[[WMG: The Man is someone trying to fulfill his own bargain.]]

He wants something big, something huge...and so he has to fulfil the role of the bargain-maker until he can find another replacement.

[[WMG: The Man helped with the Curiosity probe.]]
Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6th. Season 2 started on August 6th. Coincidence? That's why this is WMG ;)

[[WMG: Doris is like The Man.]]
The Man is as close as we've seen to being rattled when Doris re-appears in season 2.

[[WMG: God and Satan are major characters in this series.]]
One is the Man, and the other is Doris. But which is which?

[[WMG: For fulfilling his task, The Man will be killed.]]
He'll be accused of kidnapping and arrested/killed. It'll, of course, help him "feel what they feel."
* [[spoiler: Jossed. On the other hand, he's now 'trapped like they are', in the sense of making meaning for himself.]]

[[WMG: The Man is Prometheus hiding from the Gods and Titans as he's escaped from his punishment.]]
Prometheus was the Titan of Foresight who brought fire to Man so that they grow.

[[WMG: The Man is [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]].]]
And the booth is the TARDIS.

[[WMG: The Man is [[Series/DoctorWho The Master]].]]
The Doctor has trapped him in the booth, and ordered him to help people, but the Master is using the "tasks" to hurt people instead of just helping them.