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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Ruins
The vine is a supernatural being
The vine isn't just some crazy hyper-evolved plant, it's actually some kind of Eldritch Abomination. No mere plant could ever evolve the amazing abilities the vine displays, especially the understanding and use of languages it would only have heard spoken once or twice. Not to mention that most predators in nature are nowhere near as sadistic with their prey as the vine is with it's victims. It's clearly some kind of malevolent being.
  • The vine creature is far more then a simple plant - it can grow in complete darkness, it makes sounds with its flowers, it grows directly into blood vessels...none of which a real plant could do. So you're dead on.
  • I got the impression that that's what we're supposed to think, that the evil magic done with sacrifices on that ruin created or transformed the vine into what it is today. That would make it a kind of combination Eldritch Location and evil Genius Loci.

The vine is an evolved carnivorous cannibal

The vine possibly fed off the remains and blood of the dead Mayan sacrifices of the pyramid and over time, it eventually absorbed all the nutrients and knowledge from the corpse which allowed itself to take over the pyramid. Over a period of a thousand years the combined knowledge of the dead and evolution made it a super efficent carnivore plant.

The vine's main food source would be (and likely still is) birds

It likely evolved the ability to mimic bird calls, thus attracting them towards it. Of course, this makes the entire plot of the movie moot, but what else would the plant eat in the jungle besides tourists?

The Mayans have a symbiotic relationship with the vine creature

One possibility is that the Mayans keep the vine creature in place in part by feeding it tourists. This doesn't seem too likely - the Mayans try to warn the party away from the overgrown temple before they touch the vines, and thus seal their fate. About the only real proof is that they don't Mercy Kill the entire party the moment they touch the vines; but if they did that, there wouldn't be much of a movie.

The vine is a normal vine that gives off a drug

At several points in the movie, parts of the background and people's faces ripple as if in a wind. Is it possible that the tourists are hallucinating the whole thing and/or having a psychotic breakdown?
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