Wall Bangers: American Dad!

  • In the episode "For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls", the Smiths are on the run from a homicidal Santa Claus, after accidentally almost killing him. Upon discovering that the real Santa Claus is after them, the Smiths hide out with a moonshiner that Roger has just befriended. Later that evening, Jeff arrives at the moonshiner's home, with Santa Claus not too far behind him. When Stan explodes at Jeff for leading Santa Claus to them, Haley snaps back at Stan, saying it wasn't Jeff's fault, he didn't know. The wallbanger: Haley's 100% right, if Stan should be pissed at anyone it should be her! Think about it: the Smith's didn't even know about the moonshiner's existence until Roger told them immediately after discovering that Santa was real, and from the dialog, it's clear they didn't go home, so the whole time they knew about the moonshiner's, they also knew real Santa wanted to kill them. Jeff comes to the moonshiner's at Haley's behest, and we know Haley knows there's a homicidal maniac looking to kill them at the time she makes the call. So either Haley neglected to mention this important information, leading to Jeff leading Santa to them, or Jeff was told this important information, and wrote a letter to Santa telling them where they were anyway. Either way, Stan is 100% right to be pissed, the only real question is who to be pissed at, Jeff, or Haley. The funny thing is, it's not like Stan needs anything else to look like a jerk in this instance, since he's the reason for the situation to begin with. It's when the writers have him dump on Jeff and Haley in order to make him look more like a jerk, that he makes the most sense, something that has happened more than once in the series (See the episode "Less Money, Mo Problems" for another example of Stan making perfect sense next to Jeff and Haley and getting bit by Karma in the end anyway).
  • Stan destroying Steve's chance with Janine in "A Jones for a Smith". Yeah, it's not the first time Steve's chance with a girl has been sabotaged, but she really liked him and Steve really wanted it to work out.