WMG / When She Was Bad

At the end of the series Gail does a Heel–Face Turn
The name of the series is "When She Was Bad", implying that at whatever future date the story's being told at she's not "bad" anymore.

Gail is The Chosen One, not Amber.
That's why the bolt of energy that changed them both passed through Amber on its way to Gail. Amber got most of the powers, but Gail is the savior the mystics were looking for. For all her faults, Gail is loyal and takes care of the people she cares about. Alternately, Amber and Gail are the chosen Two and need to work together to save the world, even if they hate each other.

Jasper is a member of the early cult of Jashin
He has no special powers, but a great training and is on a mission against the Order. He takes instructions from some invisible guy.