WMG / The Most Interesting Man in the World

Keith Stone is his good-for-nothing grandson.
And The Man Your Man Could Smell Like is...I don't know, his cousin?

He is a Timelord!
Come on, with this much awesomeness he has to be!
  • And Dos Equis is his Tardis?
  • Well, there is a new version of him now.

He has actually done none of the things he has claimed to have done.
In his private life, he is very plain, even boring, but when he is invited to a party (which is increasingly more and more often) he is very good at dressing himself up and saying stories. He is still the most interesting man in the world though, solely because he is the world's greatest storyteller.

He is Forrest Gump
Gump has done many interesting things, like running a multi-million shrimp company or running through the USA for 3 years straight. Plus, he is about the right age.