WMG / Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy

Theories involving Haine!!

  • He's Yami Marik having survived the Shadow Realm and possessed a child.
  • He's Mr Tweetums.
  • He's Mokuba
  • He's Yami Bakura.

Theories involving Playable Characters!!

  • Roxas is secretly Apophis.

    • YOU FIEND!!!!

Theories Involving David Kinrab

  • David is an emissary of one or more of the Gods. If he's on the side of good, then his Spellcaster deck and deceptive nature likely means he's a servant of Isis. If he's on the side of evil however, chances are he's working for the creatures that Apophis has sealed.
  • David is an Expy of Rei Shingetsu /Vector from ZEXAL.

Theories Involving "Ishmorne"