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The Family Circus

Not Me is the ghost of the parents unborn child.
It will continue to cause mischief until either the kids find out, or they call the Ghostbusters

Ida Know is a real ghost who possesses members of the family to get them to do worse things until someone dies.
She wants to have her own body, and so she makes the kids break plates and put each other in dangerous situations. Eventually, someone is going to die; then she will have a corpse to take over. She only goes after overtly Christian families in syndicated comics because she was originally summoned accidentally by St Peter when he denied Christ.

Billy is a crack-head, Dolly is a nymphomaniac, the mother is a junkie turned prostitute, the dad is a serial killer, and PJ has an unhealthy oral fixation. Don't even get me started on Grandma.

The comic is, accidentally or deliberately, a Brown Note.
Specifically, it causes susceptible individuals to become increasingly paranoid and take a darker view of reality. This explains both of the above entries.

The comic actually takes place in Fallout 3
And they are one of the people living in Andale. The small suburban town in the wasteland full of people deluded into thinking the war never happened, and are secretly incestuous cannibals. To explain why they do not appear in the game when you visit them, they are eaten.
  • Now I feel bad for killing the residents of Andale. They did what everyone in America has wanted to do but never had the balls to go through with it.

All of the "Parody" Comics shown here Are Canon
Bil Keane was in on it.

The comic will end with a Crowning Moment of Awesome strip doing a Take That! at all the buttheads who ever made fun of them.
One day, the kids will get up and yell 'We're still around! And we're not happy at all you people!" and attack Pearls Before Swine and Lio and all the comics that made fun of them.
  • Except that wouldn't be awesome... it'd be awesome if this crappy comic strip finally ended, and they're certainly not relevant anymore.
  • Unlikely, since Bil Keane found a lot of the parodies funny, and even put some on his site. He was also friends with Stephen Pastis (Pearls Before Swine).
    • Not to mention, The Comics Curmudgeon (a site that constantly makes fun of the comic), when Bil Keane passed away everyone on the site, whether they hated the comic or not. Had nothing but respect for the man. Bad comic or not, he was still a heavily influential and respected cartoonist.

This series was discontinued when Bil got some bad advice in a bar

The obscure Warhammer 40000 reference by Billy in the 2012 Halloween strip is a prophecy.
Billy's wanderings will bring him across time and space to Cyrene, where he will be recruited to the Blood Ravens to become Tactical Sergeant Tarkus of the Blood Ravens Fourth Company.

The Live Action Adaption will not be taken seriously
Because of how near-universally hated it is to most people under the age of seventy (rough estimate) for its Taste Like Diabetes humor, its likely to be more like The Brady Bunch Movie or Enchanted, where it's Self-Parody , but not to Black Comedy levels since it's ineviatbly gonna be family-friendly anyway.