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The show's romances are just a build-up to the finale.
Everyone will end up together.

Ricky's frustration ith not having sex with Amy would lead him to do so with Ashley.
Ashley has the hots for Ricky, so it might be possible that he does it with Ashley if Amy holds him off for so long.
  • A moot point, since Ricky and Amy have sex in the season three finale and have been going at it like rabbits ever since

This Show is Secretly a Comedy!

Come on, kid with Down Syndrome blames sister for having sex, all the ludicrous Sex Is Evil crap, and that "Heard you're gay" crap from that one dad. And let's not forget the whole, "MY DAD IS DEAD BECAUSE I HAD INCREDIBLE SEX!" shpeel. That is something to brag about, if you're sex is so good that you killed your dad, then you are doing something right.

This is either a really crappy show or the most hilarious black comedy show in the world!!!
  • Either that or it's a Disney Channel rejected idea for a show, beats me.

John has some form of autism, or some sort of disorder.

At the age of three, John has less than 20 words in his vocabulary, is pretty much incapable of speaking any full sentences, and is still small enough to sit in a high chair.