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President Stuncastin and SuperMagic PowerMan are the same person.
It does explain why, despite being supposedly the greatest superhero in the world, he doesn't show up to stop a giant rampaging potato bug. Of course, this means that as of "Showtime!", America's going to need a new President...

The professor from the Original Aquabats mythology created the Battle Tram
Granted he is mainly referred to as being a chemist but this Capital S science were talking about, name one other person referred to only as the professor who wasn't a multidisciplinary doctor?
  • Pretty much confirmed with MC Bat Commander's telling of how the Aquabats were formed.

The cartoon segments are a warning from the future.
In the final episode, the last shot we see is the Battletram drifting off to the moon, which is where the cartoon segments begin. Meanwhile, in the last cartoon segment, the Aquabats are transported by the Time Sprinkler to a year in the past, which is revealed to be the pool party from the live-action premise of the first episode.

The "Secret Friend" from the season two premiere is The Professor.
  • Or the fox.

The "origin" cartoon segments of Season 2 are the members' own individual stories of how they joined the Aquabats.
When watching these segments, the big thing to keep in mind is that the actual Aquabats band has had many member changes throughout the years, with the MC Bat Commander and Crash McLarson being the only two original members that are still part of the band. As such, it's understandable for each member of the band to have their own unique twist of the origin story (with certain members being replaced by earlier members of the group in each of the "origin" stories but Eaglebones'). For MC Bat Commander, his take on the origin story can pretty much be considered the basic origin story for the team (especially given how it's based on the band's actual super hero mythos). The origin stories of Eaglebones Jimmy the Robot, and Ricky Fitness can be considered the tales of how they joined the Aquabats (especially when you consider that the "horns" portion of Eaglebones's origin tale is a nod to the band having a brass section before he joined the band). As for Crash, his story pretty much explains how he first met the MC Bat Commander back when they were kids at elementary school.
  • That does make sense. Jimmy's origin has him finding an ad for a rock band in need of a saxophone player which is during the band's ska days.

Space Monster M is an evil version of Zordon.
Because, honestly, look at the guy!

The first five episodes of season two didn't really happen.
  • The last time we see The Aquabats in season one, they're floating unconscious in zero gravity. The first five episodes of season two are what each member of the band is dreaming right after getting thrown into space. They each have incongruous memories of how they met the others; they each put themselves in a situation where he gets to be the hero; they each imagine a story that suits their personality:
    • Eaglebones wants to help people
    • The MC Bat Commander wants people to look up to him
    • Jimmy wants a family
    • Crash wants to be brave
    • Ricky wants to find love

Pilgrim Boy is a Changeling, one of the hundred infant Changelings sent out by the Founders to gather information and explore.
Like Odo, who can't get human faces that right, Pilgrim Boy has trouble with his shapeshifting too, only in his case it causes him great pain. He flashes when he morphs rather than changing into his liquid state in between because his morphing process is still unstable. He is only really comfortable staying in his Pilgrim Boy form or in his liquid state. As seen in this episode, his experience with humans/solids (namely the Aquabats) wasn't the best.

Eaglebones doesn't cut his hair because he's going for the Guinness World Record.

The Aquabats have access to Time Lord technology, but none of them are Time Lords themselves.
  • The most obvious example of Time Lord tech. is the Battletram, which is Bigger on the Inside. It's also possible that when the Aquabats activate "stealth mode", they're putting up a perception filter around themselves, since they are still clearly visible.
  • It's highly unlikely that any of the current Aquabats are Time Lords. This must mean they have close contact with one. But just who is it? A friend, perhaps a former member?

A future episode will explain how the Aquabats broke out of their time loop.