WMG / The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel is an objectumsexual .
"Infrastructure, purrrr..." Claiming to be a lesbian is merely a cover, so that nobody will ask about her never being with a man.

Marco Rubio and Rachel Maddow are If It's You, It's Okay
Look at all the Foe Yay between them, seriously!

Rachel is actually a lesbian vampire.
She revealed and mocked her exposing as an engenius attempt to throw us off her trail.

The Rachel Maddow Show's fetishistic perfectionism when it comes to facts, charts, context and figures-in contrast with the usual media nonsense- is actually a front.
What appears to be attributable to her quirky demeanor and journalistic integrity is actually a nefarious plot to appear trustworthy and out of the mainstream, effectively sponging off viewership from her more conventional MSNBC competitors, then CNN, then FOX, and eventually build up a media monopoly which subsequently Takes Over The World. Using bar graphs.