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Greg Stillson wasn't kidding about the Armageddon destiny thing.
He saw what Johnny saw when they shook hands and at first dismissed it as a hallucination. But then during one night he read about Johnny's exploits as being able to see the past and future. Rather than try to avert this, he believes Because Destiny Says So, so he tries to make it happen. Of course Johnny believing otherwise does what he can to stop it.


The retired CIA agent Johnny hangs out with in "The Man That Never Was" is his father.
  • In the final episode of Season 6, Johnny and Rev. Purdy find Johnny's father alive and well, having been drugged by Stilson and Janus's organization and manipulated into helping them anticipate future events to deal with them. And lo and behold... he looks a lot like the agent.
    • Further, the fact that the agent takes to Johnny pretty well, the moment they meet. Further, he notes to Johnny near the end of the episode that the government hires psychics (a Foreshadowing for "The Hunt"). That could've happened with him, too. As such, it's highly possible that he's either under an assumed name now (considering how I Have Many Names applies to him, as a CIA agent), or he was under another name when he was Mr. Smith.
    • How did Johnny not find out? Well, his dad's been at this far longer than he has. He'd know what "clues" he'd be able to keep from his son.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Johnny didn't get his groceries "accidently". The man sent them deliberately so he could see his son.