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Tupac is still alive.
A placeholder for every theory that suggests he is.

Tupac is dead, but his spirit currently resides in Kasinova Tha Don
...and the two are Sharing a Body. If you listen to Kasinova's songs, he sounds almost exactly like Pac; voice, flow, even subject matter. Yet, during interviews, his voice is completely different. Here's what's happening: while Kasanova is in the studio, Pac takes over, sort of like a hip-hop version of Yugi and Atem.
  • The two even share the same moniker. Makaveli the Don, Kasinova the Don...
  • Going along with this, the 2012 hologram wasn't really a hologram...
  • And, on a more humorous vein, Tupac also directly collaborated with Dave Chappelle to produce "I Wrote this Song in '94".