[[WMG:Rick O'Connell is the reincarnation of one of the Ancient Egyptian Medjai]]
Everybody's already thinking it, I'm just saying it. We already know that he's one thanks to the tattoo on his wrist, and that Evy is [[spoiler:the reincarnation of Pharaoh Seti I's daughter Nefetiri. It would make an incredible amount of sense for Rick to be a reincarnated Medjai charged with the task of protecting Nefetiri, and/or her lover.]]

[[WMG:The movie ''Film/TheMummy1932'' was an adaptation based on Evy O'Connell's first novel]]
This was Universal Pictures, already known to have adapted ''{{Literature/Dracula}}'' and ''Literature/{{Frankenstein}}'' to film. Adapting Evy's novel for their Mummy movie makes complete sense!

[[WMG:Some ''Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'' fanon:]]
* [[TheOtherDarrin Evy]]. Itís the same woman, but [[TheNthDoctor a different body]], averting the DoppelgangerReplacementLoveInterest. Somewhere inbetween ''Returns'' and ''Dragon Emperor'', the OíConnells got into [[NoodleIncident an adventure]] that [[DisneyDeath cost Evy her original body]], but she somehow later received [[MariaBello Maria Belloís]] as a new host. Perhaps it formerly belonged to [[BodySnatcher some enemy]] who was responsible for her death in the first place, thus making it [[HoistByHisOwnPetard just desserts]]. After some awkward adjustment, the family collectively decided [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain to never speak of this incident again]].
* Alex. Also sometime inbetween films, a nebbish, adolescent Alex started [[IWantToBeARealMan wanting to be seen as an independent man]]. He took to using an [[FakeAmerican American accent]] [[WellDoneSonGuy like his fatherís]] and ObfuscatingStupidity to appear BookDumb. Underneath the swagger, he is still [[QuintessentialBritishGentleman a well-read, stiff-upper-lip Brit]]. All in-movie blundering counts as evidence of him BecomingTheMask to some degree. This is either HiddenDepths or UnfortunateImplications.

[[WMG:The series takes place in an alternate history:]]
Nearly everything that the films pass off as fact about Egypt or China seems to be in there for the sole purpose of [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology making learned people cry]]. This Troper was writhing on the floor in pain upon hearing that bit about an Egyptian New Year. Also, why don't they just use Qin Shi Huangdi's name? I saw no reason for the Emperor's [[NoNameGiven name to be witheld]].
** The series taking place in an alternate history...seems to be implied by the ArtisticLicense:History, yeah. That being said, TropesAreNotBad.

[[WMG:The Medjai are immortal:]]
They're in charge of keeping the world safe from Imhotep, if he was brought back from the dead. So, in order to make things right, they become immortal in-order to protect the world and it wears off when Imhotep has risen.
* Or, they are reincarnated after death in an endless cycle. [[spoiler: Fits with the above theory about Rick being the reincarnation of a Medjai sworn to protect Princess Nefetiri for all eternity, no?]]

[[WMG:The Mummy films and ''Film/VanHelsing'' are in the same universe]]
Mummies were not represented in ''Van Helsing'', but they have a common studio and director (except for the third Mummy film). Van Helsing's organization isn't in touch with the Medjai because they keep to themselves and Imhotep was the first mummy to wake up ever. (This does lead to AllMythsAreTrue.)

[[WMG: The whole "bracelet will suck the life out of you if you don't reach the pyramid in time" provision in the second movie was made up by Imhotep just to get Alex to cooperate.]]
Funny how everyone just accepted what Imhotep said without questioning it once. Probably better safe than sorry though.

[[WMG: Ankh-Su-Namun's reincarnation, Meela Nais, is [[BadassDecay weaker and more cowardly]] than she was in her Egyptian past life.]]
Even after receiving Ankh-Su-Namun's soul, Meela was still the dominant personality. The original Ankh-Su-Namun may not have abandoned Imhotep, run away from her fight with Evy, get beaten by Jonathan, etc.
* Alternately, she was just as cowardly as Ankh-Su-Namun, but the manner of her death obscured the fact. Imhotep assumed she stabbed herself courageously to be with him in a future life; in reality, she did it because she knew that the vengeful Medjai would ''[[AndIMustScream do to her what they did to her lover]]'' if she didn't die rather than be captured.
[[WMG: The 2017 remake will reveal this trilogy is cannon to Universal's planned shared horror movie verse.]]
Unfortunately jossed.