WMG: Wuthering Heights

Isabella's son Linton is not Heathcliff's biological son.
Isabella conceived him after she ran away. How many times does Nelly Dean observe that the blonde Linton looks nothing like Heathcliff? Heathcliff was content to take advantage of Isabella's infatuation with him to further his revenge schemes against Hindley and Edgar, but he also made it very clear to Nelly that he completely despised her, so in spite of the possible Fridge Horror, it doesn't seem likely he would ever have wanted to invoke the Marital Rape License against her. Of course, Heathcliff wouldn't tell anyone this because he needed an heir to complete his schemes of defrauding Edgar and Cathy (II) of their land.
  • Oh, I think Heathcliff is the kind of guy who would definitely get a kick out of raping someone he despised.

Heathcliff is a werewolf.
We don't know where we comes from. He's often called savage or wild, and has an unkempt appearance. At the beginning of the novel he's shown living in a ramshackle house with a pack of dogs. The book says he has "sharp cannibal teeth", then one paragraph later says he snarled, then one paragraph after that compares him to a loyal dog. The younger Catherine says she wants to make Linton, Heathcliff's son, her pet, and then pets him and feeds him from a saucer. Being that this is a gothic novel (and also features a ghost, and mentions witchcraft, fairies, and ghouls), this may be intentional.