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Marc will undergo a Heel–Face Turn at some point.
This is was mentioned in the main article on the series, but it's worth reiterating. Over the past season or so, Marc has been Petting The Dog more; additionally, he and Amanda seem to be on sorta-kinda good terms with Betty. Wilhelmina, meanwhile, has been Kicking The Dog. If the show runs long enough, Marc will eventually have to abandon Wilhelmina and become one of the good guys.

Ugly Betty is the future of the Spanish cartoon Betty Toons.
Self-explanatory. The cartoon Betty looks nearly identical to the live action one, braces and all.
  • Here is the link to the Betty Toons review which supports this theory, for contrast: [1]
  • Betty Toons was inspired by the original novels. It makes sense that it and Ugly Betty (which is twice removed from those novels) are the same continuity.

Justin's school's production of West Side Story was a race reversed version
I thought it was odd that they would cast Justin, a latino, who bears more than a passing resemblance to George Chakiris, would be cast as Tony in a play where race is such an important theme. But then when you realize that the girl playing Maria is white then it makes sense.

The Grand Finale (which may be just the last episode, or the last few episodes) will feature all of Betty's former love interests battling it out, to determine who gets Betty once and for all.
Gio is confirmed to be returning, and most likely Henry, Matt and Walter will as well. It will probably end with her not choosing any of them though, just like in the Season Three premiere. The wedding is most likely going to be between Hilda and Bobby, and will be one of the last scenes in the final episode. Betty probably won't end up with Daniel either, but the series will end on a positive note in implying that it just could eventually happen some day. The very last scene will be the two of them walking together down a New York street, just talking and having fun like they usually do nearly every day.
  • Most of this has been thoroughly dis-proven, except the part about Hilda and Bobby getting married (which happened in the second-to-last episode, not the final). Gio and Henry both made appearances, but both only to encourage Betty to move on with her life and follow her dreams.
    • Not completely dis-proven - as suggested, Betty didn't end up with any of her potential love interests, but the series ends with the implication that Daniel and Betty may eventually become Hooked Up Afterwards, and the very last scene was indeed just the two of them together. The main difference is that they were in London and Betty walked away.

Betty will not take the offer to go to London.
She will realize that she can't live without Daniel, and vice-versa. Her dream to have her own magazine will still be realized though, by Meade Publications (Claire would definitely support her) or a possible joint venture between Meade and Lindsay Dunne.
  • Nope, she did go to London after all... but Daniel did as well. Instead of the writers going for a Strangled by the Red String ending, they (wisely) ended it with a 'Just Maybe' instead.

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