WMG / The Pope

I thought it was kinda suspicious that he used a picture of Mario with a trollface. Why is Mario trolling us? Then I realized that The Pope is actually hinting at his true identity: The famous mustachioed plumber himself. The reason he claimed he was "too lazy" to write about himself was actually to protect his identity: He's not actually being lazy, he just doesn't have time to write because he's busy saving Princess Peach. Lord Bowser will be pleased to know I have found this information. Mwahahahaha!

The Pope is actually an enemy of Mario.
What if The Pope - whoever he is - actually hates Mario, and so posted an ugly picture of him to make us hate him? Here are some possibilities for who it might actually be:
  • Bowser: Kind of obvious.
  • Luigi: Jealous of Mario for getting all the glory? Even after he got The Year of Luigi all to himself? Could be.
  • Yoshi: Ticked off at Mario for dropping him into chasms in Super Mario World.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Jealous that Mario has been getting more well-received games lately.
  • Bubsy: Jealous of all video game characters who became popular while he faded into obscurity, but especially Mario, due to being the most popular video game character. But what if he's not going to stop with just ruining Mario's reputation? What if this is only the beginning of a much larger conspiracy to destroy all of gaming's icons and put Bubsy on top?

The Pope is actually a normal guy who just put a picture of a troll-faced Mario on his page to be funny.
(beat) ...Nah, couldn't be.