[[WMG:Kurt {{Series/Wallander}}'s happiness is the trigger for Fimbulvetr, and thus the key to Ragnarök, the end of all we know.]]
The gods are thus conspiring to keep him miserable, since they don't want to die either. The ultimate irony of Wallander's life is that if he were ever happy, ''end of the world''.
** He has been happy, at times. Just not for long, so if this WMG is true, his happiness probably takes some time to act as a catalyst for the Great Winter.
** Which could then mean... that Loki masquerades as Magnus Martinnson in an attempt to orchestrate happy times for Wallander? The good ol' God of Mischief ''is'' supposed to have an instrumental role in bringing the Ragnarök about, after all. I suppose it's fortunate for everyone that Martinsonn seemed more often to get on Kurt's nerves than anything.