WMG: The Doomy Adventures Of Irken Doominess

Nel isn't actually human

It seems only Irkens have anti forms.

Melissa: Maria

Gar: Anti Gar.

But Nel has one too known as Neliel.

THIS conversation clues that it maybe true.
'Melissa': *Gets into human disguise.
Nel: I'm already human!
'Melissa': *joking* OR ARE YOU?
Nel: *nervous* I-i am! Really! I'm 40% sure!
'Melissa': That's less then half...
Nel: uh...eh....LIAR!
'Melissa': Nelly I'm kiding
Nel: Oh! *Nervous laugh* Of couurse you were! Silly Nelly....

Is Neliel the true anti or Nel?

Neliel technically came first and if she hadn't Run away Nel wouldn't exist, since most Antis are created from their hosts wouldn't this mean Nel is truly the Anti?

Jeff The Killer is a Marshmallow

He's pale white. And on The Annoying Orange show, they have a marshmallow. He ALWAYS smiles and BARELY blinks. He said, "All I see when I close my eyes is blood, death, and destruction!" So, Jeff's a marshmallow.
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