Wall Bangers: Dexter's Laboratory

  • Star Spangled Sidekicks, namely the fact that Major Glory chose Dee Dee over Dexter. Yes, Major Glory, patriotism is far more important than powers, intelligence, or capablity to fight. Infallible logic, clearly.
  • The episode "Chicken Scratch". A genius who is frequently seen toying with an atom and messing with the genetics of human beings and the common cold is clueless about chicken pox and buys into his sister's story about turning into a chicken if he scratches - and then it actually happens! Not even Rule Of Funny can excuse the massive inconsistency of a kid who can play with the DNA of viruses having no knowledge at all of something as common as chicken pox.
  • In an earlier episode ("Critical Gas") he thought he was going to blow up because of the rumblings in his stomach after eating a burrito. Reach your own conclusions.
  • The episode "Jurassic Pooch" centers around Dexter cloning a dinosaur only for it to act like a dog due to having dog DNA mixed with dinosaur DNA. Now, that aspect alone is pretty stupid, but at least it can be excused by Rule of Funny. What cannot be excused is the sheer stupidity the other characters demonstrate throughout the short. Long story short, every character other than Dexter think that the dinosaur (a Tyrannosaurus Rex) is a dog. It only acts like a dog. It doesn't look like a dog. This is a level of stupidity that would make the likes of Ralph Wiggum, Patrick Star, and Ed look like members of MENSA in comparison.
  • The Asspull at the end of G.I.R.L. Squad had a particularly sadistic wall banger: Dee Dee, Mee Mee and Lee Lee spot a mysterious neighborhood criminal sneaking around and they gather stuff for evidence, but in the end, he turned out to just be their friendly neighborhood gardener in disguise and the girls get accused of being neighborhood criminals. There are two problems with this ending. 1) If the mysterious man was really their friendly neighborhood gardener, then why was he so secret about it? 2) Dee Dee, Mee Mee and Lee Lee are wrongly accused of being neighborhood criminals, when they were only trying to stop one themselves who didn't turn out not to be one until it was too late. I know those girls are annoying, but they would never deserve to be wrongly accused of being neighborhood criminals after trying to stop one themselves. That was just being unfair to them.