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Kubo and Mayu Shinjo are an actually an item, and may get married in the future
If only because mangakas intermarrying isn't uncommon, and how judging by their works and interviews, both have hardcore devious personalities.
  • He got married in Dec. 2012 and is being tight-lipped about the bride's identity. Hmmmmmmmm...

Tite Kubo is one of The Fair Folk
While all the other fairies were turning milk sour and replacing human babies with changelings, Kubo decided to try something new; his so-called trolling is him screwing around with us silly human creatures the way fairies have been for centuries. In other words, he's a Troll in both senses of the word.

Kubo will start a new, fresh Shonen Jump series once Bleach is finished.
Bleach has become far too much of an aching Plot Tumor for Tite to handle, with far too many characters and plot devices to keep track of. So he's now putting the whole thing to a somewhat satisfying end and will start a new, more well-written series in the future, having learned from his past mistakes and trying to do better next time.
  • Jossed. Kubo stated that the Blood War arc is the one that all the prior arcs was building up to, so..."It is all part of the plan."

Kubo will make Hentai Doujins after Bleach
Because, goddammit, he's great at making his characters look sexy.

Kubo will write an actual ending to a retooled Zombie Powder for an anime adaptation.
The story of Zombie Powder has problems but there's a good manga in there somewhere! And it's now left without an ending ever since Bleach started. So with Bleach over, Kubo will go back and fix any problems in the storyline, along with a true ending, for a 26-episode anime adaptation.

Kubo will become a fashion designer after Bleach finishes.
He clearly has no interest in constructing a well-written storyline, creates characters as a way to get over his boredom, and his cover illustrations of the characters in fancy designer clothes look like they took more time to make than any page!

Drinking Buddies
Tite Kubo has a drinking buddy known as Mothy, or Akuno-P. Mothy, known for Evillious Chronicles, is about as trolling as Kubo. They get together, drink sake or whatever, and talk about ways to troll their respective audiences. This is why Bleach is so full of trolling moments. He and Mothy bounce ideas off each other.