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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Ultra Violet
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    Series/Ultraviolet (Series) 

The vampires are Friendly Neighborhood Vampires and the hunters the equivalent of Nazi extermination squads.
The show performs a massive Paradigm Shift to show the rationalizations and paranoia of the members of the squad; whatever the vampires do, it always has an evil purpose, and when they do the opposite they have an evil purpose too. Also, they describe vampires as "pulling the strings" and being involved with finance.

Curious detail: in the first episode, the friend who has become the vampire tells him that his new friends are "The Inquisition" and lists the victims of that organization — but does not mention Jews.

Add that the captured vampires are reduced to ash, and that they say that the ash is alive, and has to be kept imprisoned, and when you see all those vials you get vibes of a huge concentration camp...

  • Gnatlet: "..the vampire tells him that his new friends are "The Inquisition" and lists the victims of that organization — but does not mention Jews."
  • That would probably be because the Inquisition (by which I mean the Spanish Inquisition... there were inquisitors in Medieval times but not a capital-I Inquisition as such) had absolutely no mandate on anyone non-Christian. They could not, by their very definition, prosecute (or persecute) Jews, Muslims, or anyone non-Christian. However, given how much pressure to convert non-Christians in Renaissance Spain were under, if you *did* convert and then "lapsed" back, you were fair game.

    Film/Ultraviolet (Film) 

Violet is related to River Song.
Her full name is Violet Song jat Shariff. Enough said. Oh, and both ladies have a penchant for shooting things.

The reason Daxus was able to hide the fact that he's a hemophage
is because he drinks so much coffee.

Think about it - what does he do in the movie that none of the other hemophage characters do? He drinks coffee. Gives new meaning to the trope Must Have Caffeine.

The ending is really Violet's Dying Dream.
Which is one reason why the computer can't count the number of weapons she has in her arsenal - her mind can't calulate that much and so settles for "many".

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