[[WMG:Cleveland Jr. got a lobotomy sometime before the show.]]
What else could explain the massive change in character? Also, part of his hypothalamus got damaged in the process, explaining his current girth.
* Alternatively, the second-to-last mishap to befall the Browns at Peter's hands gave Cleveland Jr. permanent brain damage. Which is why the last one pissed Cleveland Sr. off so much.
* Clevelend Jr. could have gotten on A.D.D medication that caused him to mellow out. The fact that he was no longer engaging in so much physical activity caused him to gain weight.
* Or, shades of Principal Skinner, the real Cleveland Junior wandered off in one of his hyperactive phases while in Loretta's custody. Desperate to not screw up her undeserved divorce agreement, she found the overweight boy we see, and 'Uh-Huh!' insisted the weak-willed Cleveland into believing this was their son. In a further twist, the overweight CJ will turn out to be the illegitimate son of... Cleveland and Donna, ditched after a 'final fling' about the same time the hyperactive CJ was born... so yeah.

[[WMG:Cleveland Jr. got taken by the [[Franchise/TheDarkTower wolves]] between his last appearance on ''Family Guy'' and ''The Cleveland Show''.]]
And thus, he has been left horribly roont.

[[WMG: Holt is a female-to-male {{Transsexual}}.]]
He's short, [[TestosteronePoisoning overly macho]], [[MyBelovedSmother has issues with his mother]] [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything that reminds one of mother/''daughter'' issues]], and has shit luck with women, having little to no confidence in himself and [[spoiler: owns a $7000 Real Doll because he can't get laid, which he takes back after his {{Yandere}} date from hell in his ADayInTheLimelight episode]]. Of course, he's post-op, but his insecurities still hang over him -- hence the macho behavior.
* That's... kinda insulting to actual transgender folks.
** Its a spin off of Family Guy, you expect them to be properly represented?
** Plus, well, the original author of this WMG [[NWordPrivileges is trans himself]].
** The creator of the preceding reply to this WMG found {{NWordPrivileges}} to be hilarious.

[[WMG: After Loretta cheated on him, Cleveland moves in with the Griffins.]]
And goes a bit bugnuts. This explains why so many of the characters are similar. Erudite talking animal? Young rage-crazed, talking toddler? Disabled friend? The Griffins, in their blaise, just don't notice Cleveland has developed an insane fantasy life.

[[WMG: Robert Tubbs is the bastard son of [=LeVar=] "Freight Train" Brown.]]
They're too much alike

[[WMG: Rollo is Gay.]]
And he is trying to hide it.
* Kind of like Stewie in ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''?
* Doubtful, so far he hasn't even question his sexuality.

[[WMG: Loretta will return as a ghost to make amends to Cleveland Jr.]]

[[WMG: Cleveland Jr. doesn't believe in God because...]]
He lost faith in him following his parents' divorce.
* ''Alternate theory:'' He prayed for God to make him thin again after, eating the equivalent of two of his former selves, and after not getting his wish he proved it to himself that God wasn't real.
** Junior should know that God performs miracles, not wishes.

[[WMG: Kendra is a (distant) cousin of [[WesternAnimation/AmericanDad Francine]].]]

[[WMG: Cleveland Jr. in the show is from another universe.]]

The first episode of Family Guy to air after this show's debut was the multiverse episode, and it even shows Cleveland still living in Quahog in the Disney Universe. It's possible that the Cleveland Jr. we see is from a universe where people are fat, and he escaped with Stewie.
* This ''may'' be jossed in the golf episode. Such episode includes Cleveland Jr mimicking himself when he played golf in Quahog. He admitted to himself that he gained a few pounds which implies he just gained weight.
** Or maybe, he gained more weight in the normal universe than in the fat universe.

[[WMG: Robert will need to protect Roberta from a situation that makes her subject to the attention of lecherous men, causing him to reflect on his own life and attitudes toward women.]]

[[WMG:Brian influenced Cleveland Jr.'s atheism.]]
Cleveland Jr. is at church with his family only to criticize it. This may be another reason why Quagmire hates Brian, he somehow "corrupted" such a "nice kid".

[[WMG: Roberta really is Rallo's mother.]]
Rallo thinks that was what Donna was going to say in one of the newest episodes. Donna denies it in a defensive manner, so it must be true.

[[WMG:Terry's diminished role in the series following "Terry Unmarried" was a result of him taking a level in maturity.]]
For years, Terry's been getting into shenanigans and being fairly irresponsible with Cleveland and the rest of the gang. He's also witnessed the strain Cleveland, Lester, and Tim's ridiculous antics can put on their marriages. So after getting married to Paul and becoming accountable to another person, Terry decided to grow up (at least a little a bit), which meant distancing himself from the group. Probably also helps that he and Paul are still newlyweds and thus want to spend a LOT of time together, just the two of them.

[[WMG: Cleveland Jr. is really [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Peter Griffin's son]]]]
There was an episode of WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy that had a cutaway gag called "My Black Son" which was a parody of 80s sitcoms. It really is canon and Peter Loretta pregnant behind Cleveland's back. In WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow he looks more like Peter than Cleveland. This explains why the two got along so well in "Fore Father."