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Wild Mass Guessing related to Ultimate Spider-Man, the animated series.

This version of SHIELD has also been infiltrated by HYDRA
Just like in The MCU, Spider-man will learn that SHIELD has been taken by HYDRA. Cue in-universe Paranoia Fuel as the team turns on each other trying to figure out who is working for HYDRA. Hey, this is inspired by the MCU, and Spider-man having to fight dozens of HYDRA moles. Especially when he realizes that they know about him and Aunt May, would be interesting. After they take down SHIELD & HYDRA, Spider-Man and the teammates that didn't leave out of mistrust end up forming a new group to fill in for SHIELD. Their name? The New Avengers
  • Considering Mainstream SHIELD was also infiltrated - which is where the MCU series gets that plot point from in the first place - it's possible, although they'll go the Mainstream Universe's route and have it ultimately be a subversion.

There will be an episode where Norman manages to abduct Spidey.
And his friends will come to the rescue.
  • Confirmed, kinda, in the episode "Revealed".

The New Venom will be...
(well, a small portion of the distilled aggression survived, so the new Venom will be...)
  • Harry.
  • Norman.
  • Dr. Octopus, as the Poisonous Octopus
  • Flash Thompson.
    • Confirmed. Flash Thompson becomes permanently bonded to the symbiote as the eponymous character in the episode "Agent Venom".
  • As of Back in Black, Venom is confirmed as Harry Osborn. In The Rise of the Goblin Harry finally loses it and the Green Goblin takes it and now searches for someone else to wear the symbiote.

Curt Conners will lose an arm
And become the Lizard. It will be when the series gets darker and edgier.
  • His arm gets crushed in the first season finale. So the arm part is semi-confirmed.
    • It's been confirmed the Lizard will appear in the second season. There was an image of the team fighting him and several other villains released at a convention.
    • The show hasn't gotten any darker, though.

Harry Osborn will become the Green Goblin
Possibly thanks to the symbiote corrupting his brain. Again, when the series becomes darker and edgier.

There will be a story arc analogous with the Identity Crisis storyline.
Spider-Man gets framed for something and has to go deep undercover to clear his name, keeping his teammates in the dark; He creates four new identities and interacts with them while in costume.

Each of the identities would be analogous or contrasting with his teammates:
  • Prodigy for Luke Cage: Strength and Invulnerability.
  • Hornet for Nova: Flight and Ranged Attacks.
  • Dusk for Iron Fist
  • Ricochet for White Tiger

  • His identities will be given to four other teens, becoming the Slingers.

Miles Morales will make an appearance.
If only for the sake of continuity, and likely nothing more than a cameo, late in the series.
  • Confirmed. He appears in Season 3's Spider-Verse and reappears as part of the Web Warriors in Season 4.

Red Skull or Baron Von Strucker will assemble a team of HYDRA agents to kill the SHIELD team.
  • The Big Bad - Red Skull's daughter, Sin.
  • The Dragon - Crossbones, with Sin as his girlfriend.
  • The Evil Genius - The Mad Thinker, the ultimate version more likely.
  • The Brute - Rhino, also the ultimate version.
  • Dark Chick - Spider-Woman. Jessica Drew was a HYDRA agent who tried to kill Fury and could be the most likely to do a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Their "Agent Coulson" could be Taskmaster with him being their mentor in a rival school or being on the school board of the main high school.
  • Semi-confirmed - the characters involved (aside from Tasky) are different, but the concept was there - Cloak & Dagger, Vulture, Kraven, Tasky, and Gobby).

The spider bite gave Peter both cancer and an increased healing factor
Subsequently, Spider-Man lost his sanity from having cells die and re-grow in succession.

Will battle Spidey during his little Zach Morris moments and will attack whenever he breaks the fourth wall. Everybody will think he's crazy, but Deadpool will grab him and drag him out to the real world.
  • He'll probably accuse Spidey of stealing his shtick
    • Confirmed on the accusation part in "Ultimate Deadpool". Deadpool actually accused Spidey of copying him.
      • She-Hulk from Agents of S.M.A.S.H. will Beat the Shit out of Spidey and Deadpool for ripping her off from accusing both of them she was the first and beat them to the punch comic verse wise.
      • A) I checked, there are examples of Spidey breaking the 4th wall that pre-date She-Hulk's mere existence by decades, and B) I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone from a show with half the animation budget that Marvel had in the 60's beat up Spidey and Deadpool for doing something Jen hasn't done in a loooooooooooooooong time!
      • And Spidey once wiped the floor with Titania (She-Hulk's equal)

Doc Ock is gonna Starscream Osborn.
Just sounds right, you know? After doing all this work to help someone else profit, he's going to decide that he can have it all for himself. At least, you know one is going to betray the other at some point.
  • Confirmed in "Me Time". Though Osborn doesn't stand for it one bit, and now Doc Ock is a solo villain (probably).
    • Norman steals him back at the end of "Iron Octopus" but Doc Ock Starscreamed again in "Revealed", turning Norman into the Green Goblin, but the later hoisted him by his own petard.

Loki will nearly kill Coulson. He'll get better.
Well, given that Coulson gets killed by Loki in The Avengers, fans will worry whenever Loki shows up. So at least once, they'll tease us with it à la any time Bane almost breaks Batman's back in a Batman series.
  • ... Brilliant!

Harry will end up becoming Anti-Venom.
Harry is Venom. The symbiote is normally evil but also influenced by its host. Harry isn't a bad person. Ergo, like his son did in the Spider-Girl comics, he will reform the original symbiote, possibly when Dr. Octopus' new ones attack.
  • Confirmed Harry did become Anti-Venom except Anti-Venom appears as a villain in a case of Adaptational Villainy.
Norman Osborn will become the Green Goblin because of something that happens to Harry.
He'll probably think his son is dead when he's not or in a coma, and will snap and become the Green Goblin. And he'll want to kill Spider-Man.
  • Bonus points if Harry gets better and is now terrified of his dad, who quickly blames Spidey for that too.
  • Jossed. Norman is injected with DNA extracted from both Parker and Venom by Doc Octopus, which mutates him into the Green Goblin.

This version of Peter is a teenage Deadpool with Spidey's powers.
It would explain how he's able to break the 4th wall. Why is he going by the name Peter Parker? Because he's Deadpool, who's not exactly a shining example of sanity.
  • Unless Deadpool can be at two places at once, jossed. The actual Deadpool showed up, it's implied he a lot younger than usual, and Spidey ended up playing the straight man to Deadpool.

There is a secret storyline in this show
Namely, that this show is not just about Spider-Man becoming a better hero, but about how he's becoming more interconnected in the Marvel community. What with the Avengers, Wolverine, Taskmaster and the like all floating around in Spidey's life, the one-shots and an ongoing story will eventually culminate in a Season Finale where Spidey and his SHIELD friends are going to have to face down a whole bunch of Spiderman's encountered foes. Maybe they're independent, or maybe they're being financed by Norman. The finale, in this case, will play out similar to the comic version of the sinister 12, where as well as his young team, Spider-Man gets assistance from his acquaintances as well to fight back and defeat the villain horde. It is this final setback that will finally lead Norman Osborn to don the mask, and truly take on the role of The Green Goblin.

Theories on Taskmaster's return.
  • Tasks for the Eye. Returns with an associate of his who he's only working with on this joint project, and only because Osborn decided to hire them both instead of just Dr. Octopus doing it since he was fired. Taskmaster, being True Neutral is all about the hunt and bringing in Spidey while secretly wanting to sway him again to be a true partner, but the associate instead takes it too far, trying to kill Spiderman. What is the associate's name? Bullseye.
  • Task: Learn. It's an ordinary day at school, and Peter Parker is tired. He's been acting as Spider-Man way too much lately, and thus, for once in his life, he's feeling the burn of school. He tries to shrug it off with some web-slinging, only to be attacked by Taskmaster once again. Due to being in the open, Spidey has a little more space to work and stay evasive of the ultimate Badass Normal. However, things take a turn for the stranger, when in their banter back and forth, Spidey learns a shocking truth. (post-truth in sub-bullet)
    • Taskmaster was originally part of a SHIELD team but thought Fury betrayed him on a mission, and thus went rouge. Spidey will ask about this, setting up a further Taskmaster plot point, and perhaps even posing the question: "Why did Fury really form the Spider-team?"
    • Taskmaster was originally a SHIELD trainer, but Fury betrayed him by refusing to reveal his past (much like how in the comics, unless he stops learning, he can't retain personal information). This will lead to Spidey's first undisputed What the Hell, Hero? moment towards Fury over how he might have "forced" Taskmaster to be a villain.
    • Taskmaster is really a frog!
    • Taskmaster is actually Richard Parker.
    • Taskmaster was about to save the day when Fury stopped him, and Taskmaster will imply that it was because Fury was jealous of him or something. A later conversation with Fury will clarify that "saving the day" would have resulted in civilian casualties.

In one episode, Spider-Man is going to web J. Jonah Jameson's mouth shut
You know it's going to happen eventually.
  • No doubt it will make Jameson angrier.

Theories on Doc Ock's return.
  • Vengeance: Dr. Octopus, after lying low for weeks recuperating, returns to attack Spider-Man, now outraged that he "ruined my life!" He partially wants to kill him, and partially wants to catch him again, to try to win back Norman's favor, since he lacks finances or space to work on his own. The difference is that now Doc Ock has to fight all of team Spidey, and it will only escalate his Badass being, as with one tentacle holding on, he's able to fight off all of them at once. The main story here is on whether Spiderman's mercy was warranted last time.
  • Cold Blooded: Doctor Octopus attacks the SHIELD Helicarrier using stealth, and in the assault, takes off Curt Connor's arm. Thus is is, that the octopus in an act of cold blood, starts Doctor Connors on the path to becoming The Lizard.
    • Turns out that Connors does lose an arm when the Helicarrier is attacked, except it's all done by the Green Goblin instead.
  • Beware The Octopus: Doctor Octopus wants revenge against Osborn for trying to kill him, thus he kidnaps Harry Osborn and blackmails Norman into doing his bidding, promising to release Harry if Norman does as Ock says, but when Ock's demands are met, he will try to kill Harry, prompting Spidey and Norman to team up to save Harry and take Ock down. After an intense battle, Harry is severely hurt and Norman's sanity begins to slip. This will be the start of Norman's going insane and he will finally become the Green Goblin.
    • Close, but jossed. After capturing Spider-Man and creating a new formula by combining a sample of Venom with Parker's blood, he injects it into Norman, turning him into the Green Goblin. While Doc Ock failed to keep the Green Goblin under control, he did ultimately gain revenge through destroying Norman's life and pushing him over the edge.
  • Doc Ock finds out that Taskmaster had lied about how Spidey wasn't at Midtown High and attacks the school during school hours, making it difficult for Peter's group to run off and suit up. When he notices Harry, Norman gets involved for the sake of his son.
  • Horn Of The Rhino: Doctor Octopus takes over a military facility, full of equipment and space to work, and turns it into his personal base lab. Ock is severely injured after his battle with Spider-Man and can only barely move. Ock wants revenge against Osborn and Spider-Man and also has plans for world domination, but since he can barely move he decides to create his own supervillains to do his bidding. Using his octobots, Ock kidnaps petty crook Alex O'Hirn and infuses his body with titanium resin armor, thus turning O'Hirn into Rhino. Ock sends Rhino to capture Spider-Man. Rhino successfully defeats Spidey and his teammates and brings them to Ock, but Spidey and his teammates manage to escape from Ock's base. Doc Ock is impressed with Rhino's performance and decides to create few more supervillains. This could be a great way to introduce some of Spidey's villains, like Sandman, Scorpion, Vermin, Mysterio and few more as supervillains created by Ock.
    • Jossed. The Rhino is a kid from Peter, Flash and Harry's school who used a formula to become the Rhino and got stuck that way.

Deadpool will appear in a future episode
He's already made a cameo on a leaflet, so it's not that unlikely.
  • Better yet, he'll acknowledge the show's hatedom.
    • And give them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how narrow-mindedly anal they are!
      • And then turn on the creators and tell them that if they're going to make half the show about his type of humor, then it better star him.
  • Confirmed. Deadpool ended up appearing in "Ultimate Deadpool." Never did acknowledge that hatedom, though.

Miles Morales will team up with Peter Parker and predict his death
They have already established an alternatedimensioninator. One day, it turns itself on and Miles in his Spider-man costume comes flying through. After mistaken identities, fights, and utter confusion, Miles eventually reveals he knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man because in his universe Peter Parker is dead. After this, they will team up to take down an enemy and Miles will return to his universe, but Peter will have his future death hanging over him.
  • Well, Miles exists and while the rest comes true, Peter doesn't show much inclination to worry about his potential death.

The reason the vents in the Helicarrier are squeaky clean is
Hawkeye likes to crawl through them a lot, so he's arranged for them to stay that way. If he appears in any upcoming episodes, it'll start with Spidey meeting him in the vents. And then they become bros.

Josh Peck will have a cameo
You want it to happen.

A while after the series ends, there will be a direct to DVD PG-13 animated movie adapting the death of Spider-Man and the origin of Miles Morales

The eventual episode that guest stars Captain America will....
Have Cap actually relating with Spider-Man, and actually getting on quite well with him, even giving him some well-deserved respect when the two inevitably defeat the villain of the week. Plus, they'll inevitably reference Cap's days as a USO mascot in one of the cutaway gags, given the fact that the show apparently takes place in a universe quite similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Aunt May used to be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent (or something similar)
We already knew she was active, but look how she handled herself in "Attack of the Beetle" She knows how to handle herself in a crisis, she's almost completely unfazed by an assassin aiming a missile towards her and, defeated Beetle by turning on a jet engine then promptly lying about it. Something's up.

The Ultimate Universe version of the Clone Saga will be adapted.

Doc Ock will clone several versions of Peter Parker to fight Spidey's team, including Ultimate Spider-Woman. In this case, the clones don't have Peter's memories except for Spider-Woman who is the closest genetically to Peter; their shared Spider-Sense acts as a sort of Twin Telepathy that give them flashes of the other's lives, with "Jessica" being the only Spider-Clone to defect to SHIELD. Hilarity Ensues when she enrolls as a student at Midtown High as her lack of experience with people and her powers makes things interesting for Peter and co. Worst of all, (in Peter's mind) Harry develops a crush on her and badgers Peter to put in a good word for him.
  • Jossed, so far. However, Season 4 stars the Scarlet Spider, one who looks and acts very much like the Kaine version, and it is made fairly clear that Ock created him - though whether he just gave him powers or outright created him as a clone is so far unconfirmed.

The show is from Peter's own skewed perspective, not what's actually happening.

Deadpool will get his own series based on this.

Season 2 guesses
Since we're in the winter waiting period, here's a spot to guess what's to come in season 2.
  • We will get a clone like Ultimate Spider-Women or Ben Riley.
    • Jossed.
      • Confirmed as of season 4. It's the clone that will become Ben Riley
  • Crossover with Spectacular Spider-Man (unlikely, but it'd be cool. Kind of like Spider-Men).
    • Jossed.
  • Peter goes forward in time to the 2099 universe and meets Miguel O'Hara.
    • Jossed
      • Semi-confirmed in Season 3 though, but it's an alternate future thanks to Osborn stealing the Siege Perilous.
  • The Lizard will become a major foe in one episode.
    • Confirmed in "The Lizard"
  • The Green Goblin will pick a new host for venom, and instead of it forming normally, the symbiote with morph into a Scorpion suit.
    • Semi-confirmed, semi-jossed. He did pick a new host, and it didn't quite form normally, but the end result was Carnage.
  • We will get an appearance of Kraven the Hunter, since face it, with two animal-themed heroes in spidey's team, this is begging to happen.
    • Confirmed in "Kraven the Hunter"
  • The Chameleon will appear, and provide handy foreshadowing for a future Skrull plot because a master of disguise is a perfect lead-in for shapeshifting aliens.
    • Jossed
  • The Wrecking crew will team up with the U-foes for a 8 point trouble for team spidey, with assistance from Hulk and Iron Man.
    • Jossed
  • We will eventually see the rise of the 2nd Green Goblin with harry taking a level in genius and getting smarter, only to grow into evil.
    • Jossed. Harry never becomes evil.
  • Another appearance by Doctor Strange, showing whether SHIELD knows of his existence and establishing whether this is 616 Strange or his son.
    • We did get a cameo appearance of him in "Journey of the Iron Fist", but not sure if that counts.

Peter and Ava will get more screen time together

With how they are all living together it seems like this will be inevitable. Their personalities and intelligence are also extremely compatible to where it almost appears if they actually got some alone time together there could possibly be people mistaking them for dating.

  • Aside from the last two episodes, this series isn't too well-liked, so it's likely we're going to get a pretty massive Retool to bring it in line with something older fans won't spit on and it's possible that the actual comic would be used as a template. And because of ASM, we might even get Gwen Stacy as a supporting character.

there will be an episode that reveals Coulson was murdered by Loki before the series started and then someone/thing brought him back
  • Peter won't react well. Why did Coulson come back when Uncle Ben did not? What makes him so important? In the meantime, Loki is targeting Coulson and he is slowly becoming terrified. Peter being mad at him isn't helping matters. While Loki is beaten back, the revelation would sour Peter towards SHIELD for a while, even if Coulson swore he had no say in the matter.

At the end of the show, we'll all be Left Hanging
It's a Spider-Man show, remember?
  • That does seem to be a running theme...

Doctor Octopus vs the Green Goblin
And it will be a Crowning Moment of Awesome
  • And Goblin will prove he's Eviler Than Thou
    • Confirmed sort of. Depends if one counts Ock teaming up with Spidey to deal with the Venom plague Goblin has unleashed, and later Iron Patriot versus Doc. Ock and Goblin kicking Ock's ass when Ock is stupid enough to turn Norman back into Goblin. The Eviler than Thou part, however, is confirmed.

Scorpion will appear in Season 2
  • In "The Lizard" we saw several different containers of animal DNA. One of them was a scorpion. Sounds like Foreshadowing.
    • There was also Vulture(of course), and I think I saw rat DNA. We might be seeing Vermin...
      • It was a scorpion, not a rat. And that's confirmed in the Imagine Spot that includes a chibi Doc Ock with a rhino, lizard, vulture, and scorpion.
  • Scorpion ended appearing in the Season Two episode "Journey of the Iron Fist." However, this version of the Scorpion is (so far) radically different than the usual version.

IF they get Carnage into the show...
He'll be bonded to Doc Ock for at least his introductory episode, making Monster Ock...Ok, doubtful, but the excuse here would be that Monster Ock only appeared in a video game, not that it'd be too scary. Since when has Disney NOT been scary]]
  • Confirmed partially. Carnage will appear in the episode "Carnage", but it won't be Ock who is bonded to it; it will be Peter himself.
    • Confirmed completely in "The Symbiote Saga: Part 1" where Doc Ock gets temporarily bonded to carnage, it's not called Monster Oc, though.

Juggernaut had been de-powered
For whatever reason, when he appeared on the show, Juggernaut had temporarily lost his powers from the Crimson Gem of Cytorak. Thus, he (somehow) found a new suit, identical to his old one, that gave him similar powers. That's why running into "Andy"'s foot stopped him: he wasn't as powerful.

Iceman and Firestar will appear
Since this show seems to be a Spiritual Successor and the opening sequence was parodied (twice) in "The Lizard".

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Madam Web or this universe's equivalent will make an appearance.
And she will be voiced by the same voice actress.

Aunt May has a hunch by the end of season 1 that Peter is actually Spider-Man.
After taking down the Beetle with a jet engine, she asked Spider-Man if his folks knew that he was running around dressed up like this. Her tone of voice implied she knew more than she let on, and already she was playing ignorant of the fact she figured out Colson was more than just a high-school principal.
  • Semi-Confirmed in Contest of Champions: Part 3. Turns out she knew the whole time.

Peter and Ava will end up as a Romantic False Lead.
They both have rather complimentary and compatible personalities, and as mentioned before on this list they get along well enough that if given enough alone time some could mistake them for dating. Of course, it won't last because Peter is meant to be with MJ.
  • I don't know about that last part. They have pretty much changed everything else that is canon and the first ep was pretty much a big middle finger to the pairing of MJ and Peter. It might not be so much False.
  • Here's another theory: they're building up to a Love Triangle. Come on, it's such a staple of the Spider-Man mythos, how could they not want to? Plus Ava being a feline-themed superhero could kinda make her an expy of Black Cat.

There will be a story about Peter's parents.
They would have been agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and were under Nick Fury's direct authority before they died. He felt responsible and decided to watch over their family. When their son Peter became Spiderman and when Ben died he decided to train Peter to keep a closer eye on him.

There will be a "School Dance" episode.
And the antagonist of the episode will be the Rhino. Having been released from S.H.I.E.L.D. due to being a minor, Alex will at first seem to want to have a normal life, but his Rhino side will have gained its own consciences, like Osborn and Connors in the Spider-Movies. At the Rhino's mercy, Alex will use his intellect to make his own Rhino formula and become the Rhino again. Out of sheer aggression, he will attack the school during the dance, causing the heroes to stop him. The episode will end with Alex returned to normal, but with the Rhino still in his mind. As a result, he will become openly suicidal due to his inability to return to a normal life.

Taskmaster and Scorpio were teammates once
Back in his episode, Taskmaster said that before Fury double crossed him, he was part of the team, like Spidey. Scorpio also hates Fury and claims that he is a villain. Both hate Nick Fury and see him as double-crosser and in Scorpio's case, a hypocrite and tyrant. My theory is that Taskmaster and Scorpio/ Max Fury were part of the team, working for Fury, but Fury then double crossed Taskmaster and he left, Scorpio stayed but was increasingly hateful of Fury and his methods, thus he quit too. There might be an episode where this is confirmed and both will team up to destroy Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Sandman will be freed and will join them since he hates Fury too for imprisoning him on an isolated island. Sandman's imprisonment might also be one of the reasons why Scorpio quit S.H.I.E.L.D

The show will be cancelled after the second season
Given that certain other Marvel shows were cancelled after their second seasons, this show will meet the same fate too.
  • Doesn't help there was a several-week hiatus after the first seven episodes of season 2.
  • I can't even think of a Marvel show that's made it to season 3 since X-Men: Evolution.
  • Jossed, fortunately.

Miles Morales will also become Spider-Man
  • He will team up with Peter but will be so put off by his comedic and irresponsible way of doing things that he will quit at the end of the episode, begging Fury to take away his powers.
    • Confirmed mostly: According to early [1] which was most likely edited out, Miles Morales will join Peter's Spider Team in Season 4. But not as Spider-Man, but as Kid Arachnid.

At the end of the show, it will be revealed to be a weird story Peter told to Bruce Banner.
Who will then say that he's not a therapist.

There will be a falling out between Spidey and Iron Man in a future episode
In the episode, "Swarm," Iron Man seemed much angrier and more disrespectful (or at least distant) towards Spidey than he was in his previous episodes, even after he says that they still remain friends. This is likely because Iron Man had to deal with Spidey's recklessness and incompetence and his disgruntled employee. My guess is that their relationship will become worse as time goes on and both will become distant to each other, with Iron Man getting fed up with Spidey's irresponsibility and calling him out on this.

Spidey will finally tell off Nick Fury
Nick's made a lot of irresponsible choices, such as refusing to tell Peter that he'd put cameras in his house. Not to mention he's apparently double-crossed Taskmaster and Scorpio called him a villain, implying that he'd betrayed their trust as well if that wasn't enough there was also the episode Sandman which definitely painted him as a bit of a villain. Fury is seemingly never held responsible for his actions and it would be incredibly satisfying to see someone finally call him out on his actions.

Deadpool's origin(?) reveals how crapsack Fury's hero program can be
While the third of Deadpool's origins may be a lie like the first two, it seems the most genuine due to its tone. Regardless of whether it is true or not, it reveals that Fury's hero program might not be as cracked up as advertised. Here you have Fury finding a young mutant/mutate that may have the potential to become a hero. However, instead of helping with Deadpool's personal problems, he fosters them by putting Deadpool through the same BS program that Spidey is currently working in. Faced with unsympathetic superiors and peers that the likes of which would bug his home or constantly mock him, instead of actually treating him fairly, Deadpool snapped and became the psycho he is now. Makes you wonder if it wouldn't be better if Deadpool was recruited by the X-Men, an organization with a sympathetic psychologist leader, rather than Fury. Also makes you wonder, despite Spider-Man's claims that he is different than Deadpool, old web head may still also turn into a person like Deadpool due to the abuse he takes from Fury's program.
  • Spidey, however, does seem to have one thing that Deadpool lacks, and that's family. However, it's highly possible (and the episode heavily implies it), that if it wasn't for Uncle Ben and Aunt May, Spidey could have become yet another Deadpool.

Doc Ock's new Sinister Six and potential members
  • According to this interview Doc Ock will seek revenge against Spidey and Norman and will use Sinister Six to do it. Since using the same roster as in previous Sinister Six would not be interesting, other villains will be members of a new line up. Possible candidates include:
    • Scorpion: Scorpion is exiled from K'un L'un and he will have a grudge against Iron Fist and Spider-Man. At some point, he will meet Ock, who will invite Scorpion to join him. Also, we must remember those animal DNA tubes, which belonged to Doc Ock in the episode "The Lizard". Those tubes were labeled with a lizard and scorpion. Ock will turn Scorpion into a literal Scorpion monster and he will become much more dangerous than before, with his martial arts training and strength gained from mutation. Furthermore, one of those tubes had a picture of vulture, which leads us to another candidate...
      • He joins and actually gets powered armor which makes him partially similar to the original 616 Scorpion.
    • Vulture: Vulture hasn't appeared yet, but if he appears he will have ties to Power Man or Nova (remember that Scorpion had ties to Iron Fist and Kraven was a personal enemy of White Tiger). My guess is that he will be featured in upcoming Power Man episode, where Spidey and Luke go to Zodiac's volcano base to find out what happened to Luke's parents. It will be revealed that Adrian Toomes was once agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and one of their top scientists, along with Luke's parents and that they were good partners, but something happened that led Toomes to resent Nick Fury and see him as tyrant and bad guy and see Luke's parents as blind followers of Fury and horrible friends, thus Toomes joined Scorpio in their crusade against S.H.I.E.L.D, building flight combat suit for himself and Zodiac's minions and decided to call himself the Vulture. It will be revealed that Vulture had kidnapped Luke's parents, making him Luke's arch enemy. Scorpio and Zodiac will be taken down, but Vulture will escape and will meet Ock. Ock turns him into vulture monster and Toomes will become a member of Sinister Six. Vulture, due to his knowledge about S.H.I.E.L.D and technology he will become The Dragon to Doc Ock, while using Six to take down S.H.I.E.L.D and planning to double cross them once they no longer are useful to him, since they are villains with selfish goals, while Vulture wants to destroy Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D, since he sees them as horrible people who need to be destroyed and genuinely believes that he is doing a good thing.
  • Scorpion was confirmed, Vulture jossed for now. Vulture never appeared in Season Two.

Norman is well aware that Peter is Spider-Man
Norman is smart, sure, but did anyone else think that in "Carnage" he put 2 and 2 together a little too fast? And he said it so mockingly...

Everyone will get a Mid-Season Upgrade.
Iron Fist gains a second fist. Power Man has been implied to get some more power after The Parents Trap. So maybe our other heroes will get a boost too.
  • Maybe Spidey will get his Stingers?
  • Nova could get upgraded to "elite Nova corps" or something and get his post-Annihilation costume.
  • (Semi-?)confirmed for all but Spidey. Nova got the elite/black helmet and powers, Tiger got a new suit with what I assume is the Jade Tiger amulet, Iron Fist got a wardrobe upgrade and, it may be just the armor/suit, but he looks somewhat buffer since then, and the team itself - by way of the New Warriors - got a numbers upgrade. All Spidey got was a couple reality checks, slightly upgraded tech in his comm watch, and a confidence boost.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel will appear
In "Guardians of the Galaxy" a 'Captain Marvel' was mentioned. Now, it could be referring to Mar-Vell, but as Carol has her own series and just finished a crossover, it may be referring to her.

She shows up at the highschool one day-maybe to meet someone, or to interview someone- and in the process, the school gets attacked. Everyone keeps brushing off her as "Carol Danvers" and "let the super heroes handle it" or whatever. She finally gets frustrated, changes costume, and yells "It's CAPTAIN MARVEL, you maggot." before promptly beating the crap out of the enemy. They'll be some sort of lesson about not judging people by appearance, and she flies off... only to reveal she's telling the story to Jessica Drew in her Spider-Woman costume.

Coulson will eventually have his cover blown
Maybe in a season finale. Sinister Six attacks the school, Coulson calls up people to defend it, and someone sees him with the SHIELD stuff.

Other Nova Corp members will make an appearance
Assuming Richard Rider is revived in the comics before the show ends, this will probably coincide with his return.

Scorpion will be mutated to resemble the Timestorm: 2099 version of the character
There's already rumors concerning Dr. Octopus' vial with the scorpion label.

Miguel O'Hara (Spider-Man 2099) will make a major appearance
Marvel has bee showing off the Spider-Man of the future quite a bit around the time the show started airing, and he even made an appearance in Marvel NOW!'s Superior Spider-Man.

The reason why Harry hates Spider-Man...
As far as we know, Spidey has always been around when Harry's life goes from bad to worse. Also, Harry's an irrational teen who has just gone through a lot. He may find easier to find a random target to pin the blame on (which happens to Spidey in this case), then accept the fact that his dad is not the nicest of people.

Norman's mind got split into two when he became the Green Goblin.
Assuming, he's being sincere about his Heel–Face Turn, when Ock injected him with the Goblin serum, his mind split into two personas. One of them is the combination of all his negative traits (the Goblin persona) and the other one got the rest (the Norman persona). When he was the Goblin, the Goblin persona was in control. Now, that he's back to normal, the Norman person is in control.

Spider-Man will transform into Man-Spider.
  • This trooper sure hopes so. That doesn't happen nearly often enough.
  • His teammates would be forced to stop him but he is too strong. And there'll be a Man-Spider vs. Green Goblin fight too.
    Green Goblin: You truly are my son.
    • With Harry being around to hear that.

The Captain Universe Uni-Power will appear.

There will be a Season 3 episode titled "Superior"...
and Doc Ock will switch bodies with Spidey for an episode. He'll try to use his position to gain information on S.H.I.E.L.D. and/or the team, only to receive Peter's Butt-Monkey treatment. At the end of the episode, the cast will joke about how stupid the idea sounds.
  • They will probably do it just to have an excuse to say this line:
Spock: "Why settle for "Ultimate" when you can be "Superior?"
  • Jossed, though it may yet happen in Season 4.

Spider-Man's teammates will be called out for once.

The heroes will finally leave S.H.I.E.L.D. And form their own super team.
  • Granting them their own freedom and allowing them to for the New/Young Avengers, the Heroes for Hire, or the New Warriors.

Coulson's team will show up in an episode
  • This one may more likely happen now thanks to the new comic series bringing them into the Mainstream Marvel Universe just as Coulson was before them. Given they're different versions, they won't have the same history they do in the ABC series, but they'll be shown to work well together. Some hypothetical roles for them may include...
    • Leo Fitz: Recent S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy graduate from the science division; joins the Helicarrier staff in the lab, and/or goes undercover at the high school as the physics teacher.
    • Jemma Simmons: Same as Fitz, just replace "physics" with "biology".
    • Melinda May: S.H.I.E.L.D. combatant who shows up for a mission one episode and reveals her professional history with her old friend and ally, Agent/Principal Coulson.
    • Grant Ward: A member who turns out to be a Hydra agent in the same episode.

    • Fitz and Simmons appeared in season 4. So...partially confirmed.

Harry will cross the Despair Event Horizon.
  • He nearly crossed it in Carnage, only to be snapped out of it by Peter. However, his character has become cynical ever since, and his whole entire character arc has been about things going from bad to worse.

All this is a prequel to The Spectacular Spider-Man
Peter got the suit with the red going from the shoulders to the gloves in I Am Spider-Man. At some point, Doctor Octavius will get a new machine that is less bulky to heal his wounds and go back to working for Osborn full time. The reason he hated being called Doctor Octopus is because it reminds him of all the bad things he's done. Eventually, the Sand Man will be cured of his sand-state and become an average street thug, only to become the Sandman again later in his life. That's why he was so angry to be turned into sand(Again). Electro will be turned back into Maxwell Dillon and have his memory wiped of ever being Electro and become an electrician again. His anger of being turned into a living powerhouse was him vaguely remembering being Electro. Green Goblin will be turned back into Osborn and pretend to have his memory wiped. But he somehow retains it and eventually becomes Green Goblin again. And eventually, feeling that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hero training is affecting his personal life and could reveal his identity, Spider-Man will leave and become a solo hero once again, but now knows how responsible he has to be.

J. Jonah Jameson is dead.
After his death, a Corrupt Corporate Executive or a bunch of them hid his body and decided to use a computer-generated image of him and a voice emulator to secretly run his media empire. That's the reason nobody sees him outside a screen. Jameson's death took place before Spider-Man's debut so there's no telling if the real Jameson would really hate Spidey. The computer-generated Jameson expresses hatred against Spidey because of at least one of the following reasons: the people behind the masquerade hate Spidey; they think someone close to the real Jameson would find it odd if Jameson didn't hate Spidey; they think it'll be more profitable; they fear Spidey might find out about the masquerade and hope people will think Spidey is making it up to get back at Jameson.

Amadeus Cho figured out Peter Parker is Spider-Man
At least he should be too smart to believe Peter's cover story for being allowed to bring the Iron Spider Armor for being "friends" with Spider-Man.

Roderick Kingsley will become the Hobgoblin
Kingsley will obtain a sample of the Goblin formula and modify it. After that, he'll attack Oscorp facilities and frame Harry as part of a plot to take over Oscorp.

The Green Goblin will be turned back into Norman Osborn
Doc Ock will finally accept the fact that he won't become a top villain with "Green Goblin" around so he'll restore "Norman". By that point, Roderick Kingsley will have already taken over Oscorp so Norman will devise a scheme to not only regain his empire but take over Kingsley's as well.

Spider-Woman will appear as a Composite Character
As in, a clone of Peter Parker, but created by Hydra to be their secret weapon. (Maybe they hire Doc Ock to do it?)

Deadpool will return, and this time note how Spidey is ripping off the Deadpool Corps
Because, when you look at it, he is.

There will be a Season 3 episode where Venom (Flash Thompson) helps the Rhino.
Flash will want to help Rhino revert back to normal and to apologize, giving him a Heroic Resolve.
  • The unaired episode "Rampaging Rhino" will be about this rivalry.

There will be one episode where Spidey reveals his identity to the heroes he recruited during the Web Warriors season
Flash and Amadeus will the ones most shocked.

If the Big Hero 6 appear, they will be based on their animated movie counterparts.
Alistair Krei will try to take advantage of Norman Osborn's "disappearance" to buy out Oscorp and Osborn will send a new "Yokai" to stop him.
  • Krei's plan might involve recreating the portal.
  • Hiro and Spidey will get along, due to being brainy outcasts before becoming superheroes. And they both lost a relative they loved.
  • While they're based on their animated movie counterparts, some elements from their original comics counterpart will be included. Hiro and his brother's last name is Takachiho, while their aunt's is still Hamada. Hiro can be seen wearing glasses. In one scene, Baymax is disguised like his comic counterpart. Similarly, Wasabi will dress like a Japanese swordsman. Tomago's real name is Leiko Tanaka and was born in Japan. Even though Fred is American, he is of Ainu descent.
  • Also, Tomago is Korean and Honey Lemon is Latina like their voice actresses in the movie. And Stan the janitor is Fred's uncle (or grandpa, depending on the age).
  • The events of the movie happened in San Francisco instead of San Fransokyo.

There will be an episode where J. Jonah Jameson becomes the villain.
Or create one.

Spidey accidentally got his other selves stranded in wrong dimensions.
After they defeated the villains, Spidey opened portals for them to return to their respective worlds but it's not shown if they really returned to their respective dimensions.
  • Jossed at least for Miles Morales, spaceborne who is later shown in, but then pulled out of, his correct dimension.

After the Spider-Verse saga, Norman Osborn is just faking amnesia.
He's enough of a Magnificent Bastard to make this plausible.
  • Whether or not he's faking his amnesia, he appears to have seemingly come out of it at the beginning of Season 4. This is backed up since he knew Doc Ock and that he vaccinated himself to nevermore transform into the Goblin.

This series will have a prequel episode to Avengers, Assemble! episode "Molecule Kid".
The web warriors won't be enough to stop Aaron Reece a.k.a. Molecule Man so Nick Fury will ask for help from the Avengers. Molecule Man's wand will be lost just like it happened in that flashback featured in "Molecule Kid" except that Spidey will have a pivotal role. Spidey will then acknowledge to the viewers that it's a prequel to "another series"' story and moan that he was excluded from the flashback. Nick will overhear Tony Stark complaining about not having a chance to study the wand.

Nova might actually be a spaceborne Human or Half-Human Hybrid
It is noted in many episodes implied that Sam Alexander came from space rather than born on Earth. Either he's a Xandarian, or humanoid alien, or one of his parents is an astronaut who crash landed on Nova Corps' planet and fell in love from Rescue Romance that they both conceived a child.

The final episode will be a rip-off of the Batman: The Brave and the Bold finale
In-which either another version of Peter (possibly the next cartoon's version) or Deadpool will break the fourth wall so hard it cancels the show.

Episode 8 of Season 1
Peter's Imagine Spot of a TV show featuring Symbiote Spider-Man is called "All-New, All-Different Spider-Man". Marvel's upcoming soft-reboot is called "All-New, All-Different". Coincidence?

An episode in Season 4 will feature Flash Thompson's parents.
It'll show how neglectful they are when they don't seem to miss Flash, and at the end of the episode, they leave again without saying good-bye, where they're going, or when they'll be back. Even Rhino gives him his sympathy.

Season 4 will be more about the New Warriors than Spidey's life
Don't get me wrong, I love Spidey. But I can't help the feeling that he's more important than the others. He tries to pick others up when they're down so someone should pick him up when he's down.

The Scarlet Spider is Kaine
And thus a clone of Peter. While he says that he's 'the first spider', Spidey clones have believed weird things before - in the Ultimate Universe, one artificially aged clone of Peter was convinced that he was Richard Parker, Peter's father (and neither he nor Peter was pleased when they found out). He could also believe that because he was cloned very early in Spidey's career. Not only that, but he's wearing Kaine's costume from his stint as Scarlet Spider, he has Kaine's stingers and all evidence shows that he has Kaine's bad attitude. On top of that, Kaine was an integral part of Spider-Verse as the host of the Other. With a multi-spider themed series that was developed before Spider-Gwen took off and the previous interest that Norman and others have shown for meddling with Spidey's DNA, it is entirely plausible that the latest inductee to the Ultimate Spider-Man universe would be a reluctant hero whose series was a cult hit.
  • And since his series came with the entirely justified tagline of "All the power, none of the responsibility," he'd make a very interesting foil for the ultra responsible Peter - and Kaine's canon aversion to getting involved with superhero shenanigans mixed with his fervent desire to find a beach and drink margaritas for the rest of his life could well explain where he's been all this time.
  • This could also serve as an interesting method of introducing villains like the Jackal and the Queen - brought to prominence by Spider-Island, as well as Gwen Stacy - recently popularized by The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, and most dramatically, by Spider-Gwen.

The Web Warriors' dynamic is inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I mean think about it: We have Ultimate Spider-Man, the leader; Iron Spider, the brains; Scarlet Spider, the headstrong loose cannon; and Agent Venom, the... energetic one, I guess? I can't be the only one who sees it... or am I just a huge nerd seeing things?
  • I see, they are kinda like The Ninja Turtles. Spidey/Leo, Iron Spider/Donnie, Scarlet/Raph and Venom/Mikey, but since we know Miles Morales/Kid Arachnid is soon to join, what does that make him?
    • Oh right, never thought about that. Going by the 2012 version maybe April or Casey? I dunno...

At one point, there will be an ancient artifact that's required to solve the conflict of the episode.
The kicker: the artifact can only be used, for whatever voodoo reason, by a direct descendant of its original user, General Hua Mulan. And SHIELD just happens to have one by the name of Agent Melinda May.

Daisy Johnson could appear as one of Doc Ock's test subjects, like Vulture and Scarlet Spider.
Due to her memory being erased, she won't remember her real name—instead going by "Skye"—until SHIELD manages to dig up her past.

Agent Venom is also a mole.
Since it's obvious now that Rhino was one mole, Agent Venom could still be used to blindside the heroes, as he pretended to be abducted. The reason for thinking this is the suspicious nature, from the writing viewpoint, of Connors not remembering seeing anyone smash his vials of Lizard cure. Everyone just assumes Rhino did it since he also injected Connors with the serum and broke Ock out. Also worth noting that the next episode is called "Double Agent Venom".
  • Apparently Jossed, since he seemed to have been genuinely kidnapped and Ock's aim was to extract the symbiote and attach it to someone new, which he briefly did to Kraven.

Nova is a jerk because Man of Action wanted to be mean to Jeph Loeb.
The Sam Alexander in the comics isn't nearly as rude or arrogant as this show's version. Man of Action thought it'd be funny to turn Sam, who is named after Loeb's deceased son, into a meaner person as middle finger joke to Loeb. If this is true, then it's really insensitive and maybe even cruel, given that Loeb named Sam as such as a tribute to his son's memory.

Hydra will replace Doc Ock as the Big Bad.
In an inversion of Hijacked by Ganon, Doc Ock's time will quickly run out and Hydra will become the primary antagonists for the rest - or at least a significant chunk - of this season. As of right now, Doc Ock has outright betrayed Hydra and been left with no allies or resources plus the latest two-parter was a pretty grandiose climax for his character. On the other hand, Hydra were the villains of the following episode, which set up a goal and Evil Plan for the organization going forward. Ock will either finally be detained for good, Killed Off for Real, or something else soon (the upcoming Symbiote Saga 3-Parter perhaps?)while his former masters step up as Spidey and co's next big foes.

Agent Venom or a recovered Harry will be the one who saves the day in The Symbiote Saga.
Pretty simple - Flash is the current and perfect host of the Venom suit while Harry was the host a significant period and Anti-Venom in his last appearance. They would be the most logical and narratively fitting ones to defeat this threat.

Harry will become Toxin at the end of the Symbiote Saga.
With the Anti-Venom Symbiote destroyed stopping the Carnage Hive, Harry is the most likely host if they introduce Toxin, most likely as a remnant of the Carnage Symbiote that has been merged with Anti-Venom.

Season 4 takes place before Avengers: Ultron Revolution
There are at least a few indicators that this is so. In "Strange Little Halloween", Ant-Man is still with the Avengers and working in his lab in New York. The Avengers: two partUR episode "Ant-Man Makes It Big" reveals that after Ant-Man went solo, he relocated to California and has been there ever since. Also, Captain America was still wearing his Season 1-2 uniform in The Symbiote Saga. Lastly, Hydra is led by Arnim Zola this season. Since he was finally defeated in Spider Slayers, that would explain why Baron Strucker is the leader of Hydra in Ultron Revolution.

The Sinister Six will be the series Final Boss
Since Doc Ock recently got rejuvenated due to the Nanobots and got a MAJOR upgrade to his powers, if he isn't used by the end of the series it would be a very big case of They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot. And since the Grand Finale is most likely going to be the two-part "Graduation" it would be a perfect time to use him. The Sinister Six part is due to the fact that this season has been building them up and is NAMED after them. Therefore it would be another major case of They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot.

The spider-bite has driven Peter insane
Peter Parker and Deadpool are not really breaking the 4th wall. They're just crazy. The spider-bite has driven Peter insane, believing himself to be a fictional cartoon character.