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Professor Suineg is actually Genis Sage

Besides the similar naming convention, this is first hinted when Report scaled the Tower of Harmelony with his line: "Back when I was a child, towers didn't even have lasers!" Considering that he lives in a rather futuristic society, and that he doesn't look more than 55, this time discrepency could be explained as him being a half-elf. A second hint is in the last panel of Strip 534: The Professor's Legacy. Although his hair is predominantly tealish, we can see a hint of silver hair near his left ear. Also note that his eyes are blue.

The most convincing hint, however, is during the war with Darth Nogard and his Kooms on Sekalua, where he says: "Dammit, Ere, my older sister could heal that wound in seconds!" Of course, these hints only make sense if you put them together.

Gib will try to use a frisbee made of fictionite to destroy Report's looks to match his own.
Unfortunately for him, it will only leave a debonair crossmark on Report's cheek because, fortunately for everyone, the Quirky Miniboss Squad he sent to retrieve the fictionite accidentally drop it into a tempering vat of Narrativium.

Ere D. Nay and Ere D. Nust are part of the Will of D and the Dark Will of D.
Middle initial. No other evidence, aside from the whole "Mirror Universe" thing.

Retrope is a Geass carrier
Two reasons, mainly:
  • Her name is Retrope Rudolph—"RR", anyone?
  • She survived two shots in the head and the chest without any visible scars, which a normal human theoretically shouldn't.

The entire strip is actually a report by the Department of Redundancy Department.
They will include a word-for-word report of reporting the report as part of the report.

A time-travel duplicate of Light Yagami is head of K.I.L.A.
Who but a less evil (or, scarily, more evil) version of "Raito" Yagami would head a branch that has an acronym and function so similar to Kira? Nobody knows what the head of K.I.L.A. looks like, it could be for protection from Death Note users.

  • A.U.T.H.O.R. has confommedin stip #576 that the head of K.I.L.A. is a Death Note character, but refused to tell us anything more.

The TV Tropes The Webcomic entry was created just to plant the idea in tropers' heads.
Eventually, a troper (or group of tropers) with sufficient artistic talent and enough drive and motivation will actually create an actual webcomic in a peculiar blend of Defictionalization and Wiki Magic.
  • This troper plans on making comics, and maybe she'll make a few mini-omakes, but someone will most defiantly make a comic based off this comic.
  • This troper plans to make cover art for this, with a smaller version for the page image.
  • This troper is also trying his hand at (awfully) drawing this comic, with a story involving the tenth doctor crashing into Haruhi. Trope-tan ensues.

Report Siht is a Time Lord
Because everyone is.
  • Then that would make Report Taht The Master.

The comic is All Just a Dream of Report
The real Report is shown in the Slice of Life segments.

The Slice-of-life segments are All Just a Dream.
They'll turn out to be non-canon later in the series, to deal with the Ship Tease.
  • A.U.T.H.O.R. has said that he thinks this is highly unlikely, but he does admit his word is not god.

There are two realities: the Slice of Life world and the Crazy Comic world. And Report Siht is the link between the two.
A.U.T.H.O.R. has stated that he hopes this is what's going on because if not A.U.T.H.O.R. fears that he's just another part of Report's pychic. And the Author Avatar only has a mind of his own because of leakage from beyond the Fourth Wall.

The original author was actually the Troper Hivemind
Self Explanatory.

A.U.T.H.O.R. is deliberately using bad writing and his Villain Sue/God-Mode Sue
...to set an example for future generations how to not write the webcomic. Kinda like J.K. Rowling impersonated Tara Gilesbie. In fact, he may even be the original author in disguise, specifically for that purpose.

Report Nwonknu's girlfriend is named Ere D. Uuk
Because that totally makes sense.

Retrope is absent from the Mirror Universe because she was killed in the prime one
The mirror universe "twins" cannot outlive their counterparts from other worlds by long, however, that doesn't work the other way around: if one is resurrected (especially if it is done by plot-altering magics), the other stays dead.
  • Alternatively, the current Retrope Prime is not the original Retrope Prime but rather Mirror Retrope who was brainwashed and brought into the prime universe by the collective will of Fandom Counterforce.

Trope-Tan's Face–Heel Turn happened...
because A.U.T.H.O.R.'s evil genes kicked in in the Informational Breakdown arc, and may happen again later.

Ere's parents aren't really dead
We only see the murder on a tape and I refuse to believe anyone's dead until I see their body.
  • Jossed. Ere's parents are confirmed killed in their house.

...and if they are, it wasn't Report
This comic has seen a lot of Character Derailment over its run (*coughA.U.T.H.O.R.cough*) but a Nice Guy turning into an Ax-Crazy psycho who kills his GF's folks for no apparent reason? Please.

The end of Worst Case Scenario will mark the start of another spin-off
One that's considerably darker than the first three.

Rather than being an Empty Shell, Gabe's just biding his time...
Waiting for the true identities of Regnis's killers to surface. The moment this happens, he can be expected to burst onto the scene in an Unstoppable No Holds-Barred Curb Stomp. And it will be awesome.

The New Character Doog
Is related to Dab.
  • Confirmed. It's Dab and Yug's father!

Fayejin is Not Quite Dead
We're told that Ayaka killed her, but we never actually see it, and Ayaka certainly doesn't seem shaken from killing her best friend. Who knows, maybe Fayejin is just biding her time...

The comic will end after Timey-Wimey Ball...
Really, after saving the universe from an evil Time Traveller with god-like powers, there's not much else to do.

...and we'll get to see the Power Trio after retiring from W.I.K.I.
Report and Ere will probably be married, and Retrope will work as a monster hunter.