[[WMG: Final Apocalypse is the DistantFinale of TheTaleOfAlltynex series.]]
While it's uncertain yet if Final Apocalypse has any connections to TheTaleOfAlltynex, it's name seem to indicate as such.

[[WMG: Final Apocalypse will focus on [[spoiler:ZODIAC Ophiuchus's destruction of the other ten [=ZODIACs=]]]]]
We never get to play out or even see cutscenes of [[spoiler:Ophiuchus taking on the ten [=ZODIACs=] other than [[ClimaxBoss Virgo]] and [[FinalBoss Libra]]. Considering that the destruction of the [=ZODIACs=] led to ''apocalyptic'' levels of destruction to Earth's civlizations, this would be a good topic to explore for this upcoming game.]]