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Theodore Roosevelt had blood ties with the Belmont Clan.
That's why Death had to take him while sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake, Death would've lost.

Theodore Roosevelt was God's prototype for Chuck Norris.

When the Lord saw the power of His creation, He knew that He could not let it end there. So He spent years, trying out just the right combinations of Awesome and Cool, until He finally gave us the Texas Ranger himself.
  • Only direct bloodline can pass down awesome like that!
  • Super Prototype!
  • Chuck Norris is Roosevelt's reincarnation.
  • Chuck Norris is a clone of Theodore Roosevelt. Opinions differ on which one is actually stronger, mainly based on which one is more likely to kick your ass at any given moment.

Theodore Roosevelt is either God, or at the very least a god.
Extremely charismatic? Check. Ridiculously larger-than-life figure? Check. So badass as to be borderline unbelievable? Check. Possibly immortal? Check Cutting down sinners be they bandits or corrupt politicans? Double check.

Theodore Roosevelt is still alive.
Death was merely able to knock him unconscious for a while. TR slumbers underneath Mount Rushmore with the Rough Riders and shall awaken to save America in its hour of need.
  • Theodore Roosevelt wanders the Earth like Cain from Kung Fu. Cain from Kung Fu wanders the Earth like Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Gentleman Adventurer still ventures this world’s last frontiers, in an endless quest of discovery. When humanity reaches the stars they’ll find Theodore Roosevelt waiting for them.
  • He discovered the secret to Time Travel and is currently in the prehistoric era hunting dinosaurs. He is thus responsible for their extinction, and allowing mankind to evolve.
  • Alternatively, Death managed to take him...until he met his son in the afterlife, happy and with nothing for him to worry about, which motivated him to get back to the mortal coil. We just didn't notice because Teddy doesn't want anyone bothering him about how he came Back from the Dead through will alone.

Theodore Roosevelt was an identity of the God-Emperor of Mankind.
He went back in time to lay the ground work for the final defeat of the chaos gods.
  • Alterantively, Theodore Roosevelt was his dad. Yes, the God-Emperor was born in 8000 B.C.E, but Roosevelt invented time travel.

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the Unknown Primarchs
  • A veritable demigod, sent back through time in order to lead humanity, a great burning beacon of virility that all males would strive to imitate, paving the way for the all-out MANLINESS that is Warhammer 40,000.

Theodore Roosevelt was a Khornate
  • So was Andrew Jackson, for that matter. Maybe they're now daemonic best buddies ?

Theodore Roosevelt died because he wanted to.
He could've kicked Death's ass in his sleep. The only reason he died was because he was bored with this world and wanted to see the afterlife (and pwn it), so he went without a fight (in his sleep because Death would've been too afraid to show up if he was awake).
  • Confirmed, more or less. Given that one of his sons died only a year before his death, and his healthnote  had failed in the interim, its all but certain that his was a Death by Despair that happened more or less entirely because, with his son dead, he didn't really see the point in living anymore.
    • Alternatively, Theodore Roosevelt was immortal. Once his family began to die, he decided that he would succumb to Death to be able to spend eternity with his loved ones.

Theodore Roosevelt gave his infamous Big Stick to America.
Remember that strip with Canada where he had a big stick lying around? That used to be Teddy's. Since he couldn't trust it to mere humans, he decided to give it to the only one he saw worthy of it: Alfred Jones/America. And it wouldn't it be surprising if some of his enthusiasm rubbed off on the Nation.

Theodore Roosevelt was a scion of The Erlking.
Think about it. He loved hunting, was a total badass, and really only cared about conservation so he would always have something to kill. It's either that, or he was like the Summer/Winter Knights, except for The Wild Hunt.

Theodore Roosevelt isn't in heaven.
Two reasons: One: to put the fear of GOD back in Lucifer. Two: God himself worries over his position while the man is around. He must've taken over by now. Hell will be awesome.

Theodore Roosevelt wasn't taken in his sleep.
It was a trap for Death. He was waiting for Death and is now in the afterlife hunting the bastard for taking his family members from him.

Theodore Roosevelt was our world's embodiment of Spiral Energy.
Every reality/world/universe has one. So now the Guessing must be on WHO REPLACED HIM!
  • Chuck Norris, of course, but Rory Williams replaced Norris
  • He's still the embodiment of Spiral Energy, much like Spiral Mecha Kamina Jesus. The real question is who's our Anti-Spiral? The reason we don't know - and will never know - is because Roosevelt clearly had already finished off said Anti-Spiral counterpart well before taking office. It was just a warmup for him, really.
  • This makes Kamina an AU Roosevelt!

Theodore Roosevelt is the time-displaced future man-child of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.
Because he just looks like what you'd get if Adam and Jamie finally gave in to the smouldering passion that runs beneath their every moment.

Jamie/Teddy are the same person.

After he conquered the afterlife and set up his family to rule there, he came back to Earth with the identity of Jamie Hyneman. He wanted to blow stuff up which is why so many explosions happen. This also justifies Jamie's Multiple-Choice Past.

If the Earth is ever invaded by aliens, the US government's secret contingency plan is to awaken Teddy Roosevelt

  • He is incapable of dying. He is merely in a deep state of hibernation. That's what Area 51 actually is: TR picked a cave in the Nevada desert as his hibernation spot (because he loves the western landscape), and the US government built Area 51 around that cave in order to keep it a secret. Eventually when an alien invasion occurs, the government will awaken Teddy. He will rise out of the desert, assemble an all-new group of Rough Riders, and will royally kick the aliens' collective asses and send them crying back to their home galaxy. It will be utterly awesome.
    • Alternatively, the cave is the American portal to Avalon, where Teddy went to recover from the emotional wound of losing his son in the War, after promising to return again in America's hour of need. Area 51 was set up around the portal so that when he does return, there's a base right there to update him on the situation and provide supplies and personnel.
    • Some more detail on the part about Teddy's new Rough Riders: It is very likely that Teddy will recruit Chuck Norris, Robert Downey, Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Campbell, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Clint Eastwood to be among the members of his new Rough Riders. Because a badass leader like Teddy Roosevelt deserves a Badass Crew.

He'll come back as a White Lantern
And he'll light our darkest hour

He is now the Grim Reaper.

With a couple centuries, Theodore Roosevelt will be viewed as the American King Arthur
He's already approaching that status now. Just imagine three hundred years down the road when history has been sufficiently distorted to the point that he'll become a literal legend, where no one knows what's true and what isn't. Reincarnation legends are going to be everywhere.

World War I was a complicated assassination of Theodore Roosevelt.
As mentioned, the only reason that Roosevelt died was because his son Quentin was killed in World War I, resulting in Death by Despair. A group of time travellers, or one of the Powers That Be was rightfully paranoid that they would have to confront Roosevelt, so they set the events of World War I in motion. The first {{plan} was the aforementioned Death by Despair-while also Badass, the son was not as badass as his father, and thus could be killed in the horrors and sheer magnitude that it turned out to be. The second was, if that didn't happen, to lead to World War II, which would result in the development of the nuclear bomb. They figured that if Roosevelt could be killed, a city-obliterating weapon would do the job. As for the most likely culprit? The Nazis. Without the World Wars sending Germany into poverty, not only would Theodore Roosevelt pester them, but they'd be stuck as a minor political party no-one cares about. One could argue that they still got dealt the losing hand, as they ended up becoming the most hated group on the planet (though unlike the Westboro Baptist Church, they're still cool.)

The universe will end when Theodore Roosevelt and Rory Williams meet.

Teddy Bears are so good at protecting children from monsters because of their connection to Theodore Roosevelt.
How could any toy inspired by someone so awesome not be BAMF enough to put any boogyman in its place? The original (American) name for stuffed bears inspired by the story about Roosevelt and the bear cub was Teddy's Bears, with an apostrophe "s"— as in, the bears that belong to TR. Even though the "s" has been dropped, they're still Teddy's Bears— the bears he trains in the arts of manly butt-kicking and sends to protect youngsters from Things That Go Bump in the Night. How could anybody be afraid to sleep with the lights out when they know a bear trained by TR himself is there watching over them?