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  • Season 3 contains a relatively minor but still vexing one that was even Lampshaded towards the end of the series. Why didn't Wesley tell someone, anyone, about the prophecy that Angel would kill Connor? It's understandable that he didn't tell Angel, but going to Angel's sworn enemy before his own friends... Bang, bang, bang.
  • How about season 4, when they just take the word of the big evil that killing the human enslaving and eating Jasmine was a bad thing, and then they take over Wolfram & Hart?
    • Angel himself had a good reason; they gave him a choice between accepting Wolfram and Hart's offer, or having his son kill Cordelia, a mall full of people, and himself. But he accepted the offer unilaterally. Not only did none of the others sign on (Angel signed for all of them), but they were also affected by the memory edit re: Connor until Wesley broke the spell in "Origin". Inconsiderate of Angel, but oh well....
      • While we're on that subject, how about the note that Angel signed for all of them? Wolfram and Hart contracts extend beyond the grave. Really, think about that. Signing on with Wolfram and Hart is LITERALLY selling your soul to the Wolf, Ram, and Hart, and these contracts have never even been suggested to be breakable. By signing on with Wolfram and hart, you will be in their service for ETERNITY, either as their employee, or whatever hell they choose to do with you if you refuse to work for them. Angel had something that he felt was worth signing over for, but signing all his FRIENDS into eternal servitude for the Wolf, Ram, and Hart? Brilliant, Angel. Just f'ing brilliant.
      • That's a good point, but Angel was the only one who was undecided, the others already planned to take the offer.
  • "The Girl In Question". Where to start? It makes everything about Buffy again, even though we only ever see a woman in a blonde wig. There are many lazy, horrid attempts at meta-humour. Fred's parents were apparently never told about their daughter's death (in After the Fall they still don't know), which makes the gang look like Jerkasses. And they turned Angelus into a Butt Monkey. For the love of God, why?
  • For me, the worst episode of the series is arguably "Billy". Apparently there is a primal hatred for women in all men just waiting to be unleashed. Follow that by several examples of Anvilicious attempts to stress female empowerment by showing crazed misogynistic men. Also, the absurd comment that Angel wasn't affected by Billy's touch because apparently Angelus never felt hatred. Rewind to any scene with Angelus, and every other one will consist of him being angry. Or to a season or two before when Angel tried to choke one of his best friends for kidnapping his son.
    • Angel explained that when he was Angelus (and therefore soulless and evil) he killed for sport or pleasure. You don't need to hate your victim to get off on killing them.
      • Perhaps, but there are still instances of him being angry. Angel himself has been prone to anger at times as well.
    • Anger and hatred aren't exactly the same emotion. They often go together, but don't have to. Still, it is hard to buy Angelus never hated and even if he didn't, is even harder to buy any time he spent not being Angelus was also hate free.
  • You know what would have helped Connor's wangst about being Angel's son being raised to hate him. Sending him to live with a group of people who do what he was trained to do (hunt vampires), share his hatred for a one particular vampire (Angelus), yet know that Angel is a good person and should not be condemned for the actions he had no control over. If only there was a spinoff with characters in that mold, where he could go there and have Character Development until he could come to terms with Angel being his father. Worth noting that Executive Meddling would have stopped this, but Joss could have written a better explanation than never mentioning it.
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