A place for all your wild ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' based conspiracy theories and unrevealed truths.

As this is a WMG page, blatant spoilers will be unmarked, so proceed with caution.

[[WMG: All of the characters killed in inactive clearing are still alive, and hiding.]]
Andrea came back, so why can't they?
* Also, some of them will come back in Endgame and mount an offensive against the terrorists. Of course, they probably won't win, considering the CrapsackWorld they live in. Either that, or they hitch a ride home somehow.
** First part has been proven (sort of) true, the second remains to be seen.
** Maxie Dasai, Brad Kavanagh, Neil Sinclair and Matt Wittany are all still alive, but none of them appeared in the actual game, only post-Endgame, a year later.

[[WMG: The explosion was caused by the NotQuiteDead Neil Sinclair]]
Again, as Andrea managed to get her collar off, it's entirely possible that Neil could have, and reformed SADD. They used the explosion to signal to the remaining students that they were alive afterall.
* Proven false. It was actually the LastStand of Bill Ritch and a number of other students, and used entirely offensively against the terrorists.

[[WMG: There's more than one Danya]]
Danya's tone whilst evaluating the profiles tends to change between versions, and sometimes within the versions themselves. Perhaps there's more than one Danya making these comments, and hence their different attitudes to the kids and their thoughts about their inevitable demise.
* Well hey... we know that Danya is his ''surname''... so it's entirely possible!

[[WMG: Danya is a JustForFun/TimeLord]]
Which is why he's able to pull off every game so flawlessly.

[[WMG: Danya is SantaClaus]]
Danya is a codename, and stands for 'Dammit, [=ANother=] Yuletide Acronym' The Class he chooses each year is the one with the most kids on his naughty list in it.

[[WMG: Danya is Tripping Balls]]
The whole game is his drug induced hallucination.
* Danya only hallucinates the announcements, the rest of the board is just fanfics based off of them.

[[WMG: The rocks on the island are embodiments of the souls of serial killers]]
Because they cause way more deaths than the average set of rocks.

[[WMG:Danya is a highly sophisticated super computer that can be uploaded with different personalities]]
It would explain why the conclusions for the students can vary from person to person.

[[WMG:Bryan Calvert, the winner of v2, is dead]]
It would easily explain his whereabouts as of the start of v3. Think about it. The last time we saw him, Danya was trying to HannibalLecture him into either allowing himself to be put into the game a second time or go back home as a symbol of the terrorists' impact on America, thus fulfilling their purpose. It's possible that he decided to TakeAThirdOption in the form of BetterToDieThanBeKilled. In addition, he could have died from other causes (being shot by the terrorists for attacking Danya, for example). In any case, it is possible he could have died at some point in between v2 and v3.
* Jossed; while v2 endgame is likely never to be finished, WordOfGod - via [[AllThereInTheManual a Hallowe'en voice chat]] - revealed that Calvert made it home alive, but refused to speak to the media about what he went through.

[[WMG:Milo Taylor is Danya.]]
You know you want it to be true.

[[WMG: The reason why USA is not stepping in is because they are still hurting from WWII]]
This is the same universe where ''Literature/BattleRoyale'' took place, and recalling correctly, in that universe, Japan won, not USA.
* The SharedUniverse aspect of the work has since been [[{{Retcon}} Retconned]], so it's unlikely.

[[WMG: When there are a decent amount of survivors of both sexes, Danya will force them to breed.]]

[[WMG: Ricky Fortino will become a player.]]
Bobby Jacks. Damien Carter-Madison. Uriel Hunter. What do all of these guys have in common? They all had Student ID B06, and they all tried to play the game. If the pattern holds, Ricky's going to succumb to the temptation as well...
* {{Jossed}}. Ricky was recently [[spoiler: inactive-killed, hitting on some girls [[YourHeadAsplode and then afterwards died by way of dangerzone]]]]. Can't really do much under those conditions.

[[WMG: The islands are sitting on top of distortions in reality.]]
In the middle of these distortions, the laws of physics, biology, space-time and just plain common sense are mutable. V1 had it worse, which allowed for all the insane crap that happened there, but on each subsequent version's island the distortions have been less and less, eventually just culminating in conversations that take up an entire day or more, characters jumping from one location to another in short periods of time, and the occasional bloodtrocution.

* Explains Caitlin Evans' death.

[[WMG: Danya is not the BigBad. He is the Dragon for something worse.]]
The recent reveal that he doesnt take quite as much pleasure in watching the students kill each other implies that he either has some demands down the line, or, he has a boss. Someone who is making him the face of the organisation...