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Tweeg's mother doesn't know about his father's bucketful of gold
That's the only possible explanation for A: Tweeg's father still having it; and B: Tweeg's mother not wanting anything with him anymore.
  • It's stated that Elroy fled Eleanor because she made his life a living hell. She doesn't know where he is and Tweeg only found him by accident.

The Trolls or the Grunges are a less violent version of Warhammer 40k Orks...and the Bounders are Squigs

Newton Gimmick is a Time Lord.
And the Airship is his TARDIS.

It had to be done.

The Octopede Sailors are immortal.
In the shipwreck flashback in "Octopede Sailors", Xena is the same age as she is when we meet her, and she is Grubby's age. In that flashback, Grubby was a kid..

The planet on which the Land of Grundo is located has weaker gravity than Earth.
Which is why Gimmick's airship was able to fly on such a small hot air-balloon despite being a sea-worthy boat, why Leota was able to hold a Grungeball bat, as well as close the heavy door in the episode with the Snowzos and rip through Tweeg's butterfly net, and Teddy was able to jump, backflip and cartwheel so easily out of the way of the attacking MAVO members in the episode where LB replaced Quellor as a leader. Also, Louie the Grunge could fly his pedal-powered helicopter and the characters plus the octopede sailors could power that huge machine by treadmills when they were captured.

The Seven Crystals of Grundo contain the same microchips as the Blue Water from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.
Their abilities (especially oxygen generation and memory manipulation) look like something produced by technology, can interface with Gimmick's technology (that was at least partially built from older blueprints) and the submarine. And of course, the writing on the crystals. The only explanation is that they are man-made (illiop-made) technology, considering their Atlantis-like ancient civilization.

Fuzz is actually evil.
In the episode Take a Good Look when Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick were shrunk, the Fob still tried to eat them despite still being able to recognize their appearance and hear their speech. Also, when they were the normal size, the enlarged Fuzz was closer to their size, and still attacked them For this Troper, that this episode made me fear Fuzz and the Fobs for a very long time as a child.

Fuzz had been replaced by a different Fob.
The original Fuzz was purple, did not speak and tried to eat Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick. The new Fuzz was green, could speak and was friendly.

The insects in this setting are mammals.
They have four limbs and (and in the case if Karen the butterfly) breasts.

The M.A.V.O. are the post-apocalyptic remnants of the US Government.
More accurately, the Right-Wing Republican Party. That's why they;re called the Monsters and Villains, require aspiring members to commit a certain number of bad acts, hate it when goody-two-shoes characters help each other, and have strict rules.

{{WMG: ....or, M.A.V.O. could have been founded to protect deformed mutants and outlaws from persecution.]] That is why they place so much importance on self-reliance and independence.