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Including theory that character from Work A somehow became character in Work B. Similarities between Work A and Work B pointed out.

Theory that two characters from unrelated shows are the same character...
...only because they share an actor, or only because Name's the Same.

Theory about how this character is a Time Lord.
Really bad explanation with no mention of what his TARDIS is...or where it's extremely obvious that the theorist has never even SEEN Doctor Who!

Theory about how this character is Haruhi Suzumiya.
More really bad explanations go here.

Theory about how this character is Nyarlathotep.
Nothing is complete with a reference to cult horror writer Howard F***ing Lovecraft, better known for creating the giant squid monster Cthulhu.

Related theory that the entire series either takes place within Shinji Ikari's mind, or takes place during Instrumentality.
Because everything has to be somehow connected to Doctor Who, Haruhi Suzumiya, Cthulhu Mythos, or Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Theory about how this character is literally God/Jesus/Satan
Probably written by someone whose knowledge of theology is rudimentary at best.

Just a theory and no explanation.
  • Sarcastic response implying a preference for elaboration.

Claim that the show is All Just a Dream of one character.
Another really bad explanation.

Claim that the main character is insane, and the entire story is all just a hallucination.
Totally not the same as the above, right?

Claim that everything past a certain point is a Dying Dream.
Possibly claiming that everyone died in the first episode, or even before. They may even be lost souls wandering around in the afterlife.

Claim that deceased character is actually Not Quite Dead.
Points out that they Never Found the Body, or goes against evidence that they really are Killed Off for Real.

List tying everyone to the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Envy
  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Lust
  • Pride
  • Sloth
  • Wrath

Theory that is really just wishful thinking.
Most likely referring to events that the Troper wanted to happen, but didn't at all.

Another theory that is just wishful thinking...
...but instead relies on convoluted re-interpretation of the events which happened that are the complete opposite of what the author intended to portray.

Blatantly canon WMG.
Convoluted explanation.
  • Sarcastic expression of disbelief.

Jossed WMG.
...that a Troper posts not knowing it's been Jossed.
  • Indication and example showing that the WMG was Jossed.
    • Statement of embarrassment.
      • Convoluted explanation by another poster who likes the idea, attempting to get round the fact, invoking Death of the Author.
    • Another explanation that proceeds to explain how the alleged "Jossing" was itself Jossed by a contradictory plot element elsewhere in the series.

Confirmed WMG.
Every once in a while, a Troper is lucky enough to guess what happens correctly. Though they may have just picked up on some fairly obvious (if not easily predictable) foreshadowing.

Claims most of the plot is an Evil Plan of the Plucky Comic Relief.
Half-assed explanation for this.

Claims that something awesome is powered by Spiral Energy.
Explanation that since it is awesome, it must be powered by Spiral Energy.

Claims that good guy is a traitor.
Extremely convoluted explanation including things not actually in the work and taking everything they do as evidence against them.

Ignoring the mountains of evidence against it.

Claim that a shy nerd on the show has autism.
Long explanation using circumstantial evidence that could describe anybody who is introverted or has low self-confidence.

Shipping claims.
Made by someone who desperately wants these characters to be together.

Interesting, original, and plausible theory.
With lots of explanation that makes it easy for this to be believed. On the other hand...

Theory related to above theory.
Which proposes that the complete opposite is also true.
  • Corollary proposing a similar theory.

Theory contradicting the above theory.
Convoluted, yet easy-to-believe theory about how this is possible.

[[wmg Improperly coded example]] made by somebody who doesn't know what they're doing.

Theory that sounds really cool and brilliant in the mind of the Troper who posted it.
Troper is deeply disappointed when no one comments on the theory.

Theory that really fits a particular work.
Troper realizes after the fact that he just edited the wrong tab...

Theory that the hero is actually a villain and/or vice versa.
Convoluted reasoning that ignores big chunks of canon and invents several other facts out of whole cloth. A number of the invented facts directly contradict established canon.

Theory related to an above theory.
Which proposes the exact same thing as a result of not checking the page thoroughly enough.

Theory that comes with no explanation or any sort of evidence, just this one line of text.

Genuinely well-written and well thought-out example
..which will get buried in all the other guesses.

If this WMG page is divided into separate pages, but there's still a main page for miscellaneous guesses..
...then something that really should belong on one of the sub-pages.


Theory that male character is female
States facts that show it's a possibility, but states no facts that give proof

Half-assed, reluctant WMG which violates the Programme Note.
"It's not likely but I might as well put it out there" or something similar.

Overly long theory written as a continuous wall-of-text that should be broken down into paragraphs, which you read the first sentence of and decide to skip.
First sentence that actually makes you really excited to read the theory, with lots of clauses seperated by commas, which you begin to get mildly suspicious of, due to the slightly worrying amount of commas, seriously, I'm, not even, sure that this is, grammatically correct anymore. Acknowledgement that the writer just made a joke. Boring description of joke which links to Don't Explain the Joke. Sentence in which the writer realises that they have gone on a tangent, and lenghty apology for said tangent, followed by comment on trigonometry due to the word 'tangent'. Completely random proof of Pythagoras's Theorem that has no relation to the WMG whatsoever. Sentence about how it's all a government conspiracy, because when was the last time you saw a squirrel blink? Conclusion to theory that you read after completely skipping the rest of it, seeing as the conclusion summarises the whole thing anyway.

Theory that is amazingly believable in every way, except for one very important fact that sinks it entirely
Vague Hand Wave of how that one very important fact actually doesn't mean anything.

Direct copy-paste of a script from an episode of Protomario, Game Theory, Gnoggin, or similar.
No reference to the original video whatsoever.

Deliberately ridiculous and sarcastic theory referencing one of Protomario, Game Theory, Gnoggin, or similar's videos, just to bash them for believing such a thing.
A sentence split into two potholes, one to the page of the show in question and the other to Sarcasm Mode or Deadpan Snarker.

A really long, incredibly complex theory, extremely likely using unnecessary Purple Prose, all written entirely in the title header of the theory, even though it would be far, far better and easier to read in the more reasonably-sized font of the space below.
Single sentence where the actual theory should be, saying "Just because it's complicated doesn't mean it's not true" or "It's not been Jossed yet, so...".

Surprisingly good theory
That you probably won't read because you gave up on finding anything worthwhile on this page at least a dozen entries ago.

Claim that the story is being told by Character X, who is probably an Unreliable Narrator
Claim that if the work is canonically narrated by X, they're unreliable even though such is never hinted in the work.
Claim that if X is canonically an Unreliable Narrator, they're lying about different things than are implied.
Claim that character X is narrating a story that involves narration by character Y... only that both X and Y are unreliable, and lying about different things than are implied.

Claim that the entire work is an Author Tract in support of a controversial opinion
Disregarding any Word of God claim to the contrary.

Claim that a fantasy setting is Earth All Along, either far in the future or far in the past
Bad explanation grasping at straws to find similarities between Earth and a bizarre Constructed World, which totally proves they're the same.

"Theory" that's little more than an excuse to bash the work
Usually on the form "it's bad on purpose".

Incomprehensible theory
If it tries to explain the events of a Mind Screw work, it'll instead leave you even more confused.

Theory blatantly overanalyzing something straightforward
Wall of Text about how Winnie-the-Pooh supposedly symbolizes the duality of life and death. May or may not be posted ironically.

Five dozen pages of random, mutually contradictory theories about a Mind Screw work

Annoyingly believable Poison Oak Epileptic Trees

Theory that an upcoming work will feature <something it'll almost certainly feature>

Theory that an upcoming work will feature <something it'll almost certainly not feature>
Sad statement about how awesome it would be if it came true in spite of how unlikely it is. There's a chance, right? RIGHT?!

Theory that all of the above theories are true.
No matter how contradictory and absurd said assertion would be.

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