's brother reveals his true face and Eddy gets beaten. Edd tries to help him and also gets beaten (as usual). Ed KOs the bully, so there's nothing between the Eds and the angry mob who wants their blood (literally or not, take your pick). And then boom, instant regret on Eddy's part. And after being severely injured the day ago and witnessing his actions for circa 140 episodes, what do they do? They believe him and congratulate just Eddy (taking down an adult by pulling a hinge by Ed just wasn't impressive enough), like he just won a Nobel Prize! While as a whole it's a good thing (all Eds are finally accepted by the community) the fact that the kids switch from "GET 'EM!" to "Yay for our friends!" in about 5 minutes (checked it) makes it a Wall Banger for me.
    • Think of it like this: Eddy's brother is an abusive bully (hinted at in the episode where everybody believes the lie that he's coming home). Considering that adults in the show are absent (on account of being at work or other affairs, except when they got to school) Eddy was at least partially raised by his brother. He even mimicked his brother's behavior believing that he would get respect, which was actually fear. If you're even partially raised by an abusive bully, it's reasonable to expect that you will turn out that way to some degree. The kids, especially Nazz, never knew that when Eddy's brother wasn't abusing them he was abusing Eddy behind closed doors. They figured out the reason behind Eddy's jerkish attitude and realized that he went through the same crap, if not worse, that they went through. It's understandable that they would stop hating him because let's face it, if Eddy's brother wasn't such a jerk then Eddy wouldn't have become one. Plus, Eddy's quite a nice guy in comparison to his brother.
  • In "Tinker Ed", we see Kevin telling Jimmy that fairy tales don't exist. The Eds try to help him but end up bringing him to a state of depression. So Sarah threatens them to fix their mistake, so they do, only to end up being humiliated in a scheme devised by the two brats and Kevin. Granted, the Eds did make Jimmy's problem worse, but it was Kevin who started this whole mess, so shouldn't he have been punished too? It just feels unsettling to me how they let Kevin do whatever he wants while the Eds Can't Get Away with Nuthin' . And to make it worse, the Eds actually felt sympathy towards Jimmy and really did want to help, whereas Kevin was just being a prick.
    • Not that it makes this episode any better, but it could be that Jimmy and Kevin (and maybe Sarah) came up with this whole thing just to torture the Eds.
  • "The Good, The Bad and the Ed". While the whole episode involved nothing but pain, its biggest Wallbanger is the ending. Rolf, in a body cast, gets the highly-honored 'hairy chest of resilience badge'. But Eddy, being equally injured, gets the low 'crybaby-boohoo badge' simply because he fainted a second before Rolf. This is how Eddy is rewarded after putting himself through all kinds of physical hell?
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