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Andy Bernard will be a children's tv show character
His acting "skill set" would fit for a job like that. He plays a banjo, he speaks in random accents, and he's always breaking out into song. Not to mention he's kind of immature.
  • Jossed, though he does become a YouTube sensation.

Michael Scott will become more mature before he leaves
  • "Threat level midnight", nuff said.
  • As well as "Todd Packer"
  • Judging from the last few episodes before he's was about to leave, I'd argue that this is confirmed. I'll copy paste an analysis I wrote on reddit regarding his development:

Michael Scott is the most well-developed character on television that I can think of...ever. [Edit: I meant to say television comedy here] Every dimension of his being works out beautifully. If any single character on comedic comedy shows the full depth of a person, it's Michael. He is simultaneously a very selfish person, but also very caring. He is very offensive, but also strives to be politically correct (in a very misguided way). He is a fantastic salesman, but a horrible people person. There's a bunch of hypocrisies in his character, but the writing and Steve Carrell's acting handled them very well.

At his heart, Michael is just a very lonely guy, who wants, above all else, to feel accepted. This is at the heart of almost all of his quirks and problems. Not just that he wants to feel accepted, but also the fact that he is unable to be honest with himself about who he really is. His self-dishonesty leads to him being quite dense with himself and others which leads to him being more isolated from others. It's a viscious cycle.

Consider the mug on his desk. "World's Greatest Boss". Who gave him that? He did himself. Similarly he put up fake diplomas on the wall, etc. He loves to brag to people about various things in his life (especially his sex life) in order to gain approval from "the guys", and he has shown the tendency to constantly misrepresent reality to make himself feel better. The episode with Dwight's speech? When Dwight did better than him, Michael left and got a beer to avoid it, and then rationalized it away by saying that since Dwight was inspired by him then Michael is a great speaker as well.

He is a treasure trove of defense mechanisms. All to hide himself from himself. They don't all result in bad things. Because of his tendency to equate work with family, he has intense care for the people at his office....like the time he was the only one to visit Pam's exhibit. No matter how much he upsets people, he always tries to be there for them, like a father, because fathers feel needed and wanted. This kind of acceptance is the one thing he wants in his life, above all else.
Towards the end of his run, he finds true love in Holly, proposes to her, etc. At the last Dundies, everyone there sang to him and gave him a Dundie. The beginning of his last episode he throws the his old mug into the trash and replaces it with the Dundie, symbolizing his realization that he has gained acceptance from his employees. Towards the middle of the episode, he has a small nervous breakdown, resulting in him reaching into the trash and pulling out that old "Best Boss" mug again, until he gets Holly on the phone again to reassure him. This isn't a coincidence...its pretty obvious symbolism. He matured quite a bit throughout the series (despite his antics becoming arguably stupider, he has emotionally matured, I feel), but still has a bit to go. But at least he has someone to go through this struggle with...Holly, and their thousands of kids he will be friends with.

Jan is using the Lysistrata Gambit on Michael.
Jan seems to win all of the many arguments the two have because she threatens to withhold sex if she doesn't get her way. It's Michael Scott we're talking about here, but still, there's no other way he could be that whipped. He's tried to use it on her at least once; he probably got the idea from her using it on him.
  • In one episode, Michael used it on Jan to get a raise.
    • Michael at least hints she's been trying it on him.

The show is a hallucination of Creed
Creed never stopped being homeless, and he eventually went insane. This is why some of the personalities seem so ridiculous that they would've likely been fired several times over - including Creed's. He's acting like he would were he not hallucinating.
  • But Creed's playing himself, so... Uh-oh.

The finale will have the documentary revealed to be a sadistic prank to film a comedy show.
Actors would include Creed, Molly, and the majority of the Scranton branch's clients. The episode will end with a baseball bat heading toward the camera and a Blair Witch Project style screencap saying "These tapes were found buried in the woods outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Attempts to find the producers and the actors filmed have been unsuccessful."
  • The show has finally aired in Denmark, and it's basically a hidden camera show. Nobody is an actor, but the documentary crew director is something of a sleazeball and reveals to Pam that he's basically been manipulating and exploiting everyone, on top of violating their privacy. So far, not too far off. We'll have to see what the finale this May holds.

Kevin is Harry Plinkett of "Red Letter Media" Fame.
Both speak in similar monotones, Kevin is also divorced, and Plinkett makes many mentions of his various ex-wifes

The penultimate episode will see Michael Scott get fired. The Finale will see the first episode finally hit the air.
The producers of the show had been told to "follow Michael Scott and his friends and employees until he is fired then come back to us with a series". They had expected to maybe get a week of material.
  • At the launch party, Dwight and Michael will engage in Wild Mass Guessing as to what will happen, including the question of whether Jim and Pam will hook up. Pan to Jim and Pam Halpert looking at the camera in a awkwardly ironic fashion. Fade to Black.
  • Confirmed false.
  • The most recent episode has the office discover the show airing in Denmark, and are not impressed. We see bits of the show, and it's basically a hidden camera show.

Michael is a high-functioning autistic.
It would explain why his social skills are so lacking, despite being at least somewhat competent in other respects and having received a position as branch manager.
  • He's socially awkward because he didn't have any friends or a father figure when he was growing up. After all, he wanted to be friends with his coworkers.
  • Autistic might not be too far off as Michael mentioned he couldn't talk until he was 5 years old, a common sign of autism.
  • Michael has often shown the ability to recognize unspoken social cues, which helps him be a successful and charismatic salesman. His displays of social ineptitude are most often the result of his own selfishness.

Marjorie died and her ghost is haunting the office.
Marjorie was an extra for the first few episodes, but in recent seasons she's barely seen. Yet she can somehow be viewed lurking in the back of crowds or lingering just off screen...
  • She is notably the only original Dunder Mifflin employee who never participates in the plot or gets interviewed. A likely explanation for this is that she declined being filmed for the documentary, though she still gets picked up in a few background shots by accident. Her last appearance is in the Season 3 episode A Benihana Christmas. This episode was also the final appearance of Stamford transfer Hannah Smoterich-Barr, who, as we learn in the next episode, quit. Maybe Marjorie, emboldened by the departure of Hannah and several other former Stamford employees, decided to leave the company so she wouldn't have to tiptoe around the camera crews.

The mug Michael gave Jim is his first step in a lighthearted Plan.
The final scene of the series will show Michael staying behind after everyone has gone home, then revealing that he has put Jim's "World's Best Boss" mug in jello as the theme song plays, reflecting the ending of the first episode.
  • Jossed. Michael left Dunder-Mifflin altogether in season seven.

Dwight and Jim are the Office-verse incarnation of Batman and Joker, respectively
Dwight has an obsession with justice, martial arts, weapons, was a volunteer sheriff for a time, and has very few social skills and takes himself extremely seriously, while one of Jim's more prominent traits is his antagonistic relationship with Dwight and is constantly pranking him

Michael is a deeply, deeply repressed homosexual.
He's almost obsessed with the idea of having as many children as possible. In his mind, having children equates with heterosexuality, and if he has enough kids, it will make him straight. His overly sexist comments and childish fixation on the size of women's breasts is just compensation.
  • Exhibit A: in his journal diary, he notes how "hot" he thinks Ryan is.
  • Exhibit B: Every other scene Michael and Ryan share.
  • Because gay people never have children. It's also heavily implied that Michael wants kids because he doesn't want to be lonely. He could still be a closeted homosexual or bisexual, though.
  • He falls in love with Holly, marries her, and they have several children, so he's not homosexual. That still doesn't rule out the possibility that he's bisexual.

In "Scott's Tots", Dwight put himself as third on the Employee of the Month results.
If Jim had kept any level of composure he might have selected the employee after himself and Pam, for which Dwight surely would have planned.

The camera crew hasn't actually been there since the end of Season 3, but the good people of Dunder-Mifflin think it is because they've gone insane.
This would explain why everyone seems so much more eccentric now.
  • Jossed. The crew is still there, and everyone discovered the show is starting to air in Denmark, and watch its promos on a YouTube-like website, narrated in Danish.

Rolf is the Scranton Strangler.
Dwight's account of how he met his best friend Rolf is quite suspicious: Rolf was asking for shoes that would allow him to move faster without leaving footprints. Rolf himself is quite the creepy character and displays a deep hatred for women with questionable moral behavior, which could be a typical serial killer trait. Not to mention his over the top verbally violent outbursts. And it fits with Dwight's personality to have inadvertently befriended a serial killer. This will probably be addressed by a quick glance at a picture on a newspaper of Rolf having been caught and identified as the Scranton Strangler, and much later Dwight commenting on how he hasn't heard from Rolf in a while.
  • The "Costume Contest" ep says he's still on the loose.
    • Toby mentions later on he was called to be a juror in the Scranton Strangler's trial, confirming the Strangler has been caught and convicted. We don't find out who it was, but we also haven't seen Rolf in a while...
  • Jossed. His name is eventually revealed to be George Howard Skub.

The seventh season will be the final season
With Steve Carrel officially leaving after the upcoming season, it seems logical to end the series with Michael leaving for whatever reason. And since the show's not really up to steam as it has been, it might be for the best to end it there. Hopefully he'll leave with Holly and a "Where are they now" style epilogue will wrap up the series.
  • Apparently not, as B.J. Novak and others have signed contracts for an eighth season.
  • Jossed. There's been an eighth, and a ninth (which is the final) season without Michael.

Creed is the Scranton Strangler.
Though that might be *too* obvious...

David Brent will be back
Since Carrel is going to leave the show, Michael Scott will either be fired or retire, and get a happy ending with Holly. Then Dunder Mifflin/Sabre will hire a new regional manager for the office, and that new regional manager will be David Brent. After all, Brent did asked Michael if Dunder Mifflin was hiring. They will be hiring, once Michael is gone. Okay, that's mostly wishful thinking. But it would be awesome, even if it would be planned to last only for one season, or a few episodes at the beginning of the 8th.
  • Almost, but not quite. Brent was indeed one of the candidates for Michael's job. However, he didn't get it.

Toby will transfer to Nashua to keep Holly at Scranton
Seems like this would be a thing to keep Holly and let Toby escape Michael. Maybe Michael would treat him as a friend after this?
  • Jossed. Both Holly and Michael left Dunder-Mifflin altogether.

Alternately, Michael with either transfer to Nashua, or just quit and move there in order to be with Holly
It would be an easy way to write Michael out of the show.
  • Jossed. Both Holly and Michael left Dunder-Mifflin altogether.

David Brent will replace Michael
They're still looking for a replacement and Ricky Gervais is slated to appear with a "larger role" in the season finale.
  • Almost, but not quite. Brent was indeed one of the candidates for Michael's job. However, he didn't get it.

Catherine Tate's character who was interviewed for the management position at the end of season 8 is Donna Noble.
She really does seem to act how Donna would have prior to meeting the Doctor, or more likely after having her memory of him wiped, while trying to act like she's fit for a management position for which she is clearly unqualified. The timeline works out for her to have moved to America in search of an easier-to-get better job after her time as companion was over, possibly at Wilfred's suggestion.
  • Jossed. She returns in the eighth season as Nellie Bertram, becoming a regular in season nine.

Jim and Pam will have another baby in season eight.
Jenna Fischer is pregnant in real life, so it'd make sense to write it in. There wouldn't have to be as much focus this time around, like with Cecelia. No camera crews in the hospital or anything like that. Confirmed by Jenna herself in this article: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/07/the_offices_jenna_fischer_conf.html

Angela's baby is Dwight's.
  • There's no way that Dwight/Angela's storyline is over, despite her marriage to the Senator. Calling it now!
    • Confirmed in "Jury Duty".
      • "Confirmed" means it's a definite fact backed up by evidence. It hasn't been confirmed, although it probably is his baby.
    • Officially Jossed in the season nine premiere, when we see Angela and Dwight getting the DNA results and a "You are NOT the father."
      • Though, now it's been confirmed by Angela herself.

Creed Bratton isn't actually Creed Bratton. He's a psycho who murdered him and stole his identity.
  • "No one steals from Creed Bratton and gets away with it. The last man who did disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton."

Angela may face the threat of being fired
With the fact that her husband is gay, plus her behavior about Oscar coming out of the closet in season 3 came off as very very prejudiced. Also I personally would like her ass canned.
  • If she was going to be fired over the Oscar situation it probably would have happened back then. I don't see her getting fired any time soon. She's pregnant. It's considered pretty lousy etiquette to fire a pregnant woman without an extremely good reason, and I don't think "gay husband" has ever been grounds for dismissal.
    • Also, she's head of the Accounting department, so despite her personal views, she obviously does good work. She and Oscar get along well enough, so there really isn't any reason why she would be fired.

Dwight treats Jim as he would treat a brother
  • Dwight actually sees Jim as a good friend, possibly his best friend, and treats him just as he would treat a brother. It's just the Schrute's have aggressive and antagonistic relationships with family.
    • And in season nine, he is shown to be upset about Jim leaving Dunder Mifflin for Athlead.

Angela still has feelings for Andy
  • The cat she keeps at the office? It's the one Andy gave her.

Oscar's sexual harassment settlement included stock options
  • For what other conceivable reason would Oscar own Dunder Mifflin stock?
    • Employee benefits?

Oscar clammed up on purpose at the shareholders meeting
  • His new ideas wouldn't have changed the character of the people who mismanaged it, and he'd gotten sick of his good ideas constantly being ignored. Add to that the fact that the company swept his sexual harassment claim under the rug, and the fact that he could probably find other opportunities if need be, then perhaps he just wanted to watch Dunder Mifflin go down in flames.

Shortly before the film crew arrived, their coworker Tom committed suicide.
  • In "Performance Review", Michael read old suggestions from the suggestion box, including "We need better outreach for employees fighting depression" by someone named Tom. Phyllis reminds Michael that Tom shot himself.

The Grand Finale will feature Erin's wedding
  • Michael will be Back for the Finale to walk her down the aisle.
    • Jossed. It's actually Dwight and Angela, with Michael returning to act as best man.

Angela knows
  • Angela knows The Senator (state senator) is gay and is willing to be his beard because of the prestige it gives her and because the fake marriage suits her perfectly. She hasn't even been intimate with him. Evidently this means the senator knows the baby isn't his, but as long as people believes it is, he doesn't cares. He may already suspect Dwight is the father, and just pretends to be aloof about the situation.
    • Jossed. She found out and is not very happy about it.

Series Finale Speculation
  • The Scranton Strangler holds Dunder-Mifflin hostage but Dwight saves everybody using all the weapons he hid in the office.
    • Jossed. No such event occurs.

Creed has Prosopagnosia (face blindness)
  • He doesn't know or remember who Pam is, during Beach Day he thought speech-making Pam was some random woman and at one time, he called Andy "Jim".
    • He interrupts the health seminar in "Stress Relief: Part 1" to tell the CPR woman he finally recognizes her from seeing her in the parking lot.
  • It seems Creed can't recognize voices either, since one episode with him as manager had Pam do two barely different voices over the phone and Creed thought they were two different people.

All the characters are dead and they are in some kind of Purgatory
Spoilers ahead! Okay, it will be far-fetched but that's what WMG are made for. I took the premise of this WMG from Life on Mars and LOST. Let me explain. Each character has to accomplish something in order to move on:
  • Michael has to find his soul-mate and gain maturity. He found Holly Flax and finally decided to settle in with her. The last time we saw him was at the airport where he took off his mic, said his famous "That's what she said!" completely mute and leaving to take his "plane" surrounded by lights. Since then, we never saw him again. He moved on.
  • Jim has to accept Dwight as his best friend. Something that's becoming to grow in him.
  • Pam, well, she already found the love of her life but she has to wait for Jim to move on with him.
  • Dwight also has to accept Jim as his best friend. Something he is to proud to admit. That's why he's going straight to The Farm, the spin-off and his personal hell where all of his family is present.
  • Andy has to become more confident and he needs Erin.
  • Erin has to find her real parents. Andy will use the fortune of his parents to help her.
  • Ryan and Kelly have to accept they are not meant to be together.
  • Angela has to accept the homosexuality of her husband
  • Oscar has to accept he's in love with Angela (Why? Because that will be hilarious!)
  • Meredith has to quit drinking and stop being a mess.
  • Stanley already knows where he is. That's why he is so indifferent.

Now concerning the "special" persons.
  • Creed is a kind of angel/The Watcher who takes care of the new souls that arrive in the Purgatory like Gene Hunt from ''Life on Mars. In fact, The Office is the Purgatory of office employees as Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes is the purgatory of cops.
  • Kevin is a benevolent creature that incarnates the child innocence. He wants the people around him to enjoy little things of life like cookies, music and... Um... 69s.
  • Phyllis is Satan. Why? She's a horrible, shallow person who always criticizes other people's lifes. She told Erin she is maybe her mother to keep her in the Purgatory. She was the first person to be vocal about Jim and Pam relationship to keep them apart...
  • Nellie Bertram is Donna Noble who eventually died while being a temp after her days with the Doctor. With her memory erased, she became once again the shallow woman she was before and that attitude became much worse with time.

And the end of the show will be like Life on Mars. Ryan will wake up and realize it was "a dream". Then, he will try to kill himself to go back with his true friends. Why Ryan? He was the new soul of the Purgatory when the show started. Oh! And his realization and subsequent suicide will be accompanied with this. Just for the awesomeness.
  • Jossed. The show finally aired in Denmark, narrated completely in Danish, and the finished product is basically a hidden camera show.

The Camera Crew loved Jim and Pam and keep trying to recreate them with other office couples
  • Early in the series the camera crew realized the heart of their story was in the courtship of Jim and Pam. When they got together early in season four, the camera crew wanted to strike gold again. This is why the show continues to focus on the relationships within the office. The camera crew may even try to influence matters (like telling Andy to ask out Angela or push Erin to date Gabe to draw out the Andy/Erin story). Because the camera crew loves Jim and Pam, the series will end with them leaving Dunder Mifflin.
    • I like this one! Makes a lot of sense, especially with Gabe and Erin and Erin and Andy. Both of these couples were extremely reluctant.
    • Partially confirmed. The documentary crew admitted late in Season 9 that they stuck around so long because of Pam and Jim's relationship, and indeed the finale had Pam and Jim leaving the company. Whether they deliberately tried to recreate anything with other couples is still anyone's guess.

Toby hasn't just given up on happiness, he's given up on his job too
  • Toby really phones it in these days and this is how people get away with so much in the Office and how Andy can call pointless meetings to discuss how to make his girlfriend hot enough to be a news anchor or whether he's related to Michelle Obama.

Abed Nadir from Community is part of The Camera Crew
  • In an alternate universe he could pursue his filmmaking carrer without going to community college. He has the patience to follow the Dunder Mifflin staff all the time everywhere. Maybe he's the crew's chief and documental's director.
    • Pam talks to the director after seeing the show's promos, and it's not Abed.
      • Maybe he's one of the editors. After all, they wouldn't have to be on set to do their job.

The Scranton branch manager position is cursed
  • Let's look at Michael Scott. Frequently throughout his run as manager he is lauded as an excellent salesman, which greatly contradicts the personality as clingy man-child that the audience sees him as. This makes sense if you consider that he was a great salesman before he became manager.
  • Then Jim, the basically Only Sane Man and voice of reason in the show, becomes manager temporarily, and even he starts to make uncharacteristically bad choices and loses the respect of the rest of the office.
  • Next up is DeAngelo, who did something to impress the hiring committee to give him the job. In record time he totally loses it and is Put on a Bus.
  • Then Dwight, quirky, Bunny-Ears Lawyer with a possible heart of gold is named acting manager for a week, in which time he turns the office into dictatorship and fires a gun indoors.
  • After that it's Creed, who during his brief stint as manager had what he thought was a phone-conversation with two different women, and both were Pam barely disguising her voice.
  • Finally, there's Andy, who has had remarkable character development for a supporting character. We see him transform from a spoiled Jerkass who couldn't even land a sale to a humbler, more self-aware person who was making real strides towards personal betterment. At first his managerial skills were clumsy yet effective, and it seemed like the office was really warming up to him. Now he has abandoned his position and his girlfriend to go on a random boat ride around the world.
    • Pete is a manifestation of the Manager curse. He appeared out of no where as Andy started to become corrupted and only seems to serve as Erin's replacement love interest.
  • Basically the Scranton branch manager position takes whoever has assumed it and slowly but surely corrupts their minds and morals and turns them into caricatured, flanderized husks of their former selves.
    • Expect for Creed, who was already quite crazy before he gained the branch manager position.

Dundler-Mifflin would have succeeded if Devon had not been fired
  • In one of the very first episodes, Michael was about to fire Creed but fired Devon instead. Creed obviously did not do his job and was even responsible for an entire stock of paper being shipped with a pornographic cartoon on it, which landed the company in hot water. This actually led to a series of events behind the scenes that resulted in the company going under in season 6 and being sold to Sabre. Devon could have prevented all of this from happening.
  • Supporting this theory: Dwight brings back Devon, and DM seems to be doing fine at the end of the show.
  • To add even more to the theory, when Jan was fired as the Director of Sales, David Wallace ended up going with Ryan after Jim, Karen, and Michael either bowed out or were passed over. Ryan was convicted of fraud a short time later and that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to the company and gave it a ton of bad press, which further hurt the company. If Devon were still around, Wallace would have gone to him instead of Ryan.

Andy and Erin get back together after the finale.
  • Andy quickly becomes less of a jerk after he resigns from being manager, and in the last few episodes Erin and Pete are not seen together very often.

Cathy was fired alongside Todd Packer
They were getting rid of one person who was previously a Karma Houdini, so why not get rid of another?

Dwight Schrute is Dale Gribble from King of the Hill
Okay, he's not- but he is exactly what Dale would have become if he had been able to adjust to being an office worker in the Stick Tech episode. Just replace government conspiracies with paranoia about his coworkers and a twisted sense of what it takes to get ahead, and you have Dwight Schrute.

Toby is the Scranton Strangler
He's nowhere to be seen during crucial moments like the Stranger's police chase, and he claims to have put an innocent man away after being on the Strangler jury.