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Elizabeth was adopted after her parents were killed.
Meliodas did destroy the entire kingdom....

Growther is Abeforth Dumbledore.
  • Goat. Lust. Nuff said...

Gowther is aloof, use bow, and shapeshift
  • Gowther might be an elf...

Zaratras was evil.
  • We have been shown a very obvious Cain and Abel situation. Who says Zaratras hasn't got his own skeletons in his closet?

Zaratras was originally possessed by Fraudrin, or is Fraudrin.
  • This explains a number of things. First, Fraudrin is said to have been in possession of Dreyfus' body for ten years - coincidentally around the same timespan since Zaratras' murder. Second, it's been strongly hinted over and over that Dreyfus and Hendricksen were both originally good and noble knights up to the point of Zaratras' murder, in which they crossed into the Moral Event Horizon by framing the Sins. This theory explains both cases: Zaratras either was possessed by Fraudrin in the beginning (or is Fraudrin himself), Dreyfus and Hendricksen learned about it and took him out, but ended up with Fraudrin transferring to Dreyfus' body and corrupting both to his own ends (or at least Hendricksen anyway; he might have kept Dreyfus in his original state to serve as an Unwitting Pawn).

Elizabeth is Liz's daughter.
  • It's either implied or stated the Liz was a sex slave, so it would make sense if she had a child before she met Meliodas. It would explain the resemblence.

Elizabeth and Liz are part of the Goddess Clan/Holy Maiden Clan
  • I just want to post this before it's confirmed. Would also explain the above WMG.

Merlin and Gowther are somehow related.
  • There are several facts that hint this:
    • Both of them are physically alike.
    • Both of them can use illusion powers,change their appearance and modify memories.
    • Merlin and Sir Gowther were half brother in the Arthurian myths.
  • Given Gowther's lack of grasp on human emotions and robotic mannerisms, is probably that Merlin (who is more normal)is his mother/creator.

    • It's kinda more likely that they're half siblings if the Arthurian myths are going to be followed. Also where again was it shown that Merlin can change her appearance?
    • I though that too, but the why does Merlin acts like a normal person and Gowther acts like a robot. He seems to be a artificial life, she doesn't. And about the change of appearance, when she was under the cloack we saw her bare arm. Later, she is wearing a long sleeved jacket. She hadn't time to change the clothes, so probably used magic.
    • Half siblings are siblings who share only one parent, as in they may have the same father but not the same mother or vice-versa. According to the Arthurian legends, Merlin was fathered by a fay or demon with one woman. Said creature then fathered Gowther with another woman. If the manga should follow the legends then the reason for Gowther acting like a robot and Merlin acting normally maybe because of that. They both may have different mothers from probably different races.
      As for the arm, don't know whether showing it bare from underneath a cloak and then later showing a sleeved jacket after said cloak is destroyed counts as a change of appearance via magic? It could be that but then again considering the jacket is the only other piece of clothing she has, how hard would it be to put it on in no time.

Gowther is an incubus
It would explain his powers and apparent immortality. Without his armour suppressing his power, he's starting to act like a lust demon too.

If/when Guinevere shows up, she will be a Half-Human Hybrid.
In Welsh Arthurian myths, Guinevere (Gwenhwyfar) is the daughter of Ogyruan, who is believed to be either a giant or the god of bards. While the offspring of a god is unlikely, a giant or a fairy is probable.

Now that Escanor has been revealed...
Escanor becomes buff and looks like the Badass Grandpa during the day. And will have a prideful Split Personality.

Hendrickson is Elizabeth's father or is somehow related to her...
It is said she's not related to the king by blood and Hendrickson is the only other person stated to be a Druid aside from her. Looking at his age, at 39 he's certainly old enough to be her father, being about 23 around the time of her birth. They even have similar hair and eye color, though that could be written off as a part of the Druid clan's genetics.

Speculation on Meliodas
I think it's going to turn out that Meliodas is half demon, half druid (i.e. goddess). The reason the goddesses want him killed is that they consider him to be sacrilege just by existing.

"Matrona" is actually Dolores
The flashback didn't really show Dolores dying, but just a mention from Matrona. Furthermore, when Matrona rescued Diane again, she doesn't talk at all. Mayhaps Dolores took a couple of levels in badass during the intervening period?
  • Unless Dolores replicated Matrona's injuries ... actually that doesn't sound impossible, if rather difficult.

Elizabeth isn't the first time Meliodas' lover has reincarnated.
It would explain why he saved Liz when he first met her in Danafor, despite it apparently being the first time they've met. He'd already met, and fallen in love with, her in the past and recognized her, even if she didn't recognize him. He just keeps on meeting, becoming friends with then falling in love with Elizabeths over the course of his life. It would explain why he immediately trusted the present Elizabeth.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will show up
With character names themed around the Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments, it would be logical that the next villains could be called the Four Horsemen (Conquest, War, Famine, Death). They could either be demons, or heavenly entities sent to judge the Earth a la Revelation.

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