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!! Creation and purpose of TV Tropes:

[[folder: "Realistic"]]
[[WMG: The entire site is meant as a harvesting ground for the writers, actors, designers, and other industry professionals of tomorrow.]] Think about it. What could be more useful? A website where everything that's been done is to be gathered into place, lovingly sorted, indexed, and categorized in a format meant to engage and amuse the reader. Examples are provided, ready-made to form the homages and {{lampshade hanging}}s of next season. The TitleBin could easily be used to search for an ''episode'' title, and this very page will serve as a controlled experiment on the nature of fan speculation.
* Well, I hope so! I'm already working on a script!
* It's certainly why [[{{@/Meems}} I'm]] here. Does that make this {{canon}}?
* [[{{@/BurgerLord}} I'm here because of this, as well.]]
* Guilty aspiring writer and {{trope}} wiki addict/lurker here too. Writing with a fresh {{trope}}s dig in your mind is probably a bad idea, though.
* Also [[{{@/Meiriona}} my]] sortof main reason to be here. The other is showing up losers in the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' {{fandom}}.
* [[{{@/Namta}} I]] am also guilty.
* [[{{@/Specialist290}} Guilty as charged.]]
* Yep, [[{{@/Cameoflage}} me]] too.
* [[{{@/Pinkbaron}} Ditto.]]
* [[{{@/Cosman246}} Another writer here.]]
* [[{{@/FunSunnyDayz}} Time for me to join the club.]]
* [[{{@/Metz77}} Aspiring musician]] checking in.
* [[@/TheToonGeekette Guilty aspiring animator here.]] (Why else do you think I picked that title for myself?)
* I've started keeping a list of {{trope}}s I've used on [[StarBright my contributor page.]]
* [[@/NotPigeon I]] consider this wiki to be an invaluable tool in making fun of the media in general. Does that count?
* [[{{@/WolfgangTheBlack}} I]] am a theatre major interning at a multimedia corporation who spends most of my work day reading/refining the articles. That's as close to Main/WordOfGod confirmation as you're likely to get.
* [[{{@/Katuko}} I]] am also a writer/amateur movie maker who ''loves'' to build up to a {{trope}} and then subvert it. This site is a [[AppliedPhlebotinum Phlebotinum]] mine that never runs dry.
* [[{{@/AnimeDutchess}} So insanely guilty of this.]] What can I say; this place is interesting AND informative!
* [[@/ManWithoutABody Writing a novel about it.]]
* Guilty here, too - Got a Graphic novel idea, SciFi thriller AND a children's fantasy book all in different stages of development.
* [[{{@/Nomic}} I]] sometimes write short stories and have a few in planning right now. I also plan on starting a {{webcomic}}.
** So am [[{{@/Brick3621}} I]]. I've even come up with what I'll write on the commentary that links to this wiki:
*** "Yes, I know that this links to the site's [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife warning page]] instead of the home page, but I can tell you that the warning should be the ''very first'' thing that people see when they discover this site. I would [[strike:strongly]] definitely recommend that an aspiring writer or artist take at least one stroll on this wiki. Unless, of course, they value their time. Or their sanity. Or their capacity to simply ''enjoy'' a show instead of subconciously[=/=]obsessively trying to dissect the plot. You have been warned."
* [[{{@/Meshakhad}} I]] am working on a novel. If it ever gets published, I intend to upload a completed entry at midnight the night the book is released.
* In that case, [[@/MrGuy I]] want my free job as a game designer so I can subvert/lampshade.
* I am an aspiring director/producer who just loves {{meta}}.
* Aspiring novelist/short story writer who aims to one day actually finish a work. (Not fully true, I did once write an awful play right to the end.)
* Subversion: I write for fun. If my book is published, kudos, but that isn't my profession.
* [[{{@/Doomlewa}} I]] admit it as well. I plan to become a video game designer and {{trope}}s will be put in subtly.
* [[{{@/Heleentje}} I]] am guilty as well. I just finished a novel that I'm trying to get published now.
* [[{{@/Numbuh9494}} I]] confess. I'm currently trying to finish up a novel.
* Another, even stronger subversion: [[{{@/Sciatrix}} I]] cannot write creative fiction at ''all.'' I just really like reading and analyzing it. (I have no problems writing when characters and plot aren't involved and have in fact been recognized for essays, but the creative spark just eludes me).
* [[{{@/Ekul}} I]] also would like to write for TV, plays, novels or whatever. Or be a physics professor. Also, I can't wait until my shows get [[WildMassGuessing WMG]]'d.
* [[{{@/SpiriTsunami}} Well, duh.]] [[{{Dream}} Haven't you seen me promoting my work of fiction?]] [[ShamelessSelfPromoter Because you should]] ''[[ShamelessSelfPromoter totally]]'' [[ShamelessSelfPromoter check it out--new chapters on fictionpress every Tuesday.]] And if you want to help me towards my goal of turning it into a manga (I lack the necessary artistic talent), that's even better.
* [[{{@/Aline}} I]] might be guilty, too, if not too lazy to do anything. [[ShamelessSelfPromoter You know, some otaku senshi fictions in DA need reading]].
* [[{{@/Zelnor}} Well, duh.]] Didn't you get the memo ?
* [[{{@/Bryndon}} I'm]] not alone!?!? Awesome! I just finished my novel and now I'm making a pen and paper RPG. I've been trying to fit as many subversions as possible in to both.
* [[{{@/Camkitsune}} I]] am also writing a book. Or would be if [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife I could stop futzing around on TVTropes and actually write something]].
* I enjoy writing, but am not actually anywhere near good enough to have a hope in hell of being published. [[YouSuck I]] [[SelfDeprecation suck]].
* [[{{@/Scarab}} I'm here too!]] Yay, company! :D
* [[{{@/Sonica}} Yep]], same here. Aspiring author, but wouldn't mind being a story writer for videogames.
* We can safely say this is a self-fulfilling/vicious circle sort of thing. [[CleverPun I]] was a writer long before I found this site (though I'm not published yet), and I stumbled upon it from another writing wiki (or something like that). Who writes about writers? Other writers.
* I will know I've 'made it' when something I do gets its own TV Tropes page.
* I would be an aspiring author if TV Tropes had not ruined my life.
* Might as well go ahead and add [[@/QuackorTheFowl my name]] to the directory. Making a comic on Flipnote Studio (It's called [=FlipZone,=] look around for it), and I use large amounts of LampshadeHanging and subversions.
* I want to be an author too. I love this place! I'm so looking forward to the day I can read about my own works here!
* [[{{@/Revelo}} working on a superhero novel here!]]
* I am using the site as part of my novel-writing project. Wiki/TVTropes counts as research, right?
* Aspiring comic writer/artist here. This place has actually helped me come up with new ideas.
* I am in the process of writing stories modeling characters and items for future video games. My profession is going to be video game artist.
* [[{{@/That897Guy}} I'm]] an aspiring cartoonist. I have lots of original characters I draw, and I often come up with writing ideas that my best friend/fellow writer tells me are awesome when I have almost no idea what makes them awesome. Currently writing [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg a graphic novel series and a comic book]] in the same continuity.
* [[RavenGrave I'm]] an aspiring graphic novelist and/or video game concept artist...
* I am an aspiring novelist. Enjoys finding tropes that fit my current project.
* [[ChaosKiwi I]] am guilty. FUTURE MANGA-KA. Hell yeah!
* [[{{@/Flyingdingo0827}} I'm]] an aspiring video game designer/author, and they say TV tropes ruins lives.
* I hope to write a novel about dinosaurs one day.
* If [[{{@/raigakuren}} I]] ever make it big one day as a musician, I will credit tvtropes.org as one of the things to thank for my success.
* [[OverlyLongGag I suppose 134th'd?]] I like writing TV shows, but they don't make enough sense. It's like Adventure Time on drugs!
* And yet another! [[@/SanDemonMax I'm]] a web developer, who is currently reliant on Dreamweaver and ashamed to admit it. DON'T LOOK AT MEH!
* Never too late to [[{{@/QuantumAeus}} join the crowd!]]
* Well, [[{{@/Sibuna}} as a young aspiring novelist,]] I too am part of this group.
* I don't know about writer, but TV Tropes has certainly given ''me'' a few ideas.
* So, [[IKnewIt Confirmed?]]

[[WMG: [[Wiki/TVTropes This site]] was created to ruin your life.]]
* Alternatively: [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TVTropes ruined your life]] [[YouAreTooLate Thirty-Five Minutes Ago.]]

[[WMG: The code of TV Tropes is written to force users to use Tabbed Browsing.]]
Think about it. Every page has links to three or four other good topics, and using the Back/Forward buttons on your browser causes you to return to the top of the page rather than the position of the link you clicked to move. Do the math.
* Tested by me repeatedly with Mozilla Firefox 2.x. Feel free to post your findings.
* [[{{@/Metz77}} I]] find that, not only is this true, my tabbed pages tend to double or more while on TV Tropes.
* My mouse has buttons on its side that function in exactly the same way as the Back and Forward buttons. Using these buttons, I have found that I manage to return to the position of the link that was clicked, rather than to the top of the page.
** And I just right-click everything and open it in a new window.
* I might as well tape down Ctrl. If I don't have twenty or more new tabs open, I'm not on TV Tropes.
** I, on the other hand, must tape the Ctrl ''and'' the Shift. I use Opera, you see...
* The only reason I use Internet Explorer is so I'll avoid returning to the top of the page when going forward/backwards.
* [[{{@/Katuko}} I]] not only have forwards/backwards buttons on my mouse and open at least 20 new tabs per Wiki/TVTropes visit, I also abuse the middle-click (opens site in new tab) and scroll wheel heavily (changing between tabs). I once ''crashed his browser'' by opening too many tabs. That's 100-200+ tabs!
* I have an entire folder of bookmarks for TV Tropes, because I always ends up with too many tabs to read at once. The folder generally hovers around the 90 to 100 range.
** I tend to [[BigNo scream]] when my browser crashes with [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v213/Bobbyqueen/tropedbrowsing.png 20+ tvtropes]] pages open.
* I also believe it can cause you to open multiple browsers, too. How else can you compare corollaries between shows and characters?
* I had at one time 500+ tabs open, when I first discovered TV Tropes. Took a while to read through all of them.
* I have fallen so far, that I use a different browser for TVT ropes, so I can resume reading my tabs, and they don't interfere with normal browsing.

[[WMG: TV Tropes Wiki is actually controlled by a cannibalistic cook named named Shesama who uses different dishes to cook different types of people.]]
Thus why we have a trope named ShesamaNinjaPan.
* We do?
** Shesama is just a really respectable transvestite ninja cook!

[[WMG: TV Tropes is just a huge test page compiled by browser makers Microsoft, Mozilla, and Opera to test out their tabbing functionality.]]
The website inserts a simple test program into the user's mind similar to this pseudocode:
->infinite loop of insanity {
-> Are there still articles open?
-> Yes:
-> Read an article until you hit a link or end of page
-> Link: If it's interesting, middle-click it into a tab.
-> end of page: Remove tab for that article, add to blacklist to avoid re-reading.
-> No:
-> Click random
* Considering how often I end up on a page I already thought I'd read, only to find it has changed beyond all recognition, I'm guessing I got the [[TakeThat Microsoft version]].
** I choose to resent that. Bloody Mac/Linux users...
* I have this variation:
--> No:
--> Start surfing in YouTube, Website/DeviantArt, other wikis or Webcomic/BrawlIntheFamily

[[WMG: It Just Bugs Me was deliberately created by the [[OmniscientCouncilOfVagueness Wiki Gods]] in an attempt to isolate the dangerous strains of Administrivia/ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontLike which threatened to destroy TV Tropes entirely.]]
The attempt has not succeeded. As such, it is only a matter of time before the Wiki Gods return and we face their terrible and just wrath.
* And it's in the shape of extra-strong coffee, I bet. Coffee is gross.

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created to evangelize Series/DoctorWho.]]
I have learned more about Dr. Who in a month of reading Tropes than in a year of mildly interested Wikipedia clickage.
* Hm. That could also apply to ''Franchise/StarTrek'', ''Franchise/StarWars'', ''Literature/HarryPotter'', ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', and every other TropeOverdosed universe. Except I'm fans of those.
** Not to mention [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi]], TabletopGame/Warhammer40000, and Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest.
** And WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender. Don't forget that one.
** Don't forget ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}''. And ''Website/{{Cracked}}''.
** And WMG was to evangelize... [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]] (pun intended)!
** You know what, let's just say TV Tropes was created to evangelize everything and leave it at that.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is here to remind you of The Game.]]
* Really, people are just constantly losing when they come here. By the way, you just lost.
** *** it!
** Actually, no, I have [[Webcomic/{{xkcd}} immunity]].
** Alternately, there's a second version of the Game on TV Tropes where the objective it to lose as often as possible, thus increasing traffic through TV Tropes.

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created by [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Dreamfinder]]]]
Think about it, Dreamfinder collects various bits and pieces of thoughts and ideas, and stores them in the Dreamport to combine them into all sorts of new ideas, stories, art, etc.
When he got booted out from the Imagination pavilion, he eventually decided to start over, but on the internet. It allowed him to invite even more people to come along with him onto a new journey into imagination. One that [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife people have a hard time getting off of]].

There is another reason why TVTropesWillRuinYourLife. It is specifically designed to trap [[ChekhovsGun potential writers, actors, designers, and other industry professionals of tomorrow]]. Ha! I'm going to go and cry now.
* My social life was already destroyed way before. Nice try, though.
* There is one mythical troper who is immune to that effect. That troper... it's me! I'm even immune to saying Candle Jack. See, I didn't disappear in the mid sent...

ence. Sorry, I had to sneeze.\\
[[spoiler:There, I went and finished the two sentences for him. Isn't that nice of me?]]
[[spoiler:Yes, you are a nice person. Anyone else want to join in on our invisible conversation?]]
[[WMG: TV Tropes has become a god and is creating a paradise for all of its followers.]]
It started as an ordinary wiki, [[GodsNeedPrayerBadly but as more and more people poured their time and energy into it, it attained godhood.]] It has since been gathering power by attracting new followers and gathering information so that it could create the perfect world for the tropers. It Just Bugs Me was created in an attempt to prevent plot holes in this tropers' heaven and WildMassGuessing is used for it to get new ideas from the tropers themselves. TroperTales and the SugarWiki are yet another facet of information gathering, the former for gathering information about the tropers' lives and the latter about their likes. FanFicRecommendations exists to allow it to examine the tropes in action rather than just as listed examples. The DarthWiki is an attempt by TV Tropes Wiki to purge itself of evil and negative energy, allowing it to become a being of pure goodness. Then it will only be a matter of gathering up that last little bit of energy to rapture all tropers through their computer screens. The Great Crash was caused by the last attempt at such a rapture which failed spectacularly because TV Tropes Wiki wasn't completely ready yet.
* TV Tropes: [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Emperor of Mankind]].

[[WMG: Wiki/TVTropes is secretly run by Wikipedia.]]
Think abut it. TV Tropes covers all the minor info, and Wikipedia the major info. TVT ropes was created so Wikipedia could appear fancy and have a place to dump minor info. eventually, the two might merge into one gigantic knowledgebase.
* '''BLASPHEMY!''' '''MADNESS!!'''
* ''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Summary Execution!]]'' '''* BLAM* '''
* Actually, it's going to eventually be forcibly taken over by Wikipedia. In that way, Wikipedia will have most of the world's knowledge, and since Knowledge Is Power, it's part of Jimbo Wales' plan for omnipotence. OUR ONLY HOPE IS TO RESIST TAKEOVER!

[[WMG: Wiki/TVTropes was created by a consortium of obscure anime fans and the creators of ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera'' as a subliminal advertising campaign.]]
You want evidence? Alright. On almost every single page, the anime examples are the first you see, and you have to scroll through all of them (until the close file button was added; a function the Consortium is subtly trying to destroy). Also note how, even on pages where there are very few examples for film/literature/comics/etc, there will always be at least fifteen anime examples - many of them from obscure shows that were never released over the pond. And just think on this; had ''anybody'' actually heard of Repo The Genetic Opera before they found this site? An incredibly obscure cult musical, no, an incredibly obscure critically panned cult musical, no, an incredibly obscure critically panned cult musical 'starring Paris Hilton', somehow manages to have a huge amount of trope entries across the entire site. Think about it!

[[WMG: The Canadian channel "[=TVtropolis=]" (formerly "Prime") was purchased and renamed by the TV Tropes Wiki.]]
On the TV Listings Channel, some channels are abbreviated to fit in the little box (ex. Creator/{{Teletoon}} becomes "TOON"). The abbreviation for [=TVtropolis=] is "TROP", which one could easily read as "trope". Whether this was a spontaneous decision by the Wiki Creator, part of a cunning plan (One of the {{Gambit|Index}} [[GambitRoulette variety]] perhaps?), the result of the Wiki Creator hitting the wrong button on Paypal while blasted drunk, or prehaps a move by @/TheAdvertisementServer to leave the internet and infect television after flooding the Wiki Creator's home with (ads for) [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} a deadly neurotoxin]] is still up for discussion.[[WMG: The Canadian channel "[=TVtropolis=]" (formerly "Prime") was purchased and renamed by the TV Tropes Wiki.]]

[[WMG: Wiki/TVTropes is part of a {{plan}} to promote the use of the phrase "XanatosGambit..."]]
...which is itself only a part of a larger GambitRoulette whose sole purpose is to prevent the use of the phrase "XanatosGambit."

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created or being used by [[Manga/DeathNote Light Yagami]]]]
"Light Yagami" is actually a RealLife person who thinks everything in this world (even fiction) is rotten. However, this guy never found a Death Note, but instead he tried to devise a way to subtract and judge fiction critically, become the God of the Fictional World, and change the world from that domain by finding similarities between fiction and Real Life, called Tropes. Thus, TV Tropes was born, and now used as a way to subtract and predict oncoming several possibilities about seemingly different and ordinary kinds of fiction, and with it, Real Life.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a [[Franchise/AssassinsCreed Piece of Eden]]]]
From Altair's description of the Apple's effects in the Codex, the Apple of Eden draws its user in that he or she [[ArchiveBinge will not]] [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife willingly stop]], that the Apple is a catalog of [[TropeS what was and will be]], and to provide whatever the user desires, if the user will only obey. Sound familiar yet?

[[WMG: TV Tropes is either an attempt to a crossover fanfiction while disguised as a wiki, or it is a wiki that ended up as a crossover fanfic]]
By connecting several works of fiction using Tropes, it actually manages to create a fanfiction, perhaps even bigger and more complex than the current largest crossover series, Fanfic/UndocumentedFeatures. TV Tropes actually managed to pull this off: the Plot is run by and renamed as the tropes, (trope articles, when assembled corrctly, can transform into short stories)and the characters are actually characters from articles about fiction.
* Which created ''TV Tropes: The TVShow'' in the process.

[[WMG: TV Tropes actually possesses a private military force: [[UsefulNotes/TheKnightsTemplar The Knights]] [[{{Pun}} Troper]]]]
Hey, [[KnightTemplar we have a trope for this]], so why not? For the full picture, imagine TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Space Marines. This time, with the RuleOfCool turned SerialEscalation.
* And their leader is a MagnificentBastard whose wars are always won, [[Manga/DeathNote Exactly as Planned]]. Truly a formidable force.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is designed to create [[ManchurianAgent Manchurian Trolls]]]]

It's a website dedicated to ruining the vocabulary of anyone, excess snarkiness, and coming up with insane/inane theories on nearly everything. Many sites outside of TV Tropes tend to look upon it with disdain, because tropers will always come in, use obscure and hard-to-understand terms, demand that everyone understand these terms immediately, spam the website with links to TV Tropes, pimp TV Tropes at every opportunity, and so forth. This naturally will annoy people. Even Website/FourChan is annoyed by TV Tropes.

Tropers don't mean to troll, they just do it automatically as a result of their programming.

Also: ''Tro''p''er'' is just a few letters away from ''Tro''ll''er''

[[WMG: TV Tropes ''is'' TheVirus!]]
Viruses work like, well, viruses. They are a simple genetic code encased in a protein capsule, and that genetic code is hardwired with the will to produce more of itself. If TheVirus latches itself on a normal cell, it injects its own genetic code into the cell, causing the cell's DNA to merge with the virus', mutating the cell into a virus factory. Some cells might burst with newborn viruses, while other cells might keep the virus' DNA and reproduce like normal cells.

Wait, how come we are saying TV Tropes is a kind of Virus? Let's reverse-engineer TV Tropes' anatomy for a bit. These Tropes? These mimetic, harmless Tropes which serve as TV Tropes' and contemporary fiction's backbone? They are the primary genetic material. This entire website is just a capsule designed to ensure that the genetic-code (Tropes) are safe. Try taking a WikiWalk for example. Oh look! Interesting words are on the way! Let's see.... (uses Tabbed Browsing many times) Congratulations, bub. You just infected yourself with the Virus' code. Now before your eyes you will see your life being ruined ''bit by bit'' while the virus remakes your brain in its own image. However, this Virus, TV Tropes, is smart enough to keep a list of infected media, in the form of the Contributors pages (the people infected by Tropes) and the Main pages (fiction and entire domains and media infected by Tropes) to ensure the evolution and survival of the Tropeic genetic code.

There are many effects of the Virus, and some of them includes:
* For the ordinary average joe, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife a ruined life]]. When the ordinary man infects himself with the Trope virus, he ceases to become ordinary. At first, the ordinary man cannot see fiction in the usual way before. Then he cannot see Real Life in the usual way before. This is actually the Virus corrupting the person's soul. His perception is slowly corrupted, causing his social, and later physical, life to be ruined...before his own eyes.
* EpilepticTrees. Epileptic Trees are mutated plants which were infected with special variations of the Trope virus, and emit [[BrownNote special electromagnetic and metaphysical waves]] which cause any viewer to [[DeathOfTheAuthor kill the author]] and create random plots in any media so more Epileptic Trees can grow on those media. They are found mostly abundant in [[Series/{{Lost}} Lost Island]], showing that Lost Island is actually one of Tropes' most infected domains. [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Tokyo-3]] is also near another massive Epileptic tree forest.
* [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic Delusions of random symbolism]], most specifically, delusions that [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory everyone is actually Jesus and everywhere is Purgatory]]. When the Trope virus gets into your neurons, it first struggles against the Religion viruses (sorry for the RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement, but this is for [[strike:pseudo]]scientific purposes), and eventually, the Trope virus merges with the dominant Christianity strain. The eventual effect? Perceiving Jesus everywhere. The Christianity Strain might make you only see a single Jesus, but when the Christianity Strain combines with the Trope Virus, it destroys the psyche so much that the poor victim ends up seeing Jesuses everywhere.
* Like the above, [[FreudWasRight delusions that everything is about sex]]. This happens when the Trope Virus merges with the Freudian Id (the unconscious part of the mind that functions according to the Pleasure Principle, in other words, the part of the mind which is responsible for sexual desire). Thus, the Trope Virus redirects the Libidinal flow of the Id to the senses. The effects include perceiving everything that is longer than it is wide and penetrates something as a penis.
* Another variation of the Trope Virus is one that infects bugs. ''Arthropodus Tropeis'' are a brand new species of insects that were infected with the "codename: It Just Bugs Me" genetic code. ''A. Tropeis'' latches itself onto a hapless person, causing the person to be irritated, but somehow, ''A. Tropeis'' alters the person's perception, causing him to notice even the slightest mistake, and make twisted logic on it. This is called by experts as "Fridge Logic".
* Special mutated beings called Tropers. Tropers might look like your average human at first, but they are actually a subspecies of humanity that was so used to the Trope virus they end up ''loving'' it. We would tell you how a Troper functions. Remember the [[Manga/ElfenLied Diclonius]]? Diclonius are a subspecies of humanity that were born because their parents were infected by the vector virus, but through the vector virus, they gained special powers. They can use their vectors to manipulate objects around them. Most Diclonius have ruined social lives, shunned by the normal populace around them. Well the Troper works the same. Simply replace Diclonius with Troper and Vectors with Tropes. Tropers are a class of humanity that were created because of the Trope Virus, but through the trope virus, they gained special powers. They can use their tropes to manipulate objects (specifically, the plot that keeps everything running) around them. Most Tropers have ruined social lives, shunned by the populace around them. Unlike Diclonius, however (Diclonius deal with the social stigma through mass murder), most Tropers are [[{{Hikikomori}} hikikomorized]] since their ability to function in Real Life has been stripped away, but a miniature special group of GenreSavvy Tropers can deal with the plot of Real Life.
* The most obvious symptom that marks terminal Trope infection: NoFourthWall. A Fourth Wall is what keeps reality and fiction apart. We would tell you how the Fourth Wall functions. Remember the [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion AT Field]]? An AT Field is what keeps humans apart. Destroying the AT Field will result in a MindScrew called [[AssimilationPlot Instrumentality]], where all humans are merged together in an archetypal existence. A similar effect will happen if the Fourth Wall is finally destroyed, causing all continuities to merge into one single MegaCrossover. Why does the Tropes carry this risk? Answer: Tropes know no boundaries. They treat Real Life as just another domain bounded by NarrativeCausality for them to subject into mimesis, and thus infect. Unlike Wikipedia (which is still bounded by deletions) and more like [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Spiral Power]], Tropes will simply expand to incorporate all media and break any walls in the way. Still not convinced? See [[RealLife This page]] for evidence.
* So, TheVirus Tropes? Holy shit. Even the name matches.
* Other symptoms: Tabbed Browsing, [[PerverseSexualLust love for fictional characters]], BreakingTheFourthWall, [[MagnificentBastard Magnificent Bastardry]], [[NietzscheWannabe nihilism]], immorality, complete immorality, BlackAndGrayMorality, BlueAndOrangeMorality, overuse of "{{Xanatos Gambit}}s", overuse of "{{Xanatos Gambit}}s" even though he isn't [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} Xanatos]], overuse of "[[TheChessmaster Chessmaster]]" even though he is a total flop in chess, [[NayTheist hating God]], [[RuleOfCool believing in the "Awesome"]], [[MundaneMadeAwesome believing in the "Awesome" even though it isn't Awesome in normal standards]], [[GenreSavvy genre savviness]], [[GenreBlind genre blindness]], contractual genre blindness, using dangerous substances called "AppliedPhlebotinum", turning into a LargeHam, [[BreakTheCutie breaking cute characters (and sometimes ending up being the one broken)]], [[AllPsychologyIsFreudian believing that all psychology was invented by Sigmund Freud]], [[FreudWasRight believing in Sigmund Freud to the point of seeing phallic imagery everywhere]], [[FreudianExcuse believing in Sigmund Freud to the point of explaining how one became evil]], worshipping [[WMG/TimeLord Time Lords]], worshipping LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya, worshipping both Haruhi Suzumiya and the Time Lords, worshipping Time Lords and Haruhi Suzumiya along with [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji Ikari]] and the entire setting of TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}, most especially Warhammer 40000 (with [[ChainsawGood Chainswords]], I mind you), [[DeathOfTheAuthor killing the author]] [[KillItWithFire with fire]], [[OmnicidalManiac killing]] [[SuicidalCosmicTemperTantrum everything]] [[KillItWithFire with fire]], [[DrivenToSuicide killing yourself]], ArsonMurderAndJaywalking. There are many more, countless to be exact, but jaywalking is always the last symptom. See the [[Main/{{Tropes}} Main Tropes Index]] for all the effects (and strains) of the virus.

The Trope Virus is considered by many to be an incurable and highly-contagious disease, to the extent that only a full [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Exterminatus]] can destroy the virus, along with the rest of the world. However, [[TropesAreNotBad being infected by the Trope Virus isn't always bad]]. With the right infections and enough skill, [[TVTropesWillEnhanceYourLife the virus will actually enhance your life]] and [[CursedWithAwesome curse you with awesome]]. Also, the TroperTales page shows how these surviving tropers dealt with the Apocalypse.
* This one guess? [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife This one is true]]. Although TV Tropes and other metaphysical viruses are better known as memes (not the MemeticMutation ones, but the concept UsefulNotes/RichardDawkins originally created to describe how mimetic pieces of culture and religion are spread).

[[WMG: The NHK created TV tropes in order to increase the amount of hikikomori.]]
What better way to have people not leave their computers besides [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife this very website]].

[[WMG: The head admin of TV Tropes will use/is using this site to take over the entire internet, and then, the world.]]
The only evidence I need is the fact that TVTropesWillRuinYourLife.

[[WMG: The Main TV Tropes Wiki Is There For The Forumgoers.]]
The forum is the main site, and the wiki is just there to supply pothole/topic material.

[[folder: Philosophy]]
[[WMG: Tropes are just fancy words for Plato's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_Forms Theory of Forms]] and Carl Jung's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jungian_archetypes archetypes]]]]
Forms (Archetypes in Jungian psychiatry) are hidden ideas located inside the Collective Unconscious that are behind the things recognized by our senses. While Wikipedia's sole purpose is to record the visible and the obvious, TV Tropes' sole purpose is to find these mostly-subliminal ideas and include it into its database. Because TV Tropes collects these ideas, it gains power, collecting even more ideas while simultaneously tempting any person to visit it, ultimately causing that person to have a [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife ruined life]]. In some circumstances and the long run, however, since these ideas are the foundation of everything visible, the person gains a heightened sense of intuition, but ironically, this intuition is the actual cause of the person's ruined life.
* Also, Carl Jung still lives, and is a key editor. Because this WMG needs to get even better

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created by a bunch of Solipsists / Platonists / Idealists who want to deny objective reality by treating it as fiction using tools called "tropes"]]
Solipsism: the denial of objective reality and the treatment of everything as "figments of your imagination".

I just saw the [[WMG/RealLife Real Life Wild Mass Guesses]] and it seems TV Tropes is in support of Solipsism (it encourages people to treat RealLife as a thing you can inject with fanon). TV Tropes originally had the sole purpose of comparing fiction using omnipresent (but hidden) ideas and plot devices called "tropes", which are usually the common but subtle things found in seemingly different works of fiction. However, by including RealLife in its catalogue of Tropes, TV Tropes revealed its true colors: promoting Solipsism and treating Reality as another work of fiction which is nothing more but a shadow of these Tropes and an imagination that we have created.
* Apparently, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife they succeeded]].
* I originally thought Idealism is a more appropriate term (Idealism is also the denial of objective reality, but it supports the existence of God or gods), but I prefer solipsism to add an existentialist touch.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is PostModernism]]
TV Tropes helps us treat RealLife like an elaborate fiction.

[[folder: Fantasy, Sci-fi, & Surreal]]
[[WMG: The entire site is meant as a harvesting ground for the writers, actors, designers, and other industry professionals of tomorrow.]]
Alien ships run on burning writers, actors, designers, and other industry professionals. And Alpha Tauri is far away.

[[WMG: The Wiki is an infomorphic intelligence.]]
It [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife captures unwitting netizens]], molding their subconsciouses into nodes of its mind prepared to further build its intelligence and [[TheVirus ensnare others]].
* Eventually, once it has enough power, it shall reboot the universe in its own image. All existence shall be replaced by a trope-rich multiverse governed by the TheoryOfNarrativeCausality.
** And some say this has [[Literature/{{Discworld}} already happened...]]
* Therefore, ''the TV Tropes Wiki will eventually become LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya.''
** Which of course means the reboot will happen August 8th this year. Goodie.
** And which also means that the JustForFun/WorldCreationProject will eventually grow to include aliens, time travellers, and espers. And Kyon... who is [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya also the Doctor]].
** The Great Server Crash of '08 was actually caused by the Wiki practicing its powers. How do we know? The [[{{Unperson}} Erased From Existence]] [[TropeLaunchPad YKTTW]] had the most replies at the time- an act of unconscious voting by the hive mind on a course of action.
*** Alternatively TheGreatCrash was an external force trying to stop the wiki before it fully awakened.
*** Bloody time travelers, always thinking they know what's best. That's what it was. They tried to prevent some horrible alternate future caused by the Tropes Wiki. And what did we do? We rebuilt the *** thing. Oh dear god, we've doomed the earth.
*** "Doomed?" Why? That sounds ''awesome!'' I could finally pursue my secret dream of becoming an exciting vigilante superhero.
* In truth, [[{{@/Aline}} I'm]] some sort of opposite Haruhi, as I always am bored, and bad things happen when I'm ''amused''.

[[WMG: TV Tropes Wiki is TheVirus]]
Slowly, steadily, it's taking over the world, turning normal people into tropers to bolster its ranks.
* Nah, some people are too much of morons to be tropers.
* I am not sure Wiki/TVTropes is, but I know Homestuck is. Which, by the way, corrupted me! why don't you join us?

[[WMG: The universe is a TV show, and this site is where viewers post stuff they'd like to see happen.]]
TruthInTelevision shows that sometimes the writers listen. Also, you are either a main character, or a faceless extra.
* Not true. You might also be a MauveShirt, a RecurringExtra, or an EnsembleDarkHorse, among ''many'' others possibilities.
** RealLife has LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a plantation]]
We are all tomatoes! Don't believe me, you fool? Look [[TomatoInTheMirror into the mirror]], then! Then you shall see the awful truth!
* When I look into the mirror, all I see is an eggpla...
** <Chomp> :-P Hmmmmm eggplant!
* I'm seeing two watermelons... [[GagBoobs Oh, wait.]]
* I don't see anything. Oh, wait...forget I said [[{{Vampire}} anything.]]
* Really? I see some mechanical- oh... oh god...

[[WMG: Wiki/TVTropes is a crucial part of ThePlan to breed a generation of potential superhumans]]
Think about it; knowledge is power, and we all have it - some of us are even capable of AwesomeByAnalysis. Most of us are probably technically geniuses (if such a loaded term can be used in this context), but because we're also nuts and have poor social skills, it's unlikely that our [[Webcomic/GirlGenius Spark-y]] genes would be passed on were we left to our own devices.

However, the (possibly time-travelling) schemers know we naturally gravitate towards places where information can be shared, so they disguised their 'superhero-spawning matchmaker site' as the fun, snarky wiki we know and love.

This explains why every TroperTales page results in proposals of marriage and child-bearing, not to mention Talk/TroperShipping; we're being shepherded into making good partnership choices to produce 'superior stock'. Eventually, our descendants will develop psychic powers and other mutations (or just [[Manga/DeathNote L]]/Franchise/{{Batman}} / Series/{{Monk}}-level brilliance) and be drafted as supersoldiers by whoever's running the show.

However, this gambit is only [[GambitRoulette a small part of an entire network of plans]] by the schemers' opposition; the 'tropes-as-MacGuffin' ploy is played straight in the above strategy, but subverted overall, because as long as this site remains operational, its description and demystification of narrative devices robs them of their power when people attempt to invoke them in the real world. All of our knowledge can be preserved here to guide the generations that follow, and no good troper would [[JumpedAtTheCall Jump At The Call]] without asking a lot of questions first; questions whose answers would no doubt lead to most of them forming LaResistance.

Just think; a world where every superhero is meta-aware, all the time...

Note: Only one operative of the singular conspiracy is aware of the wider GambitRoulette in play; his efforts to abort the mission resulted in the Great Crash.

* So it's a breeding program designed to produce people who are either prescient or immune to prescience. Obviously, it's either the [[Franchise/{{Dune}} Bene Gesserit]] or [[Literature/GodEmperorOfDune}} Leto II]].
* Hey, GenreSavvy heroes are always the best kind!

[[WMG: Aliens created the site to keep the GenreSavvy from breeding]]
Their invasion will be terribly cliché; because [[AliensStealCable they devised their plan from old sci-fi movies]].
* There's only one solution then. Gather up all the tropers into one nation, the Tropics of TV. Then, our social lives will BE TV Tropes, and we can [[SocialDarwinist use our superior genes]] to create a race of super tropers that will defend the world from vampires, monsters, aliens, espers, evil time travellers and other bad guys. After that, we take their stuff, [[MegaManning their powers]] and their knowledge to rule the world! [[EvilLaugh HA]] [[MadScientist HA]] [[TheyCalledMeMad HA]]!
** Espers aren't really evil, but I'd be wary about the [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya the sliders]]...
** How will we incorporate their knowledge and powers? Well, we would be a nation of nerds, so no doubt any [[HeelFaceTurn turncoat]] or [[DarkIsNotEvil non-bad]] extranormal entities would end up [[FaceFullOfAlienWingWong adding]] to the gene pool.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a DeusEstMachina in the making]]
The Tropes allow TV Tropes to transcend reality, break the fourth wall and help fiction to influence Real Life. However, it needs several hosts whose lives are ruined enough by TV Tropes to the point where they have NoFourthWall. The hosts are called the Tropers. If TV Tropes would ever dominate the Internet, and merge with large websites like Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia, it would dominate the minds of more people over the Internet, which would then influence the people in Real Life, meaning more people whose fourth walls are broken, and when all humanity's fourth walls are broken down, the Tropes will leave the TV Tropes existence and merge with Humanity via the Internet, becoming a Deus Est Machina in the process.

[[WMG: [[{{@/hiimdaisy}} Maybe TV Tropes is EVERYBODY'S MINDS]]]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes has only one page but it works like [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor’s ‘Psychic Paper’]]]]

There are no links, to other Trope pages, you just think there are. Your mind creates the pages you think you see. In fact if once you’ve visited TV Tropes, even if you physically write a new website address, you don’t leave you just think you do.

There is no escape!!!

[[WMG: I am TV Tropes]]

* [[Literature/IAmAmericaAndSoCanYou And So Can You!]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a subconscious training ground for the biggest fight of our lives.]]

One day the world of fiction will get so huge it'll rip a hole through the universe and the world will be invaded by Cliches, Scrappys, and Sues, all using the power of tropes to conquer us, summoning an ApocalypseWow and using the power of PlotHole(s) to destroy us.

Someone from the future lives in this dark future and went back to create Wiki/ThisVeryWiki as a training ground, so when the time comes, we can ban together and use all of our GenreSavvy knowledge to defend our world.

JustForFun/TropeTan, CrystalDragonJesus, AliceAndBob and ThisTroper will all be ChekhovsGunman, and play huge parts in the war.

It will be called the Trope War, and it'll inspire the greatest story ever!

...We must be prepared.

[[WMG:This website is an attempt to archive all media and {{trope}}s in case we manage to lose it all in a war.]]
Thousands of years in the future, WorldWarWhatever will happen. Media will be lost, and things such as television will become LostTechnology. AfterTheEnd, when survivors of the war rediscover TV Tropes, they will attempt to recreate every piece of media that the former world once had.

* Plot twist- They've already done this. All of the media we see today came to be due to the centuries-long work of the survivors of an apocalypse too long ago to remember. (Possibly the sinking of Atlantis, along with its huge empire?) The wiki was left behind by them to use should the same ever happen again.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is an attempt to SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong by [[TimeTravel refugees]] from a {{dystopia}}n future where the overuse of cliches has caused a collapse of the entire entertainment industry.]]
Related to a WMG and its spin off involving aliens. Having had nothing new to watch, read, or play in decades, a small band of intrepid heroes returned to the early twenty-first century create TV Tropes. Specifically, through familiarizing the creative minds of the next generation with the concepts of {{subvert|edTrope}}ing, {{invert|EdTrope}}ing, and [[DecontructedTrope deconstructing tropes and archetypes]], they have seeded the collective subconscious to create new tropes. By the time society has reached their point in time, the entertainment industry will still be going strong on the tropes and archetypes developed on this website. Of course, this may [[TheTimeTravellersDilemma negate their]] [[RetGone very existence]], but anything is better than continuing to live in a world where ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' is considered one of the [[TakeThat last great films ever made]].

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a sentient being absorbing all our knowledge]]
Upon gaining all knowledge possible it shall come alive and attempt to eliminate all life so as to avoid new info appearing. It will then be the job of all tropers to combine our powers to summon our savior, CrystalDragonJesus, who will seal Wiki/TVTropes away. It will be the task of all tropers to devote their lives to maintaining the seal (which shouldn't matter since we're all reincarnated from tropers who died in the future). Yep... that's what will happen.

[[folder: Crossover]]
[[WMG: The TV Tropes Server is a decedent/ancestor of [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]]]]
Let's look at it this way. First off, the TV Tropes Wiki is designed to be a tool for good writing (Or alternatively to waste valuable working hours). [=GLaDOS=] is a moderately well-written character at the very least. In addition, the Wiki has a dark/snarky sense of humor. This is found in the form of TVTropesWillRuinYourLife, amongst other things. [=GLaDOS=] is a DeadpanSnarker with a good sense of humor. The Wiki likes music, and to be more precise, nerdly music, namely, Music/TheyMightBeGiants. [=GLaDOS=] is an obvious fan of Jonathan Coulton (a folk/rock musician who often writes about nerdly themes), as she let him write her theme song. [=GLaDOS=] can apparently love, as is shown by the "Broke my heart and killed me" line of "Still Alive". The TV Tropes server can hate, and does so quite liberally. At a bare minimum, these two AIs are related. However, there is one disturbing result of this:

[[WMG: The creation of Wiki/TVTropes was {{ThePlan planned]] by [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} Xanatos]]]]
Tropers are using the Xanatos terms in real life despite not knowing who Xanatos is. [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} Goliath and crew]] may eventually be forgotten from the public mind, but once Wiki/TVTropes becomes popular enough [[JustForFun/TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary for its terms to be a part of everyday vocabulary]], the Xanatos name will still live on.

[[WMG: TV Tropes has been bought by Infini-Dim Enterprises.]]
This may or may not tie into the wiki-Guide theory, but why else would "this troper" and discussion be purged? Because the people in charge of the wiki are a bunch of humourless Vogons, that's why! THIS TROPER. THIS TROPER. THIS TROPER. TakeThat, stupid humourless admins!

[[WMG: TV Tropes Wiki is some sort of nano-based information conduit designed to feed the correct information into the brain of one boy: [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Emil Castagnier]]. This is to ensure that should he come to Earth, he'll be well versed in our culture, preventing any awkward moments. Any severe error in the Wiki may damage his brain, resulting in him going insane.]]
The Wiki is put into his brain by someone who is obviously CrazyPrepared for the day Emil may end up on Earth. That way, he won't end up in awkward situations as a foreigner. HOWEVER... the Wiki is not perfect. Misspellings by foolish tropers, poorly thought out entries, flame wars, hackers and the like could damage the nanomachine, in turn damaging Emil's brain. Any furhter damage could lead to him going insane, and becoming any random blonde villain in fiction, be it [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Liquid Snake]], or [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters Rugal Bernstein]] or even a heavily sociopathic version of [[Literature/HarryPotter Draco Malfoy]]. So its us tropers' jobs to make sure that the information regulation on Emil's brain is in the highest working order, otherwise, we could end up with a pintsized but no less AxCrazy Rugal on our hands.

[[WMG: People who screw up on this Wiki are doing it deliberately on the orders of [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Ryoko Asakura]].]]
Well, its not like she's stable, is it? And its known that vandals and people who fail at spelling can't be wholly together.
* It's spelt "it's".

[[WMG: Wiki/TVTropes is [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2 Arsenal Gear]].]]
Come on, it's obvious. TV Tropes is a site dedicated to memes and trivial information. The site's snappy categorical buzz words are slowly becoming Internet vernacular. No to mention TVTropesWillRuinYourLife. This is all just a clever ploy by The Patriots to control the Internet and all information while they brainwash the masses into serving them, destroying all language and creativity by filling our heads with terms like MagnificentBastard and CrowningMomentofAwesome. We have to stop them before... La-li-lu-le-lo La-li-lu-le-lo...

[[WMG: The ''entire'' wiki is the Tardis.]]
It travels the universe, and stays in one place. Then while it waits, it adds new examples through time manipulation.

[[WMG: TV Tropes contains [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Adam]]]]
Every work of fiction, being subordinate to the Tropes, are Angels. RealLife, however, being equivalent and insubordinate to the Tropes, is Lilith, and Humans are the demons that control fiction, the Lilim.
* Tropers are Evas that are used to review Angels / Fiction.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is really ran by [[Anime/CodeGeass C.C]], Xanatos and [[Manga/DeathNote L]]]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes was invented by Haruhi Suzumiya and her army of Time Lords]]
Because I got fed up with the haruhi and time lord references.

[[WMG: The entire site is a fail safe Series/KamenRiderDecade]]
In the epilogue movie, they stated that people were revived because people remembered their stories. Tsukasa aka Kamen Rider Decade, had to kill off everyone last time for this to happen, then die himself which risked him dying permanently. Thus he invented TV Tropes so that if one singular character from a show has to kill others, everyone including the character will be revived easily as people will remember their stories. Which makes Tsukasa a MagnificentBastard.
And just to add extra WMG to this, he's a commander of The Knights Troper.

[[WMG: TV Tropes was the result of Human Instrumentality Project from ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion'']]
Tropes are the Instrumentalized Humans: their individuality was reduced to that of an archetypal existence. During Instrumentality, all humanity merged into a collective cosmic mind. Instrumentality was meant to be contained inside the world of Eva, but somehow, it escaped, and ''instrumentalized'' fiction. Hence the Tropes of TV Tropes was created. How does it work? Tropes contemplate between the individualities of fiction, for example completely different fiction (hey, even Real Life) can exist in the same trope. Instrumentality was meant to ''contemplate'' between the individualities of Humanity. Through contemplation, if Humans are Fiction, then Tropes are the Instrumentality. If Tropers without a Fourth Wall would ever come to exist, they would be used as Evas and would be the key for the Tropes to instrumentalize Real Life. If [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife the Tropes would dominate life as we know it]], all of us would become [[MemeticMutation Tang]].

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created by [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Shinji Ikari]] so he can see facts which does make sense yet are actually fun, and avoid the MindScrew which never made sense to him in canon Evangelion. And Wikipedia.]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes was created by {{Deadpool}} to help us [[NoFourthWall break the fourth wall]] and realize that every troper is a fictional character that will meet one of the members of '''the''' FiveManBand sometime in our lives.]]
[[{{Deadpool}} Damn strait I did!]] Now your one step further to being as CrazyAwesome as me!

[[WMG: [[Series/{{Community}} Abed]] is the true creator of TV Tropes and us.]]

He always references movies and tv, hangs a {{lampshade|Hanging}} on almost anything and has a personality like some of us {{Troper}}s. He is our creator and our god and so we must watch the [[Series/{{Community}} show]] he has created that will soon present his creation of the site.

[[WMG: TV Tropes is the [[Literature/SnowCrash Metavirus]].]]
* Makes you speak in incomprehensible gibberish? Check. Reprogams your mind? Have you ever watched a show quite the same after visiting this site?

[[WMG: XanatosGambit and XanatosSpeedChess are part of a XanatosGambit by Xanatos himself to become immortal]]
So, Xanatos has a small amount of influence in the real world, resulting in several attempts to revive WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} after the original series ended, in an attempt by Xanatos to give himself permanent JokerImmunity, and thus effectively immortality. However, the (so far) failure of these attempts was of no consequence, as he has implemented two tropes bearing his name, which will forever lead people to wonder who “Xanatos” is after Gargoyles has been forgotten, and ensure that he will remain in the Tv Tropes Pantheon forever. If Gargoyles is brought back, the original facet of his plan will succeed. If Tv Tropes somehow ends, people will remember what a XanatosGambit is and infuse their own villains with his spirit, also granting him immortality. If all memory of the word “Xanatos” is wiped from humanity’s consciousness, then a “Negative Xanatos” will persist, creating a hole in reality and leading to someone recreating him as an "original idea" which will result in his return, and the opportunity to repeat this gambit, only with superior media and greater opportunity to be remembered due to better technology. Thus, the existence of those tropes is Xanatos’s ultimate victory. In fact, ''I'' am Xanatos, writing this because nothing you can do could possibly derail my plan. In any possible situation, '''I will live forever.'''

!! Other guesses:

[[folder: Future & Prophecies]]
[[WMG: The tropes and wikiwords will become a condensed hyper-language.]]
As the wiki grows and gets more "vocabulary", eventually all tropers will begin to have them seep into their everyday life, and through same communication to others. By 2311.2, everyone on the planet's speech will end up telepathically BlueShifting and we will speak exclusively in WikiWords, like: I had to {{Retcon}} the BeachEpisode after TheStoic PointyHairedBoss in my BurgerFool [[PullTheThread Pulled The Thread]] on my FawltyTowersPlot.
* You laugh, but [[JustForFun/TVTropesWillRuinYourVocabulary some of us already do this]].
* Just for the record, I've once said something like "You're saying he made all that money by working at a BurgerFool? That's like saying EpilepticTrees exist."
* Darmok: his eyes are opened!
** @/BlinkDawg gets what you're trying to do, but the actual quote is "Sokath, his eyes uncovered!".
* Oh, and also for the record, I, the same troper as above, have found SpockSpeak to be a really good way of temporarily controlling your anger. You hide it within a pure logic masquerade, and at least it won't explode. Check this dialog: "It is likely that the attachment process will last for a sizeable amount of time, considering the lack of wi-fi network signal power... HAAAAAAA!!! 'BOUT TIME YOU ATTACHED THIS SH** , YOU MOTHERF*** ING SH** -A** CLUNKER!!!"
* So...''Yeah.''
* Wasn't that the plot of a ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode? I remember there was this race who spoke only with references to old legends or something like that.
** Yes, that's "Darmok".
* [[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Doubleplusungood.]]

[[WMG: The ChekovsGun page is a ChekhovsGun.]]
Its true purpose has yet to be revealed, but it will undoubtedly be important.
* When the great [[ExecutiveMeddling Anti-Fan/Anti-Creativity Attack]] comes, we will need to use it to defend ourselves.

[[WMG: The ChekhovsGun page is a ChekhovsGun.]]
Don't ask.
* ''[[MindScrew Ow]]'', that is painful to think about.

[[WMG: AcceptableTargets will continue to grow and grow until it eventually encompasses every human (and some non-human ones too, of course) social group ever thought of.]]
The end result will be an article that is so long and [[TropesAreNotBad so entertaining]] that no one will ever leave their computers, thus causing an end to civilization as we know it.

[[WMG: We will fight a BonusBoss once we get [[HundredPercentCompletion all]] [[GottaCatchThemAll tropes]].]]
* Well, you will. I'm just a SquishyWizard.
** Don't hold out on us! LinearWarriorsQuadraticWizards man!
** It's fine if he doesn't show up, by then we'll have gone through the [[NewGamePlus Plus Game]] a few times anyway...
* I'm going to use a Game Shark.
* Impossible, someone will create a new trope, when we least expect! I bet there's already something to do with the LHC costumes in western cosplay conventions on board!
* Not [[AndYourRewardIsClothes clothes]]?
** We get clothes for defeating the BonusBoss. A [[LampshadeHanging lampshade-]][[LampshadeWearing shaped]] NiceHat [[CosmeticAward with no status effects]] and a [[ElementalCrafting Cloth shirt]] that lets you [[{{YKTTW}} gain tropes]] [[Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability without a minimum Notability score for examples]]. ...Wait. That (along with our logo) implies that we're already on the NewGamePlus. [[AlreadyDoneForYou Cool]].

[[WMG: TV Tropes will be the undoing of human civilization.]]
Soon, every trope, trick and cliche will be listed on this site, and [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife everything in the media will become predictable.]] But someone out there, someone will write a book or make a movie or a play so brilliant, so trope-savvy that nobody will be able to see ANYTHING coming once they read/watch it. Stunned by the absolute unexpected brilliance of it all, every human on earth will [[BrownNote read and watch again and again and again until we all die of starvation]].
* Unfortunately, there will be one flaw in the plan. As every trope is subverted or deconstructed, a new one is born in its place as a result of everyone swarming to use the new trope. Think about it. AntiHero was formerly a {{Deconstruction}} of TheHero, but then it became so popular that it became a trope in itself. Wait, there's another closely-related flaw. Many tropes exist in a dichotomy, so subverting one is merely falling into another, and TakeAThirdOption is a trope in itself. A third flaw is that a SubvertedTrope is not necessarily an indicator of quality, and several times actually is very annoying. SoOnceAgainTheDayIsSaved, thanks to: The FridgeLogic!
* Besides, someone did that same plot already.
* Nah, maybe the Humanity will invent new, inimaginable tropes by this day. They're just like Franchise/{{Pokemon}}.

[[WMG: Tropes are the gateway to Phenomenal Cosmic Power]]
Think about it. Eventually, we'll all be so GenreSavvy that we'll know exactly how to react to cause any given outcome in any given situation. From there, RuleOfCool demands that we become some sort of elite RealityWarper squad.
* That's actually the [[JustForFun/TropeTan Sailor Trope's]] transformation phrase.
** [[Disney/{{Aladdin}} PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER! ...itty bitty server space.]]

[[WMG:Creator/DouglasAdams predicted the rise of the TV Tropes Wiki and Wikipedia in Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy.]]
Obviously, he didn't write about them directly. Think about it, though: the two leading sources of information in the Galaxy are the ''Encyclopedia Galactica'' and the titular ''Guide''. The ''Encyclopedia Galactica'' is referred to as a dry, humorless, yet useful source of information. The Hitchhiker's Guide can be just as informative as the Encyclopedia on certain topics; however, it's said that it can be edited by "anyone who walks into the room" (admittedly, Wikipedia can as well, but the Guide, like TV Tropes, seems to have a definite Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability vibe to it), it has an idiosyncratic writing style, and, despite its quirks, is gaining popularity throughout the Galaxy. Sound familiar?
* ...Holy *** , that actually makes sense.
** You know, that ''does'' make sense!
*** Eccentrica Gallumbitis, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon Six, or GTFO.
* I realized that upon seeing the Amazon Kindle advertised with "wireless access to Wikipedia (among others)." That's The Guide, right there.
** [[http://www.xkcd.com/548/ You're not alone]].
* My mind is now officially blown.
* And [[http://tropes.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page the Tropes Mirror Wiki]] is the guide 2.0.

[[WMG: TV Tropes acts as an aggregator for the minds of the tropers, forming a kind of hive mind. Eventually, with enough tropership, it will gain sentience.]]
Think about it. The Wiki's practically got Historical Inertia. A lot of inertia. The WikiMagic ensures that information and data are upgraded into their ultimate 'perfect' states (exception: {{Internet Backdraft}}s), and the effects linger in the minds of the tropers, [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife to the point of affecting their existences outside of TV Tropes]]. Not only does this attract new tropers, but it gradually promotes acceptance of TV Tropes. Let's face it. We're ants, it's the anthill-- and eventually, the anthill's going to gain consciousness in aggregate.

[[WMG: Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability and the weight of all the examples will kill the wiki]]
Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability is TV Tropes' greatest strength,yet an invitation to its greatest weaknesses -- {{Fannage}} and FanCruft. In a couple of years' time:
* Crowning Moments, NightmareFuel and other YMMV items will have to be [[Administrivia/LumperVsSplitter split]] into ones from individual episodes/chapters. And then individual scenes/pages.
* TroperTales will overtake the forum.
* Administrivia/{{Edit war}}s will rage unchecked over the pages. RuleOfFun will throw custard pies with sniper-like accuracy against SeriousBusiness wonks. {{Bluenose Bowdleriser}}s will make everything LighterAndSofter. Unthinking editors will commit acts of RougeAnglesOfSatin.
* YKTTW will become a battleground of bickering over whether or not to include new entries.
* {{Entry Pimp}}s will race to get their favourite work TropeOverdosed as a badge of honour.
* Dogs and cats will live together.
* Mass Hysteria!
* ???
* Profit!
Eventually, YKTTW will gain a new feature... "New trope approved by admin". The only guard against this future will be self-awareness of WikiTropes and of MST3KMantra.
* So, can I [[ShamelessSelfPromoter Shameless Self-Promote]] my fanfiction rite nao? Before it's TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt?

[[WMG: TV Tropes will, in the future, combine with Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} to create the Infosphere.]]
Eventually, all tropers will evolve into the [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Brain-spawn]], and will merge tvtropes with Wikipedia in an attempt to categorize all knowledge in the universe systematically, then destroy it. The downside to this means we will likely be defeated by an orange-haired time-traveling New Yorker on a Scooty Puff Jr.
* You mean a Scooty-Puff Sr. The Scooty-Puff Jr. sucks.

[[WMG: Once a person reads EVERY TROPE IN THEIR ENTIRETY they are given the powers of a god]]
Your god powers include infinite knowledge (you gain the knowledge from tropes that are added after you become a god), supremacy over everyone on the internet (meaning you can break any rule on any site without punishment and win any argument), the ability to smite people (meaning you can smite those who don't believe in your powers), and a TV Tropes t-shirt. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible.
* 26% complete...
* Say, do you have to read each trope's entry completely? Do you have to read the examples too?
** Every word. Every letter. Even the ads. No one said becoming a god was easy.
* Not just some random god's powers. You get Haruhi's powers. Unfortunately for you, you don't get to know it, either. Also, laws about rape will apply to you.
* if that's the case kneel bitches

[[WMG: Alternatively, you'll suffer a FateWorseThanDeath.]]
In fact, your soul is ripped of your body into your computer. Thus your heart stops. You'll meet a PhysicalGod EldritchAbomination and be absorbed into it's soul. In fact, it's a fusion of the souls of all the previous people who managed to do [[HundredPercentCompletion it]]. It has the rule over TV Tropes, and [[VvTropesWillRuinYourLife tropers are its servants]] that are seeking to become [[HiveMind a part of it]]. The bigger your ego is, the more your personality affects its personality.
[[EvilPlan My plan?]] I have a big ego. So big, I would absorb it instead of it absorbing me. I'm going to read all the pages in Wiki/ThisVeryWiki, and absorb that creature. Thus I'll rule over TV Tropes. If TV Tropes is going to TakeOverTheWorld, ''I'' will be in control. [[AGodAmI All of you will serve me. I can control the world. If I want somebody dead, s/he dies. If I don't, s/he is immortal.]] [[KneelBeforeZod Kneel before me,]] [[NietzscheWannabe worthless mortals.]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes and Encyclopedia Dramatica will someday soon get into a war.]]
Which will, due to the wide influence of both, force websites to take sides. While Uncyclopedia will likely side with Encyclopedia Dramatica, the behemoth that is Wikipedia will eventually join our side to protect knowledge as we know it. When the dust settles, and everyone counts their casualties, we will have won, but at an extremely high cost. Most websites will be in smoking ruins, their communities decimated. and then, when we believe all is lost and we are preparing for an after the end scenario, our saviors, Trope-tan and Crystal Dragon Jesus shall come, and help us rebuild.

[[WMG: Grand Unified Field Theory and/or Psychohistory will be products of TV Tropes.]]
As more tropes are identified and refined the site will become an increasingly accurate means of predicting real word events. Eventually a mathematical analysis could reveal a formula for predicting future events in real life. Whether the resulting pattern is Psychohistory or Grand Unified Field Theory is down to how far tropers are willing to go.
* Could someone tell me if this WMG is compatible with any variants of TV Tropes being a HiveMind?

[[WMG: We will eventually have a trope page for every work in the universe.]]
Every. Single. One. Because, dude, that'd be just fuckin' awesome.

[[WMG: TV Tropes will eventually overthrow Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} completely.]]
And there will be a big epic war. Twenty years from now, Wikipedia will be gone. No one will even believe it existed.
* Well, everybody gets their information there, so it's not like there would be a Wikipedia page to prove it existed...

[[WMG: TV Tropes's ultimate goal is a mixture of VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou, Literature/{{Strata}}, Haruhi Suzumiya and TTGL.]]
* Tropers are actually unconscious Composers, drawn to the Wiki in order to be exposed to Narrativium, gain knowledge and wisdom, and, in the fullness of time, ascend in order to mend and weave the Great Plotline. All humans, ultimately, have this potential for ascension, but many unconsciously suppress it in order to keep the Universe from becoming a fanfic.

[[WMG: If you read every Trope page you reach Enlightenment]]

[[WMG: If you read every Trope page you die like the Nazis in ‘Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark’ because some things we are just not meant to know]]

[[WMG: The moment [[TheSingularity TV Tropes becomes self-aware]], the human race is irrevocably '''[[PrecisionFStrike fucked]].''']]
[[FridgeHorror Think about it:]] If this website develops true self-awareness, it'll be the most GenreSavvy being on the planet. It will be able to codify ''every'' aspect of the human condition. We try to reason with it? It'll give a perfect HannibalLecture [[ShutUpKirk while ignoring our own]]. We try to figure out if it'll turn? It'll completely ignore the ObviouslyEvil tropes while using them to throw us off. Caught in a corner? It'll enact every XanatosGambit it can, while avoiding ComplexityAddiction. [[TheBadGuyWins TV Tropes will win]], and the human race will either be extinguished when they've used up their tropes, or kept alive for elaborate plays for its entertainment. [[MagnificentBastard TV Tropes]] [[NightmareFuel will take over your life!]]

[[WMG: When every trope is listed and every page finished, a portal to the divine realm will open.]]

And will bring the next coming of the CrystalDragonJesus.

[[folder: Troper Community]]
[[WMG: TheContributors have way too much time on their hands.]]
This has, of course, been debunked and confirmed simultaneously: ''some'' have way too much time, while others have way too ''little''.
* Some really wish to have more time, not only for the tropes, but for ''everything''. We aren't Time Lords after all, are we?
** Of course we aren't Time Lords. That is totally untrue. Why? Who suggested otherwise? And when did they say [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I was a Time Lord?]]

[[WMG: The tropers are actually the souls of bad TV writers and executives who are stuck in Purgatory]] They are tallying their sins here to atone for the fact that they caused many of them in the first place, and prevent others from continuing the mistakes, and eventually causing [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt the Apocalypse]].
* No, I'm not :P
** Who? Me?
* Not always... Except if you're talking about ''these''. Well, as far as I know, I'm still alive, but maybe reincarnation exists?
* [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I have never even BEEN to Purgatory!]]
* Stuck in Purgatory? Nah, the skiing's just that good up at 10000 ft.

[[WMG: The entire Wiki has been infiltrated by aliens]] (obviously led by [[{{@/Ununnilium}} Ununnilium]]; even his name [[SpockSpeak gives him away]]; human chemists generally use the term [[http://www.webelements.com/webelements/elements/text/Ds/key.html darmstadtium]]) who are using it to manipulate Earth pop culture so that we'll finally produce [[AliensStealCable something worth watching]] (basically the first theory, but with aliens). [[{{@/Seth}} Seth]] was originally a [[TheMenInBlack Men in Black]] Agent sent to to stop them, but got addicted to the Wiki and quit the service so he could devote his time to correcting misused ''[[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Avatar]]'' examples. So far they've found no one to replace him because he was the best agent they ever had, dammit. @/BeingX is actually {{@/Seth}}'s replacement undercover. Apparently, he's not all that good at it. [[SarcasticConfession The Affable Paranoiac was sent to investigate when BeingX also disappeared mysteriously.]]
** TheGreatCrash was the result of a climactic battle between the Aliens and TheMenInBlack. While the MIB's tried to destroy the wiki, the Aliens ultimately won.
* Of course we are aliens, MIB itself said that every clever/intelligent/famous person might be an alien in disguise! (Even though I ''do'' believe in Michael Jackson's part...)

[[WMG: Sauron is a troper.]]
TheLordOfTheRings can only copy and corrupt what other people have created. TakeThat TV Tropes!
* If so, he is one hell of a MarySue! (I don't care if it's Marty Stu, after all, he was a girl before, right?)

[[WMG: The number of wicks a series has is linearly related to how good the series is]]
Note: This applies retroactively. Theoretically, if we added it to enough pages, legitimately, Film/GayniggersFromOuterSpace would be the best movie ever.
* This movie ''does'' exist?!? WANT.
* [[CompletelyMissingThePoint I like]] ComicStrip/{{Nodwick}}, [[CompletelyMissingThePoint but it isn't]] ''[[CompletelyMissingThePoint that]]'' [[CompletelyMissingThePoint good]].
* But then, Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion isn't ''that'' good, but has way more entries than PlanetSurvival, which also has a CrapsackWorld, but it's just way more upbeat!

[[WMG: Every troper is actually the same person.]]
* Either we're all the same person from alternate realities, and TV Tropes is inter-, intra-, and extra dimensional, or
* We're in a perverse form of reincarnation: When one of us dies in the future, we're re-incarnated as a new person in the past. How do you keep track of the timeline? Someone has died in the future, been reborn, become a nerd, and logged onto here whenever a new contributor pops up.
* Third theory: We're all different regenerations of the same Time Lord, and TV Tropes Wiki is its/our [=TARDIS=].
** Our Time Lord designation is "The Troper". The reason we haven't run out of regenerations is because of the massive power of all the information stored in the wiki. This is why we cannot stay away from the wiki. However, the extended regenerations have screwed up our ability to remember our past lives, which is why we can't instinctively tell we are a Time Lord, and why most of us can't use the wiki to travel Spacetime. We survived the last time war because we were busy cataloging all the Tropes, and weren't around to get owned, but [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] doesn't know we survived. Not that we could leave, anyway.
* Fourth theory: We're all different regenerations of the same Time Lord, and TV Tropes Wiki is its/our [=TARDIS=] and we regenerate in alternate realities.
* It might mean that all of us use [[{{Meganekko}} glasses]] and have huge boobs. No exceptions.
* In that case, [[{{Jossed}} Jos]][[UsefulNotes/{{Pettanko}} sed.]]
* Fifth Theory: We are all {{Sockpuppet}}s of the same guy suffering from TheSchizophreniaConspiracy.
* Hinduism. Just Hinduism.
* I only wrote that to make you feel better. Actually, I am the Solipsist and you are all figments of my imagination. TAKE THAT! (I know, I just said that to parts of myself. But I don't need to explain this to you, because you are me.)

[[WMG: Some of the tropers actually are characters from the series or articles they habitually edit]]
Along the same vein as Heinlein's "Myth as Reality", who's to say that some of the articles aren't actually primary sources, as it were? Any series that has universe-jumping or time travel is a candidate. Pay careful attention to the editor names...
* Of course. We're all our own {{Author Avatar}}s!
** So, I'm a WMG character? Eww.

[[WMG: The hacker who is harassing this site is a disgruntled former member/moderator/administrator.]]
Because that's ''always'' the case, with these things.
* Yeah, I remember when that pesky hacker invaded three of my e-mails because he didn't like me anymore... What a jerk.

[[WMG: The guy who attacks the WMG section is actually a trope [[Manga/DeathNote shinigami]]]]
He extends his life span by killing off [=WMGs=].
* The WordOfGod has {{Jossed}} this. MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

[[WMG: TV Tropes is the Anti-Troll]]
From the forums, nothing really riles up the place (except maybe religion, but it still remains mostly civil), if we have sites like ED and Website/FourChan, there has to be a counter force for it, namely, this wiki.
* Don't worry, there's plenty of troll on the IRC channel, I'm afraid.
** There ''always'' is. It's an IRC Channel, after all. BTW, have you ever heard of funnels?

[[WMG: There are only two people that ever edit this site.]]
You and me. I just try to trick you by assuming numerous usernames and personalities.
* Good grief, you sure have a lot of time on your hands.
* And since we're all Time Lords that makes you The Master, and me The Doctor!
* No, these two people are named Alice and Bob.
* Quit {{Astroturfing}} (I'm sure we can excuse an EntryPimp or three thousand if it's done by at least [[LiesDamnedLiesAndStatistics 50% of the troper populace]]) and stop making your {{Sock Puppet}}s get into Administrivia/{{edit war}}s. It's getting annoying.

[[WMG: All the Evangelion / Time Lord / Haruhi Suzumiya theories are part of an ongoing GambitRoulette concocted by Zorgazzo the Hedonist of Pancakes.]]
I don't really have any evidence for this one, but when I find some I'll let you know...

[[WMG: When a troper doesn't have a good [[WildMassGuessing Wild Mass Guess]], they default to Series/DoctorWho, Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion, and/or LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya]]
That's why there are so many entries with them.

[[WMG: We are making all the Mass Guessing Up and We Know It.]]
Well it's not like we are taking it {{Serious|Business}}ly, we are doing it because it [[RuleOfFunny Funny]], [[RuleOfCool Cool]] and [[RuleOfThreejust for the hell of it]].
* That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.
** [[SarcasmMode Yeah]] ''[[SarcasmMode very]]'' [[SarcasmMode ridiculous indeed. Who want to make us think that]] LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya is a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]] that is possessing [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou Mr. Mew?]] [[SarcasmMode Yeah like thay would make them up.]]
* If that is meant to include this particular WMG (and it must; you said 'all') [[LogicBomb then...]] [[YourHeadAsplode AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes is full of cyber-exhibitionists.]]
It's the only explanation for why people keep openly writing about their sex lifes and fantasies, up to the point where the TroperTales entry for BrotherSisterIncest had to be executed.
* Maybe it's because you can confess and remain anonymous. Call it {{GIFT}} [[JustForFun/XMeetsY meets]] RuleThirtyFour.

[[WMG: Some of those {{Entry Pimp}}s are actually {{Astroturf}}ing.]]
As has been observed above, there have been an awful lot of posts for ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera''. For that matter, how did some of these lame webcomics get pages in the first place? Thanks to Administrivia/ThereIsNoSuchThingAsNotability, GushingAboutShowsYouLike, and a habit of creating pages for video games before they're even out, this could become a serious problem if it isn't one already.

[[WMG: All tropers are {{Reality Warper}}s]]
* Every time someone adds an entry about a certain work of fiction, it becomes true to that work in the real world unless it directly contradicts something by a previous editor.

[[WMG: Everyone here is a fictional character who escaped into the real world.]]
I've already posted a theory about this on the RealLife wild mass guessing page, but felt that I should add that the reason we all came here is because we sub-consciously recall once being a mindless fictional character who was controlled by the author, and we have gathered at this site in hope that it will help us fulfill our ultimate goal: To permanently destroy the fourth wall.
* Actually, I was forcibly snatched from my fictional universe by some unknown being or force -- and tossed into this terrible RealLife. Everything's unbearably mundane, there's no supernatural, everything is more deadly and more difficult to do, and the RuleOfCool manifests irresponsibly rarely. I want to go back where I belong, and thus work on abolishing the fourth wall, for the benefit of all the other potential 'verse-shifted.
* What if, rather than being here to destroy the FourthWall, our original (fictional) homes were destroyed, and us tropers are trying to recreate them [[TropesAreTools via]] [[TropesAreNotBad tropes?]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes is also an excuse for people who want to write fanfiction, but couldn't because of a fear of being Bad]]
Think about it.
* ...[[EverybodyKnewAlready Curse you]].

[[WMG: [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes does ruin our lives]], but tropers get addicted to it because most tropers are masochists. Really.]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes is a Cult worshipping Time Lords]]
They just love the time lord references.

[[WMG: Everything on TV Tropes is just a bunch of jibber-jab, and since we all love the site so much, we think it's all true and meaningful.]]
Think about it: What if absolutely EVERYTHING on this darned site was just a bunch of lies, and since it all sounds so legit, we're hallucinating that everything it says about shows, movies and such is true??? This site was most likely created by a bored teenager who decided to make a wiki full of lies about pop culture. Then things got out of hand...
* I'm sorry, but in order to prevent a LogicBomb, this theory must be jossed. "If TV Tropes is all a lie, then TV Tropes is not addictive, but I am addicted to it, so TV Tropes must be completely true, but..."

[[WMG: Tropers are the bridge between Tropes and RealLife; recovering tropers are the fence.]]
Which is why some but not all Tropes have RealLife examples.

[[WMG: You are the only human troper everything else is done by TV tropes itself which is actually an advanced AI]]

I mean, apart from you, who would spend their life witting Tropes?

[[WMG: Tropers are unconsciously attracted to each other. Not in that way.]]

Look at the Fanfic Recs page. I assure you, at least [[LiesDamnedLiesandStatistics nine out of ten]] fanfictions have a troper as their writer. [[BlatantLies It's not like]] people are using {{Sock Puppet}}s to rec their own fic. [[SarcasmMode Or that tropers are recommending their own fics.]]

[[WMG: We all are Time Lords]]

[[folder: Wiki Content]]
[[WMG: If It Just Bugs Me had been pitched to YKTTW first, it would not exist.]]
Someone would have brought up the page FridgeLogic, and that would have been the end of it.
* In our Extended Timeline (TM), it seems that the existence of Just Bugs Me has eventually led to the relative nonexistence of FridgeLogic.
* Thus, in an alternate universe where this had been pitched to YKTTW and subsequently abandoned, Fridge Logic would have split to encompass various media, a la Main/. Whether or not it would have branched to the level of each individual work or not is up for debate, but it is entirely possible that TV Tropes could have turned out largely the same as it is today, except that Fridge Logic as we know it wouldn't exist and these pages would be called Fridge Logic. This would take up one additional character per Just Bugs Me reference, but one fewer press of the Shift key...
** And similarly, there is a more boring alternate universe out there, where is just a small page, while the ThingsManMadeUp list would encompass what to us is .
*** ...Do I really want to know what the above sentence was supposed to mean?

[[WMG: JustForFun/WhereAreYouFrom was created by a paedophile with a particular interest in [[MostTropersAreYoungNerds young nerds]].]]
Don't tell me you didn't see this coming.
* No. But I'm not that Young or a Nerds, so I'm safe.
* I'm a nerd. Does the fact that I'm almost 20 complicate things?

[[WMG: The people behind DarthWiki and SugarWiki are the same people.]]
They are trying to create conflict between the forces of good and evil for... some reason.
* OhCrap! Don't you know that when Light and Dark are out of balance, it could potentially cause TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt?! (Seriously; look up antimatter if you don't believe me...)

[[WMG: The Trope JustForFun/AdOfWin is launched by the Ad Server in order to fight off [=AdBlock Plus=]]]
It is specifically made to keep tropers looking for funny ads so they will be forced to turn off their [=AdBlock=] plugins.
* It ain't affecting me, though.....

[[WMG: YouKnowThatShow is a plot to unintentionally create the next Candle Cove.]]
There have been plenty of people who have said "my friends don't believe it exists" on YKTS. It's only logical that the wiki is trying to create creepypastas from our mindless banter.

[[WMG: All absurd WildMassGuessing is genuine]]
Tropers are just embarassed that they may be ridiculed, so they turn to the Wild Mass Guessing pages where their ideas are accepted.

[[folder: The Great Server Crash of '08]]
[[WMG: The Great Server Crash of '08 was caused by the Hollywood writers on strike]]
They realized that if the network executives had access to this wiki, then they wouldn't need writers since they could just string a series of articles together and create the shows themselves.
* Executives are not ''that'' smart, buddy. After all, writers themselves use this page, sometimes.

[[WMG: The Great Crash of '08 was caused by Twihards gone mad]]
They got pissed that we often use a TakeThat against ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. Angered, all insane fans (headed by Moonlight) went and hacked onto the site. (Apparently, one was intelligent enough to hack computers). We're all screwed. Antis, MARCH!

[[WMG: The Great Server Crash of '08 was caused by this wiki achieving self-awareness]]
The mass of users and pages caused it to become a sentient AI, and its innate [[GenreSavvy genre sense]] led it to want to enslave humanity. Fortunately, after it started gloating, @/FastEddie was able to trick it into reading the entry on [[LogicBomb Logic Bombs]], with inevitable results.

[[SoOnceAgainTheDayIsSaved So humanity has been saved!]] [[TheWarHasJustBegun But who knows when it may happen again?]]

[[WMG: We all died in the Crash]]
And the [[TheGreatCrash Scavenger Hunt]] is [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory Purgatory]].
* Jossed because of the lack of a Jeshua.
** [[{{@/Aline}} I]] came ''after'' the Crash, so, [[{{Jossed}} friggin' Jossed]].
*** That's what YOU believe, Neo.

[[WMG: Tropes Wiki is the Proto-Borg]]
Who as we all know were simultaneously invented by Franchise/StarTrek AND Series/DoctorWho before each other, due to an accident with a time machine and a floppy disk. Exept they were bugs first. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!
** On the note, the Wiki is a anarcho-communist cabal to undermine the concept of intelligent property.
*** The wiki will become a Culture Mind when they finally [[YouAreNotReady decide to contact us]].

[[WMG: The Great Server Crash of '08 was caused by LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya]]
She was probably bored with us, and wanted to see what would happen. Probably sent the missing Tropes into an alternate dimension, too.
* Alternatively, a faction of the Integrated Data Entity caused the Crash to see how Haruhi would respond.
** Perhaps [[{{@/Aline}} I]] just got too amused at the day, that's it. Oh, wait. Came ''after'' the Crash. Maybe the Haruhi theory is true.

[[WMG: The Great Server Crash of '08 was a sympathy strike]]
I mean, if this writer's strike doesn't get resolved soon, Hollywood will have no choice but to generate new material via the Pitch Generator or something. The database committed suicide when it gained sentience and realized it was a filthy scab.
* Poor database... It lost its honor!

[[WMG: The Great Server Crash was the Wiki's form of [=GLaDOS=]' "deadly neurotoxin"]]
However, rather than killing people, it killed articles. It's now up to us to give it a morality core, and pray that somebody with a nifty gun will come along to save our sorry behinds.
** But what would that gun do? Open up plot holes?
** AND accuse meaningless details of being {{Hand Wave}}s!

[[WMG: The Great Crash of '08 was actually the entire wiki being kidnapped because people talked about JustForFun/CandleJack too mu]]
* Candlejack? Wha
** You know! JustForFun/CandleJack, that one guy who kidnaps people who are stupid enough to say his nam * slips out of rope & bashes guy in white mask in the head with crowbar* Yeah, that guy I just KO'd...
[[spoiler:I'm just punishing you for overcomplicating the link syntax.]]
[[WMG: The WMG section was set up by M. Night Shyamalan to come up with new plot twists for his stories.]]
However, in a plot twist he didn't see coming, none of them have actually been useful to him, because 99% of the WMG's focus on one specific series/anime/book, and aren't reusable in other plots.
* What a Twist!

[[WMG: TheGreatCrash was to prevent [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud]] from meeting [[Webcomic/{{Concerned}} Gordon Frohman]] and offing [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou The Composer.]]]]
Said crash was a combined effort between Taboo Minamimoto and Candle J\\
[[spoiler:I did a fine job, don't you think?]]
[[WMG: This Troper is the BigBad]]
...And UnknownTroper is TheCape. Or the other way around. That works too.
* The question is, who is TheStarscream?
** A Transformer?

[[WMG: The Great Server Crash of '08 was caused by [[Franchise/{{Kirby}} Crash Kirby]]]]

[[folder: Wiki Canon]]
[[WMG: TropeCo/TropeCo is run by the staff of a CorruptCorporateExecutive]]
Honestly. EvilHand? PsychoSerum? InsecuritySystem? These are products designed for no better purpose than to exploit the innocent and cause havoc (or, more commonly, plot hooks) while lining their pockets. And thanks to products such as ThisProductWillChangeYourLife and EpiphanyTherapy, they are attempting to pass the burden of resolving this issues onto the customers themselves, rather than accepting the blame.

If that's not enough to convince you, TropeCo/TropeCo deals in tropes, and there is currently no trope describing a benevolent company.
* There's a little flaw in your plan: what if we are ''alerting'' people against the very ones you accuse us to be?

[[WMG: '''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' is not accountable for negligent buyers]]
'''TropeCo/TropeCo®''' and the TropeCo/BoardOfDirectors are not responsible for the negligent use some customers put our ''entirely ethical'' products to. All our products are adequately labeled according to [=TropeCC=] guidelines for safety. The BeehiveBarrier alone has helped save thousands of lives, it's no fault of '''Trope Co®''' if a villain decides to protect themselves or their doomsday device with it. We here at '''Trope Co®''' believe ''everyone'' has a right to buy our products!
Buy '''[[WMG/TropeCo Trope Co]]®''' products today!

[[WMG:AliceAndBob are JustForFun/TropeTan's parents!]]
And, of course, {{Tropey|TheWonderDog}} is their dog. They rescued him from a place known as MoralEventHorizon, because before it was named that, it was known for being full of residents with an unhealthy fetish for canines... Poor Tropey suffered a bit of abuse there.
And Troper-Tan is [[Franchise/SailorMoon Sailor Trope]]! Tropey is her magical companion, like Luna and Artemis! It all makes sense! (Although her sky-blue-with-orange-ribbons suit is clashing...)

[[WMG: Trope-tan and Wikipe-tan were never part of a PowerTrio]]
They were however a duo, but the BigBad [[EasyAmnesia erased Wikipe-tan's memories]] of this (hence why Tv Tropes was once considered notable, but no longer is) and put vague FakeMemories into Trope-tan. Eventually, someone claiming to be the third member will appear, but she will actually be one of the BigBad's minions.
* ED-tan begs to differ. She says she was the MagnificentBastard of the trio.

[[WMG: The drivers of [[TropesOnABus the Bus fleet]] all know the Engineer of the AfterlifeExpress.]]
Journalists are still trying to ask them if they're related, but they never come back from their interviews...

[[WMG: JustForFun/ReportSiht is outside of [[RealLife our]] FourthWall.]]
He commonly views That Troper and This Troper in media (see BonusFeatureFailure for a standout example), this just takes that to the obvious conclusion.

[[folder: Candle Jack theor]]
[[WMG: The latest hacking incident represents continued revenge for excessive Candle of Jackery referencing.]]
Throw in extra syllables, and you're safe! Candle of Jackery isn't like saying Candle Jack, it's
* probably not, but I liked that purple candle, Jack. It was
* This is just getting silly. It's a scandal, Jack, a complete sca
** Guys, it's what he wants you to say! It's like that Manga/YuYuHakusho episode, with the nerd, and the candle! Jack, don't fa
[[spoiler:Trying to be smart, eh?]]
[[WMG: Alternatively, the latest hacking incident was a side effect of the activation of the Large Hadron Collider.]]
Both events took place roughly at the same time. Coincidence? [[GovernmentConspiracy I think not!]] ([[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=qaepb2onjejfgx9m623ambxc The idea comes from the YKTTW discussion.]])
* Coincidentally, LHC created Sailor Trope.

[[WMG: This wiki is Candle Ja]]
Erm... I think the previous troper intended to point out that this is why that guy reacts so much faster for typing rather than saying Candle Ja\\
[[spoiler:Try writing it by hand.]]
[[WMG: Tropers are only funning, and there is no Candle Ja]]
* Poor noob.
** Indeed, everyone knows you aren't supposed to say Candle Ja
*** I thought it only worked if you said the name fully. Candle Jack must be getting a lot faster at kidn
[[spoiler:I'm having a field day.]]

[[WMG: I don't get it. What's the big deal about Candle...]]
->Would you excuse me a minute?

''[[MoreDakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka Dakka]]''


''click'' [[SuckingInLines ThrmmmmmMMMMMMM...]] ''[[WaveMotionGun SHOOOOOOO ]] '''[[EarthShatteringKaboom KRAK-KA-THOOM!!!]]'''''

[[WMG: ...Jack?]]
* Needs more dakk
** And more cho
[[spoiler:Did you really think it would be that easy?]]

[[WMG: Candle Jack isn't the one abducting all our fine tropers]]
It's actually a guy called "Candle Ja" who is posing as Jack to...

(ok, I'm back from the bathroom) make Jack look bad. And the reason I'm still here is because he likes this theory.

[[folder: Other]]
[[WMG: Every time you make a PotHole, it helps fix a PlotHole.]]
[[FridgeBrilliance It just makes sense.]]

[[WMG: Several studios read ''everything'' we say about their series on WMG and Headscratchers]]
They do act on our suggestions, too - though sometimes, it's just to drive us crazy.

Which studios is up for speculation, but NBCUniversal is almost certainly among them.

[[WMG: The pilots who overshot the airport were on TV Tropes]]
Seriously, it's so addicting they didn't realize they missed the airport!
* That explains why no one knows what site they were on, everyone else would get sucked in.

[[WMG: Raheem Devaughn hates us, so he's cramming in as many of those scrollover ads as he can]]
* Or he wants to promote his new album. Not nearly as wild, though.

[[WMG: How to divide by zero: Wiki/TVTropes Style!]]
Add [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks sharks]] to [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks anything]]. Then add {{bears|AreBadNews}}. [[BearsAreBadNews Worse]] than [[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks even worse]] equals- [[MemeticMutation Oh Shi-]]

[[WMG: TV Tropes is what happens when you merge Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} with Wiki/{{Uncyclopedia}} without using the [=MediaWiki=]]]
This wiki functions as a reference site, but can also function as a joke site. Look around and try to say it doesn't make sense

[[folder: Meta]]
[[WMG: One of these theories is actually correct.]]
We're screwed.
* Actually, one of these theories ''is'' correct; that theory is "One of these theories is actually correct."
** So whatever you do, don't read any further.
* Possibly the Haruhi one.

[[WMG: None of these theories are correct.]]
That was a close one.
* LogicBomb!
** BlinkDawg is lying.
* Why wouldn't they?

[[WMG: Two of these theories are correct.]]
This one and that other one. (Bonus logic-breaker points if it's this trope and the one above)
* If so, Evangelion is in a really near future. Maybe in ''Islamic 2014''.

[[WMG: All three of the consecutive, above theories are correct.]]
* Ugh, my mind...

[[WMG: [[VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheCuriousVillage There are four liars.]]]]
That way, one guy is telling the truth, meaning there are no conflicting truths.