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Wonder Woman doesn't have to be white.
Green Lantern was black, for a while. If they ever get around to making The Movie, I'm thinking Rosario Dawson. And Zoe Bell as the villain, Cheetah.
  • Actually she kinda does her mothers Grecian and has fairly light skin and Diana is based on her mother the whole made out of clay thing.
    • Actually no, she doesn't. In New Earth continuity the Amazons were not ethnically Greek- Hippolyta was the reincarnation of a cave woman, with the Amazons including black and even neanderthal tribe members.
  • Hey, if a Norse god can be black, then Wonder Woman can sure as hell be played by Rosario Dawson.
    • Here's hoping this is made true. Rosario would be awesome.
      • I dunno, do you think she could pull off the necessary athletic build?
  • Yeah, but that version of Heimdall was not Norse, he was an extra-dimensional being.
    • Yeah, and anyway, why would a Grecian woman sculpt herself an African baby?
    • Greek clay is dark in color. So it would make sense for Diana to be black
    • All that being said, if they were able to cast an actual Grecian actress, that'd be awesome.
    • Shortpacked! once did a comic of an all-black Justice League and Black Wonder Woman looked fantastic.
  • Except yeah, Wonder Woman is Grecian. Green Lantern is a horrible example, because that wasn't Hal Jordan, it was John Stewart. A black Wonder Woman is perfectly possible, just not as Diana Prince.
  • Given her origins, Grecian makes most sense. (South American could also work, possibly)
  • Greek is a nationality, not a race...
  • And the Amazons were never Greek in the myths, they were said to originate in Turkey, Iran, or Libya, worshipping the same gods doesn't make people related.

The Invisible Jet is Trevor's
It explains why he can pilot it so well, why it has the EXACT SAME SHAPE, has missiles, and advanced technology for a culture cut off from Man's world. Just throw some Greek Magic to fix it (it did land intact just a bit beat up) and Instant-Jet.

Donna Troy is still Wonder Girl
on Earth-2.

Wonder Woman's dad (in the New 52) is actually Ares
Hera somehow immediately knew that Zola's child was Zeus', raising questions on how Wonder Woman's supposed heritage could be kept secret from Hera. The only reason we have to believe that Zeus is her father is that Hippolyta told us. The gods have been shown to be able to change what they look like, so we don't know for sure that the god in the flashback is Zeus. This god fought like a great warrior, something that Zeus isn't particularly known for while Ares is. Meanwhile, Ares clearly cares deeply for Diana: he trained her in the ways of war when she was young and is clearly annoyed by the prospect of her being forced to marry Hades. So it's very possible that either Ares told Hippolyta he was Zeus to trick her or she just assumed he was Zeus when it was actually Ares.

The plan to kidnap Zola's baby will backfire in the predictable manner.
The Greek gods have a long long history of trying and failing to Screw Destiny. Uranus imprisoned his kids in Gaia. Cronus ate his children, as did Zeus in Athena's case. This incident will be the impetus for the death that they are trying to prevent.

Heracles is Wonder Woman’s father.
It was a widespread but mistaken belief of many persons in the world outside their borders that the women who lived on the island of Nueve Themiscyra called themselves “Amazons” and had sworn off men in obedience to something called, “Aphrodite’s Law.” This in spite of the fact that it was tacitly absurd to ascribe a rule against men and women having sexual congress to a goddess whose very nature embodied the wild hedonistic impulse of the sexes to come together and make “Whoopee.” The proper term for their people was, “Renunciates,” as in that they had taken an oath, to Artemis, NOT Aphrodite, it should be noted, and had lived apart from Men since the middle of the Bronze age as a deliberate act of policy and religious belief. “Amazon” was a Greek term applied to them by Outsiders and not something they much enjoyed having applied to themselves as it tended to be a play on words meaning, “No Breasts,” which implied that they were not even truly women in the fullest sense of the term. Which they most emphatically were, though it would also be inappropriate to call them “Lesbians” as only a few of their number had ever been to the Isle of Lesbos, a former colony of the Greater Scythian Matriarchy that once had ruled a portion of Asia Minor, long before the advent of Doric Grecian civilization. Nor was there truth to the myth that their island was located in the section of the Atlantic ocean known as the Triangle of Bermuda despite that being the popular belief among Outsiders who thought to claim its existence in such an exotic location full of mystery and misconception. In reality New Themiscyra had been founded by refugees from the collapse of their empire that had taken place in the wake of a disastrous war with the Acherons at the end of the Bronze Age period. Their homeland had been taken over by Iron Age barbarians and forced into retreat more than thirty-two hundred years ago and the survivors who were not enslaved had managed to relocate the remains of their civilization on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, not the Atlantic. As such very few of their sisters had ever been anywhere near to Bermuda, though it did serve their purposes well to allow that misapprehension to prevail as it kept the outside world looking for them in the entirely wrong location. Of course if Outsiders chose to believe what they would then it was no skin off the collective noses of these women. They had even given up fighting the term “Amazon” being applied to them as it was just too much of a bother, like asking why Aphrodite, a goddess of Love and Sexual pleasure, would have instituted a ‘No Men Allowed” rule in the first place when it was the Moon Goddess, Artemis, who thought that men were only good for target practice. Of course their devotion to Artemis had helped foster many of those annoying myths since the Etruscan word for the Moon was “Diana,” the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, who had become the outward face of their civilization since her appearance early on during the alien invasion had made their existence known to a guileless public Having the Nations of the world believe that they were a lost cult of ancient Atlantis was very much to the interest of Hippolyta since it meant that agents of “Man’s World” would be looking for their island in the entirely wrong ocean. Another annoyance that the people of Themiscyra had with the outside world was the persistent belief that they were themselves a colony of Greece when the Acheans had been their sworn mortal enemies as their alliances had been with the long-vanished Hittite Empire. Of course what was of great concern as that their island guarded an underground vent leading directly to the Underworld, a fact that made Themiscyra of great strategic importance to the balance of Power in the world that had nothing at all to do with the political realities of rival nations. The Gods had entrusted Hippolyta and her “children” with safeguarding this doorway…and unexpectedly it had become ruptured. The History of the Amazons begins with their Queen Hippolyta being born out of wedlock as the illegitimate daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. This caused a real scandal in the mounts of Olympus. One that didn’t go away with the passage of the centuries. Even after Ares officially married Aphrodite and recognized Hippolyta as his get, she still felt isolated from the rest of Olympian society. Despite this Ares tried his best to be a decent father figure, and, brought up Hippolyta to appreciate skill at arms and the hunt, treated her almost like a son, taught her all he knew about tactics and weaponry and turned her into a real hellion of a War-Goddess. She loved him for it, of course, but as she got older she started to question things more, letting her mother’s side of her genes take over, making her curious about things like poetry, art and culture. Ares approved of her diversifying interest…at least at first. Hippolyta started to question the savageness of war. She began showing mercy to defeated enemies, taking them as prisoners of war if they appealed to her fancy and spending time getting to know them before taking them to bed for a little fun. She started to see the advantage of not killing all of her enemies, of making villages into tributaries who paid your armies to leave them alone. At first Ares tolerated these new ways since Hippolyta began winning a series of major battles and built up quite a small holding in Thrace…but eventually they had a falling out and a parting of ways. Hippolyta got angry and denounced her father over his treatment of female prisoners. She thought women were literally getting the shaft everywhere, and she thought her father wasn’t even taking her serious enough anymore, even though she was his best general of armies. So she and four of her sisters, who became her loyal lieutenants went to Earth and became Demigoddess’. By this time the romance between Aphrodite and Ares was starting to get a little cool…they’d had about a dozen kids between them, but the Goddess of Love was starting to chafe about Ares always being away fighting battles while she stayed at home and managed the servants who had to look after the kids. One day she took Hippolyta’s side in an argument about whether women were better than men at running their own society, and like that Ares blew a tantrum and told Hippolyta that if she thought she could make such a good ruler than she ought to go out and found her own Kingdom. So she did, Hippolyta and her four sisters went beyond the borders of Thrace into the great Unknown territories along the Black Sea, and there they discovered a nomadic society of Steppe Horsemen called the Scythians living out on the fringes of the Known World. This tribe they discovered had just been in a battle with a rival clan…the men went off to war and got ambushed, slaughtered almost to a man and boy, leaving their women alone to look after the cattle. Hippolyta came across a woman grieving for her slain husband, praying to the Gods for relief, and in a trice she merged with that Mortal and became an Avatar. Same story with the others…and like that they became the five Queens of Amazonia, organizing the women of their clan into the basis for a future army. They conquered the rest of the Scythian tribes and united them into a society of female-dominant horse archers who worship Artemis and fiercely raid the borders of what they condescendingly call ‘Man’s World.’ They’ve been living on the fringes ever since and have since created a very powerful society that’s easily the equal of all the nation-states combined to the South. The Renuncians pushed south past Thebes and well into Thrace itself, laying waste to the armies which tried to stand up against their arrows. The Amazons were one of the first people to use a kind of recurved bow that used horn and sinew to give it extra strength, and with an iron-tipped arrow head they can put a shaft right through a bronze shield at a hundred paces. They were eventually stopped by Bellerophon, Son of Glaucus and an Amazon named Eurymede. His father had defeated his mother in battle, so he learned archery from her and was a pretty competent general in his own right. He took up employment with the King of Tiryns, after which he made a name for himself by capturing a Pegasus and using him to help him kill a Chimaera. After a number of good career moves like that he led an army that stopped the Amazon advance at the battle of Chalidice. With a Winged Horse helping him to scout out the terrain he was able to spot the Amazon positions and outflank them, luring them out where his cavalry men were able to turn the tide against the invaders. After that the Amazons laid low for a few generations, building back their numbers and vowing revenge in their next big encounter. As Bellerophon proved they obviously didn’t live entirely apart from all men after all without men how else other then by adoption would they have had children. They needed men in order to have children despite was commonly believed they did not take vows of total celibacy. Virginity for them was in not having men around they had plenty of sex with one another yet another reason they called it paradise. And as for hating men goes historically even tragically they were anything but as princess Antiope once did to a man named king Theseus of Athens their affair caused ripples of dissention among the renunciate tribal states. Even Hippolyta, who famously had an affair with her cousin Herakles which resulted in a child who herself is a figure of legend. The prince of Thebes came to Them at the head of a small band of Athenian Adventures penetrating deep into hostile woodland, a thousand miles from home along the Southern banks of the black sea at the whim of the wife of King Eurystheus who requested the breast-plate of Hippolyta, as a status symbol of Renunciate power. As one of his notorious twelve labors. The Renunciates welcomed the Greeks as honored guest, and to Their tents with equal ardor. For millennia They made treaties with men and bargained for the right to have children. No one is certain just who started the rumor but word got out that Herakles was out for more than just a breast plate that he wanted Hippolyta herself for his wife. The Greeks had to make a hasty exit from Their lands but in the heat and confusion of affairs Princess Antiope to she sisters collective dismay chose Theseus over her own people. The more reactionary among them called for a war against Athens. Hippolyta opposed this but was voted down by her remaining sisters. The war would ruin them and nearly destroyed the renunciate culture. For a woman to choose a man over her sisters was unthinkable forcing many to question their sequestration from the company of men. The war with Athens had gone bad. Princess antiope was dead and her vengeful son was on the throne of his late father. The final blow came when pethesilea the youngest of Hippoyta’s remaining divine sisters answering the call of an ancient alliance with the people of the besieged city of troy fell in battle at the hand of the great Achilles taking with her a small cohort of the renunciate’s most experienced war veterans. It was as if her death sucked the life out of their nation their enemies and allies alike sensed the decline as a shark senses blood one by one alliances were cracking leaving them exposed on their less defensible borders. Troy had fallen to the Greeks the victorious acheans had little gain for their decade long siege. The rapacious Dorians, Aetolians and Ionians were quick to exploit the sudden death of king Mennilaeus of Mycenea. A decision had to be made by every clan to maintain their traditional Scythian lifestyle as nomadic hunter gatherers or to blend back into the greater world from which they were growing increasingly isolated. But how would they maintain their traditions amid a world hostile to their basic way of life. It was the judgment of their ruling council that they seek refuge in uncontested lands far removed from our enemies and rivals. Going back to a rule by men was of course unthinkable and so began the great migration. The great dispersion of the renunciates. Some moved to the island of lesbos where they maintained our lifestyle for a few more decades. Some chose to remain on our ancestral land both groups disappeared over time. Menelippe humbled by the loses she had sustained at Athens chose to lead her clan afar to the west booking passage with the pheonicians who had sailed afar to a land that lay beyond the sea of Atlantis, modern day Brazil. Hippolyta renouncing the path of Area, her warrior father took a vow to pursue the path of her mother Aphrodite and aunt Athena. The path of peace and enlightenment. Hippolyta lead many to some island in mid- Adriatic. When Diana was old enough she was told that she and every other Renunciate were made from clay. This is also were the tale of her rape by Herakles started as a last act of revenge to that that started their fall.