[[WMG: The show derived from a Jem fanfiction gone wrong]]
* In the episode where Stella and Bloom went to a magic boutique, where they magically try on a shitload of clothes, at one point when they were in rocker costumes, Stella had light pink hair, and Bloom had reddish hair, like Jem and Kimber, hinting that they may have been based on them, or at least the creators are aware of Jem.
* The other girls resemble the Holograms. Flora is a bit like Raya (sweet Hispanic girl, has a pink motif, has a flower motif), Musa is like Aja (both are blue-haired Asians, both are the tomboys of the group, both are in love with a tough boy), and Aisha is like Shana (both are painfully shy black girls, both end up with the first black man to appear in the show). I am even going to suggest Tecna is based off of Synergy. At one point in production, Tecna was an android...
* Now, the Trix have a bit in common with the Misfits, if Pizzazz was thrown out of the group. Stormy is a bit like Stormer (the names and both are nicer than the others). Icy resembles Roxy, and Darcy resembles Jetta. Lucy resembles Pizzazz, and behaves like Clash when she appears in the comics.
** Correction: Darcy is the "nice" one. Stormy is the one with a HairTriggerTemper.
** Interestingly, Stormer has Shana's hairstyle...
** If you like, Valtor acts like Eric Raymond, and resembles Riot. YMMV.
*** [[http://winx.wikia.com/wiki/Selina The writers are on to us. They finally added a fourth witch, Selina, and she is a dead ringer for Pizzazz.]]

[[WMG:Lucy's power source is light]]
On Winx Club, character's names are (normally) related to their powers. So, it would make sense if Lucy had light related powers. However, this power source likely would not be considered very witchy in the Winx Club {{canon}}.
* Or perhaps it's a fallen-angel-esque power of sorts.
* It would make sense if she had [[LightEmUp light-based powers]], since it would only add to her "loser status" at Cloud Tower. Considering how Mirta's theme is pumpkins, and she was even teased about it, Lucy having light powers would count as GoodPowersBadPeople, if not [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway What Kind Of Lame Power Is Light, Anyway?]]

[[WMG: Lucy really is from Popularia, and really is skilled at hair dancing.]]
It's just that, unlike other girls from that realm, she's not pretty and has "witch" powers. That made her an outcast. Thus, her desperate loneliness.

[[WMG:It is possible to be a fairy and a witch at the same time]]
We see several background characters in both Cloud Tower and Alfea. These girls probably come from families with both fairies and witches, and study in both schools (perhaps Alfea during the day and Cloud Tower at night) These girls would have very little free time, since they study in both schools.
* Possibly {{Jossed}}? We now know of the existence of [[spoiler: Dark Fairies, courtesy of the Wizards of the Black Circle]] which seem to be an amalgamation of the above.
* Actually it's just laziness on the Animator's part. If you look well (sort off) you see that one of Mitzi's friends does attend Cloudtower and even participates in the attack on Alfea in the Third Season.
* Fairies are born fairies. I don't like the idea of witches becoming fairies. However, being a witch means following a certain belief and lifestyle, therefore, a fairy could also be a witch if she wishes to subscribe to the witches' lifestyle.
** Guess Diaspro could become a witch, then.
*** Wasn't Miss Faragonda a witch when she was young or something? It's all possible, I think.
*** According to WordOfGod, she ''was'': apparently the only difference between a fairy and a witch is that the former's magic is powered by positive feelings and the latter's by negative ones, thus a potential fairy or witch can actually choose what to be, at least for a while. Of course, as proven by Griffin, Lucy and others, [[DarkIsNotEvil using the dark magic of the witches isn't necessarily a mark of being evil]], [[LightIsNotGood nor is using the light magic of fairies a mark of being good]], as shown by Chimera, Cassandra, and even Diaspro in her bad moments.

[[WMG: The Trix were somehow mindwiped, brainwashed, or even lobotomized at Lighthaven.]]
In the first season, the Trix are badass. But from the end of season one onward, they're almost reduced to joke villains and minions. Their strategic abilities also seemed to suffer a bit. Perhaps something happened to them at Lighthaven--a mindwipe? Deep, [[Film/AClockworkOrange Clockwork-Orange-styled brainwashing?]] Lobotomy?
* I think they suffered it, but it wasn't intentional: Lighthaven was supposed to bring out the good in them with overexposition to cuteness, but the Trix really hated cute things. The result? They're permanently too furious to think straight and fully use their powers. Also, look at their reaction at the guardians of Lighthaven coming to take them back at the end of season 3: where they usually fight even when hopeless, Stormy did absolutely nothing, and Icy and Darcy actually begged for anything else but CUTE THINGS.
*** According to ''Film/SuckerPunch'' a lobotomy is a process that turns people into vegetables{alive but can't actively think.}
* Or the people at Lighthaven knew that they could not completely turn the Trix to good and just attempted to make them least effective than before.

[[WMG: Every new form the girls get that makes them become more and more like "True Fairies" is sweeping away their humanity, and this is compounded by the HeWhoFightsMonsters problem]]
Self explanatory.

Their big goal is to become "real fairies." Nobody stops to think what's going to happen to them after that. Becoming a fairy means casting aside humanity; choosing to do it means being a human isn't ''good'' enough. Before you know it, they're going to be invoking CantArgueWithElves and [[AGodAmI declaring themselves deities]], and they will become {{Designated Hero}}es as they start to KickTheDog.

It doesn't help that Bloom has, at least in the original Italian, revived the dead.

Nor does it help that there is now even another super upgrade from their Believix forms! The designs get even [[PimpedOutDress fancier]].

Hopefully they'll notice this and use it as an arc plot. Perhaps Stormy or one of the witches can spot them doing something so evil, even they're disgusted and try to stop them before the power goes to their heads. I'd love to see what they can do with that.

[[WMG: There will be a time-traveling fairy and a really, really short-haired fairy]]
If the show gets a new season, that is. The way they were taking Anime/SailorMoon's pattern indicates such:
* Sailor Moon - Bloom (main character, TheChosenOne, princess of some dead planet, both like bunnies)
* Sailor Mercury - Tecna (Mercury is the only one that uses sailor-esque technology, and both have short hair of an unnatural color)
* Sailor Mars - Musa (since Bloom already had the fire-like powers, she's got Sailor Mars's personality, singing ability, & family situation)
* Sailor Jupiter - Flora (flower-controlling powers, both are the Team Mom)
* Sailor Venus - Stella (completely about personality, and appearance, and signature colors, and powers, and status, and the fact she is the first fairy/scout introduced, and is mistaken for having the heroine's power)
* Sailor Neptune - Layla (only by powers and hair, though; neither like men at first, but Layla gets fixed...)
** She can also be Pluto. They are both the Sixth member, the darkest skinned, have lonlieness issues, and Aisha's relationship with the pixies resembles Pluto's relationship with Rini.
* Sailor Uranus - ??? (she'd be the short-haired tomboy whose hair didn't grow even in Enchantix form, and she will use earth/air powers)
** Minor character Priscilla has short hair, tomboyish clothing, and air-based powers.
* Sailor Pluto - ??? (She'd have slight time-travelling and reality-warping powers)
** There is a minor chacter named Luna with green hair, it could be her.
* Sailor Saturn - Mirta (although she isn't much of an official Winx, it's more about being the bullied girl)

One might wonder who are going to be the two missing fairies-to-be. And we'll hope that Winx Club won't have a Chibi... Bloom? (Bloom's little sister or niece could easily sign up. Or one of her descendants can after the time traveler does.)
* We have Diaspro, Chimera, Roxy, and many other background fairies. Maybe one or two of them secretly qualify.
* Roxy can be a stand-in for Luna when she assumed her human form.
** I think Roxy is meant to me a stand-in for Rini. Both have pink hair despie having a blonde and a brunnette parent, are the long-lost princess of the Earth, have similar backstories to their respective heroines, and use heart-based magic.

[[WMG: Roxy will not get a love interest in season 5.]]
She will be too busy learning about magic at Alfea and helping the Winx Club find a way [[spoiler: to bring Nabu back to life.]] Maybe she'll get a love interest if there's a season 6.

[[WMG: Artu has a secret.]]
He seems to be smarter than regular dogs, and it seems like he may have an ability to sense magical creatures. My guess is that he either has a magical power like Kiko, or that he is somehow related to King Arthur.
** [[FridgeHorror You do realize Arthur was a human, right]]

[[WMG: The reason why Bloom didn't try to save Nabu?]]
[[spoiler: Nabu was TooCoolToLive. After all, his magic must've been very powerful since he was able to close the shadow abyss. Bloom feared that Nabu might possibly be more powerful than her, and not wanting anyone to threaten her main character status, she decided to just let him die. However, she almost immedietly regret this and suggested that Layla use the last gift of destiny to revive him, only for Ogron to steal it and waste it on a flower. Next season, they will probably gain new powers, and try to get Nabu back, but not until Bloom is convinced that the new powers are more powerful than Nabu's magic and that Nabu can't threaten her main character status. Yeah.]]
* [[spoiler: Maybe Bloom's power has limits. After all, Sky's body wasn't THAT damaged, yet resuscitating him winded her. Nabu, on the other hand, died of magical exhaustion and ravaging his body with overuse of magic, and the damage could have been too much for her. Hence Bloom suggesting to use the last gift: it was the only chance.]]

[[WMG: Roxy is a distant relative of Franchise/SailorMoon.]]
That's why she has pink hair while her father has brown hair and her mother has black hair.

[[WMG: The reason Nabu was absent for most of the first movie?]]
There are a few possible explaintions:
* He was working on improving his magic skills and learning some new spells so that he could be more useful in season 4.
* Or his parents may have grounded him for running away from home in season 3.
* Or he went off on a different adventure during that time which he told his friends all about off-screen.

[[WMG: Layla knows of a possible way to get Nabu back.]]
[[spoiler: Why else would she be so cheerful at the end of season 4? She knows something that we don't. We never saw what she did while she was on Andros with the flower, so it's possible that she learned of a way to bring Nabu back, but has to keep it a secret from the other girls for some reason. This information will probably be revealed in season 5.]]

[[WMG: Everything that has happened on the show so far is ThePlan of an unknown enemy.]]
And from the looks of it, it is a very complex one, possibly a GambitRoulette. Most notably, this unknown enemy is responsible for helping the Trix escape from the Realix realm at the end of season 2, and left them to be captured so they would be brought to the Omega dimension where they would set Valtor free and start up the plot of season 3.

[[WMG: Nabu was killed off as part of a BatmanGambit by the producers of the show.]]
Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? The writers wanted to make sure that the fans would watch the upcoming fifth season, and until the events of season 4, Nabu was one of the least popular characters. So, they decided to kill two birds with one stone, and had Nabu make his HeroicSacrifice near the end of season 4.

Their plan seems to have been successful, as now there is a lot of Winx fans who want Nabu to come back, and they will likely watch the fifth season to see if he really does return or not.

[[WMG: Pixies age a lot slower than other magical beings.]]
Well, the pixies have been on the show for at least three in-show years, and Piff is still a baby.

[[WMG: If Roxy gets a love interest, his name will not be revealed right away.]]
Not his real one anyways. Why do I say this? Well, Roxy is the princess of the Earth fairies, and the other three princesses didn't learn their love interests real name right away. Sky and Brandon had switched names in the first season, and in season three, Nabu lied about his name when he and Layla first met.

[[WMG: Those purple markings on Nabu's forearms are connected to his magical powers somehow.]]
They never explained what those purple marks are supposed to be. If you pay attention in season 4, you can see that those markings aren't visible when he's in one of his civilian outfits. (In the other two civilian outfits he's seen in, the sleeves on his shirt are longer and cover up that part of his arm, making it impossible to tell if those purple marks are there or not.)

[[WMG: The Charmix disappears after a certain amount of uses.]]
That would explain why the Winx never used it in season 3, they had already used it's power up.
* This is also supported by something Tecna and Musa say in episode 26 of Season 2.

[[WMG: The Winx can now freely switch between their Enchantix and Believix forms.]]
I came up with this theory simply because I refuse to believe that the Enchantix forms are gone for good.

[[WMG: The second movie will be in a different continuity from the main series.]]
The fact that [[KilledOffForReal Nabu]] will apparently be in it supports this theory...

Likely, after the ending of the first movie, it branches off into two different continuities, season 4 and the second movie.

[[WMG: Tecna cast the Sphere of Truth wrong]]
It's a theory among those those refuse to believe that the change from Plasma Sphere to the Sphere of Truth created a DubInducedPlotHole.

[[WMG: Mitzi and her friends didn't lose their powers]]
As soon as Mitzi is angered that the Winx destroyed her car, she accidentally makes an energy blast. This leads her to realize that her powers aren't lost and check out Darma and Sally with these results.

[[WMG: The Winx-unverse is the Anti-[[TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness nWoD]]]]
Just compare "Winx Club" and 'TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost'' from the ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'':

[=nWoD=]: dark, sinister, most of the times ''at least'' one dead person scene per gaming session (no matter if it`s a PC or a named or unnamed NPC)
Winx Club: nice, cute, kid friendly, exactly ''one'' death in 4 seasons

[=nWoD=]: In a nut shell the changelings try to obtain/get back their humanity, and even hate, that they not as the "normal" people anymore.If they lose humanity this has serious impact on their sanity.
Winx Club: The fairies like to be what they are and actually try to become more magic, because this grants them extra powers without having negative side effects. (Which is a point on its own, because in the nWoD the whole concept of the changelings is that there are no advantages without disadvanteges)
(see also the above WMG about the Winx loosing their humanity)

[=nWoD=]: The supernatural beings try to obtain the status, the vampires call "{{Masquerade}}", which means that humans must not know about the existence of them, because this would more than likely cause a new witch-hunt.
also humans don`t believe in magic and this can even cause a mage`s magic to fail
Winx Club: The Winx spend the entire last season actively breaking the Maskerade, and are (imho far to easily) believed.This only grants them new powers (again) and even if in the beginning not all humans trust them completely there are no negative side effects (again).

the next one is a bit more speculative:
[=nWoD=]: The changelings were kept as slaves by the true faes, whith level 0 on the {{Sanity Meter}}, before they could escape. So of course their opinion of their "keepers" isn`t exactly the best.

Winx Club:
One could argue that Faraginda holds the position of the girls`keeper. At least of Bloom.
She is a rational womanwho is highly appreciated by the girls and freely lets them go to earth

If you think a bit about it you could find easily much more parallels on your own, but these should suffice...
The Winx Club universe ''is'' the Anti-[=nWoD=]

[[WMG: Bloom's kiss of life could only be used once.]]

Which is probably why Bloom didn't use it on Nabu, since she used it on Sky the previous season.

Alternately, the kiss could only be used on someone close to Bloom, like her boyfriend, or a family member.

** Debatable... It is heavily implied that the hit Riven took for Musa at the end of the Second Season was a killing one. She saved him and you can't really call them 'close'.
*** Hmm. I'm not so sure about that. They may not exactly be as close as the other couples, but I believe they do share a form of closeness. It's just their [[BelligerentSexualTension stubbornness]] keeps it from being obvious.

[[WMG: Alfea has a FantasticRacism against witches]]
Griffin started up that school at Cloud Tower because she was the resident troublemaker at Alfea. Whether or not she "was" a fairy at the time (if she was ever one at all) is never stated. And really, why would a fairy start a school for witches? Maybe she was bullied or ostracized [[AllOfTheOtherReindeer because she was different from the other students]], and this caused her to make Cloud Tower at enmities with Alfea. If the world of Winx Club has a WitchSpecies, this would be the logical conclusion to why witches are "evil" and fairies are "good".
* Also (same troper), that might explain why Mirta "converted" to fairyhood after transferring from Cloud Tower.
* What is more likely is that Alfea originally was just a general magic school for girls and as time went on a divide happen amongst the study body in that you had some who would become fairies (get wings and be sparkley; also they seem most likely to be royals) and some who would become witches (darker arts and more illusion based spells; unless I'm mistaken, we haven't had a witch princess yet.) Griffin very likely might have seen that the would-be witches at the school weren't treated and taught as fairly or equally as those who became fairies causing her to created Cloud Tower. The only justification I can think of right now is that Faragonda does not yet have a fairy form of any sort and given her implied age, it's possible she was a 'fairy' before the wings started happening.

[[WMG: Mirta is still a witch]]
I think there's a sort of "illusionary magic," that give her the ''appearance'' of a fairy, since Mirta has been known to use illusion-based powers before. This is so the other students will accept her, and so no one has to be told that she is "good" despite being a witch.
* Do you mean there is somebody who still doesn't know? Is there someone who thinks Mirta opposing the Trix was just a case of EvenEvilHasStandards?

[[WMG: The world of ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'' takes place in the same universe as (or as an {{alternate universe}} to) ''Manga/SoulEater'']]
We have a WizardingSchool, a WitchSpecies that is, apparently, AlwaysChaoticEvil, [[spoiler: one student who turns out to be a witch]], [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking and]] {{magic skirt}}s! It's just a theory, but it could also be like the AlternateUniverse because in ''Manga/SoulEater'', DarkIsNotEvil, and the witches in that series are actually effective compared to ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub''. Also, ''WesternAnimation/WinxClub'' is pretty {{shojo}}-y, while ''Manga/SoulEater'' is a {{shonen}} series. That being said, I think Mirta is a sort of AlternateUniverse version of [[spoiler: Kim]].

[[WMG: Nebula is a DeathSeeker.]]
Has been ever since she's trapped in the White Circle. She possessed Roxy and gets Morgana to turn against humanity to accomplish her goal, but nothing. In season 4 episode 26, she eventually gets her wish intending to [[TakingYouWithMe take the fairy hunters with her]] until Bloom talks her out of it.

[[WMG: Flora's little sister is adopted.]]
Flora has a tan skin tone and honey brown hair while Miele has a fair skin tone and red hair. She's also obviously a lot younger than Flora (Flora is 18 and Miele looks about 6) and if Flora's home realm is what it seems like (a peaceful, old-fashioned society), it's unlikely that one of their parents was unfaithful.
* Miele comes back in the third episode of S6, now attending Linphea College. If Linphea College is like Alfea then Miele is likely 16 now(as Bloom was at the start of the series) as she is now taller and more mature looking then previously shown, we have no idea of how much time has passed however. She's also shown to have a slightly darker skin coloring then before making her have a stronger resemblance to Flora (Miele's hair is still pretty red). What's quite likely is that their family, for whatever reason, slowly tans as they reach maturity. We still haven't met their parents as of yet.
** We finally do see their mother in the Mother's Day special, and she looks like a more mature version of Flora with darker hair. Also, each season is supposed to equal a year or so and there was a source saying Miele is ten in season 3. Unfortunately, that's still confusing because the only way she could be 16 is if the two movies count as a year (and their time frame is ambiguous) as well and they bumped her age up an extra year, for whatever reason. Either the writers don't care much for consistency or they didn't have any particular age in mind when they first created Miele and just want to show she's Flora's little sister, which would explain why a (possibly) ten-year-old child is the size of a first-grader.

[[WMG: Nabu will return as a ghost in Season 5, but will not actually be restored to life until Season 6.]]
Nabu sort of came back as a ghost in S5 more that he was a representation of Aisha's guilt in not being able to save him, so not quite. No word yet for S6, but with Roy hanging out with the rest of the Specialists and Aisha being somewhat protective of him in episode 3 with the Paladins around, if Nabu comes back things might get... awkward. Aisha also had a dream spot with Roy towards the end of S5 so yeah... awkward.

[[WMG: The Trix could have reformed if the guards from Lightrock let them free.]]
They had begged for [[FateWorseThanDeath anything but]] [[TastesLikeDiabetes the overexposition to cuteness Lightrock inmates are forced to endure]]. If the guards had asked them to become good persons and Bloom's bodyguards, they would have done it out of sheer terror of being brought back there...

[[WMG: Tecna is silicon based]]
I remember reading something about someone thinks that Tecna is a robot, and since she's from another planet, and scientists think it's possible, and silicon is right under carbon in the periodic table, Tecna could be silicon based.

[[WMG: The Black Circle is a Roman priestly order gone bad]]
Fairies appear mostly in Celtic mithology, and the Celts (or the Gauls, as the Romans called them) had been the worst enemy of Rome for centuries.
Maybe in this universe Earth fairies tried to help the Celts, only for the Romans to make some of their priests capable of magic ''and'' immune to fairy magic. When the Roman Empire fell, the priests went out of control... And thus became the earliest incarnation of the Black Circle.

[[WMG: The exhibition part of the Miss Magix beauty pageant include sabotage as an additional test, and Icy had been paid to do it for at least two years in a row]]
In the pageant episode Faragonda and Griselda were among the public, yet they took no action to stop the Trix. Why? Evidently it was part of the contest, even if the Trix were going overboard (hence the growing desperation of the host as the Trix tormented the contestants). Meaning that Lucy ''asked a member of the staff to help her to cheat'': in a way she was begging to be humiliated, and Icy being an AlphaBitch she complied (much to the host's chagrin). The contestant who got sabotaged even before the start of the contest had probably been caught trying to cheat too, but as she was doing it on her own she got off easy (somewhat. It's the Trix we're speaking of).
Darcy and Stormy were newcomers in the job, as shown by their ignoring they could do it, but for Icy's it was at least the second time. And knew from experience how difficult was to sabotage Stella (who had been a contestant the previous year), hence her OhCrap as soon as Stella showed up (Icy and Stormy had just finished to hear her stories about the previous edition).
[[WMG: Bloom is just an ordinary girl, writing an ongoing SelfInsertFic.]]
In reality, Bloom is a somewhat lonely teen, who just happens to be facsinated by fairies, witches, and all types of mythical creatures. (If you've seen the Rainbow dub, her mom finds a book on them in Bloom's room, and chuckles over her daughter still liking those "silly things")

Ever wonder why Bloom was a bit [[MarySue Mary sue-ish]] at first? It's because she was simply writing down all of the fantasies she wished to live, making herself a MagicalGirl, haveing a ChangelingFantasy, being a [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princess]], having pretty much unlimited powers, a group of [[TrueCompanions tight friends]], a handsome boyfriend, etc. Over time though, she started realizing this, and toned down some of her character's strengths.

Everyone in Bloom's life on Earth is real, only the characters from Magix are fiction. She took people such as [[AlphaBitch Mitzi]] and made her into the evil Trix for example. Roxy is just another girl that Bloom met later on, who was just as interested in fairies and whatnot. They became friends, and Bloom added her to the story as well.
[[WMG: Faragonda planned for the Wizards of the Black Circle to attack Alfea]]
Remember, she told the Winx about Believix before there was any hint of them going to Earth. While there's plenty of reason to mention further transformations, Faragonda specifically said that they would be getting Believix next. In addition, it seems odd that she would invite the Winx to teach at Alfea when they have no teaching credentials. She just needed an excuse to get them back together. Not to mention she wanted to keep the wizards a secret until they made their attack (though exactly why is unknown). Plus, it seems odd that the wizards would wait a year or two after she became well known to attack if they thought she was the last fairy of Earth, and just after Faragonda explained Believix.

In conclusion, Faragonda secretly lured the wizards into attacking Alfea and Bloom, in order to make an excuse for the Winx to go and restore magic to Earth. Why did she need an excuse? Who knows, though its possible that Faragonda thought that the Winx besides Bloom wouldn't have much incentive to restore Earth if they didn't have a more personal reason (in this case, take down the criminals that showed up out of nowhere and attacked them).
[[WMG: Heraklyon's succession line is theorically elective, but in practice kept in the same family]]
The election would be entrusted to an electoral council made of the most important nobles of the planet, and either gathers at the death of the king or is summoned by the current king, that makes them elect his son as king so that, once he dies, he'd be automatically the king. That would explain how Sky could be the king as the first movie but his father still rules and can order him around: Sky's ''title'' would be that of King of Heraklyon, but in practice would have just been confirmed as crown prince (as he's been called in season 5).
* It would also explain the trouble with Diaspro: Diaspro's father (or mother) would be one of the electors, and demanded a betrothal between his daughter and Sky as payment for electing Sky. After Diaspro effectively committed high treason he could have lost his position or bartered his vote to Sky with mercy for Diaspro.
* Also the one with Yoshinoya: with him being another elector he'd have some privileges that prevent Erendor from just sicking the entire planet's military on him and have his castle stormed, at least as long as it's not proved he's the one trying to kidnap Sky.

[[WMG: Tritannus absorbing toxins and pollution to make himself more powerful will eventually come back to bite him]]
Near the end of the season, he will come close to dying from having absorbed too much of it, and will have to let the Winx use their powers to purify him in order to save himself.
* And of course, if this happens, Aisha will probably be the most skeptical, considering that [[spoiler: she'd remember the similar thing that happened to Duman and how that led to Nabu's death]].

[[WMG: Roy and Nabu are the same person.]]
Think about it: Nabu is a wizard, meaning that there is a possibility that he *could* have come out of his coma and used his shapeshifting powers to adopt the 'Roy' persona. Reasoning:
* They have a similar demeanor.
* Both seem to have magic skill (Roy has shown a little of this).
* Both are interested in Aisha.
* Both know quite a bit about Andros.
* Both fight with a staff.
But why would Nabu take on a different identity? It could be to try to get Aisha to 'move on' and find someone new so that she could prove to him that she's happy even when he isn't around. Then he'd turn back into Nabu when she comes to terms with her (possible) relationship with Roy. Not only would this be an ''awesome'' [[PlotTwist plot twist]], but it would certainly quell the Nabu fans' hatred of Roy.

[[WMG: Nabu will be wished back to life]]
Recently, it's been revealed that with the Sirenix powers, the girls get one wish each from their Sirenix Guardians once they 'please' the Source of Sirenix (in other words, when they stop Tritannus). When they go to make their wishes, either Aisha will wish Nabu back to life or one of the other girls will for her.
* This is probably why Aisha was all right at the end of season four. She was probably told of this. Though If Nabu IS brought back to life, this will most likely cause friction between Roy and Nabu.
* [[spoiler: Aisha ended up having to use her wish to save Nereus, but there is still one Winx who hasn't used her wish at the end of Season 5, namely Musa. Since Aisha is Musa's best friend, and Nabu was Riven's best friend, it would sort of make sense for Musa to use her wish to bring Nabu back in Season 6. Of course, something would probably have to happen to convince her to use her wish in such a way since she didn't want to use her wish to bring her mother back since it wouldn't be right to do so... you know, unless the writers decide to confuse us even more by changing it so that the common fanon belief that Nabu is just in a coma is what really happened.]]
* [[spoiler: Musa never uses her Sirenix wish. Nabu's been dead for almost 8 years in real life and three years in the show. Completely {{Jossed}}

[[WMG: Darcy and Stormy are actually more powerful than Icy, [[BrilliantButLazy but can't be bothered to actually use their greater powers]].]]
Let's examine what they have proven themselves capable without power-ups: Icy can use her ice power to great effect and versatility to either freeze people and objects, puncture them, hit them with giant icicles (Bloom can attest it: in the first battle of season 3, Icy knocked her out that way), or just shatter them; Stormy can control wind to generate small tornadoes and fire thunderbolts, thunderbolts that made short work of Tecna's energy shield (a shield that had deflected Icy's icicles with no issue) and have been the only thing to actually harm Bloom without power-ups, special weapons or particular powers; Darcy has used telekinesys, hypnosis, illusions (and not just normal illusions, she can use them to see distant events and multiply her attack power), MindControl, MindRape (in a season 1 episode she nearly tortured Musa to death this way), ''SuperStrength'' and even caused a fire that ''[[PlayingWithFire Bloom]]'' failed to put off. Given what the Trix did, a properly motivated Darcy is basically unstoppable, with Stormy as a close second if she could get a hold of her temper, but they're too lazy to actually bother most of the times (Darcy showed SuperStrength only in one particular occasion where Bloom had royally pissed her off, and used the fire trick during the competition for Valtor's love in the same episode Icy had received a fire-based power up she never got the chance to use).

[[WMG: Stella is the second most powerful fairy in the series, right behind Bloom, and by the end of season 5 would be able to one-shot Valtor or Darkar if they underestimate her enough]]
Before any power up, she was the only one of the Winx Club who could hurt a BrainwashedAndCrazy Bloom, and genuinely believed she could ''disintegrate'' her. Now that she got Charmix (OK, it disappeared, but she still got it), Enchantix, Believix, and Sirenix... What would happen if they underestimate her and don't dodge?
* {{Jossed}}, maybe. [[http://winx.wikia.com/wiki/Flora According to the show's wiki page for Flora]], Stella is actually [[WordofGod third most powerful]] after Flora. Now there is still their personalities to consider as Flora tends to take defensive and strategic roles most often of the group even if there are times to [[BewaretheNiceOnes be wary of the nice one]] with her; Stella is most likely to take an offence based role in a fight barring Bloom or Aisha so this is still very possible especially depending on what the next transformation after Bloomix is.

[[WMG: Based on the two WMG above: Stella will befriend Darcy on the common ground of being constantly underestimated, and Darcy will pull an HighHeelFaceTurn]]
Because a properly motivated Darcy is basically unstoppable by anything less than Bloom, Stella, Faragonda or Griffin but is constantly overshadowed by Icy, and Stella is constantly [[OvershadowedByAwesome overshadowed by Bloom's power]] and has a knack for befriending people in spite of herself. Get them in the same room alone...

[[WMG: Stella can create nuclear weapons]]
Simply out of knowledge of the source of her powers: ''sun and stars''. Give her some weapon-grade fissile material, explosive, a timed detonator and a casing, and she'll put together an atomic bomb ''bare handed'' (high resistance to radiations thanks to her powers). Give her some hydrogen, and she'll initiate the fusion with a laser.

[[WMG: There's one magical family who's a genderbent version of [[WesternAnimation.ElTigre The Riveras]] ]]
Puma Loco's female counterpart is a witch whose ancestors alternate between being fairies and witches just like Puma's vary between being heroes or villains; White Pantera's counterpart is a fairy; and Manny's has yet to decide if she becomes a fairy or a witch.

[[WMG: The Trix used to be good, and could make an HeelFaceTurn if given a chance to calm down]]
The chorus of their song in the musical says (freely translated from Italian) "There's no love that can redeem us, too much anger". Seems to imply their villainy started as a quest for revenge, [[HeWhoFightsMonsters and in the process they became as bad as we know them]]... And even at their worst they still have some standards (namely, solidariety between sisters). If they were able to calm down and ''think'' about what they did, there's a good chance they'd [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone realize and regret how far beyond the line they've gone]] and try and redeem themselves.
* Addendum: Darcy's way to try and redeem herself would be to get Musa and Riven to make their relationship work. [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy For she used to have genuine feelings for Riven before]] [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity the Dragon's Flame drove her and her sister completely mad]], [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy and even if they resurfaced she'd have no chance with him by now]].

[[WMG: The Trix' VillainDecay in season 3 was due their mutual crush on Valtor]]
WordOfGod has that witches get power from negative energy, but are at risk of [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity going mad when they have too much]], with the Trix themselves providing evidence in season 1 by going off the deep end as soon as they got the Dragon's Flame.\\
Now, in season 3 they are less mean and powerful. What has changed? Only one thing: they have a crush on Valtor, and thus they can't accumulate enough negative energy to be actually dangerous unless they're facing only their hated Bloom (who, luckily for her, just happened to be one of the few persons powerful enough to survive them at their best and at once).\\
And about the possible weakness in the theory provided by Darcy and Icy falling in love (Darcy with Riven in season 1, Icy with Tritannus in season 5), there's an explanation too: Darcy had some guilt on ''how'' they got together (letting her sisters getting him in a potentially lethal accident while blaming Timmy and then saving him) and was jealous of Musa, while the thing that got Icy and Tritannus together was their ambition to conquer the universe and crush anyone standing in their way.

[[WMG: The Trix ate Icy's pet duck while imprisoned at Lightrock]]
The duck followed them there, [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse and was never seen again]]. Given their mental state while in there...

[[WMG: [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse Why Digit e Tune have been replaced by Caramel and Cherie]]]]
They went to Cloudtower between the fifth and sixth season and all the dark magic there killed them, but not before they managed to pass the bond on the other Pixies.

[[WMG: Bloom was Gardenia's BullyHunter before going at Alfea]]
Bloom proved multiple times she knows how to fight even without powers, and was rather good at dodging. Add in her relationship with [[AlphaBitch Mitzi]] and how the latter usually keeps her distance when they're alone...

[[WMG: Nex will eventually propose to Aisha.]]

[[WMG: Diaspro was marked by Valtor]]
It would explain how she went from [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold a rather indisponent fairy who actually cares for her few friends]] (that is, Sky and Brandon) and [[JerkassHasAPoint tends to be right even when she's driving you crazy]] to someone willing to brainwash said friends, [[DealWithTheDevil make a deal with Valtor]], [[SkewedPriorities endanger the whole Magical Dimension]] and join the Trix to keep Bloom and Sky apart.
And as nobody checked her for the mark and it only influenced her personality, she's still under it.