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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Yarn Yoshi
Yin-Yarn is in this game.
Rather then learn his lesson from Kirby's Epic Yarn, he decides to try the exact same plan but this time around, his target is Yoshi.

There will be some referance to Kirby's Epic Yarn in this game.
Whether, like the above WMG stats, Yin-Yarn is the main antagonist, the game takes place in Patch Land, or Prince Fluff makes a cameo appearance has yet to be seen...

Additionally, Prince Fluff will be a partner character in this game.
He could ride Yoshi and would retain a majority of his abilities from Epic Yarn, like turning into a parashoot so Yoshi could slowly float down to the ground.

Prince Fluff will be in this game in some way.
Considering Prince Fluff was going to be the main protagonist of Kirbys Epic Yarn and likely the Yarn series in general, it'd be kind of jerkish not to include him in some way...

This Game is set on Inanimate Objects
Like Super Smash Bros., it's basically a bunch of inanimate objects coming to life: In the Super Smash Bros. series, it was figurines/stuff toys. Here, it's a diorama.
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