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The "B" in Kent B. Trusted's name means "Backstabber".
For the show's standards, it's quite plausible.
  • Personally, I think the "B" in Kent B. Trusted's name would be "Benedict", as in Benedict Arnold. Y'know, the guy notorious for being The Mole in The American Revolution?
    • As the troper who wrote the theory about "Backstabber", I admit the "Benedict" one sounds better.
  • Either that, or it's a corrupt Can't Be Trusted.

Similarly, the middle initial of Changed Daily's real name is "O".
Lucy Woo did say it suits him.
  • Well, if you listen very closely to that scene (specifically when C.D. unbolts the door), his real name actually DOES end with an "o". So in all likelihood it's actually something along the lines of "Stephano" or something...

Alternately, Changed Daily's real name is Changed Daily.