Wall Bangers: Aliens: Colonial Marines

  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines, the explanation for how Corporal Dwayne Hicks survived the events of Alien³. Despite the game's production team intending it to be a canon sequel to Aliens, the explanation given is wholly unsatisfactory and raises even more stupidity:
    • Before the events of the game, Weyland-Yutani boarded the Sulaco as it was travelling from LV-426, pulled Hicks (the highest-ranking officer) out of cryosleep, and apparently replaced him with a body double. Not only would this be incredibly stupid if the double was alive (as Ripley would instantly know the person travelling with them wasn't Hicks when she woke up), but said individual (regardless of whether they were alive or dead) was conveniently impaled by a safety beam that smashed into his face, independent of W-Y's actions, when the ship crashlanded on Fury 161. What was the point of them going to great lengths to do something so pointless, anyway?
    • W-Y pulls Hicks out of cryo and tortures him for information for three-and-a-half months, completely ignoring that there are three other people onboard the Sulaco who could have given them information - Ripley, Newt (the only survivor of the colony) and Bishop (who is their product, and could have given them a report on his experiences).
    • Prior to boarding the Sulaco, W-Y launched "Project Origin", which involved using the eggs found in the Derelict Ship on LV-426 to experiment and breed more xenomorphs - evidenced by the fact that at least one W-Y doctor detailed their efforts to remove the organism from several patients. This makes their decision to set a number of eggs loose on the Sulaco (which results in the EEV ejecting onto Fury 161), and dropping everything to go rescue Ellen Ripley in the film when they already had a chance to detain her and plenty of research subjects, even more ridiculous.