"What it mean," indeed. ''Webcomic/{{Superego}}'' often revels in intricate plots and plenty of MindScrew, so it is no surprise that people will start getting ideas about where the comic is headed. Below are some of the many [=WMGs=] created by the readers.
[[WMG:Darrel Grey is the odd guy out, perhaps even the one who has masterminded the events of this story.]]
Think about it. His color is a very dark grey, almost black. The [[spoiler:inner demons]] speak in their respective characters' colors over a black background. Thus, it would be night impossible to read Darrel's [[spoiler:inner demon's]] text if it were to talk to him, and for the sake of clarity such a thing won't be attempted. So it simply must not exist.

Furthermore, he describes himself as a doctor, but doesn't say ''which'' kind of doctor. He could just as easily be a psychologist. One attempting and monitoring his experiment about the nine others, observing anything worth observing. There is also the fact that the validity of his [[spoiler:Schizoid Personality Disorder]] is very debatable in psychological circles.

Certainly then, Dr. Grey must be in on the whole thing. Now let's hope it's all for good ethics....
* He's about the same color as the hospital itself, for what it's worth.
* [[spoiler:He has said he is a psychiatrist.]]
* We've already seen Black Text on a Black background - [[spoiler:when Sam first interfaced with the shadow in the sub-basement]].
* [[spoiler: Confirmed]].

[[WMG:The Shadow beings are the originals of the characters, whom we see are constructs.]]
This is a horrible, baseless theory that may have originally stemmed only from Percy's missing wedding ring, memory issues, and the assumption a giant subverting twist would turn up. I am so sorry.

[[WMG:Sam became paranoid because of his parents' fallout.]]
When Sam's shadow punches him into a memory of his past, he finds a photo of him and his parents--but his mom has been ripped from the picture. There are also some poker chips on the ground in the next room over, which Sam assumed to be the kitchen. Furthermore, Sam has bad memories of a certain woman who argued with someone who looked like his dad.

Perhaps his parents have had a fallout over Mom's gambling addiction, and that caused the seeds of distrust to be sown into Sam's mind, to be grown during his tumultuous high school years.
* Parts of this theory have been Jossed. Turns out, it was ''Dad'''s addiction to gambling that caused a split.

[[WMG:Percy's Shadow will hijack the Superego Wiki/TVTropes page.]]
He's already done it to the [[spoiler:Info Database]], so vandalizing this entry will be the next step up.

[[WMG: The hospital is a computer program but the code has been corrupted]]
The computer running the program is connected to a brain scanner/what have you in the local hospital, and the ten persons stuck in it were all admitted for head injuries. Why only people with personality disorders? Because the program is a therapeutical tool for helping people with P.D., and would only "upload" the patients with such disorders, as documented in their journals, which the computer has access to as well. The program has the tools to treat ten different disorders, and started up once it had a patient for each "slot". Except the program is corrupted and shouldn't be in use at all.
* Jossed. [[WordOfGod Jovian]] has stated that the personality disorder numbers won't play a role in the story.
* On the other hand, the hospital [[spoiler: is indeed a computer program. A VR simulation, in fact.]]

[[WMG: The hospital's main consciousness/squiggle beasts/shadow counterparts can, have, and will escape.]]
To Mary Sue Quest/later point in the timeline. The latest update of Mary Sue Quest shows less-than human beings composed of black lines. They make an offer in exchange for help to escape from somewhere while in a place composed mostly of black and grey. Reality is warped around the location like the hospital does. Seemingly random colors appear which happen to be (blood) red, grey, yellow and orange. The hospital/squiggles/shadow counterparts have what amount to color manipulation as the Superego's red/yellow/green/blue/etc skin color are not their natural colors.

[[WMG: Helen's psychological problems revolve around her husband in some way.]]
If you pay attention to the bit where she thinks about her husband and gushes about him (starting right about [[http://mspfanventures.com/?adv=275&id=1225 here]]), you'll notice that as she does so the flashbacks get increasingly distorted by static and scribbling (presumably her shadow). Once she stops thinking about him, there's an interesting image in the [[http://mspfanventures.com/?adv=275&id=1228 right hand corner]] of this panel, specifically of Helen crying. This can be an indicator of Helen being an UnreliableNarrator in this case, suggesting that she may not be as HappilyMarried as she claims to be.
* Considering her number corresponds to [[spoiler:[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependent_personality_disorder dependent personality disorder]]]], it's all but guaranteed that Horace Bixby is her "strong caretaker".