WMG / Trope-tan

Trope-tan is secretly The Chessmaster in every work ever.
There are no Plot Holes, because Trope-tan did it. There are no Out Of Character Moments, because Trope-tan did it. Everything ever is caused by her manipulation.

Trope-tan has a long-lost brother...
Since she has Mysterious Waif-tan and Black Magician Girl-tan as sisters...
"The Wiki Witch of the Web" is, in fact, Trope-tan's true form.
And Trope-tan's "normal" self is merely a state that she takes while "the witch needs to rest for a bit"...

Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan invoke Foe Yay intentionally

Trope-tan will have an anime/manga.
Because someone had to say it.

Trope-tan has some connection to Touhou
She seems to have the same Items of Power as befitting her nature, and general style as most of the known inhabitants of Gensoukyou. Perhaps she is a youkai?
  • She doesn't have to be a youkai to possess such a thing. I mean, look at Reimu and the other human cast members.

Trope-Tan Rule 34 is incoming
No exceptions.

Trope-Tan will be summoned by Louise at some point

because fan fic involving every other character under the suns been done, why not her?

Trope-Tan has a RTS army somewhere

There named the Tactical Retaliatory Offensive Planet(ary) Expeditionary forces.

Trope-tan is the creation of every troper's malice and happiness
how else would she manage to be the Big Bad and Big Good?

Trope-tan is Cracked-tan's secret lover
Cracked-tan is just being slow to admit it.

There will be a Spear Counterpart to Trope-tan called Trope-kun.

Trope-tan is a time lord

Trope-Tan will be a huge source of Fetish Fuel.
Tv Tropes is pretty much the living manifestation of nerdiness, and Nerds Are Sexy. Especially nerds who'd know just how you work, not to mention know just about every fetish out there. I'm actually surprised of the lack of fetishy pictures/stories and/or outright smut of Trope-Tan.

The Darth Wiki Hive Mind isn't really the Hive Mind
He's just an actor hired to play him.