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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Tales of Graces
Yuri Lowenthal will voice Asbel once Tales of Gracesf is localized...

...thereby completing his status as a walking, talking Shout Out.

Fodoras is really Auldrant in an alternative future

Having predicted the end of Auldrant, at least one possible version of it, the order of Lorelei sealed up Lorelei inside a replica of Ion to try to guide the world into a better future. Unfortunately, Lorelei and Ion lost their memories in the process so he forgot its name, and was dubbed Lambda by the scientists and Emeraude. So with no way of being able to predict a better future, Lambda more or less became the Lambda we knew in the storyline and nobody knew how to rebel against destiny and the planet eventually went into ruin.

Before the apocalypse on Fodoras, a ship left the planet and became The Legacy.

This is a common scenario in Science Fiction. The devices that used the energy and life force of the Merines in Tales of Legendia weren't originally meant for the people of the sea; they were meant for Lambda. However, the Fodorans who were behind this scenario couldn't get ahold of Lambda; so they had to settle for a different power source that could just get them out and they escaped. Eventually they landed on a world that was an Ocean Planet, but it was populated by people already...the Ferines. The Fodorans who occupied the ship quickly realized that they could use the Ferines to power their ship, and the Merines was used as a demi-lambda, and they used many Ferines and Merines to terraform the planet for them to live on, as well as the Legacy itself. As they spread out, eventually their ancestors more or less forgot who they once were like in Pern and became convinced they were natives of the planet when only the Ferines really knew that they were from another planet. Eventually, the Ferines struck back against the Fodorans, now called the Oerines, and used the legacy against them - and then many years later, the events of Tales of Legendia happened.

Derris-Kharlan collided with Fodra after Tales of Symphonia

...and then Kratos hitchhiked with the Amarcians to Ephinea. And then he formed the Knight Academy in Barona. Yeah, it's kind of goofy, but it explains why there's a substance on Fodra called derris ore and why the statue of the Knight Academy's founder is a statue of Kratos.

Hubert only wins the duel in Lhant because Asbel was sick.

Shortly after the duel with Hubert (which is unwinnable by any means), Asbel starts running a fever. He may have had a fever during the duel with Hubert, which would explain why he can't win no matter how much leveling you do for him.
  • Possible Fridge Brilliance: There is a skit at the Lhant Caverns where Asbel says the party should be careful not to catch a cold after diving in the water the first time. It's possible Asbel could've caught a cold that eventually worsened into a fever following the unwinnable fight at Lhant Manor.

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