WMG: The Pope

Yahweh did consider Benedict XVI wrong

That's why he set clouds and rainy weather when he gave speeches in Portugal and Britain.

The Pope's trademark Nice Hat was created to help prevent assassinations.
Any archer or sniper trying to pick the Pope off from a distance would not be able to resist trying to shoot the hat off of his head first For the Lulz, alerting security to their presence.

Pope John Paul I was assassinated.
JP was such a Nice Guy — who would want to get him? Well, you don't get to be a Cardinal Patriarch by being stupid. The most reasonable conspiracy theory involves (actual) corruption in the Vatican Bank. Some other people were murdered, and the theory just says that JP I was one of them, probably because he planned to go after higher-ups who were involved.

After all, they're affiliated with the Inquisition, and he did led it...

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