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Captain Neweyes is evil.
  • Neweyes doesn't see any problem with travelling back in time, capturing dinosaurs, force-feeding them chemically treated cereal that drastically alters their behavior, shoving them out of his airship into the New York harbor, and leaving his brother to the mercy of the crows. He's apparently made quite a killing for himself feeding this same cereal to children in the future. So, Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
    • Not to mention letting clumsy giants stumble around a crowded city.
Neweyes caused the hat to fall on the little girl's head.
  • Hardly an impressive theory, but he is a wish-granter, and the girl appeared once over the wish radio, so he probably did it.
Seriously, look at what they're wearing.
Captain Neweyes and Professor Screweyes are not brothers
They are both the same person, just from two different timelines. Both are time travelers, and both are trying to overcome the other by proving themselves the "real" one. Neweyes fosters wishes and dreams, while Screweyes fosters fears and nightmares. After being proven wrong by his "brother", Screweyes did not die, he simply ceased to exist.
Professor Screweyes didn't die because he wasn't alive to begin with./This is the same universe as The Crow.
  • People assume the crows eat him at the end but that would make them feathery super-piranha and not birds with as fast and completely he disappears. One minute he's there, the next a flock of crows lands on him and do not move an inch until they fly away only a few seconds later leaving nothing but the screw, meaning they would've had to have eaten flesh, clothing, gristle, and bone. The only way the scene really makes sense is if you assume that Screweyes was really a vengeful ghost in the same universe that The Crow takes place in. This explains the powers he has (the only special effects in the circus shown to be tricks are the ones involving people in costumes but not the animated smoke, illusions and certainly not the hypnotism, nevermind the whole contracts signed with blood thing) and also why his biggest fear is the crows. They're the only ones who can, if he loses control over them, take him back to the land of the dead which is what seems to actually happen.
Neweyes and Screweyes are actually an angel and a demon, respectively.
  • Neweyes can travel through time; lives in a golden flying craft filled with light that apparently hangs about above the earth most of the time; bestows intelligence and goodness on animals; and not only listens to wishes (read: prayers) but works to answer them without using direct influence as much as possible. He also offers to save his "fallen" brother but doesn't force the issue, only making the offer and then ascending into the light shaking his head with pity when the offer is refused.
  • Screweyes is earthbound, living in a dark underworld-like house of horrors; uses fear, illusion, and drugs (read: potions) to turn people (and animals) toward their 'primal natures'; and employs tricks and lies to coerce otherwise good people to sign eternally binding contracts in blood. The most telling thing is that Screweyes used to be a good guy until a crow pecked out his eye, making him "crazy," and now he surrounds himself with the very things that destroyed him with no way to escape on his own, seeming to only be evil out of contempt and spite towards his "brother."
Neweyes already solved all the worlds' problems.
After using his Brain Grain to make everyone in the galaxy smart and creating galactic peace through an intellectual revolution, Neweyes realized that the future now rather dull with no war or conflict of sorts. So he decided to use his time-travel technology to dick around in the past.
  • This last part is more likely in the case of Screweyes. He was the one who traveled into the past and started a circus of fear with his fear radio and his braindrain pills, all future technologies.
Both Neweyes and Screweyes come from the future.
While this is implied in the movie (how else could Neweyes have a brother living in the 1990s, which is presumably decades, if not centuries in the past of whatever era Neweyes came from?). What isn't stated is that the future isn't pleasant. After all, it produces individuals like Screweyes and gives them access to time travel to terrify people in the past.
  • That would be a good tagline for his circus "Professor Screweyes: He's From our Future!"
The film is a Stable Time Loop.
Professor Neweyes is Louie from far in the future.
Professor Screweyes' screw is Phylactery, and he is an agent of a greater unknown evil
Ignoring the deleted scene that explains Screweye's origin, during his final scene, Screweyes expresses he becomes afraid when he's not scaring others. The crows descend upon him and nothing remains but his screw eye which surges with power. I always felt that Screweyes was the lesser minion of some unknown sinister presence. Consider how Neweye's power comes from technology, Screweyes seems to wield some kind of minor dark magic. The only evidence we have of this is when the crows "attack" Screweyes and carry off his screw eye. It's a pretty big what if, but what if Screweyes was given magical powers and or immortality, etc. in exchange for using his powers to spread mischief. The crows act as its messengers. Since Nothingisscarier , we're not given a face to this power, only the vague sense that something larger is at work and is acting through men like Screweyes as an intermediary. When Screweyes was defeated, the powers he answered to were not pleased and sent the crows to punish him.
  • It's a shame that this isn't a Disney movie, because following this, it could be a great add to the "Friends and the High Council" theory.
Screweyes isn't really dead
Remember his last words?
"The crows could..."
Keyword here: could. Not "will", not "would", "could". What we see happen is either all in his head (i.e., this is what they "could" do) or symbolic of him being consumed by his fears and losing what little sanity he had left in the process. Heck, it could even be both, with the latter being what's happening Through the Eyes of Madness.
Cecelia owns the golf course.
How else would Rex be able to play there without being noticed? Assuming, of course, the prologue is several years after the rest of the movie.

This film is a sequel to The Land Before Time.
Sharptooth survived getting pushed off the cliff and crushed by the boulder into the water, and escaped to continue to terrorize other dinosaurs. However, he was abducted by the spacecraft, fed Brain Grain, and turned into Rex. To stretch this theory further, maybe Woog and Dweeb are Cera and Ducky's respective fathers, and Elsa is Petrie's mother.

Alternatively, this film and The Land Before Time aren't directly related, but are set in the same universe.
And the Rainbow Faces from Stone of Cold Fire are at the center of it: in the past, the earth was seeded with Brain Grain, turning all the dinosaurs intelligent as we see in the original film and it's sequels. Not for enlightenment, but as an experiment to test Brain Grain's effects on a planetary level. Come movie 7, with the Rainbow Faces. They're NOT aliens, but Time Travelers sent to check up on how the descendants of the Brain Grain-enhanced dinosaurs are doing! At this point the cereal wasn't yet perfected (the version we see in this film, is) but it turned out good enough to speed up the evolution of intelligence over presumably only a few generations.