Wall Bangers: Disney Sitcoms

Austin & Ally
  • How fast Austin gets famous. It literally takes less than a season, which in the show, is only a month. Okay, REALLY? That never happens in real life! And if it does, the odds are near impossible! Austin, for one thing, hardly actually DOES any hard work at all! Nearly everything is just handed to him! Especially the fact that he went viral after two nights. No. Just… no. What kind of a show would teach children that it's easy? It's not!
    • OMG! Thank you for pointing that out! I mean even today's YouTube stars weren't able to get that famous, that and when have you ever seen singers become super popular through singing on the internet? Barley anyone! I can only think of Justin Bieber but I have yet to see half of the singers on youtube, cover artist or original, that have gotten famous like that. Oh and it's not only that he becomes rock star famous in like days, again really? Doesn't it take some people years to become super famous? And I like Ross Lynch but I'm sorry his singing is sub par at best and that makes me doubt even more him becoming that famous. Don't even get me started on the Austin/ Ally shipping stupidity.

Hannah Montana
  • In the episode "Papa's Got a Brand New Friend", Miley/Hannah and her dancers employ a new choreographer after the other one is badly injured by Miley/Hannah's HI-LA-RI-OUS shenanigans. What happens next is just stupid: The dance teacher is a complete Jerk Ass, demanding Lily/Lola stand in the corner because she's not a dancer (in a way eerily resembling The Blair Witch Project), shouting at dancers who can't take his strenuous workouts, making the dancers do push-ups, and on top of that, putting Miley into a marionette-style harness she can't escape from, humiliating her by making her hit herself and do the chicken dance. But does Miley tell him to piss off? Well of course not: Because he's friends with Miley/Hannah's dad, she won't fire him. No. Okay, this guy is not in her FATHER'S employment. He's in HER employment. She can just say 'you're fired, you dick' and be done with it! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH KIDS' TV?!
    • She was going to fire him, but then he saved her father's life (via Suck Out the Poison), causing her to give an exasperated "Come on!" After all, how could she be mean to the man who saved her father's life? In the end, she fires him, anyway.
  • "Kiss It All Goodbye". After the previous two episodes where Hannah's secret of being Miley was let out, Miley is hated by nearly everyone except her friends, and accused of being a liar. Even when her aunt Dolly visits and tries to talk Miley out of her fear, but she refuses. She even attempts to use this "What, you're gonna let fear ruin your life?" against Robbie Ray. After a vision of herself 20 years in the future, and a week of trying to keep herself safe, she is finally convinced to leave the house and perform her newest song on stage. And despite the events of the episode prior, it all works out. Bizarro Episode, anyone?
  • At the end of the episode where she reveals the secret, Rico, Jackson, and Jackson's girlfriend are singing about what just happened, and say that "It used to be that no one knew, except a very very few". They then proceed to count them (they forget about Roxy, the woman from the movie and the various little girls they told through the series); Lily, Oliver, Jake, Jessie, the girlfriend, and Hannah's entire hometown. Yeah, a thousand people (at least) is a "very, very few" apparently.
    • Going off on that, it bugs me how we're supposed to believe that an entire TOWN is going to keep their mouths shut. While it's true that it IS a small town, it's hard to believe that not one person would try to profit off of this, considering they could easily get thousands of dollars from a tabloid for selling the secret to them.
  • Just the entire concept of Hannah Montana, really. I mean, it's interesting, but Miley's disguise is so paper thin it's a wonder it took the public years to discover the truth (and even then, it wasn't discovered, Miley told everyone herself.) The Real Life paparazzi hounds celebrities to hell and back to find out what kind of yogurt they eat. It required a substantial suspension of disbelief to not wonder why at least one photographer hasn't even been able to discover who her parents are. Also, Hannah doesn't bother to disguise her voice or even wear a lot of make up. And yet Miley's classmates (one episode even had her nemesis meeting Hannah) don't seem to find it odd that the celebrity they all love has exactly the same face and voice as their classmate.
  • The wallbanger that really pissed me off, I mean really pissed me off is after Miley reveals to the world that she is in fact Hannah Montana, yeah like the above post said, it's pretty hard to believe that no one put two and two together! But that's not the point I'm making, what pissed me off was after she came out and went on the news stupid people and parents were mad at Miley/ Hannah for "lying to her fans" about having a secret life. Really? I'm sorry to say this but bull crap! I mean, one woman called in say something to her along the lines of how she should be ashamed of herself for lying like that. So her having a double life is wrong? Don't get me wrong, it's wrong that she thought this double life would work but how did she lie to her fans? Did she tell them to do that for themselves? No. I mean, in real life would this happen would parents and the media be stupid enough to attack a still young girl... okay maybe, but it's still wrong! And wait a second, don't celebrities do this, sorta? There was a story about a young girl who was a Japanesse Pop Star but lived in America and she wasn't attacked. I just found the episode after the one where she comes out to be so, so stupid and everyone who was attacking her were being way too hypocritical especially the ones who make there children believe a fat man can slide through a chimney, leaves them presents, but if they're bad puts them on a naughty list. Yeah that's okay but if Hannah is actually a girl named Miley who made up this persona so she could have a normal life, shame on her on wanting to be different!
  • The final part of Crossover special That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana aka "On the Road Again?". This BARELY featured the cast of the other shows because The Suite Life cast only appeared at the beginning and Maddie makes a brief cameo at the end.note  The rest of the episode felt like a regular Hannah Montana episode. That felt like a last minute Writer Cop Out if you ask me. The Hannah Montana series should've been excluded from this crossover.
  • Speaking of crossovers, let's also take a look of the final part of the sequel, Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana. Miley lost her lucky anklet given to her by her mother. London finds it and throws it overboard because the diamond was fake. So Miley tries rehearsing when all sorts of bad luck happened, forcing her to cancel the concert. After his dad tells her that her mother will always be in her heart, Miley uncancels the concert, and the bad luck is suddenly gone. What. This doesn't make any sense. After Billy Ray pep talks her, the bad luck suddenly goes away!? And she didn't even get her anklet back! At least this actually featured the Suite Life cast...

Wizards of Waverly Place
  • "Daddy's Little Girl" falls under this for me. This really portrayed Alex as a much different person just because Maxine was there, unlike at least 70% of the episodes in the series. He cancels their monthly breakfast with Alex to hang out with Maxine, and when Alex makes him a meatball sandwich, he eats some of it, but then stops to spend more time with Maxine, saying he doesn't feel very hungry. And at the end of the episode, Jerry tells Alex that he was spending so much time with Maxine because she reminded him of Alex. Had Max not been transformed into a girl, things would be much different. "Daddy's little freak" indeed.
  • In the Wizarding world there seems to be a law against everything: dating a werewolf but you may become mortal? Can't let you do that. Being something the Wizarding world doesn't like even if you don't/can't hurt people? Hunted down and probably killed (E.G Fake-A-Horsius). Marrying a mortal? Giving up magic despite being the most level-headed and competent member of your family. Turning your teenage little brother into a little girl, possibly forever? A-OK. Justin and Alex receive no punishment or comeuppance for this act, performed in front of a Wizarding world official for extra frustration, and in subsequent episodes Maxine is all too happily accepted by 'her' family.
  • The fourth season premier. Basically, all the wizards have been captured by the government, and Alex, deciding to do something good for a change, decides the only thing to do would be to reveal magic to the world so people would get mad and demand that the government let them go. It may not be the best plan, but the real problem is revealed when it's revealed that it was all a trick. No wizards are captured, and they just wanted to see how they'd handle the situation. Apparently, the Powers That Be value The Masquerade more highly than its participants and did not show leniency; Alex lost points for breaking it.
  • No explanation is ever given as to why making it so no wizard has to give up their powers would be such a bad thing. Literally none ever.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The Suite Life on Deck
  • "The Play's The Thing". The students have to participate in Cody's play for their final drama assignment. Bailey accuses Cody of making a play that is nothing more than a "thinly veiled portrayal" of her breakup with him, which Cody denies, and she refuses to perform. And then he has to get HIMSELF to play as Hailey, while Zack plays Brody. When it's play night, they don't get many people in the audience, and Bailey is as hostile as ever. And during the play, "Hailey" gets killed off and Bailey's reaction is easily justifiable. After the play is over, Cody confesses to Zack that the play is based off of his break-up with Bailey. Then, when Cody goes to apologize to Bailey, she thinks they should never speak to each other again and shuts the door in his face. Sorry Cody, but this was a pretty bone-headed move on your part. Then, in the later 3-part "Twister" special, they DO get back together. Long story. Go see the episode for yourself if you're curious. While it seems like Cody got what he deserved (Bailey wanting to never speak to him again), the Wall Banger in question is killing off "Bailey", which some did not like.
  • In "Prom Night", Ms. Tutweiler claims that it was harsh of Moseby to cancel the prom because he "can't take a joke". Let's recap: Moseby was horrified because he was floating in a stormy sky. On a chair. Lifted by balloons. And then he is forced to land by a helicopter into the ocean, and then rescued by a "loathsome baboon". And his clothes get ripped. Is that seriously supposed to be the meaning of "can't take a joke"? NO! While it was Played for Laughs (and admittedly the episode was pretty funny), that's a serious matter, not a joke that you can't expect them to take seriously. HE COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. This is subverted at the very end of the episode when Moseby admits he did overreact, but for the most part, it isn't the kind of thing for one to expect others to see merely as "a joke".
    • Well, he said that before HE DOES THE SAME FUCKING PRANK TO ZACK AS REVENGE!!!! So, he probably didn't even mean it, which makes it more of a Wall Banger.

  • In "Trashin' Fashion", Christina fails to recognize fashion icon Kitty Couture as Emma until Kitty/Emma tells her… which wouldn't be so bad if Emma wasn't her only biological child.
    • Really, this one just adds more fuel to the her being a bad parent theory.
  • At the end of "Used Karma", Jessie & the kids are scared by a robed figure. Even a child should be able to figure out that it's just Bertram.

Good Luck Charlie
  • "Duncan Dream House", after Bob unintentionally destroys the house with termites, the Duncans learn they can now use the insurance to build their dream house. Everyone is ecstatic except Charlie, because the Gurgles told her not to be (which is understandable given her age). Teddy, who tried to change Charlie's opinion earlier on in the episode, has a dream about The Muppets telling her that they shouldn't build a house because of the memories she got there, and she agrees and tries to convince them to not build the dream house. 4 things wrong with that. 1. She's listening to the words of THE MUPPETS, who lost their fame for some time until one movie returned it for a short period of time, over her own parents who own the house and should be allowed to change it if they want. 2. She's only going to be in that house for less than a year before she goes to college so why not build the dream house. If you only have a few months left living in a house, why not have them as enjoyable as possible by having your dream house. 3. The lesson they were teaching us is about how you having a better life isn't worth giving up your memories. Not only is that an overused moral, but it was also the moral of THE LAST SEASON PREMIERE. Come up with something creative why don't you. 4. It was just a dream. Dreams never make sense and Teddy should know that since she got accepted into YALE. She even pointed out the dream was unrealistic because her mom was cooking something good, and still agreed with the Muppets. This dream house could've added so many opportunities for plots and could've made the show more interesting, but still keep characters like Mrs. Dabney or Debbie Duley and they passed it up to teach a lesson they already taught. The entire episode we listen to a contractor who wants to be a comedian (but is horrible at it) tell horrible jokes and not realize that they aren't funny even when people tell him they aren't. The only redeeming thing about this episode is that Amy and Bob didn't build their dream house solely because it was too expensive. Still, what was the point of the termites eating the house if they were going to keep the house the same? It sounded like it was an excuse to bring the Muppets onto Good Luck Charlie
    • Also, when making plans for the dream house Bob decides to make one room a guy pad but Amy wants it to be a yoga room. Bob decides to compromise and make it a multi-purpose room. Sounds reasonable. How does Amy react? She makes him only make it a yoga room and not a multi-purpose room. We all know Amy can be self-centered, but now she's stepping on other people to get what she wants.
  • "Boys Meet Girls." Yes, Disney, we need an episode where Teddy seems fine with the the double standard on female abuse and male abuse. Oh, and thank you for letting the bully get away with her horrible actions towards Gabe. For a channel that seems to be against bullying, it doesn't do a very good job of dealing with it here.

High School Musical
  • Plenty, but the Dethroning Moment of Wallbangery has to be when the drama teacher changes the time of the callback audition for no apparent reason other than a couple of students told her to. It doesn't even occur to her to check and see if the other participants might have conflicts. It was subtly suggested that she did it on purpose; she didn't like the other participants much and was convinced they were going to ruin theater forever. But that would be even worse - it would make her petty and vindictive as well as stupid. The only reason the 'other participants' were in that position was because she invited them back. It's not like this was a performance; this was a callback for her to decide who to pick.
    • Gabriella saw Troy declare that he wouldn't do the play or be with her on live camera. It never occured to her that this was an obvious set up. He was being harassed into saying it. Christ, good job at being the "freaky genius girl," Gab...
      • Even when her friends were telling her the truth, she still thought that the incident was Troy's doing. Gullibility and stupidity are two different things (though the two can overlap), but still...
    • In the second movie, Troy's friends all are very hostile towards him because he's been hanging around their rich employers (they're working at a country club) in an attempt to secure a scholarship for a well-reknowned college. While I can understand their frustration with how he doesn't spend anymore time with them and is being treated better than they are, but come on! College is expensive and it's completely understandable that one would do anything they could to get a good scholarship. They act like total jerks to their "friend" who's only trying to make a good future for himself.

A.N.T. Farm
  • A number of these, but one that really needs to get out there is Fletcher in endurANTs. He saves his friends and the Jerkass Tazmanian Neville. That is a genuine Crowning Moment of Awesome, but being a Cosmic Plaything and Fletcher's Yank the Dog's Chain, an impressed Chyna begins to admit she might like Fletcher, only to get hit in the head by a boomerang. To make matters worse, Neville takes credit for the rescue and belittles Fletcher on live TV. At this point, you can't help but feel Nyarlathotep himself is running poor Fletcher's life.

I Didn't Do It
  • In "Dear High School Self", Lindy discovers a letter that she wrote in third grade, wishing that she had better friends (based on a single incident where her friends were somewhat mean to her). She then tries to hide the letter from her friends, but when they eventually find out, they get mad at her and leave without letting her explain. She even has to apologize to them for writing the letter. Her friends are overreacting to something that she wrote years ago and being gigantic assholes about the whole situation, but Lindy is the one who has to apologize to these dicks? What kind of message does that send?

Lizzie Mcguire
  • I don't remember the name of the episode, but the basic plot involves Lizzie getting a job as a restaurant server so she can make more money. She ends up working for a manager who is a total Jerk Ass. At one point, she demands that Lizzie clean up something in the back room, ''while she's in the middle of serving customers.'', and then nags her for ignoring customers moments later. Eventually, she ends up quitting the stressful job with the Aesop being that you don't need to rush to grow up. In other words, Lizzie was too young and inexperienced for work. Um no. Anyone with a manager like that would end up quitting too, regardless of age. Just because she can't juggle multiple tasks at once on her first day doesn't mean she's not ready for a job.