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Keswick is from another dimension
That's why he had to stop Birdbrain from going to the Blue Booby dimension, he lost his home and doesn't want it to happen again.

Keswick is a Digimon
Perhaps Gizamon, or something new.

Kitty is half-human
She's the most human-like character on the show, and Dudley is half goat.

Brian from Family Guy is Dudley's father.
There's a strong resemblance, and Brain has been known to have fathered illegitimate children. I'm not the only one who's noticed.

Butch Hartman is a Harry Potter fan.
The main character's name is Dudley. Peg also seems to have a personality similar to Molly Weasley. Also, Kitty has very prominent green almond-shaped eyes like Lily, Harry and Albus Potter have. Also, there are several episodes that focus on invisibility, time-travel and mind-reading. Several minor characters are also similar in character to Luna Lovegood. Zippy also appears to act a bit like Bellatrix at times and Dudley and Kitty's relationship is much like that of Ron and Hermione. There are also hints of this in his other works.

Kitty is part Leafeon (Pokemon).
In the first episode, Keswick said that Dudley has "a dash of billy goat", so it may be possible. Also, Kitty does look quite a bit like a Leafeon with a similar build and color scheme as the Grass-type evolution.

Kitty: [1]

Leafeon: [2]

Dudley and Kitty will eventually be paired up.
Of this I am certain, especially due to the possible opposites attract factor.
  • Turns out to be true thanks to Word of God.
    • Where did Butch say that?

Dudley being part billy goat will a Chekhov's Gun.
I have a feeling that will become important later.

Kitty is a former O.W.C.A. agent because shut up.
  • Alternately, T.U.F.F is a splinter group of O.W.C.A.

"The Third Dimension" from "Toast of T.U.F.F" is The Ghost Zone.
  • Just look at it.

The Chameleon's sister Camile (who was referenced in "A Doomed Christmas") will appear

TUFF is the equivalent of the FBI on their world.
And their world is the same one seen in Kevin & Kell. That's why humanoid animals eat meat, they've got predation laws, and Herd Thinners Inc. provides it.

The Chameleon will become a T.U.F.F. sometime in the future
Or maybe a D.O.O.M. member. Who knows?
  • He went to help D.O.O.M. once. Considering he found Snaptrap completely and utterly insane, it's unlikely.

Kitty and Dudley are the biological parents of CatDog.
People do theorize them getting together. Besides, Dog is a lot like Dudley, and CatDog is the same color as Kitty.
  • Nope, because CatDog and Kitty's colors are highly different. Kitty is light brown, CatDog is light orange with orange spots.

The series takes place in a future where humans are extinct
  • They were wiped out in a similar way to the dinosaurs. Then the animals evolved into more intelligent beings and took over.
    • In the first episode, Keswick said that Dudley is mixed with every breed of dog known to man. Why else would he say "man" in a world with no humans? Unless that's what the animal kind is known as now.

Katswell's evil sister actually hates their mother
The only reason she used her one phone call to call her mom to wish her a happy birthday was so she'd look better in her eyes and therefore pissing Katswell off.

The Chameleon is particularly... infatuated with Kitty Katswell.
  • 1. He was pretty obsessed with killing Kitty as revenge.
  • 2. In the Guard Dog, Chameleon seems to take delight in Kitty taking care of him.
  • 3. Then there's the Share-A-Lair, in which the only reason Chameleon pits T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. against other is the fact that they don't let him at their parties. Given that what is this theory about...
  • And finally: The Very Lonely Lizard, which basically shows what he endures every day.