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  • The Ordinary High-School Student has an in-home internet connection at a time when many universities didn't.
    • He did not have a internet connection, just a phone line with dial up, and he had to dial each system that he wanted to get into.
  • He buys an airline ticket online almost 10 years before commercial use of the internet was enabled (and never gave credit card info, real or stolen).
    • Of course, by that time...
    • He'd hacked into the airline company's reservation computer, the same one that ticket agents access through terminals. It wasn't intended for consumer use. (This is also why he didn't have to give payment info; he was stealing the ticket.)
      • He did not have a ticket just a reservation and likely there was some dial in systems (maybe not for home use but for ticket agent offices) for making reservation back then.
  • According to Todd Fischer of Fischer-Freitas (which supplied Dave's IMSAI computer), "This early version of the script (sent by the Product Placement facilitator) had the story line placed in the future and seemed to depend more on fantasy and conjecture rather than technical reality."

FBI agent Nigan (played by James Tolkan) is actually a Soviet spy, specifically Vladimir Putin.
Because he looks remarkably like him and Putin was a KGB agent during the time frame of the film.