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  • Digimon Frontier more or less fell to pieces in the final arc. From Takuya and Koji taking all the other spirits to activate their evolution, leaving the other cast members powerless, to Takuya and Koji getting smashed by the Royal Knights repeatedly, in the same way, for eight episodes in a row, making no progress whatsoever in fighting them... it was miserable.
    • 'Don't bother running, guys, you'll just die tired.'
      • Most dislike the Royal Knights Arc for the above mentioned reason. My biggest Problem with it is that 2 of the ROYAL KNIGHTS, Digimon who are sworn protectors of the Digital World are trying to free Lucemon
  • The Distant Finale of Digimon Adventure 02, which came out of nowhere and had several character's future lives just making no damn sense. And it gave them all children who looked more like clones of them. And those clone-children had clone-digimon of their Digimon... Seems like cloning got damn far in the last 20 years.
    • The Digimon World Tour. Simply - Imperialdramon destroyed all of Japan's Dark Towers/Control Spires in mere seconds, shooting all of them at the same time without having to move or break a sweat. But it appears that he can't do this with the other countries' Dark Towers; he needs three episodes with the children to bring each one down, one by one. Why? Because.
    • In the final battle with MaloMyotismon, they defeated him by talking about their dreams. These dreams are what the Distant Finale is based on. These dreams were never brought up at all before then. And we knew what sort of dreams most of them had, in canon, before then. For instance, rather than run a noodle cart when Daisuke has never displayed any aptitude for cooking ever, he could have dreamed of being a big soccer star. And why stick Yamato in a space suit when he has that up-and-coming band?
  • Here's another wonderful Wall Banger brought to you by Digimon Adventure 02, you know how in the original Digimon Adventure in the Myotismon arc the Digimon basically destroy Odaiba, and many of its residents witness the Digimon taking over their town. And yet come 02 for a good while in the series everyone forgets about the Digimon attack not even 4 years ago, which decimated their city mind you, and yet the children basically say that that no one else knows about the Digital world because its a secret until the last episodes when suddenly for some inexplicable reason everyone now remembers. What makes this worse is that they use characters that came into direct contact with Digimon and had the existence of the Digital world explained to them, but makes them forget about the monster that their child brought home three years ago.
  • Another brilliant moment from 02 and another example of the above is when the kids witness the children infected with the darkspores and the older kids point out that they should tell kids' parents so that they can snap the kids out of it, but the new digidestined think that its a bad idea for some inexplicable reason, until Izzy's mom who now remembers Digimon has the common sense to contact the parents of the mind controlled.
  • In Digimon Adventure 02, Tailmon losing her holy ring is a major plot point. Yet Plotmon, Tailmon's rookie form still has her holy ring... What.
    • Heck, even the effects of loosing a piece of jewelry make no sense. The ring has no way of staying on her tail other than plot convenience (seriouly, it's about three times the width of her tail and just floats there) so if loosing it made her as useless as it did then why did it never come off before and leave her useless? And made worse by the fact she's wearing the damn ring in all her digivolution animations...
  • Episode 23 of Digimon Adventure. The plot of the episode is this: Matt (Yamato) left his little brother behind, completely helpless, to check what would be on the other side of a lake. Getting there, he finds a restaurant in which Joe (Jou) is being forced to work as a slave because he got a debt there that kept growing (because he kept screwing up thanks to Demidevimon). Matt decides to help, but Demidevimon keeps bothering them (and blaming Joe for the accidents), and so Matt gets angry at him. Then Demidevimon goes to Matt and says that Joe is causing the accidents on purpose so that he wouldn't be alone there. Let me go through this again - Joe, the oldest and most responsible of the children, is forcing Matt to slave-labor and abandon his little brother just so he isn't alone in slavery instead of, say, working harder to pay the debt and get out. And the creature who is telling Matt this is a black bat with a skull on its forehead that has "Devil" in his name (literally). And what does Matt do? He believes it.
    • Matt's a magnet for wall-banging. He was once convinced to do a Face-Heel Turn by a talking tree with a porno mustache.
  • The fact that neither the Dark Ocean, Dragomon or even Daemon were ever expanded upon. Granted, we probably wouldn't have gotten Arukenimon and Mummymon if it HAD, but even so...
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