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Archangel Michael would have been able to cure the Mark of Cain
Since the Mark was given by Lucifer and Michael is stronger than Lucifer, he would have been able to heal his true vessel, Dean, of the Mark.
  • Partially Jossed. The Mark of Cain comes directly from God who gave it to Lucifer who, in turn, gave it to Cain. Since Lucifer was able to pass it along and Rowena outright destroys it, the rest is still plausible.

The "Righteous Man" in the prophecy Castiel mentioned was Sam, not Dean.
In "On the Head of a Pin," Castiel says that the righteous man who starts the apocalypse will be the one to end it, seemingly quoting some prophecy. He believed he was referring to Dean breaking the first seal, and then later becoming Michael's vessel — but Sam was the one who actually let Lucifer out of his cage, and in the end, put him back in. Castiel just made an assumption based on the way the apocalypse was supposed to pan out.

Father Gregory was actually sent by an Angel
From what we've seen of Angels in the show it wouldn't be beyond one to raise somebody's spirit in order to punish the wicked.

Father Gregory was also probably the most "collected" spirit we've seen so far, instead of growling or just repeating some phrase over and over again like most ghosts, he was articulate enough to have a conversation with Sam and the Priest.

He also physically looked quite composed, most ghosts have stringy hair or rotting faces or otherwise look, well, dead, but Gregory looked as well groomed as any normal human being.

The level of control he could exert over the physical realm was also far greater than most spirits, causing glass to shatter and an entire house to shake is something we rarely, if ever see spirits do, but something Angels do all the time when speaking.

He is also, IIRC, the only spirit to appear and disappear in blinding white light, like that of an Archangel.

The show will end with...
  • Chuck snapping his fingers and everything going black

Azazel was an angel
Instead of a Corrupted human soul, Azazel was an Angel that fell with Lucifer.He was quite low level however, This is why he does not need permission to possess a vessel. Reasons for this theory being;

1.He is the only demon so far seen to have Yellow Eyes, so this is obviously a unique trait.

2.He is immune to holy water.

3.His name ends with "El" (Hebrew for God), as do most angelic names.

  • With the revelation that the Nephilim do indeed exist in-universe, it may be possible that he is one of them. Not one hundred percent sure, but doesn't the Book of Enoch say that a) the real life Azazel was one, b) most of them became demons after death? They've even yellow eyes in common...

The Winchesters brought their bad luck upon themselves...
...when they smashed that roomful of mirrors back in "Bloody Mary" in season 1. Dean even made a comment to that effect at the time, and it really explains a lot, doesn't it?

  • Also, the curse thought it would be funny to give Sam a "stroke of good luck" at the seven-year anniversary, when a normal "seven years of bad luck" would have ended. The episode? "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding." The supposedly good luck? Sam being married to Becky.

Season 9 will introduce the most deadly threat of all
The Nazis bring the Nazi Apocalypse, Covers alot more Hebrew mythology than Christian, WW2 was all set up by an unknown force and it's been destiny for the Jews to fight the Nazis thus ending the world. Dean and Sam make it win too.

Crowley is going to dig into the Winchesters' past
By reading Chuck's Supernatural book series to try to figure out specific weaknesses and/or people he can use against them. The books have already been brought up in "Pac-Man Fever", and we all know that this season is chockful of Continuity Nods, so it makes sense.
  • Confirmed!

Demons' true faces
This is more of a question than a theory, but I'm interested to see people's responses. Multiple times throughout the show, demons' "true face" are referenced. Dean can see them when he's getting closer to Hell at the end of season 3 - "Sundering the veil", as Bobby put it - and in season 4 Anna, a fallen angel, can see Ruby's true face. Every time someone has been able to see a demon's true face, the result has been a look of shock, disgust, horror and fear, and we, the viewers are not allowed to see it. Damn unreveal. What are the fan theories? What does a demon really look like?
  • My fanon is that all demons look vaguely humanoid, only nightmarishly distorted: say, one is unnaturally bloated like Jabba the Hut while another is downright skeletal with long, thin limbs. They're also scarred from Hell in various ways, like maybe they're skinless or burnt or soaked in blood or a combination thereof. They exude the same kind of smoky aura hellhounds do. That said, I think (from what I've read) demons are supposed to look like Mix-and-Match Critters in lore, which I like because Zachariah implies that angels' true form also looks like that and it would be ironic to have yet another similarity between angels and demons (maybe Lucifer was trying to "fix" Lilith by making her more angelic and it back-fired horribly?).
  • That's a really interesting theory. What you said about Mix-and-Match Critters reminds of the Johannes Cabal series, in which demons are described as looking like a random assortment of animal body parts.
  • Maybe demons look like Cenobites? When Dean referenced the movie, Ruby said that they actually got it pretty close... minus the leather, so maybe demons look like naked Cenobites?

Joshua from "Dark Side of the Moon" was once a Fallen Angel a la Anna
He even regained his grace like she did, and returned to Heaven, where he became "gardener" for the Garden. God chose to confide in him because Joshua shared his love for humanity and had even been one at one point. What human had Joshua been? Jesus Christ, of course.
  • And it would make so much sense, too, seeing as fallen angels can result in virgin births.
  • And considering "Joshua" is the literal translation of Jesus' name...I don't know if the creators intended it to work that way, but it certainly holds up.

Eve is the Biblical Eve
When she had kids with Adam she passed evil on to humanity and created the potential for humans to truly become monsters. this is original sin.
  • Not likely. Eve is apparently some sort of leviathan offshoot and is older than Castiel, an angel. She probably just took up the name Eve as a Take That to humanity, not because she actually is Eve.
  • What's more likely is the inverse - the Biblical Eve is the monster mother, and her legend turned into the biblical version over the years.
  • The common consensus is that she's some sort of goddess (see The Other Wiki). Perhaps she's meant to be a pre- Abrahamic Semitic female deity, like Asherah? That would mean she at least comes from the same region as the Leviathan.

Crowley is actually the Crowley from Good Omens after Aziraphale left/died
It would make sense. He got in trouble for averting the apocalypse, and he took on the identity of a lesser demon to maintain a low profile. He has the atitude for it, has a habit for tempting people, and makes deals. Ruby said their was no demon she "knew" that wasn't once human, so maybe she just didn't know of the Fallen Angel demons' existence, and again, it would explain how he was so much more powerful than other demons. The human he *says* he was was a demon he killed and took the place of, and it would show why the bones didn't kill him. Not only that, he is not opposed to working with angels, so maybe, in a past experience, he learned they weren't so bad (hint: Aziraphale). And that's not it. He also seems like the Only Sane Employee, again like A. Crowley, in fact the only difference between the two seems to be that Crowley is a lot darker and more sadistic, again supporting the fact that Aziraphale died/left. Maybe Heaven went under some kind of crisis, like God's sudden absence, and Aziraphale had to go, or Hell, maybe they killed him for the incident with Armageddon't. Either way, it does support the theory that Crowley is what happened when his Morality Chain/ Heterosexual Life Partner went away.

Which explains the case of The Other Darrin and the change in Mrs. Tran's personality. Obviously, a leviathan ate the other Mrs. Tran off-screen after Kevin deciphered the tablet because she knew too much, so Linda is dealing with her missing partner and Kevin with his Missing Mom in Season 8.

Bobby is this universe's version of Batman.
Think about it, he's the most Crazy-Prepared character on this show. He has his beer bottles laced with holy water, for Pete's sake.

The reason Sam is angry all the time
... is because of that psychiatrist from "Asylum" who theorized that extreme anger would be therapeutic if expressed, and made him attack Dean in a fit of blind rage. The psychiatrist was vanquished, but his influence only weakened on Sam, with Sam's fury supernaturally built up but without an outlet.

Azazel tasted disgusting
Just look at the expression on Tessa's face when she's swallowing him!

Zachariah's vessel is Woody from Psych.
Why? Rule of Funny.
  • Hey, if Lassie can be the Cain, why not?

The physical change that Cas will experience in Season 8
Is either him getting the angelic equivalent of genitals (making him no longer "junkless," as most angels are), and/or being neutered.

Following Dean and Cas's trip to Purgatory, Castiel is Castiel again.
The Leviathans that piggybacked their way in via Cas suggested that they'd gotten rid of Castiel for good, but clearly that didn't work out quite the way they'd intended, seeing as how he's back and sort-of powered. Presumably, all they were able to do is push most of Cas into Purgatory, back through the gate - possibly using that "momentum" to bring themselves in. Now that the left-over part of Cas has been to Purgatory, he's been reunited with the rest of himself, and is back to the Castiel that we know and love. As of season 8 premiere, JOSSED.

The way Azazel sealed his deal with John
Was by pulling up their shirts and pressing their belly buttons together. Red-eyed demons seal deals with kisses and white-eyed demons with sex so if we go in order... Yeah, I already know this one's long-past Jossed, you don't have to tell me twice.

The demon that possessed Bobby's wife was his dad.
Demons are known to do stuff for shits and giggles, but possessing a dude's wife seemingly for the sole purpose of making him kill her or killing him using her right after they had a big fight, preventing them from ever getting everything back together? It seems to me that the only person who would do that is Ed Singer, Bobby's father. Now, normally, it takes hundreds of years to strip the humanity out of a soul to create a demon, but let's be serious. There was little to no humanity in Ed Singer. A decade or two would easily be good enough to get him to your standard demon's level. He likely didn't get tortured much in Hell, so there's no need to account for that. Besides, it seems kinda strange that the demon didn't ever come back with a grudge. Perhaps it was because he did exactly what he wanted, he screwed up his kid's life for ending his.
  • Also, a couple of decades Earth-time would likely be centuries upon centuries Hell-time. More than enough time to turn someone like Ed Singer into a demon (just look at how much Dean changed while in Hell).

When angels die, they are reborn human.
While humans go to Heaven when they die, angels are reborn human. What Anna did was technically suicide: she tore out her own grace. (I'm equating "grace" to "soul", btw.) That means that our favorite angels are still alive in some form or another, and the dickish ones will hopefully develop a little humanity and learn some lessons. Everybody wins!

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as So Weird.
Fi's dad was a hunter, and that's how he got killed. It makes a whole lot of sense if you think about it.
  • Season three was supposed to be Fi going to hell to save her dad, before Disney nixed it as too heavy for a children's show. So he sold his soul for rock 'n' roll, the demon collected, and his soul's in hell. But between the beginning and end of the contract he got into being a hunter because of his encounter with said demon.

Ruby was actually Meg
They're similar enough in personality and abilities, they were never on-screen together, and Meg's real name has yet to be revealed. The Meg in Seasons 6 and 7 could be an unrelated demon the Winchesters previously defeated, like Lust from "The Magnificent Seven"; when they mistook her for Ruby/Meg, she decided to roll with it for shits and giggles.

Bobby never actually buried his dad's body
His mom was obviously not happy with what Bobby did, so it wouldn't have made sense for her to help cover up the murder. She probably called the police herself. Digging a hole takes a long freaking time, especially a six-feet deep one being dug by a kid, so chances are Bobby started digging while his mom reported him to the cops, but when they showed up, Bobby threw down the shovel and ran like Hell.

It's also very likely that Robert Singer was not his real name He changed it to that to avoid the law. Why did his parents call him Bobby, then? Just an inaccuracy of his memory caused by the bullet in his brain.
  • But wasn't the house of his youth the same one he lived in as an adult?
    • No.

Dean never escaped the Djinn
What if Dean never escaped the Djinn from "What Is and What Should Never Be"? Instead, his escape attempt pissed it off, so it turned his fantasy world from a happy place where Mary never died to a world where everything that could possibly go wrong, does go wrong.

Think about it: Seasons 1 and 2 are relatively light-hearted, and the boys have a lot of success stories. From AHBL onwards, everything just keeps getting worse. It's the perfect torture.

Sam is NOT in hell
Basically, I think this because Death said Sam was hallucinating. And it would be pretty mind-screwy and a slap in the face to viewers if it turned out that Season 6 and 7 were just things made up by Lucifer to torture Sam.
  • However, the more I view the episodes of Season 7, the more I wonder if maybe Dean is the one in hell because it seems like all the negative things taking place on the show affect him the hardest. Maybe he actually died after the end of Season 5 (before Castiel came back) and everything preceding it is what he's experiencing in hell.

People who get possessed develop lung cancer
Demons manifest basically as huge clouds of smoke. And they stay inside people's bodies for however extended periods of time. If smoking cigarettes are bad for your health, possessions certainly can't be GOOD for you, even if you survive.
  • Jessi's mother, who was practically the only person we saw who got posessed years before the series started, seemed alright. Physically, at least.

Eve was not named for the Biblical Eve, but after the titular villainess of Parasite Eve
Search your heart. You know it to be true.
  • So... she's named after someone who is named after the Biblical Eve anyway?

Castiel is God
In season seven's premier episode, the title was, Meet the New Boss the next line in the song it is taken from is, Same as the old boss.

The other Special Children were also surrounded by demons
  • Ava was set up with her fiance by a demon. When the demon killed her fiance, it was the beginning of her Break the Cutie journey that led to her Face-Heel Turn.
    • Maybe her fiance was Sam's demon pal Brady, Faking the Dead. After all, they shared the same name and Bobby said that demon possessions were rare (before the Hell Gates got opened, of course).
  • Max Miller's parents were possessed when they abused him.

Hallucifer is not a hallucination
They proved in "Free To Be You and Me" that an archangel and his vessel are connected, even when they're apart from each other, and Cass even uses that connection to summon Raphael. Maybe Sam's "hallucinations" are Lucifer (from Hell) trying to use this connection to A.) mess with Sam, and B.) get out of Hell. Think about it - Sam has never "hallucinated" around someone who'd recognize it for what it was, like Castiel.
  • This troper has been accepting that as canon since "Hello Cruel World" when, in one scene, Lucifer stabbed a knife into the table. Several shots later after Lucifer is gone, the knife is still standing upright in the table.
  • Pretty much Jossed, much more likely that Sam did it and but perceived it as something Lucifer did (a la Tyler Durden's actions in Fight Club).
  • Actually it makes sense. What Cas was supposed to be taking from Sam into himself top cure Sam in BAI (his tiredness? The post traumatic stress? The emotional/physical damage to his soul? This just seems disrespectful to ptsd, that it can just be 'taken away' like that), But what Cas could have been taking is Sam's connection to Lucifer, transferring the connection between Lucifer and his vessel, and thus the ability for Lucifer to communicate through him, to himself.
    • And going to Purgatory broke the connection to Lucifer, since Purgatory is (supposed to be) cut off from Heaven, Earth and Hell, which is why Castiel got better.
    • The way I interpreted it was that Cas was taking Sam's memories of his time in the Cage, but this would make more sense (I'd say it was probably both, though, because having those memories would still give Sam PTSD even without Hallucifer).

Where a person goes in their afterlife depends on their beliefs
This could explain all the afterlives mentioned by other religions (ex. Valhalla, Nirvana) - whatever afterlife you believe in, you go to after you die. Why do Sam and Dean go to Heaven when they die? Because they already believe that the Christian God exists, having already met "angels of the Lord". This troper can't recall it off the top of her head, but in S6, Raphael said something to the effect that the guy who's personal heaven he was in made it there because he was devout, which might give a little support to her theory. Ash and Pamela (who we saw in Heaven)'s faith is never mentioned in the series, but for the sake of this WMG, let's assume they believed in God. This might explain why John, Mary, Ellen, and Jo are AWOL - it's not too much of a stretch to assume that most hardened hunters are atheists because of all the hellish things that've happened to them/they've seen happen. In John's case, I think this was confirmed - according to the Supernatural Wiki, his dog-tags said he didn't have faith in any religion. Where they ended up, then, is anyone's guess.
  • In Limbo, perhaps?
  • The alternate explanation for those four being missing is Ash just hasn't found them yet. He doesn't seem to really know (or care) whose Heaven he's breaking into until he gets there, so it's entirely possible that he just hasn't run into them yet.
  • An alternate explanation is that Jo and Ellen (who, if I'm getting my timelines right, just died a few episodes prior to the trip to heaven) just might not have arrived yet. Pamela died almost a full season before, and Ash died in season 2. At least for them, it might be that Ash hasn't had the time to track them down (whereas Sam and Dean have apparently died so often that it's become habitual) for John and Mary, it's possible Ash might have known where their heavens were, but didn't retrieve them because
A) they were probably in the same place (soulmates) and he was giving them some privacy, and B) they needed to get Sam and Dean out of there before the Angels found them, and they didn't really have the time for a nice touching family reunion.

Castiel is God's substitute plan
We've all been dreading/hating/despising the Season 6 finale, where Cas declares himself to be 'the new God'. Well, maybe it's not such a bad thing and was just God's plans all along (maybe the whole civil war thing was a bit off rail, but what are details to Him?); everything that happened was so God can permanently take a vacation on earth and have someone else powerful take over heaven stuff for him, but still making sure this person won't destroy all the humans as well.

I mean, think about it, it took a full year for Cas develop to the point of stop simply following orders. Of all the other angels who do have a brain of their own, he's the only one who doesn't think of humans as hairless apes/mud monkeys who should be killed for simply existing. He's also the only one who still blindly loved God even after the other angels were allowed to jump start Apocalypse. It's always been puzzling why in Season 5, Cas was brought back with diminished powers (rebelled doesn't count: he was new and improved after Swan Song). Perhaps it was so that, with diminished abilities, that was meant to teach Cas about the trivial matters of humanity; and since he had to experience the 4 horsemen himself thanks to his humanization, he'd be more appreciative of what humans have to go through and conquer, and less likely to sic the Apocalypse on earth again like Raphael wants to so badly.

Lastly, like Zachariah pointed out for the seals, if God DIDN'T want this to happen, there was no way it would've. Sure, the Apocalypse came and he didn't care, but surely there would be something done when someone wants to usurp the position of God? Just saying.

  • Or, maybe, God knew it would work out, since God is supposed to know everything. Personally, I believe God DID care about the Apocalypse—he interfered enough to give the Winchester boys a chance, didn't he? Why do that if he really didn't care? Maybe he just wanted the world to fix itself. And since he sealed the Leviathans in Purgatory in the first place, he HAD to know that Cas would suck them in if he opened the door to it. So maybe God just let Cas take over for a few days because he knew it wouldn't last and he still trusts the world to get itself out of its own messes. Also, free will is kind of a basic tenet of the Abrahamic traditions, which seem to be what this God comes from. Despite the angels claiming it doesn't exist, clearly it does, since the Winchesters stopped the Apocalypse and burned the script. So maybe God was letting his creation exercise free will, like he promised.

The pagans, God, the Horsemen, Eve, and the Leviathans are all the same type of creature
God created angels to be his warriors and human souls to be his power source in order to overthrow other members of his race. Eve saw what was coming and tried to even the odds by making humans into monsters so that she'd have their souls and be strong enough to fight God off, but lost. God locked the rest of his species into Purgatory, but some (ie. the pagans) managed to escape. In Season 5, Lucifer broke the Horsemen out of Purgatory by giving them demon souls to make them stronger and bound them to his will. Pagans and Leviathans eat people because it's how they eat souls to get stronger, with the endgame of finding and killing God/throwing God into Purgatory so that they can rule Heaven and Earth. Boom. No matter what Season 7 says, this theory is now this troper's personal fanon.

Castiel is possessed by Azazel
He took control when Cas absorbs the souls of Purgatory (where the souls of dead demons, ghosts and people killed by Ruby's knife go).

Dean's love/slight obsession with pie is because it reminds him of his mother.
It is revealed in the season 5 episode, "Dark Side of the Moon", that Mary gave/made Dean pie at least once (and seeing as it was one of Dean's happiest memories the emphasis of that moment is even more emphasized). In other words, Dean may love pie because it reminds him of one of the happiest times in his life (with his mother).

Sam is still in Lucifer's Cage...
and Season 6 is a hallucination designed to screw with him. After all, there's more to torture than just physical pain. This explains why there's a heavier focus on Sam than Dean. The soulless thing embodied Sam's worst fear - of becoming evil and hurting people. Dean giving up on his life with Lisa and Ben and throwing himself into retrieving Sam's soul happened because they wanted Sam to feel guilty for causing his brother pain. The reason why Cas is turning dark-side is because Michael is still pissed about getting incinerated with holy fire. In the season finale, the version of Sam who supposedly remembered Hell actually knew that it was all just an illusion; after "waking up", Sam knows that he is still in Hell. He and Adam are trapped with Michael and Lucifer, forever, without any hope of escaping. Sweet dreams, folks.
  • Played with quite a bit in the Season 7 premiere. At least Sam's Lucifer hallucination mentions this.
  • OP: Similar theory: The illusion is all for Dean. After all, the very first episode of the season had djinns making him hallucinate that Azazel was back; and right after that, Sam showed up to save him, miraculously resurrected from the Cage - probably Dean's greatest wish at that point! However, everything went downhill from there, because the demons were behind all of it and wanted to make Dean suffer as much psychological torment as possible by giving him the thing he wanted most back, ruining it, making his life suck again, etc., all BEFORE they wake him up and gloat about how none of it was real. (I never for one second bought that the demons WOULDN'T want his blood for helping lock their daddy back in a hole, btw. They should've been hunting him down the second it happened.) One explanation? Perhaps he was ambushed and captured before the last scene of "Swan Song", and the entire year he spent with Lisa and Ben (the promise he made to Sam getting fulfilled) was just the demons screwing with him. Perhaps they'll wake him up when they feel he's good and broken so they can interrogate him to learn how to bust Lucifer out. (This entire WMG is poorly-written, badly-reasoned, and incomplete to boot, but my fingers are tired and it's five in the morning, so I think you get the gist of it.)
  • Actually, Lucifer's goals in interfering with Sam make much more sense if we assume that it is a hallucination, Sam's in hell with Lucifer, and Lucifer has no way of reaching out of the Cage. If Lucifer could really influence a person outside the Cage, surely it would make sense to work on some kind of plan for opening the cage—the ability to appear to Sam is the kind of opportunity he hasn't had for millenia and that will be gone as soon as Sam dies. So why would he use it for no more productive purpose than just messing with Sam's head? Yes, Lucifer hates Sam and wants revenge, but someone as pragmatic as him should be trying to induce Sam to do things like deliver messages to his loyal demons, or open the Cage, or something like that. That would be much more in-character for the Lucifer we saw in Season Five. On the other hand, if we assume that Lucifer can't reach outside the Cage in any way, then it makes plenty of sense that he would have nothing better to do than create an illusory world to torment Sam and make his life as much of a Deus Angst Machina as he can.

Demons are just ghosts
Demons are dead human souls that are weak to salt and iron. That sounds a bit like a certain other creature. Also, ghosts are said to be able to move objects, take over bodies, and leave behind ectoplasm when they're angry. Demons have spent time in Hell, so I imagine they're always angry, so just replace ectoplasm with sulfur, and you've described demons again. The only huge difference is that demons have no true form beyond smoke, which can be explained by their soul being mutilated in Hell.
  • Confirmed in-show.
  • Episode?
    • Just when they say that every demon was once a human. they're just changed by their time in Hell.
    • That doesn't imply that demons are just ghosts, though.
      • Yes it does. Just very twisted/corrupted ghosts with amped up abilites.
  • Burning their bones kills them. Bobby seems to agree with this WMG, and it seems pretty much confirmed.
    • OK. So, at the very least, demons are similar to ghosts. So... what happens when their bones get burnt? For ghosts, it doesn't seem like it sends them back to heaven. It looks much more like they get annihilated - totally wiped out. Does that mean that if everyone on the planet was Viking-funeraled, there wouldn't be any more demons?
    • Probably not, but it would be AWESOME.
    • This could be some weird kind of Fridge Logic- let's say the more the physical remains rot away, the less human a spirit becomes. Most demons should be pretty old, so they've lost any semblance of humanity.
  • Demons are similar to ghosts, but they're not exactly the same. Ghosts don't leave behind sulfur. Ghosts don't look like black smoke. Ghosts rarely possess people, and when they do, they don't give them nifty powers like the ability to teleport around or shoot out blasts of demonic light (that DemonBlood!Sam is immune to). It's more fair to say demons are kind of like…pumped-up Super Ghosts, created by Lucifer. Not just regular restless spirits.
    • The main point of evidence for this is the first demon's (Lilith) description as a human soul twisted by Lucifer. It would make sense for something altered by an archangel to come a cut above the rest.
    • Demons look like black smoke because they were tortured so much, and for so long, that they started to look like black smoke,and as for the sulphur, it could be just a side effect of being in hell.
  • The difference here is in what happens after the death of the person. If they're demons, their soul left their human body, the mortal plane, and went to Hell, where it was twisted until the point where it stopped being human, and became a demon. Its strength is likely a result of how long they've been in Hell/moving up a sort of corporate ladder/how they reacted to the experience of Hell. If they're a ghost, they died but because of unfinished business/trauma/Reaper issues, their soul left their human body but stayed trapped in the mortal plane. It did not move on to Heaven or Hell. Its strength and behaviour depends on how long it's been hanging around/the circumstances of its death. It's a similar process in a way, but they're still different beings.
Demon blood is a placebo
So Sam is a psychic, and his powers supposedly come from demon blood. However, this makes no sense, because Sam's powers run low only a few weeks after not drinking any of Ruby's blood. How could he have gone 22 years without any demon blood, and when he did, having only had a few drops? Ruby tells us at the end of Season 4, "You didn't need the feather to fly, you had it in you the whole time." The only reason he lost his abilities in Seasons 3 and 5 were because the demon he thought he was getting power from died. This is also why a passive ability like immunity to Lilith was preserved in Season 3. The reason Ruby told Sam demon blood made him strong was so that he could be ready to hold Lucifer. This would make Sam the most powerful psychic in the world if he ever realized it.
  • Alternately, Sam's powers depend on his mental state. The demon blood has proven (and even been discussed) to make Sam feel more powerful and in control, more dominant; being an empathetic person at heart, maybe he simply cannot access those emotions, and by extension the powers, without its influence.
    • This troper agrees. It makes perfect sense, given what we leaned in the second season. Reference is made by both Jake and Ava to "letting go," with the implication that all that was required to access their power was willingness to use it at it's full capacity, and to throw away their normal inhibitions. (Which is supported by the fact that the few times Sam has demonstrated powers beyond his visions is in defense of Dean.) I think it's likely that the Demon's Blood did empower Sam's abilities beyond simply allowing him to access his innate potential, but it's influence on his emotional state was probably just as much of a contribution to the sheer power he displayed.
  • A third possible explanation is that demon blood acts as a supplement. There are certain drugs that people take to give them synthetic hormones to supplement the body, but if you take it for too long your body becomes unable to produce it effectively enough on it's own, requiring your brain to need the drug to function. Sam was doing fine on his own, but when demon blood was added to the mix and made him more powerful, whatever the magic that gives him psychic abilities was could no longer be produced on it's own, it needed to be supplemented with the blood. Hence the need to "detox" Sam, as it would be the only way for him to function without it.

Blues Clues and Supernatural take place in the same continuity.
Steve's house is actually Lucifer's Cage. The entire scenario is an elaborate hallucination created by Lucifer's endless years of boredom, which have slowly turned him insane. The 'Steve' Character a detached identity he has assumed as a result, and he constantly solves mysteries in a continual cycle to pass the endless eons of time.
  • Joe is Michael. The events of the Steve/Lucifer series take place at the same time as the Joe/Michael series; They are seperated so they won't fight.
  • Blue is Sam's Soul.
    • Magenta is Adam's Soul.

Sam is the intended host of Lucifer.
This was Ruby's intent all along. This is what old Yellow Eyes was after: a proper host that Lucifer could possess that would add to Lucifer's already substantial power.
  • Confirmed in 5x03. Lucifer described his current vessel, Nick, as "an improvisation."

Dean is the intended host of Michael.
In line with the above WMG, when Zachariah told Dean that he had to be the one to kill Lucifer, he meant that, as the "First Seal," he was the only one Michael could possess.
  • The First Seal was the corruption of Michael's vessel (or "The Righteous Man") in Hell.
  • Confirmed in episode 1 of season 5. Dean doesn't want Michael to possess him, for a good reason.

Dean and Castiel had a child who was kidnapped by Zachariah and sent to the very far future on another planet.
And you know who that child grew up to be? None other than the good captain, Jack Harkness! If you really think about it, it could make sense. It is a really long story...
  • Dean and Jack's facial expressions are way too identical.
    • Note: if we're in the same universe as Torchwood, then M Preg is probably canonical.
      "Still, at least I won't get pregnant. I'm never doing that again."
  • I would give anything for this to be true, omg.

The finale is going to be a awesome Cain and Abel brawl between Michael/Dean and Lucifer/Sam
At least that's what going to happen if the brothers fail.

Sam was forced to kill Adam.
When the two descended into the cage, they were at each other's throats. Perhaps, they continued the fight except this time it was a cage match. Sam, free of Lucifer's control, had to kill Adam/Michael in self-defense. It would also explain why Adam didn't leave the cage with Sam. It might explain his behavior in "The Third Man." He's trying to rationalize that decision by being more ruthless.
  • Jossed in "Appointment in Samarra." He's stuck in the cage (which probably would make him prefer if he were killed).

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Heroes
It's set at the same time, during which a number of complete strangers are suddenly showing evidence of superpowers. You figure it out. From this, it follows that:
  • Maya's power is the result of being possesed by a demon. (It explains the black eyes.)
  • The characters with powers in Heroes will eventually be forced to kill each other off until only one is left. Sylar was just the first to figure it out. Of course, this could get complicated now that we know that Claire's blood can bring people Back from the Dead.
  • Daphne's even from Lawrence, Kansas. Appearance says her family is an offshoot of the Campells.

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Dogma
Think about season 4 for a minute. Also, related to the first two WMG, Dean is the intended host of Jay, and Sam is the intended host of Silent Bob.
  • It makes sense considering they've taken the exact same approach to Lucifer. This Troper constantly recalls Bartleby's parking lot speech when watching the show. The theologies sync up perfectly.
  • Castiel, while full of Holy Wackiness, responds to a probing question the same way God does in Dogma ("boop" with nose poke). Perhaps he is ill with the malady of the Holy Mind.
  • Oh, and in season 7, Castiel says he recognizes the handwriting on an ancient rock as Metatron's. I think we may have something with this one.
  • Not to mention, no one can find God, same as the movie. He / She is trapped in a comatose body and needs to be freed. In the show, I'm betting that God is on Earth and is just being helped captive in a similar manner. Oh! And in the 'Sam's afraid of clowns' episode, the guy at the ticket counter even suggests that Dean play skeeball.

Hendrickson is alive and will become a hunter.
We haven't seen a body, and after an experience like that there's no way he's going back to the FBI. My guess is that now that he knows demons are real, Hendrickson will become a hunter and team up with the Winchesters at a later date.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Deadness score: 2.86, so there's some hope for Back Next Season.
    • I came up with a Sorting Algorithm score of an even 3, but that doesn't factor in the fact that A) Kripke has said they're done with the FBI plot, B) The show's usual method of wrapping up storylines, and C) The fact that the episode in question was written by Sera Gamble who's said in interviews that one of her favorite things to do is kill off well-liked characters and she does it so often that it borders on Author Appeal, or something close to it.
      • Jossed in 4.02 when Hendrickson comes back as a very pissed off spirit due to "The Rising of the Witnesses"

Sam's visions were never a power, but he's started getting powers again and isn't telling Dean
Sam's visions were never a power, just something the YED would send him to get him where it wanted him. Hence why there was no real consistency and they were often useless (or worse). This was practically admitted when Andy sent Dean a vision in All Hell Breaks Lose and it worked just like Sam's. Sam's 'original' power, like Andy's mind control and Jake's super strength, was telekinesis, but he's worked so hard to suppress the vengeful, killy part of himself that it only came out when he actually 'saw' Dean die. The whole point of the scene in the cabin at the end of season 1 was to hurt Dean in front of Sam and hopefully get him to unleash his powers again, hence the taunting and the gun placement. While Sam tries to move the gun, he just isn't unlocking the right part of his brain because the danger of death to Dean isn't so immediate and acute as before (and perhaps, with their father there, he doesn't really think it will happen).

Sam has since claimed that the powers just 'went away', but given that he only experienced one bit of one power once, I wonder what his basis for this is? Bela says the spirits warn them to run far away from Gordon in Fresh Blood, despite the fact that they survive the encounter so presumably it's not just because he's so physically dangerous. When Sam decapitates Gordon, not only does he have a nasty look on his face but he surely has just done something that Sammy would previously have found physically impossible. Powers must have been involved. So the reason they were told not to go after Gordon was that doing so would lead to this situation in which not-quite-Sammy gets really wound up by Gordon, sees Dean in immediate, acute danger and snaps. Dean chooses not to bring up the impossibility of what Sam has just done, probably in denial (although he looks uneasy). Since then, Sam has had access to powers and has been hiding this (along with the other things) from Dean. Perhaps he has also been choosing not to use them again, so far, but the damage has been done.
  • This was perhaps proven with the season three finale, "No Rest for the Wicked": Ruby says that Sam's powers are just "dormant" and that they can wipe out Lilith and, at the end, Lilith fails to kill Sam (not for lack of trying) for some reason. It still remains to be seen, however, what his actual powers are.
  • From "All Hell Breaks Loose", I got the impression that all the pyschics were capable of all the different powers; one would manifest first, and once they gave in to the Yellow-Eyed Demon the rest were automatically unlocked.
    • In season 4 Sam is shown to have the ability to psychically force demons out of people they have possessed. It seems to take a LOT out of him though so he probably won't be using these powers on EVERY demon. Still it's a better way to go when the other ways usually end up with the hosts dying. Of course this COULD be just another step down that slippery slope that YED had him on.
  • This Troper swears that, in "The Mentalists", when Sam's Spoon bends and unbends, the first thing she thought was that Sam did it and was getting his powers back, especially seeing as not only had the spoon-bending guy walked off by then, but said spoon-bender was shown as one of the fakes the next time we see him.
    • Ditto. This Troper hopes it's this, but it's probably nothing, because there are too many other arcs set up for this season already.

Dean will claw his way out of Hell and come back as a demon.
Well, obviously the writers will bring him back, and it would be pretty cool if he came back as a demon, with the entire package of demonic powers. Plus there's tons of potential for difficulties with other hunters, a little like when Gordon Walker was convinced Sam was the Antichrist. The only problem with this is that to come back, Dean would have to possess someone. Not only does this raise ethical issues, but it kind of defeats the purpose of bringing Dean back if he's not going to be played by Jensen Ackles.
  • His body is still on Earth so maybe he'll possess it.
  • Almost right. He does get out of hell (with a little help from Cas) and he's presumably something more than an ordinary human, given the whole vessel thing. As of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (4x09) we know that Dean remembers his time in Hell, and that he definitely did some torturing while down there, but that seems only to have reinforced his humanity and righteousness somehow.

About the Season Four Spoilers
"Guy" is actually Dean, "Kristy" is actually Ruby. Castiel is an angel. This troper has seen these theories in multiple places, but she saw them first on the very intelligent and witty boards of Television Without Pity, so credit where it is due. If you don't know and would like to, the names are from the spoiler sides that have recently come out for the season 4 opener, called Lazarus Rising. The basic reasoning is: "Guy" sounds a lot like Dean, what with the sarcasm and all, and his situation seems to be like Dean's (he was just "rescued" and is described as "defenseless", and he knows Bobby well). As for Kristy, we know that Katie Cassidy (formerly Ruby) is gone, but that the character is not, and Kristy is described much like Ruby was. As for Castiel, he seems to have benevolent intentions, and although he calls himself a demon, Kripke said that we would meet a new supernatural race of beings, and other sources have mentioned that Supernatural will use a lot of religious images, particularly relating to Heaven and Hell, and lastly, research (coughGooglecough) has revealed that Castiel is the name of an angel. Also, with a title like "Lazarus Rising", it would be surprising if they DIDN'T resurrect Dean, and it makes sense for "Guy" to be him.
  • All three are confirmed by Lazarus Rising.

The CRD in "Bedtime Stories" was telling the truth.
Let's face it, Sam didn't do all that much to help Dean out (onscreen) in Season Three. He might have hated himself for it and it's obvious that he loves Dean more than anything but as she said, he was kind of going through the motions. Jared Padalecki has also said that, in S4, Dean's like "I'm big brother, we do what I say" and Sam's like "I managed four months without you. Where do you get off taking control again?" And besides, from the looks of his reaction she had obviously hit a nerve and when have demons ever really lied anyway? The only time that I can remember is when Meg was being interrogated and she told the boys that John was dead.

Dean can't (permanently) die.
Okay, so this is a big Back from the Dead show but seriously, how many times has he had an onscreen death or was supposed to have died? There's obviously the big one in No Rest For The Wicked (and it's likely that Castiel is going to pull him out of hell because there's work to be done. What work?), there was plenty in Mystery Spot, he shoots his doppelgangers dead in Dream A Little Dream Of Me and Skin, he stabs himself to get back to reality in What Is And What Should Never Be, he was supposedly dead in In My Time Of Dying, he was ready to die as far back as Faith and we see him get shot in the head in Nightmare. And that's not even counting the whole wish to rest thing or the suicide in slow motion that he had going in the former half of Season Three. All that has got to count for something. And how cruel/awesome would it be to have the established Death Seeker to actually not be able to die?
  • Interesting theory, and not entirely unsupported by canon, in that the angels have a vested interest in keeping Dean alive until it's time for Lucifer and Michael's showdown. But a lot of those on-screen deaths weren't actually Dean. "Dream A Little Dream of Me" doesn't quite jive with "What Is And What Should Never Be" (in that Dean says in the latter that if you're about to die in a dream, you wake up) but if you accept that the dream-Dean was actually a personification of waking Dean's subconscious fears and anger, then shooting it wouldn't actually have an effect on Dean. In a way, it's a metaphor for his facing his issues (finally). In Skin, the shape-shifter wasn't actually sharing a body with Dean, so Dean's own mortality isn't in question. Mystery Spot is a little trickier, but since that was the Trickster trying to teach Sam a lesson, it can be argued that Dean didn't actually die at all during that time—it was all in Sam's mind. In short, it's easy to buy Dean as a Death Seeker, but I think he's just as mortal as anyone else when he doesn't have something bigger watching his back.
    • Considering that the Trickster is really the archangel Gabriel, there's a very good chance that Dean really did die thousands of times. It would certainly gel with "Dark Side Of The Moon", where Castiel says specifically that they've been there before many times but don't remember it. "Changing Channels" certainly shows he's got the power to play up alternate realities and keep them that way.

The Trickster is actually a Q.
Possibly even that Q. In Mystery Spot especially he uses similar tactics to the ones Q employs in Tapestry and Best of Both Worlds, and has the ability to change his shape, change time, make days repeat and bring back the dead. He has the same interest in testing and "improving" Sam that Q seems to have in Picard and takes the same joy when his target is reduced to begging him for help. Despite being a shapeshifter, the Trickster has a "default" form he uses with beings who have seen him before, just like the Q, and he's survived two sure attempts on his life —- easy to do if he's actually immortal.
  • Hah! He does kind of look like a Q, too, doesn't he? Jossed by "Changing Channels," sadly. Though since he's described as a pagan god, and addressed as "Loki" by the other gods in Hammer of the Gods, that might explain where some of his power comes from.
  • No, no, no, Q is actually Gabriel - we all know he likes pranks, especially involving aliens: pretending to be an advanced alien lifeform in order to mess with the humans would totally be his style.
  • This Troper would like to point out that, in the Expanded Universe novels, Q is pretty much every single Trickster God ever (including Loki), not just on Earth. Q is also on the Pals with Jesus page, for what it's worth. Making this one...hilariously possible.
  • Guys, this one was totally confirmed! The Trickster = Loki = Gabriel, and Q = Loki, meaning Gabriel/the Trickster = Q.

How the series will end.
The series will end with Dean being forced to kill Sam. You have to admit, they've foreshadowed it like crazy. Also, in the process of killing him, Dean will probably somehow "save" him.
  • And then kill himself. Fade to black. Cue credits.
  • Dean's first line in the show was "Goodnight, Sammy." Maybe that'll be his last line, too.

Season Four Ruby is really Lilith.
OR Ruby has been in league with Lilith the whole time. And she's setting Sam up to be the skinsuit for Lucifer.
  • Alternate theory: Ruby really does hate Lilith's guts, but she was in league with Azazel—we found out in "In The Beginning" that he was up to something bigger and more ambitious than we ever realized, and whatever his plan is, it definitely involves the Last Psychic Kid Standing. By encouraging Sam to use his powers, even for good, Ruby hopes to send him down the slippery slope to the Dark Side.

Uriel is going to be killed by Sam.
Everything we've learned about Uriel so far screams on-screen death, or maybe a fall. Anyway, he's violent, not really likable, and is threatening one of the main characters. Since (1) Kripke doesn't like to make ominous threats for nothing (2) Sam has to go dark at some point for the plot to have a sensible climax (3) Sam just being turned into dust would be a really boring ending, it seems like at some point Uriel's going to try to kill Sam, and Sam will become involved in Uriel's death. We already know angels can die from Are You There God?, and it would be a heck of a turning point.
  • Uriel was ganked by the very blade he used to kill other angels, and it was being wielded by Anna.

Ruby is trying to finish the plan that Azazel started.
Considering how Azazel wanted to have a general to control a demon army, Ruby could just be one of the many demons that Sam was going to lead — and perhaps the only one that's willing to see ol' Yellow Eyes's endgame through to the very end. Perhaps the only reason Lilith wanted Sam's head on a platter at all is because Ruby wanted to see Azazel's plan through to the very end.
  • Wasn't this kind of confirmed by "Lucifer Rising"?

Supernatural's Azazel is the same one from Fallen
Demons named Azazel? Check. Sadistic assholes who like to screw with people? Check. Want to cause the Apocalypse? Check. Enemies with guys named John who they possess, who are essentially pushed to suicide after failing to kill the demon/s? Check. Shows creepy interest in John's love interest? Check. In Fallen, Azazel's POV is even yellow - perhaps because of his eye color?

Ruby is an undercover/fallen angel
Devil's advocate, literally - she's there to oppose every option of them upstairs to make sure Free Will still has a say and the boys actually think through their actions. I know she's supposedly relatively low-level from her eye-color, but it's a possiblity that could be part of her disguise. If you're inflitrating the enemy, then you go in as a soldier, not a general.

The Angels in the series are a different type of Angel then we thought.
Pffft like this needs a reason.

Dean is a Trickster
Love of sweets? Check. Smarmy attitude? Check. Loves showing up people who are "dicks"? Check. Immortal? Death hasn't really stuck yet. He even rather intuitively figured out the Trickster's reason for selecting his targets in Tall Tales before they even knew what they were facing. And for some reason, Dean not only liked the Trickster's style but was even a tiny bit sorry to have to kill him (even if that death didn't stick either). Whether he knows it or not, there might just be a little something more to the elder Winchester.
  • Taking this to its logical conclusion, he's the Trickster. Remember, it's established that the Trickster can make illusory copies of himself, so having seen them together doesn't eliminate the possiblity. Suddenly the Trickster's motive in "Groundhog Day" makes more sense—he wants to help Sam get used to Dean's death because he is Dean, who doesn't want Sam to save him. This theory makes a lot more sense with the caveat that Dean doesn't actually know he's the Trickster; the Trickster we've seen is a projection of his subconscious, which is free to use Dean's powers as it pleases.
    • Unless the writers are up to something seriously brain-breaking, this was Jossed by "Changing Channels".

The trickster has no weakness.
He's been stabbed by his "one weakness" twice and is still running around. He (they?) probably made up a weakness and spread it around for kicks.
  • Alternatively, he's never actually appeared to anyone. He just makes copies of himself to mess with people.
  • Confirmed in Changing Channels: He's actually Gabriel.
    • Uh, what about the fact that another angel can kill him? Not to mention that being trapped by holy fire is a weakness, if not necessarily a fatal one.

The trickster is God.
Related to the above WMG, there is only one "trickster", and even that trickster has no real physical form. It can't be a coincidence that the two times they hunt a trickster it's the same one, and each time the trickster is teaching moral lessons to people through ironic punishments and other "mysterious ways", as God would be apt to do. Also, this explains what God is doing during his supposed absence, and allows him to still exert his influence and not have abandoned his creations, but would still have thrown the angels off his trail. Alternatively, the trickster is a human manifestation of God, similar to Jesus in Christian tradition.
  • Turns out he's Gabriel. Or so he says. That could turn out to be yet another Trick.

The Impala is really a TARDIS.
Its trunk is obviously Bigger on the Inside, considering all of the weaponry and clothing it has to hold at any given time.

The Friday the 13th (2009) remake takes place in the Supernatural universe between seasons 3 and 4...
Think about it, the "I'm looking for my sister" thing in the trailer could be a perfect cover story, and Sam goes under other names all the time.

Dean is now uncircumcised
He mentioned that all his scars had disappeared after he was raised from hell. My guess is that it also includes the hoodie.
  • But has he been rehymenated? And was he circumcised to begin with? When in canon did this ever come up? Why do I think you're so awesome now?
  • Didn't he explicitely say he was "rehymenated"? And, well, he is American.
  • Another troper weighing in: Dean seemed far too eager to, ahem, use his equipment after his rebirth. In the intervening episodes there was no indication that he was walking funny due to a DIY circumcision. This troper concluded, independently of the above troper, that Dean was brought back intact due to these clues. By the time he had a chance to breathe and consider it, I don't think he'd have done it. So, until proven/mentioned otherwise, I'm considering him intact.

Dean has never actually eaten pie
Consider: he orders pie often, discusses how much her likes pie, we often see him eating food in general, but have you ever seen him successfully procure and consume pie?
  • Jossed in a big way when Dean gets offered pizza-pie by everybody's favourite horseman of the apocalypse, Death.
  • It was jossed even before that in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" when Bobby's undead wife baked and fed both of them pie.

God has been imprisoned by the four angels.
In the Season 4 finale, when Dean asked where's God in the angel's plan to allow Armageddon to occur, Zachariah simply said that he "has left the building." Then Dean looks at the gate behind him. In another episode, the fallen angel Anna Milton said that only four angels have seen God. Presumably they are the only ones who are allowed to since they are the highest level of angels.

This theory suggests that some time ago, the four angels are tired of following Gods orders and have him sealed behind the gates. This would explain why God has yet to make an appearance in the show. It would be revealed that he indeed did have a hand in the Season 2 episode "Houses of the Holy", where he caused a freak accident which killed an abusive boyfriend. It was a sign to get Dean's attention as he is chosen.

Bodiless spirits have 'static' personalities.
Static in the sense of being hard to change. This would explain all the ghosts caught in patterns from when they were alive, doing exactly the same thing over and over. It would also explain why Dean came back from Hell as just a sadder version of himself, instead of being a vastly different person, even though he spent 40 extremely traumatic years there. After all, even if you have a pretty good life, you're a very different person at 60-70 years than you are at 20-30. Think of it - Dean spent more time in Hell than he did alive. And traumatic experiences cause a much greater change in personality in a short time, hence all the 18 year olds who go off to war and come back a couple of years later completely different. Dean's experiences in Hell are about the only trauma the main characters experienced that the authors didn't portray entirely accurately to Real Life. This theory could explain why.
  • To be fair, we don't really know what a realistic depiction of the effects of spending time in hell on one's psyche, would look like. We know what the effects of physical and mental torture are, and these are portrayed accurately to Real Life. But we really have no idea what exactly supernatural or mystical torment would do to someone, so they have a bit more leeway here. For all we know, torture in hell only hurts a person's soul, not their mind, which could be why his personality isn't noticeably changed.
  • Then again, if we are to believe Ruby, some "bodiless spirits" in Hell actually become demons, so they did change. I could see both of those working, though, since it seems to be accurate for ghosts, and Dean. In fact, this is something I have assumed as true without even realizing it's not explicitly canon...
    • It is never stated, however, that time actually moves slower in hell. This seems to be a common misconception among Supernatural fans. It is only stated that time feels like it lasts much longer, what with the indescribable agony and all. Kind of like how a really bad day can seem to drag on forever, but it's not actually any longer than any other day.

Lucifer is responsible for bringing Castiel back from the dead
  • There's only one who not only could have brought Castiel back but also teleported Dean and Sam to safety... God.
  • Yup, turns out it was God.

Lucifer is God.
In line with the theory above that the 4 archangels imprisoned God except this explains where he's been all this time. So God became estranged from the daily affairs of heaven and contact with the lower orders of angels either through apathy or manipulation by his seemingly loyal lieutenants. Possibly there was a war in heaven in which the propaganda story of the betrayer Lucifer was created. Anywho, in the aeons since then God lost his sanity and came to hate his ow creation.

John Winchester is God.
Oh, how greatly I don't want this to be true. Considering the critical roles we've learned Sam and Dean have, and how both God and John are Disappeared Dad's, this could quite soon turn into the most messed up trinity ever. Plus, why is it so convenient that they have a mother named Mary and a father named John, and the intended hosts of Lucifer and Michael are brothers?
  • That's the most disturbing theory I've heard yet. Except the Virgin Mary was married to a guy named Joseph, not one named John.
  • And let us never speak about by short term memory for my own religion again. Still, John is the name of half the New Testament people, so cut me some slack. Lest I post a WMG that John the Baptist was Joseph's Flying Brick superhero identity
  • And notice that one of the alternate names for Lucifer is "Samael." So close to the name of his vessel Samuel.

The mortal world will end in Armageddon.
The side of Heaven might win the battle, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory if it happens at all.
  • More or less confirmed by the angels—they (aside from Castiel) don't really care how many humans suffer or get annihilated during the final conflict, as long as they win.

Cain and Abel were the original vessels for Michael and Lucifer
Think about it. It'd be the perfect place. Armageddon was intended to be early...but both Cain and Abel didn't want to destroy the world so the elder brother killed the younger to bare the 'mark of shame'.
  • Or, the world began the same way it's going to end. Elder brother kills younger brother.

Supernatural takes place in the same universe as Good Omens.
Meaning that yes, Mark Sheppard's Crowley is the same Crowley as in the book. You've even got the Four Horsemen and angels who want the apocalypse to happen. And when they couldn't get the Antichrist kid from "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" to destroy the world, the demons went looking for another one they had planted eleven years ago, who due to a miscommunication was switched at birth...
  • I assumed it was the other way around, that the Tadfield Apocalypse happened before the Winchester Apocalypse.

Bobby is God and it's all a test.
  • Yes please. I think I read a fic like this once...
    • Wrong character but, aside of that, it wasn't too far from the truth.

Bela was the first seal
All we know about the first seal is that it was a woman who was Dean's first victim in Hell. (Alastair said as much in "Heads on a Pin".) Dean already hated Bela because she stole the Colt and destroyed his last chance of getting out of going to Hell. Besides, he already had told her he'd see her in Hell. Let's face it, aside from a demon, Bela would probably be the one Dean would want to get revenge on most.

Most episodes since 5x04 show how come "The End" storyline doesn't come to pass.
Dean and Sam getting back together is what changed everything. This is why "The End" timeline isn't going to come to pass. With each episode, we see the differences between the original timeline and the changed timeline.

First of all, from 5x04 we got to know that the angels disappeared/left and aren't coming back. They didn't. What actually happened was that in the original timeline - when the boys were separate - Jesse nuked the angels. Perhaps without Sam's insistence on saving Jesse, Dean went along with Castiel and they attacked him. Perhaps, without Sam - who has experienced the temptation of the dark side himself - Jesse could not be convinced to not join the demons.

Second of all, it took Dean five years to locate the Colt. Why? Because Becky called Sam to the Supernatural Convention. In the original timeline, he simply ignored her. He wasn't hunting so he didn't care about "Chuck's" "life-or-death" situation. Therefore, they never got the tip about the Colt, they never met Crowley and as such it took Dean five years to track the Colt down - only to find out that it's ineffective against the devil.

Third, how did Lucifer end up in Sam's body? Two possibilities. One is that without the Abandon All Hope and Sam, Interrupted, Sam's rage issues were never addressed. Lucifer never revealed that Sam should "feed the anger in his belly" and this has somehow led to Sam saying Yes. The other possibility is that something went very, very differently during the body swap episode. Perhaps Garry swapped with Sam when Dean wasn't around and wound up saying Yes. Without Dean there to figure out that Sam was Not Sam, Garry was convinced to let Lucifer in.
  • The Gary thing is less likely considering the main reason Gary and his friends decided to perform the body switching spell in the first place was because the demons had declared Dean as "Hell's Most Wanted". If Dean and Sam were separated, the kids wouldn't really have had a reason to switch bodies.

At the, well, end, of "The End" Dean says something along the lines of about how the brothers "keep each other human." Whithout Dean around, Sam really doesn't have anything good in his life, and has no personal stake in the outcome. Sure, there's the whole planet thing, but seriously, Lucifer is wearing him down every night for two years and he's supposed to hold on for some abstract concept (seeing as how humans don't actually comprehend super big numbers).

The Trickster created all the other Tricksters.
Just like how Lucifer created all the demons, the Trickster made a whole race of tricksters just like him (Loki, Coyote, etc). It shouldn't be out of his power range since he's actually the Archangel Gabriel, and Lucifer still managed to make an entire race as a fallen angel.

Supernatural is a production of the Ouran High School Host Club.
Like a real-life Mori and Hani, Jensen and Jared are lighthearted dudes who constantly make with the angst and woe on camera so the ladies will swoon. As themselves, they try to always be charming and dashing, with great success.

God will take the form of Sam and Dean's mother
Something that someone I know suggested. Him being John makes sense, but is also too predictable. Their mother has the strongest influence on the whole Winchester family. Dean and John both loved her, and Sam never got a chance to know her, but still has more respect for her than for his father (though he may be finally starting to forgive his dad) whatever God does when he shows up, he'll take the form with the greatest significance for Lucifer and Michael's hosts.

Dean will say Yes to Lucifer; Sam will say Yes to Michael
Dean and Sam are of the same bloodline, so it may not matter which angel goes in which brother.
  • Jossed. Sam is only Lucifer's vessel, because of the demon blood. He can't be possessed by Michael and Dean can't be possessed by Lucifer.

God hasn't given up them
Come on, not even Supernatural writers can be that cruel. Can they?
  • Heh, heh, heh....

Castiel is in love with Dean.
Just watch 5.18. Seriously.
  • Agreed. Sure, I am a shipper, but from a more realistical viewpoint, I'd say that it's definitely unrequited love. I mean, he gave up EVERYTHING for Dean. Literally. At first it would have been believable that he did it to save humanity. But then again, everytime he talks about his sacrifice, he says specifically, "for you!". It would also explain the stalking (In 5x14, Dean hadn't finished describing where they were, and Castiel popped up right in front of him), the lack of personal space, and why he stuck around with him for FIVE years in a Crapsack World (5x04).
  • Dean is aware of it, which explains why he chose these specific words to taunt Castiel: "Last person who looked at me like that, I got laid." Knowing that his affections were being mocked made Castiel even angrier.
  • Even my brother watched the episode (doesn't know anything about the show) and his reaction after watching it was him saying something along the lines of "oh, so this is like queer as folk with demons?" It makes me wonder just why they wrote 5.18 like that, they could've played Castiel as being angry with Dean taunting him- but why choose such suggestive lines? Oh and 5.04, with Castiel becoming human so that he could stay with Dean specifically even though the other Angels had gone back to Heaven.
  • (4.10) While Anna was kissing Dean, there was a cut-in to Castiel's facial expression. He appeared upset and jealous. (5.03) Castiel didn't seem at all interested in having sex with the hooker, but smiled when Dean put his arm around him. Also, his dialogue in 5.18 was reminiscent of a betrayed lover. ("I gave everything to you, and this is what you give me?")
  • At this point I'd be more surprised if this wasn't true. In 6.03 after not answering Sam for a year, Castiel responds to Dean almost immediately. Sure, he may snap at Dean, "You think I came because you called?" but it comes off like he's just pissed that Dean is being such an asshole about the whole thing. He's pretty much already confirmed to Sam that that's exactly why he came, especially with the comment that he and Dean "share a more profound bond".
  • Hehehehehe. You can say one thing for the writers of Supernatural: they know their audience far too well. 6.20 is literally Castiel's recount of why he made a deal with the devil because Dean wasn't there for him. Because Castiel didn't want to ask Dean for help and interrupt his new happy life, he made a deal with Crowley for the power to defeat Raphiel. You don't need to be a shipper to read into that. Hell, you don't even have to be in the show's target demographic to read into that! It's bloody plaintext! In fact, it's in this very wiki. I think you'll find it under I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
    • Exactly. They know, and they're taunting us with it. (Which is totally okay, to be honest.)

Dean is already possessed by Michael
This happened when he said yes. Which is why he could kill Zachariah in "Point of No Return."
  • It's stated a few times that an Archangel's sword can kill another Archangel. It's never said that it has to be an Archangel wielding the blade.
  • Jossed. Michael possessed Adam because Dean never said yes.

The Winchesters are related to Mary Winchester of the Winchester House in Florida
It'd be a good plot to pick up sometime and it can be used for an episode. Why the staff never have mentioned it is a mystery to me.
  • While looking this up on The Other Wiki, I found the supposedly haunted Winchester Mystery House in California. More potential relatives?

Castiel or Bobby (or both) will die at the end of season 5.
Judging by the episode synopsis' for the last three episodes, it seems pretty likely. Here they are, for anyone interested (obviously, slight spoilers ahead)
  • It could also be Author Avatar Chuck.
  • After the spoilers were released about Castiel's battle with Michael it has almost been confirmed that Castiel will die. (Please, please don't read these if you want to remain unspoilered for the end of Series 5, unfortunately I stumbled upon them by accident and now am preparing myself for the inevitable.)
    • Then again, it makes me a bit suspicious, because it's so obvious. It would be such a big turning point for the show, I just can't believe that it will happen. Never Trust The Trailer. Or spoiler, in that case. Also (real spoilers!) it said "beloved character". Which means it could be anyone ranging from Castiel to Crowley, Meg or even Dean and Sam. Hell, maybe even Lucifer. I don't think that there's one character left on the show that is generally disliked (like most of the female characters). Remember last season, when a "fan favourite" was to die? While I'm one of the few who liked Ruby, I think that we all know that she was anything but a fan favourite.
    • Inclined to agree here. That seems like the exact sort of spoiler that "leaks" to throw people off the scent. (My money's on Bobby - unless Chuck re-appears some time soon, in which case they might gank him to show off Michael or Lucifer by killing a prophet and his archangel.)
    • It's almost certainly one of the good guys. No matter how much you like the way Lucifer is portrayed on the show, "beloved" is an unlikely description of a villain. And it would have to be someone who's appeared on the show frequently. Which means... yeah, either Castiel or Bobby.
    • Alternate theory: it's a cop-out. The synopsis doesn't say that anyone dies, just that someone "faces death", which could mean a near-death experience or a Heroic Sacrifice interrupted at the last second. And we know that The Grim Reaper is showing up in person, so maybe the character will literally face Death.
    • Confirmed. Castiel and Bobby are both killed by Lucifer when they try to interfere with his battle against Michael. However, after the battle, Castiel is brought back by God, reinstated with angel powers, and subsequently brings back Bobby.

In the event that Dean and Sam say yes, Dean will first convince Michael not to kill Lucifer.
Dean will chew out Michael for not holding onto his brother and letting him make the mistakes that led to Lucifer falling. Dean's issue with Gabriel was that he was too afraid to stand up to his family. Dean's issue with Michael will ultimately be that he was a shitty big brother for not keeping Lucifer on the straight and narrow. Michael will try to reach out to his little brother. Whether or not Lucifer redeems himself, well...

Crowley's eyes are yellow
Just to complete the allusions to Good Omens. Hey, it'd explain why he never flashes his eyes like the other demons do (the boys'd probably shoot him dead on the spot if he did).
  • Jossed. They're revealed in 8x02 to be red.

In the finale, Lucifer will get a new cell mate
Both Sam and Dean will be possessed by Lucifer and Michael, but both will suppress them long enough to jump into the cage together. And be trapped / fighting each other for eternity
  • There can be no worse cell mates, they're all family.
    • Mostly confirmed. Lucifer (in Sam's body) is trapped in the cage with Michael (in Adam's body).

God is Good
It has been stated on the main tv tropes page for Supernatural that this show thrives on Alternate Character Interpretation (and this troper agrees with this). With this in mind, lets look at what we know about God. First of all, Lucifer fell because he hated the fact that (and other angels have confirmed this) of all God's creations, he loved humanity the most. Secondly, lets remember that Dean is a major believer in free will. God's not snapping his fingers and making everything better allows for people (and angels and demons) to make their own decisions, mistakes, and deal with the consequences. Speaking of which, it should be pointed out that technically, it was Dean who broke the first seal and Sam who gave into temptation and freed Lucifer, so the Apocalypse is their fault. Maybe God wants them to take ownership for their mistakes. And finally, Dean says to Joshua that God can stop both the Apocalypse and, implicitly, everything that's wrong with the world. However, Dean said in an earlier episode that he would gladly take the pain of this world over paradise. Its also been established that he LOVES his job. So Dean wants God to stop the Apocalypse, remove all the problems of the world, and yet still allow it to be a place where conflict happens, there are hauntings, and Dean can go around drinking, stealing, and having lots of sex? Just because Dean is the hero, the audience does not have to assume he is right when he calls God a "deadbeat dad with excuses". He has been shown to be a flawed human being, whose entire line of reasoning for calling God a bad father rests on contradictory desires.
  • YMMV depending on your views on religion, since the show follows the actual Judeo-Christian lore quite closely.
  • Somewhat supported by the end of Swan Song, wherein Chuck whom many fans believe to be God in disguise, says that maybe the apocalypse was a test for Sam and Dean (standing in, presumably, for all of humanity) on what values they would cling to and what paths they would forge when presented with such impossible situations. They wind up choosing love of family and free will over all else—which are both very important values in Judeo-Christian doctrine. Without getting into a theological debate, it's possible, within the show's universe, that God chose Sam and Dean as examples of these human virtues, both to test them AND to teach his fractious angelic children a much-needed lesson about loyalty and forgiveness.
  • Makes sense if one stops thinking of God as, well, God, and instead as a parent not much different than any human parent (in his own image, much?). God's almost always referred to as a father and the archangels actually call him "Dad". It's like he's got a species made of nothing but indecisive twenty-somethings; they're old enough to support themselves, in theory, but they still haven't moved passed the point of missing the time when Mommy and Daddy took care of paying the rent. Kind of supported by the conversation between Castiel and Dean at the end of Swan Song, when Castiel told Dean he got exactly what he wanted. To this troper it implied that having God snap his fingers and make everything alright forfeited the right to free will, just like a twenty-something still depending on his parents can't truly be said to be an independent adult.

Crowley is God
Saw this on Television Without Pity message boards: he restored Bobby's ability to walk, told the boys where Death was right away but wouldn't face Death himself, and hasn't been in a scene with the amulet yet.

Chuck is God.
Come on, after the vanishing act at the end of Swan Song? There's no other way.
  • Confirmed! Misha Collins stated in this interview at around the 3:40 mark that Chuck was indeed God.
  • It's also more subtly implied earlier in the episode, he's writing about the car, so he knows what will happen, but professes ignorance to the brothers. This shows he is actually directing events rather than passively knowing about them. Sam appearing immediately after Chuck says "they passed" suggests this was all a test of human free will, and he has released Sam without freeing Lucifer.
  • The problem with this theory is that the amulet didn't work in season 4 when they first met Chuck. But God being God, he probably found a way to negate the effects, or maybe the amulet wasn't working from the beginning.
    • Joshua himself rather explicitly said that if God doesn't want to be found, the necklace will do no good. Which kinda makes sense, considering that it is God we're talking about.
  • The alternate possibility is that, as a prophet, Chuck has finished the story that he started all those years ago. His job done, he's been whisked off to Heaven.
  • The way I see it, Chuck actually lived happily ever after with Becky. God assumed Chuck's form, and residence, for that episode. It certainly explains a lot more, including the change in personality of moments when he's alone during that long gap between appearances. Though I'm still kind of weirded out by that one call he was expecting. Though maybe that was an act to not have Dean realize he was expecting him.
  • Biblically, prophets and the like usually die/are assumed to heaven after their work is done. My sanity demands this be true with Chuck, because otherwise, what was the point of the amulet?
    • Easy: The revelation of God's apathy towards the Apocalypse acts a huge turning point and a catalyst for some of what happens next. Cas, after his desperate searching, is devastated to find God is blatantly hiding from them and loses most, if not all, of his faith in just about everything (God, Heaven, the Winchesters and their plan). Hell, he even ends up on a bender over it. Dean really loses faith as well, and in the next few episodes basically does a 180 and thinks that maybe saying yes to Michael isn't such a bad idea.
  • This Troper came over to this page right after seeing the finale, and was about to put this one up, but was beaten to the punch!

Lucifer didn't go in the pit.
I seem to recall a certain conversation between Lucifer and Gabriel in which Lucifer said that he taught Gabriel all he knows, so his "clone" trick wouldn't work on him. Lucifer used his old trick to get Michael into the hole and out of the way. Without Michael or the rings, what are they supposed to do now?

In Season 6, Sam will be an angel
. Flickering lights are one of the signs. This isn't particularly likely - it'd take away a lot of the tension, certainly, and Sam might have just been deposited there by one instead.
  • He could also be a demon. Which, personally, I would quite approve of. I felt cheated out of demon!Dean, after the foreshadowing we got in Dream a Little Dream of Me.
  • Demon!Sam is more likely, since it's mentioned in one of the later episodes (forget which one) that in order to become Lucifer's vessel, Sam will have to consume more demon blood than ever before, and that doing so will irrevocably change him.
  • It was confirmed in late season 6 that the flickering light was evidence of an angel, Castiel, returning Sam, sort of.

Season 6 will start the same way Season 1 did.
Now that Dean's playing happy families, Sam's going to have to get Dean back on the road with him. What's the best way to get him away?
  • Alternatively, it might start the same way season 4 did, with Castiel appearing to recruit Dean for a specific purpose (maybe stopping Sam who turned into an über-demon?)

Castiel is the most powerful entity on the show. (Except God and Jesse)
Think of it: Michael and Lucifer are in the pit, and it is implied that Castiel will resume Michael's position ("new sheriff in town"). Castiel has to be strong in order to gain respect from his siblings (after all, he was public enemy no.1 in heaven), which means that he's probably as strong as Michael himself now. Michael was stronger than Lucifer, who was stronger than all the pagan gods. Unless there is something we don't know, Castiel should be the strongest.
  • I know that nobody seems to remember/care about him, but... what about archangel Raphael?
    • Well, I think it's safe to assume that Michael was stronger than him. I can imagine that Raphael and Castiel work together, though.
    • Either that or Raphael is still trapped in that circle of fire.
  • Well, now he is.

Sam and Adam are not trapped in the Pit.
Angels only need vessels when on Earth. And the pit was designed to contain Lucifer (and by extension Michael, as they're both archangels), not human souls. So Lucifer & Michael both ditched the meat suits as soon as they hit the bottom of the pit, and of course Sam and Adam would be instantly fried by the backwash of any cage fight those two had. So Sam & Adam are dead and in Heaven... well, at least Adam is. Judging by Sam's appearance at the end of the finale, and the streetlight shorting out, Sam's either resurrected (Cas is just handing those out for free nowadays) or a ghost.
  • Resurrections! Get your resurrections here! Two dolla! ...In all seriousness, this makes sense. Though, would Adam die, or what?

The Pit is not a part of Hell.
The Pit was designed to contain Lucifer, not to torture him. Perhaps, the Pit was not unpleasant for Sam sans the isolation and unruly cell-mate. Lucifer never complained about the Pit, only about being put there for his disobedience. Sam doesn't want to tell Dean about this because he's ashamed that he didn't suffer more for his mistakes. Also, Lucifer's ability to "whisper through his bars" in "Lucifer Rising" implies that Earth time is comparable to Pit time, unlike Hell, where time flows about 120 times faster than it does here on Earth.

In the end, Castiel will fall.
Well, first of all, it's been built up to for two seasons. Second, I wouldn't be surprised if it went like this: Castiel tries to set a new order and allows the other angels to feel and think for themselves, because he has experienced it too. However, this will backfire on him. Of course, in the end everything will be fine again because Status Quo Is God, but he will decide to leave heaven. Or, he won't be able to connect with the other angels because he can feel, which will either drive him insane or cause him to follow Anna's path, i.e. ripping out his grace.
  • Gabriel could feel too, didn't mean he had to rip out his grace. Did mean he took one long-ass vacation, though.
    • Spending two millenia hidden among humans tends to do that to you. It was probably a survival tactic as well; good luck interacting believably with humans when you're the physical equivalent of :| .

The entire apocalypse was engineered by God as an object lesson in forgiveness and brotherly love for Lucifer and Michael.
If we assume that God is, in fact, all-knowing, and that He had some plan that went beyond what the humans and even the angels on the show could comprehend, it's entirely possible and believable that the entire apocalyptic story arc, and maybe the entire series, were completely subject to His will. He created Sam and Dean and put them through all sorts of trials in order to hone their skills and their devotion to both each other and humanity. Think about it: Sam and Dean are so strongly devoted to each other that even the angels find it remarkable. Gabriel tells them flat out in Mystery Spot that they are one another's greatest weakness, and everyone knows it—but we've seen time and time again that they are also each other's strength.

What if God intended all along for the apocalypse to happen, for Sam and Dean to be tested to their limits and beyond...and to succeed? That's why He wouldn't intervene to stop events from taking their course, but also why He zapped them onto the plane during Lucifer's prison break, and why He resurrected Castiel, not once but twice. Cas learned a lot about humanity, loyalty, and faith in a relatively short time with the Winchesters. It's possible that God intended for Lucifer, Michael, and the other angels to have a chance to learn the same lessons, to forgive one another and come back into the fold. In a way, God was also granting the angels a chance at free will and at the redemption that they all craved; it's just that they didn't see it for what it was.

If so, then that's why Cas was brought back with all his powers restored (and possibly even upgraded) and why Sam is still around at the end of the season. (It's part of his and Dean's reward for playing their intended parts.) It's also the reason that things really only seem to go right for the boys when they're working together. Sure, they have to be willing to make horrendously difficult decisions, and even to sacrifice themselves and their happiness for one another and for the greater good of humanity, but each time they make a step in the right direction, they're rewarded with a new ally or new information.

This also ties in nicely with the theory that Chuck is God. If that's true, it allows God to be on the scene the whole time, subtly directing events and helping the boys out on occasion. For instance, when he lectures Sam about his demon-blood addiction, it's not so much a scolding as it is a subtle reminder that "you're better than this, Sam." He offers vital information that can't be obtained anywhere else (such as when he tells Dean the location of the showdown between Lucifer and Michael) and many of his conversations with the guys serve the purpose of subtly reinforcing their relationship and their own particular moral codes.

This Troper also likes this theory because it puts Sam and Dean back into the position of fairly typical mortals(rather than universe-breaking badasses) but does so in a way that doesn't detract from their legitimate awesomeness. They're still heroes, but, like everyone else, are ultimately playing roles that they don't fully understand in a divine and ineffable plan.

At some point, Demon!Bela will appear.
Because demons were once humans and time passes faster down in hell, and given that Bela probably wouldn't have lasted as long as Dean did before taking up the knife, Bela is probably well on her way to becoming a demon herself by now.
  • DO WANT. She never really got enough time to shine when she was still alive.
  • I have been hoping for that ever since she was killed off. I was one of the few fans who LOVED her.

The reason the Special Children were chosen specifically is that they are distantly related.
True angelic vessels run through bloodlines, and Michael implies that Dean and Sam are related to Cain and Abel. But there must be a lot more than just one single family that stretch back to Cain and Abel. All the special children are from bloodlines that can be traced back to Cain and Abel, and in each one, there is a potential vessel for Michael and Lucifer. Because if a vessel dies (assuming they don't just get ressurected) there's got to be a backup, right? Like the potential slayers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer - they become the true vessel, if the original dies, or is never going to say yes (which is why Adam became the Michael's vessel when it was clear that nothing was going to make Dean say yes). Because what was the point otherwise of Azazel having that contest in Cold Oak if it ended with killing Lucifer's only true vessel? All of them had the potential to be vessels, Azazel just wanted to establish who was willing to kill for survival, and who he could manipulate easiest into opening the Devil's Gate in Wyoming, thus releasing Lilith, then eventually killing Lilith to release Lucifer and ultimately agreeing to be Lucifer's vessel once he was freed from the pit. The reason Sam was Azazel's favourite was because he was the first true vessel, and also because of the Cain/Abel-esque relationship he had with Dean.

Azazel is "Man", the evil demon in the episode of A Haunting called Demon Child.

At the end of the fifth season, there will be an awesome car chase between the Impala and the cars of the Four Horsemen.
At this point, we have seen that War had his Red Mustang and that Famine had his black SUV. After all these years, the Impala deserves an incredible Crowning Moment of Awesome, and it couldn't get better than that.
  • HELL yeah!
  • Well, Pestilense car is pretty damn crappy. Lets keep up hope for Death's Steed.
  • And Death drives a beautiful off-white Cadillac El Dorado, so the whole "car chase of epic win" scenario is still possible.
  • Original poster of this guess here. Maybe the chase will only be with Death. Dean will probably try to cheat him by finding another way of trapping Lucifer than by sacrificing Sam or by looking for a way to make him leave Hell, taking huge risks while doing so. Also, Death is the horsemen that we have the most chance to see again, except maybe Pestilence, but there's no way his Pinto can keep up with the Impala.
  • Jossed. Death willingly gave up his ring. What could have been...
  • Well, at least the Impala played a very big role in the finale. It's just that it was a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming instead of a Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Dean is bisexual.
His weird obsession with Dr.Sexy, among other things, and also, "last PERSON who looked at me like that, I got laid."
  • It may just be me, but this wouldn't be too surprising. After all, getting some action is better than no action; there are a lot of people who prefer the opposite sex, but wouldn't immediately refuse sexual advances from their own gender, either.
  • Jossed in "Live Free or Twihard." Boris is a walking talking aversion to Vampires Are Sex Gods but Dean's refusal to his advances are less "No Way In Hell You're Getting Any Of This, Ugly" and more like "Sorry, I'm Straight."

Michael has possessed Adam
After "Point of No Return", someone had to say it. And it would be a way for Michael to show up without Dean letting himself be possessed. Confirmed.

Bobby will definitely die soon.
He's the only main character who hasn't at one point or another, and I just have a feeling about it, for another reason that's rather difficult to write down. Whether or not he stays dead is another matter.
  • Confirmed. Has his neck snapped by Lucifer himself. Castiel brings him back, though.
    • Season 7.

Bobby will die because of the deal with Crowley.
Three possibilities. 1) Crowley is lying and never intended to return Bobby's soul. 2) Crowley will basically hold Bobby's soul hostage to keep Sam and Dean in line. 3) Crowley was being honest, but will get killed in the ensuing battle, leaving Bobby for the hellhounds.
  • And 'Swan Song' averts this: Bobby did die but at Lucifer's hands, and was then resurrected by Castiel. No mention was made of the disposition of Bobby's soul but given that Castiel's new job is as Commander of the Host, Crowley probably doesn't want to go up against that.

Castiel was teleporting the burgers out of his stomach as he ate them in "My Bloody Valentine."
When asked how many he'd had he said "It's in the low hundreds." Given the time that had passed his stomach should have exploded like the twinkie man's. Instead, he didn't even seem to gain any weight.
  • It's either that, or being possessed by an angel has given Jimmy a metabolism to put the Flash to shame. Or, even creepier, eating that much was destroying his (Jimmy's?) stomach, but his angel healing factor was repairing the damage as soon as it occured. It makes one wonder if Castiel didn't notice the terrible pain this would have caused because he was so thoroughly under Famine's spell by that point.

Crowley will go on to become Badger
People who are possessed by demons don't age, right? If he manages to not get killed long enough, he could easily end up leaving Earth That Was and become a crime-lord in the Firefly-verse under another identity.

The Campbells are capturing monsters to reveal them to the media/military
They are doing this in order to force people to realize what`s out there so they can protect their families and not have to go through the average hunters backstory

Chuck is a Trickster

John was the one who brought his father in law back and the one getting him to capture creatures

The Pit is actually the Pit of Voles
Taking in count that Lucifer is supposed to be trapped there, it would explain many of the badfics (e.g. My Immortal).

S6!Sam is not Sam. It's Lucifer
It was never explained why Sam wasn't crazycakes over being in hell, despite for a short time. Hence, it's not Sammy—Sammy is dead. If you're wondering how he got out, Shiva. He's the god of rebirth and redeath, his son is dead and was eating people, and he's a little ticked off at the brothers. Obviously he's pissed at Lu too, but he blames the bros for Ganesha's death.
  • Or alternately, Sam is still possessed, but has taken control somewhat. This accounts for some of his more mysterious actions. He's more or less is in the driver's seat, but Lucifer is still somewhat influencing him. The mother of all backstreet drivers.
  • OR, Sam's soul is still in Hell, and the traits which make him human (empathy, compassion, etc) are stuck there along with it.
    • Confirmed in 6x07.

Chuck is the Metatron
Think about it: the voice of God is a prophet writing books about what's happening. It would be a good way for God to communicate and maybe even help without having to get involved, allowing humans to exercise their free will.

God is a Sam/Dean shipper
If the theory of Chuck being God is correct, why else would He write the books? Easy: He wrote them so the fans would ship the brothers together in fics. Same reason to why Chuck went out with Sam's fangirl.

Ben really is Dean's son
Ben is biologically Dean's son. Lisa didn't tell Dean the truth before because she had her suspicions about Dean's life and didn't want Ben drawn into that life (like Carol Marcus.) And in the year Dean was living with them, she didn't tell either of them the truth because she knew Dean would be pulled back to the hunter's life and didn't want Ben to go with him. Because there is no way that boy doesn't have some Dean genes in him.
  • I believe quite the opposite is true about Lisa's attitude towards hunters. Lisa has showed nothing but respect for what hunters do. Perhaps, lying to Dean about Ben was her way of freeing him to do what he does best. She could not risk Dean choosing his son over the safety of the world. Lisa's stuck in a lie and it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
  • Perhaps this IS true, and the only reason Lisa didn't inform him of this during their off-screen year after S5 is because she didn't want Dean to feel obligated... or something.
  • Or maybe the kid is his, but at that point Dean was, in her own words, "that guy she spent one weekend with forever ago". She didn't really know anything about him, except perhaps that he was a bad boy who made a living under dubious circumstances. Not knowing anything about the guy, she might not have wanted to have this practical stranger upset the clearly good life she's made for herself and her son. From what she told Dean of Ben's "real" father, it doesn't seem like she's made the best romantic choices in the past.
  • It seems there may in fact be evidence of this in the show,remember when Dean first asked Lisa if Ben was his? She practically jumped out of her skin and she seemed quite nervous when discussing the subject afterwards. Why would she react this way if she knew for a fact that Dean was not Ben's father? Not to mention that her later claim that she did a dna test when Ben was a baby becomes a lot less belivable when you realize that her prefrence for bad boys with no permanent address makes it very unlikely that she had acess to dna from every guy she slept with. Can't do a daddy dna test without the daddy's dna. Then there's the fact that the timing of Ben's birth matches up a little too perfectly with the last time she was with Dean. My guess would be that Lisa never really knew for sure who Ben's father was and lied to Dean about knowing because she didn't want to deal with the inevitible drama that would ensue if Dean did turn out to be the father.

The above is true, and Ben is will host Michael at some point
We've seen Lucifer!Sam but never Michael!Dean, which would be very interesting. The threat of Michael possessing Adam instead of Dean wasn't enough to get Dean to say "yes", but Dean cares more about Ben, so Dean will take the bullet for him.

Adam is going to be Raphael's new vessel, or at least be his soldier
Adam wanted the apocalypse so that he could see his mother again, and Raphael is trying to restart the apocalypse, so it makes sense that he would agree to help him. It also makes sense that Adam would be revived from Hell just like Sam.

Raphael needs Purgatory to be opened.
Raphael wants to jump-start the Apocalypse again. Just one problem: Lilith's Deader Than Dead, destroyed with Sam's demon-killing power at the end of Season Four. She was the last seal needed to open the Pit. If Raphael knew another way to open the Pit, he'd have used it already. So, he needs to resurrect Lilith.

The Alphas are plotting to Take Over the World
The hunters would be the first line of defense against such a plot for world domination. The monsters are acting off pattern because their Alphas are commanding them to. They are prodding the hunters for weaknesses. Also, certain recent changes to the status quo (i.e. Heaven and Hell being in disarray from the loss of Michael and Lucifer) might be the window of opportunity these monsters have been waiting for. The Alphas, in all likelihood, despise the thought of having to work together but know that the rewards would be enormous.

Death is the Alpha Reaper
He can kill via touch (possibly more easily, considering he's going to kill an entire city), and he describes killing God as "Reaping."
  • This is pretty much true, but not in the same sense as the other Alphas, because Eve created them, and Death is (at least) as old as God.

God is the Alpha Angel
  • Alternatively, God is the Alpha Prophet.
    • And BOTH Michael and Lucifer are the Alpha Angels.

Sam got intentionally Blessed with Suck
As he said in the latest episode ("You Can't Handle the Truth"), he's a better hunter than ever before because of his inability to feel. That first bit was the goal of some unknown entity, who didn't care about the second bit. The general jerkassitude represented by that reminds me of some of the angels, but other aspects make me not so sure of it.

Samuel's deal with Crowley
Samuel's dealing with Crowley in order to resurrect Mary and the rest of his family.
  • Quite possible.
  • Confirmed.
  • Now that he's dead, it won't happen. His daughter wouldn't have wanted him to resurrect her after all the things he's done.

How Crowley became so powerful so quickly.
The thing about being the "King of Hell" is that it's not just a title.

It kind of works the same way like items works for humans. When you equip, say, a body armor and a gun you suddenly become much more 'powerful' in combat. It's not a case of any sort of gradual growth, gaining new skills or experience. When you're equipped you're simply much more powerful, instantly.

I propose that a similar mechanism exists for titles in hell. So someone who is, say, "The Grand Inquisitor of Hell" isn't simply someone who has a lot of juice and can convince the other demons to call him that. Becoming the Inquisitor is similar to putting on a suit of body armor and taking a gun - except that the "items" are entirely supernatural in nature and non-physical. We can steal a word from Dresden Files and call them "mantles"

So, this is what happened with Crowley. When Armageddon was over (or at least put on hold), he collected all those mantles from the major demons who died. He probably has Lilith's mantle (maybe something like "The Mother of Monsters", "The First Demon", "The Queen of Hell" or simply "The Alpha"), Azazel's mantle (whatever it was that gave him yellow eyes, maybe "Prophet of Lucifer" or something), Alastair's mantle (the "Grand Inquisitor of Hell") and his already-existing "King of the Crossroads". The mantle of "King of Hell" might also exist and if it does, he has it now.

So, how did he do it? King of the Crossroads, as he's fond of reminding us. He probably suckered several humans into doing a deal for their souls. He convinced them to add a "locate mantle of X" to their deals and that was that. With his powers as King of the Crossroads, he might have been able to prevent other demons from using the same tactics.

This gave him an unprecedented level of power as far as demons go. In all the history of demonkind, the mantles were divided among different demons. He is the first one to have them all - because frankly, with his current level of power he probably already convinced any other mantle-holders to give them to him. He might not be the most ancient and powerful demon around personally (though he is certainly in the upper leagues) but when combined with all the mantles that he collected, he now enjoys a truly terrifying level of power.
  • Guess we're never going to find out now.
  • It could just be Crowley's that good. He's strong enough to take out an entire nest of demons by himself, controls hellhounds roughly the size of small bears, and is clearly one of the smartest demons out there. It wouldn't be hard to imagine him wheeling, dealing, and killing his way to the top spot in the pit.
  • It would seem to be confirmed that whatever the King of Hell is, it's more than just a title. Before the end of Season Seven, it would be possible to speculate that Crowley just became King through Machiavellian ingenuity, even without having more magical power than the other demons. But the idea that the King of Hell's blood is a necessary ingredient in the potion to kill a Leviathan, and this fact is an item of ancient lore—this shows that it is something more like the "mantle" idea.
  • It could just be that Crowley is the only high-ranking demon left... we have no idea what casualties Hell sustained in the War. Anyway, Crowley is one of the only demons capable of out-thinking hunters and having thoughts beyond "kill!" Maybe that helps.

Crowley's not dead
Seriously, he's Mark Sheppard. You can't just get rid of him like that.
  • Confirmed!
    • Castiel has been working for Crowley the whole time.

Gabriel wasn't bored.
Gabriel wasn't bored when he decided turn back time and bring Dean back to life. Think about it: Gabriel left Heaven because he couldn't stand to watch his brothers fight and rip each other apart. He only wants it all to be over because he loves his family, even Lucifer. He brought Dean back because he realised that he could give Sam back a part of his family that Gabriel could never have.

The Impala is God.
Chuck was just a prophet, not God. And Chuck said the Impala was the most important thing in the universe.
  • How often has Cas teleported the boys away from danger leaving the car behind only for it to appear later, or in the next episode with no explanation?
  • It was the Impala that got through to Sam at the critical moment in Swan Song.
  • John gave the car to Dean, but Dean's the one who convinced John in the first place (long before he was even born), creating a self fulfilling cycle.
  • The car reflects the state of the world/main characters. The damage to the car in 2014 reflected the state of the world. The car was trashed right before the first major death in the show, was "douched up" while Dean was in hell, and was put away under a tarp while Sam was in hell/souless.
  • In the 6th season episode 'Clap Your Hands If You Believe' the special X-Files intro features the words 'The Truth is in Here' super imposed over the Impala.

Gabriel is alive
An important part of the plot from the episode was Kali using Blood Magic to bind the Winchesters and Gabriel to her to prevent them from straying away from the Gods, she even tells Gabriel that he is bound to her forever so when he confronted Lucifer the Gabriel Lucifer killed was just another illusion and he is now biding his time waiting to help the boys again, Gabriel is known for faking his death in this series
  • If that's true, I don't think he'll show up this season; maybe next.
  • Somewhere, I read the theory that while Gabriel the archangel was dead, Gabriel the pagan god was still alive, since gods are sort of like tulpas, with their strength and existence depending entirely on the beliefs of their followers. As long as someone still believes in Loki, or one of his other many trickster god personas, he'll exist as a god, if not as an almighty archangel.
  • Another possibility is a sort of "angel-horcrux" He told Dean to protect the Casa Erotica DVD with his life. Sure, the information on it was really important, but he seemed really insistent. Maybe he put a little bit of his Grace into it because he knew he was going to die, and wanted to make sure the DVD would be safe. He did say he'd gone to the future, and saw how the battle would end, wouldn't it make sense that he saw his death, too?
  • I have this one theory and it goes something like this. There is no way to kill an archangel. Period. God caged Lucifer because it was the only way to get rid of an archangel. None of the archangels knew this little factoid simply because none of them have ever died before. God knows because God knows. Gabriel might have "died" but there's no guarantee that he stayed dead.
  • Lucifer said he "taught Gabriel everything [Gabe] knew", but Gabriel has had millennia messing around on Earth to practice his reality-warping, while Lucifer was stuck in the Cage. So Gabriel still could've faked his own death well enough to fool his brother.
    • I'd consider the S7 episode "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie" proof that Gabe is alive and well, because it was simply too ridiculous to be anything but the Trickster.

Gabriel is alive...
...And stole his horn of truth from Heaven. He knew that there was going to be a war, so he decided to take the weapon that is rightly his and is now hiding out somewhere.
  • To add to this, the only person that could have presumably taken the Horn of Truth would be Balthazar but it is implied that the angelic weapons he stole were taken directly from Heaven, not from a random music store. And it was before Balthazar had to collect the weapons again to help Castiel stop Raphael so assuming that it was the real Horn of Truth, this weapon is still in the wind.
  • And who is just the kind of guy that would steal his own weapons? Gabe.
  • Additionally, lore states that Gabriel is the one who defeats the Leviathans. Imagine the look on the Winchester's faces if they find out about that!
  • There's also the fact that the Horn is supposed to signal the end of days when it's blown. And Gabriel does seem rather attached to Earth. If he was alive, he'd probably want to keep his Horn far away from anyone else.

Gabriel is alive...
...And hiding out as a Pepsi Zero spokesperson. In the most recent Pepsi Zero commercial, the "salesperson" snaps his fingers and Snoop Dogg magically appears.
The "mother of all" at the end of "Like a Virgin" is Echidna, from Greek mythology.

She is, after all, believed to have mothered most monsters in Greek mythology, and is even sometimes known as "Mother of All Monsters."

The Mother Of All is as strong as Lucifer and Michael
She does have dominion over Purgatory, much like Lucifer and Michael had control of Heaven and Hell. I really want this to be true because Raphael being the Big Bad of this season would have been cool, but it would not have been as awesome as Lucifer and Michael.

The Mother Of All is a Half-Human Hybrid.
After his brother Lucifer was caged in the pit, Michael sought out a mortal woman much like Dean did with Lisa after Sam's Heroic Sacrifice. Using his mighty archangel powers, the woman conceived of a child who, like the Nephilim of Biblical mythology, turned into a grotesque cannibal giant. Michael was forced to kill her but by then she had grown too powerful and it was only a matter of time before she found her way out of Purgatory. Fast forward ten thousands years ...

Soulless Sam is a separate entity.
Not only will the wall in Sam's mind will break, but Soulless Sam will fight for dominance. He'll also get back on Dean, and kill Bobby just for spite.
  • More or less confirmed in the Season 6 finale.

Demons (and/or Angels) go to Purgatory
Well, we know that monsters go there when they, so why not Demons? Admittedly, it makes more sense for angels to be there than demons because they aren't already dead, but either way, it would be cool to see Azazel, Lilith, Ruby, Crowley, Uriel, and Zachariah back.
  • Maybe even Gordon, who became a vampire.

Ark Mobile is owned by the Ark Corporation.
Ark Mobile is the name of the cell phone company that Sam has a phone under at the start of Season 4.

John's calls in Long-Distance Call really were John.
Throughout the episode, the soul-eating thing has a pretty constant MO. The same phrase, the same kind of tricks, the same lies. However, he does stuff quite differently in the case of Dean. First off, he uses more facts than normal and generally knows stuff that he shouldn't. Also, the demonic omens that Dean looks up shouldn't have been there if Lilith wasn't tailing them, and she had shown up where they, just hours before, had been. So, the data and the "lies" match up and the MO of the thing seems a bit off when dealing with Dean. Perhaps it really was John and the number was related to the supernatural method of calling or he was popping in when the soul-eater was using it, sort of piggybacking onto it. The thing finds out and sends the cop to where Dean is, getting him to leave before Lilith shows up, making them think it was him all along (as well as claiming it was him to fool them). Had Dean waited a bit longer, Lilith would have shown her demonic ass and they could have killed her with the exorcism (or here's an idea, trap her, call up Ruby and use the Kill Everything Knife). Plus, it's John. The guy took 100 years of torture in hell, climbed his way out and then proceeded to cause the death of YED before going to heaven. If anyone is a big enough badass to pull all of this off, it's him.

Dean never escaped during "What Is And What Should Never Be."
Instead, the illusion was altered to become the shittiest world possible for him as a punishment for fighting back. While it was angsty before, after that episode the angst skyrocketed, starting with the next two episodes and continuing from there on. In reality, it's still 2007 and it's been a few hours or a day at most.
  • Implied in the premiere of Season 7. Lucifer tells Sam that he's still trapped in Hell. The next episode will reveal how much truth he speaks.

Samuel Colt sold his soul
He built a gun that kills anything. The one people we've seen be capable of restocking it with bullets are demons. Obviously Samuel Colt was not a demon, because he built the iron Devil's trap. So how did he gain the knowledge required to build the Colt? Clearly, he had help. No demon would ever help a hunter make such a gun without anything in return, so he had to trade his soul and promise not to come after the demon he made the deal with.
  • There's the possibility that he tortured demons for the information, but we've seen time and again that most demons are unwilling to give anything up unless threatened with death or Sam's super-duper demon powers (which makes sense, given how much time they spend in Hell anyways). Without the colt, Colt had no such leverage. The chances of him finding a demon that WOULD give in to torture is pretty low because prior to the beginning of the series, demons didn't show up all too often, as Bobby said, "1 or 2 a years, tops".
    • More likely, he had help to create the gun from an archangel, maybe Michael, or God Himself. Or even more likely, from Death. After all, Death obviously has a connection to anything that, well, kills things, we know he likes things that even the odds and tend to bring balance (and the Colt definitely does that, putting humans and supernatural entities on a much more level playing field), and the Colt seems to be kind of like a slightly less powerful version of Death's Scythe, which Crowley said could kill anything, no exceptions, even Death himself. Whichever it is, a gun that can kill anything in creation with only five exceptions, seems far beyond the power of any human, or even any demon, to construct.
    • We're probably going to find out in the upcoming episode.
  • I call Stable Time Loop.

This is also where he got the principles that allowed him to lock up Hell Gates, not by placing a door on Hell's side, but by locking it down on Man Domain ('Reality').

The Big Bad of Season 6 is...
The Mother Monster.
  • And her music videos cause the viewer to become a Jefferson Starship. It's a far swifter method of taking over the world.

The show will end with Dean and Sam being Killed Off for Real.
Afterwards there will be no Heaven, no Hell, just... Nothing. The screen goes black and: cut to Chuck sitting in a beautiful room, much like the "greenroom" from the season four finale, a knowing smile on his face. Another voice-over by Chuck during the Winchesters' final hours is optional.
  • If they do both die for good, Sam will die just before Dean, and Dean's last line will be the same as his first.
Dean: Goodnight, Sammy.
  • Alternatively, the boys die and return to the The Matrix-esque Heaven as seen in Dark Side of The Moon. This has the benefit of it being a bittersweet ending: yes, they are reliving some of their greatest memories, but it's all fake, all an illusion.
  • Alternatively alternatively, the show will end with the boys driving off into the sunset in the Impala. As they're driving off, we'll hear the last two words of dialogue on the show:
    Dean: Bitch.
    Sam: Jerk.
  • It would be kind of hard to end the show without Sam and Dean being Killed Off for Real because that is the only way to truly end it. Driving off into the sunset to hunt more monsters would feel sort of like a cop-out, like their story isn't completely over. Plus, don't they deserve a happy ending? As seen in the more recent episodes, Dean is tired of hunting and chances are, Sam is as well. They want out. Unfortunately for them, the only exit from the life of a hunter is death. Back to the happy ending bit, if they lived, they would spend their life hunting various supernatural creatures until one killed them. They wouldn't be able to have any sort of family or relationship because those always go downhill once monsters with a grudge find out. If they died, they'd go to heaven, and they could finally be at peace.

The Sam and Dean Winchester are related to Charles Winchester.
Because stranger things have happened in Wild Mass Guessing. And also that they share last names and it would make an awesome crossover fanfic.
  • Possible. It would have to be through a cousin being Henry Winchester, though. Charles's brother passed away as a child and the timing is off for Henry to be Charles's son. Besides, he would never allow his children to live in Kansas.

Sam wasn't hallucinating during his detox in 'When the Levee Breaks'
It was just the First Evil manipulating him.

Sam's hallucinations during his detox were crafted by Zachariah
Zach is constantly trying to manipulate people by showing them alternate versions of people they know—-in "The End" with future!Dean and Lucifer!Sam, in "Dark Side Of The Moon" with illusion!Mary, and in "Lucifer Rising" with Dean's voice. During the intervention, when illusion!Dean calls Sam a monster, it’s very thematically consistent with the message Zechariah fabricated on Sam’s phone. Furthermore, Zachariah's tampering with the boys' memories during "It's A Terrible Life" suggests that he could access Sam's memories to create believable illusions.

Mother is
A super-powerful tulpa that was created by fearful humans many years ago.

Balthazar is The Mole for Raphael.
The whole "running away from Heaven with all the weapons" was a ploy to earn Castiel's trust. It wouldn't be hard considering that they were once friends. Balthasar's turning Raphael's vessel into salt could have been staged. Plus, the audience never saw Balthazar get attacked by Virgil, Raphael's right-hand man. His wound could have easily been self-inflicted. Raphael is planning to do something far worse than just killing Cas.

Purgatory is inhabited by Lovecraftian monsters.
The trailer for "Let It Bleed" showed a manuscript by H.P. Lovecraft covered in blood. The souls of the monsters that have ever died go there because they are the spawn of a Cosmic Horror. Eve, the Mother of All, describes herself as being older than angels. If Purgatory is opened, the universe will be flooded with entities like Eve. And if just one of her species could create all the monsters on Earth, imagine what a legion of them could do.
  • Confirmed in the premiere of Season 7. God created Purgatory to trap the Leviathans, the first beings he created before anything else.

Eve is
Eve from the bible it's just that obvious.
  • What about The Mother of All is at all similar to Eve?
  • Besides their name and function not much but my theory is that Eve was a normal human being until Lucifer altered her somehow a few thousand years ago. The reason Lucifer changed Eve was because she confronted him about what he did to daughter Lilith. So Lucifer turned her into the first monster in existence and Eve started creating monsters and somehow she got locked up in purgatory.
  • This might've jossed your theory [1]

God (possibly in the form of Chuck), Death, and Eve (Mother of All) were the first sentient creatures to ever exist.
God's role is creation, Eve's role is providing conflict and introducing violence so that evolution can progress through conflict and change, and Death is the one who takes out the trash and turns off the lights when the party's over. We know that Death is universal and ultimately going to reap God, that Eve was around before the angels (or at least before Castiel), and that God is an over-deity with unlimited power who can control anything (including putting back together flying pieces of flambeyed angel), and we know that all three are perfectly happy with the arrangement when it isn't messed up (hey, Chuck looked pretty content at the end of season 5!). The three of them together established the natural order, and all three of them get really pissed - to differing degrees - when someone messes around with that natural order. This includes the angels. Of course, the apocalypse is really just something the angels concocted because Michael and Lucifer couldn't play nice, and they wanted something official to put down in the history booksnote . So they bribed Destiny to chalk up a script and tried to force humanity and the forces of nature to play along. God doesn't really care just as long as life keeps on going and creation continues, Eve doesn't really care just as long as you don't try to imbalance things too much (i.e. take all violent monsters out of the equation), and Death is just extremely pissed off with the angels A) because they've been fucking over the natural order since Sodom and Gomorrah, and B) because Lucifer had a hissy-fit and got mad with daddy so he chained one of the most powerful creatures in creation to a leash so it could do his dirty work for him!note  There's also the possibility that Death went to God and told him to keep his kid from smashing up the furniture, which was why God helped out with the Winchesters.
  • So does that means they're the Supernatural version of the Trinity?
    • Or possibly the Hindu Trimurti: God is Brahman the Creator, Death is Shiva the Destroyer, and in a twisted way, Eve is Vishnu the Preserver, creating Alphas and in turn, monsters, all of whom she preserves in Purgatory.

More theories about the angels vessels bloodlines
I have three theories about why Sam and Dean are the Michael and Lucifer vessels.

1. John was a neutral vessel and could've been used by either Michael or Lucifer depending on which archangel got to him first. Then when he had his two kids the vessel bloodlines broke into two seprate ways with Dean and his kids being the Michael vessels. Then with Sam and his kids being the Lucifer vessels and when John had Adam. Adam and his kids become a lineage of neutral vessels to be used by either Michael or Lucifer. The reason John was a neutral vessel was because one of his parents was the Michael vessel while the other was the Lucifer vessel.

2. John's family was from the Michael vessel bloodline and Mary's family was from the Lucifer vessel bloodline and that's why they were targeted by the cupids and why Dean and Adam were Michael vessels while Sam wasn't.

3. Azazel when he was a human was Lucifer's vessel and was possessed by Lucifer last time Lucifer caused a bunch of trouble on earth a few thousands years ago. So when Lucifer was tossed into the cage so was Azazel and during those long years in the cage. He eventually become a demon the second of his kind and that's why there has been only one yellow eyed demon and why he was so strong. Also because he was sent into the cage the Lucifer vessel bloodline ended with him that's why he talked to Lucifer during the 60's and found out he needed to create a special child. He went around dipping his demon blood into the mouthes of babies who were from other angel vessel bloodlines. Thus corrupting angel and archangel vessels into Lucifer vessels and that's why Sam was one true vessel. Cause he was a corrupted Michael vessel from his dad's side and that's why Sam could be used by Lucifer and a corrupted archangel vessel would be the best fit for Lucifer. That's why Sam could be possessed by Lucifer while Adam and Dean could only be possessed by Michael. Also only Azazel's demon blood can turn an angel or archangel vessel into a Lucifer vessel.

  • Your second theory seems the likeliest. Look at the people we know to be vessels:
    • John, Adam, and Dean Winchester were all possibilities for the Michael sword, so the Winchester bloodline is the Michael bloodline. While we don't know too much about Adam, we can guess that traits of the Michael vessel bloodline would be things like loyalty, modesty, honesty, a hard worker, and incredible love for one's family. Wouldn't all of those sound a lot like we know of Michael? He said he more or less raised Lucifer - Sam and Dean parallels, anyone? - but despite loving him more than anyone else, he'd still kill him if/because his father said to. Again, switch out the names and that's Dean and Sam right there.
    • If we go with that, then the Campbell bloodline is the Lucifer bloodline. Look at the Campbells we see, particularly in season six, but remember Mary, too. To quote lurea's post on the subject, "There's a willingness to make deals with demons, cold-blooded attitude toward killing, and general lack of mercy and compassion. They’re smart but don’t seem to love that much—even each other because there’s little to no reaction every time one of them is killed. So I think we can assume Grandpa Campbell’s desire to get Mary back was not motivated by selfless love. So, Deadly sins: pride, wrath, greed, and lust—that’s 4 of 7, right there. Sorta like Lucifer, who is very arrogant and prideful, cold and intelligent, ruthless and manipulative, and doesn’t seem to care about anyone except Michael." Sam is really, really smart, and sometimes slightly arrogant because of it. He drank the demon blood, and hid it from Dean, all through season four. He's not really "cold" or "ruthless", no, except during his stint as Soulless!Sam during season 6, when that fit perfectly. And you know, 8x04 he seems to have a knack for fixing air conditioners and fans, and then that ice machine... perhaps that's symbolic in some way, foreshadowing of trouble yet to come?
  • And then Castiel's bloodline, the Novaks, Jimmy and Claire. Again as lurea says it, "Jimmy was an ad salesman for AM radio—so quite possibly for Christian programming. It’s likely that he not only had faith, he lived it outwardly, in a way that supported his faith. Jimmy was middle-class, probably college educated. So the Castiel bloodline is devout, intelligent, honest, shows loyalty to a higher cause, fearless (boiling water), hard-working, and willing to sacrifice everything to do the right thing." Much like Cas, who is devoted to God, and later to Dean, and who sacrifices himself repeatedly for the sake of his cause or for Dean.

Even more bloodline thoughts
Similar to theory 2 above, but with a slight twist.

John and his Winchester relatives are descendants of Abel while Mary and all (Hunter) Campbells are from Cain. Since Sam and Dean's angelic bloodline was said to be tied all the way to Cain and Abel, this makes the most sense in the bloodlines of Earth's second pair of angsty brothers coming back together to create the vessels for the very first angsty brothers. It could also explain why the Campbells have all become Hunters — Hunting is an unnamed part of the punishment described for Cain's descendants in The Bible.

Since the Bible follows the descendants of Adam and Eve's third son, Seth, it stands to reason that there are very few decendants of Cain and even less of Abel (since he died before he could have a ton of kids).

So, Abel's descendants can host Michael while Cain's can host Lucifer. This also explains why Adam was, as a Winchester only, able to host Michael but was never sought by Lucifer. But if Lucifer had picked one of those other Campbells...

  • Cain and Abel might have only had a few children, but after six thousand years, their number of descendants will either be zero or everyone on Earth; firstly because the Flood is mentioned in 6.20, so everyone on Earth is descended from Noah anyway (ETA: scratch that. I checked the Bible and, to give the SPN writers some credit, Noah is not a descendant of Cain or Abel, his ancestor is Seth. That actually works, provided one of his daughters-in-law is descended from Abel and another from Cain.) But even ignoring that: Dean and Sam have two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents... take this back five or six thousand years and their ancestors encompass every member of the human race. Just like everybody else on the planet. The only way the bloodline thing makes any sense is if the angels have been using to Cupids to selectively breed Cain and Abel's descendants with members of their own family (like in Preacher), finally leading to one Abel-descendant and one Cain-descendant. (Actually, given that we know the angels did get Mary and John together, that kind of makes sense...)
    • Seeing that Cass claimed that the Bible got a lot of stuff wrong, it seems highly likely that the Cupids and other angels worked their mojo to make sure that everyone leading up to Dean and Sam worked out just right. They might have saved a Cain-descendant and Abel-descendant from the Flood for the exact purpose of keeping the bloodlines separate from Noah/Seth. They just had to make sure that there was at least one surviving member every generation.

How Season 7 will end
1. Sam and Dean will open the cage, say "yes" to Michael and Lucifer, asborb the souls of Heaven and Hell, then they'll team up and kill Castiel.

2. They found out someway to exorcise all those souls from Cas or Jimmy takes control of his body.

3. God comes down and kills Cas.

4. They use the Colt or the scythe on him.

5. They send Cas into the Cage.

6. Sam and Dean teams up with all the monsters to take down Cas.

7. Chuck stops Cas somehow or the faires help the boys out.

I've made seven so we are in heaven and it would be real cool if they combine all these into a super ending somehow. I think that will be a great way to end the series and the series will most likely end. With Michael and Lucifer killing each other or Cas and the Winchesters end up stuck in the cage forever either way everybody ends up crying.

  • Well, Death did say he'd eventually reap God. Could be he either reaps Chuck, Cas gets his shit together and becomes a reasonable new God, or Death reaps Cas and sets things back in order.

How the Boys will handle Cas
1. They worship him and stall for time.

2. Crowley or some angel teleports them out.
  • If an angel, then Raphael (only his vessel was destroyed). He decides on a "temporary" truce until they deal with Cas, and then he's STILL gonna start the Apocalypse.

3. Cas kills them and they come back to life.

4. Joshua tells Cas he needs to deliver a message from God to the boys.
  • I was thinking an epic Chuck!God vs. Cas!God battle. I mean, Misha Collins isn't signed on for the seventh season, is he? So Castiel will either die in the premiere, or only be in a few episodes.

5. Michael and Lucifer somehow escape and save them. They are STILL pissed at them for cheating them out of their epic fight.

6. The boys absolutely refuse to obey him right to his face. Hurt and angry, Cas decides to kill them. The boys close their eyes and embrace the coming pain. We see them explode! But then we see them, eyes still closed and out of harms way. They meet with Jesse from the season 5 episode "I Believe the Children Are Our Future". He's the one who saved them and faked their deaths to be momentarily safe from Cas. As it turns out, after he left his foster home, he was thinking about what Sam and Dean said, and he decides he really wants to use his powers for good. So he's been training to use his powers better. He's been watching them from afar for sometime. And he wants to help them stop Cas. But he would only make a few appearances to help the boys out of tougher jams. He essentially takes over the position Cas left vacant.

7. It'll begin the same way as number 6. But instead of being saved by Jesse, the boys meet with a mysterious woman. She takes the form of Mary Winchester, Jess Moore, and Karen Singer, making the boys uneasy. She tells them she's not a demon, angel, or any other supernatural monster. She's really God's mother, the TRUE creator of the universe. God is one of her many children (which includes Death and Eve, see theory above). She tells them that God has "retired" after the Apocalypse has been averted (explaining why he didn't give Castiel a sign). Though the boys are skeptical at first, considering that all the higher beings they've encountered turned out to be jackasses. But, even though she was offended by the word "jackass", she assures them she's nothing like the angels or demons. She's very loving and caring to ALL her children. And she loves the humans deeply and doesn't want the Apocalypse to happen. She's disgusted by how the angels and demons act, always using the humans as cannon fodder. She takes over the "Cas" role and wish to help the boys stop Cas. But reasons known only to her, she cannot interfere, so she can only give out hints and tips to the boys.

Why angels don't use soulless vessels
The reason why angels don't use soulless vessels is because angels draws power from a soul or souls, so a soulless vessel won't be as powerful.

During Season 7
An angel or angels will send the boys and Bobby back in time to prevent all of this, but we already know how that will all work out.

Something evil from Purgatory
Is controlling Cas. 'Nuff said.
  • A lot of the fanbase (at least, the fanfiction writing fanbase) seems to have made the executive decision that "real" Cas was overpowered by the millions of psycho, evil monster souls. And this does seem like a likely way for them to go - having the boys spend the season trying to save "real" Cas, because we all know how the fangirls will react if they kill off Cas.
  • Eve is controlling Cass. She was killed off much too easily for something that ancient and powerful.
  • Confirmed in the premiere of Season 7. The Leviathans are controlling Cas, making him kill several people he had no intent on killing (just only the running senator). By the end of the episode, Cas is dead and they (or one of them) possess his vessel now.

The pagan gods in "Hammer of the Gods"...
Were originally angels who absorbed the souls of humans, increasing in power and ascending beyond their angel status.
  • Then that gives Lucifer's speech about the so-called "gods" a whole new meaning.
    • Or maybe they were originally demons who ate humans and absorbed the souls, increasing in power.

The 5 Things The Colt Cannot Kill
There is five things that the Colt can't kill, according to Lucifer. These five things are...
  • An angel
  • A God
  • The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse
  • The Anti Christ
  • The Grim Reaper
    • These are creatures of existence, that either have power equal to that of an angel or greater. The Anti Christ and the Horsemen are extreme variations of demons. God is the creator of angels, a great power in it's own right. Lastly a reaper is a being imbued with power, to carry souls over to the Great Beyond, and can only be killed by a Death Scythe, or their master, Death, the horseman on the sickly green pale Horse.
      • Actually, Lucifer said there were five beings the Colt couldn't kill. He was one, I imagine God and Death would definitely be on the list, the Anti-Christ is a possibility, and perhaps the Mother of All was the last one? Maybe, as of the end of Season Six, there's another being the Colt can't kill.
      • Excuse my ignorance, ¿Mother Of All?
      • Ah, sorry, have you seen Season Six? She's an antagonist late in the season. Basically, all the original monsters were born from her, making her the Mother of All Monsters.
    • Jeez I know I'm in for a treat, and I thought you meant Gaia, Earth Mother Goddess
    • To be clear this is what's happening.
    • Original replier back again...another option just occurred to me; rather than the Mother, since she hadn't been introduced at that point (and since Season Six was a Post Script Season, she probably hadn't even been thought of), it's possible that if Luci is immune to the Colt, Michael is too.
  • I'd say the 5 are God (duh,) Death (even more duh,) Lucifer (confirmed,) Michael (because he and Lucy are sort of a pair,) and Eve, because being the Mother of All Monsters ought to come with perks like that.
    • Lucifer talked about "only five things in all of Creation". Since both God and Death are older than Creation, they may in fact not be on the list. Still too strong for the Colt, though.
  • I always thought that the five were the four Archangels (Gabriel, Rapheal, Lucifer, Micheal) and something else. Unless there's another Archangel we don't know about. Sorry, I'm not exactly familiar with my Christian mythology. I agree with the above comment that God and Death shouldn't be included, so, maybe the fifth is the Striga?
  • We now know of five Archangels (Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, and Metatron) within the SPN canon, so it could very well be that these five are the ones that cannot be killed by the Colt.

This is hardly a WMG. It has been stated clearly through most of his hunts, he acts out of vengeance, and calls it Justice.

Cas will Fall during Season Seven.
Okay, so it's been mentioned somewhere that Cas is only definite for the first two episodes of the new season (though this could be just to disguise a Cas plotline for the new season...or something). However, it's unlikely that he'll be killed off completely; we all know how the fangirls would react to that. But it's a possibility that the Winchesters, what with their ridculous luck and all, may find a way to rid Cas of his crazy God-complex. This may come at a price; that price being Cas falling from angel status. It'd be a good way to incorporate him into the show further, if that's how they wanted to go. There are some flaws, however; that angels are supposed to be reborn when they Fall, and also that Cas isn't terribly effective without his angel mojo, which means he'd either have to spend the season being taught how to hunt, or being cannon fodder.

According to the episode, Something Wicked, The Stritga is impervious to all weapons made by man or god (sam's words, off a paper)
Maybe The Stritga is impervious to the Colt. When not feeding.

Castiel's name will change...
And that will be important somehow. In the official material, he is always refered to as either Castiel, or Cas. In the teaser for season 7, it features the phrase "In Cass we fear.", an allusion to "In God we trust." But why is his name spelt differently? It could just be a network typo, but it's also possible that he gets permanently renamed Cass upon taking his new position as God. There are plenty of symbolic reasons why that might happen. It's also worth noting that Dean's nicknaming of him eliminates a very important part of his name. In the traditional Hebrew, -el means 'of God' and each angel's name is fairly rich with symbolism. Uriel, for example, means something along the lines of 'light of God' or 'God is my light'. So Cas(-tiel) gets nicknamed by Dean, starts getting more and more involved with humanity in general and the Winchesters in particular, to the point where he falls and literally isn't 'of God' anymore.
  • As far as I know he's always been "Cass" in the scripts, subtitles and the tie-in books - "Cas" is a fandom spelling. The fanfic side of fandom periodically argues about this.

Season 7 will deal with a full-grown Anti Christ
Since the Supernatural verse doesn't have them as sons of the devil, that means there could be other demons (or just that one from "I Believe the Children Are Our Future") with children. In particular, Sam and Dean will face The Jersey Devil, son of a witch and a demon and one of the most famous monsters unique to American history. And it will be awesome.
  • Well, the Jersey Devil is the focus of an upcoming episode, but no word if it's an Anti Christ.

The series will end with Sam and Dean leading The Salvation War.
Honestly, neither angels nor demons have anything to recommend them. They both kill, maim and hijack humans for their own purposes, and even angels have demonstrated deep contempt for humanity. The brothers will conclude that the only way of "saving people (and finishing) hunting things" is to destroy both sides. Mass producing The Colt would do it.
  • Really, there's no other satisfactory way for the series to end than for both angels and demons to be destroyed.

God!Castiel is weak to phoenix ash
Eve was already using the power of the souls in Purgatory. When she died, they became free for the taking. However, the weakness to phoenix ash comes with the souls.

The season (or even the entire series) finale will end with Sam becoming God.
After defeating Castiel (or possible some other character) (either by killing him or simply removing the souls), Sam will be given the mantle of God. Dean tries to stop it, but Sam says its okay, since now he can undo all the damage that has been done and be at peace which he's never been able to have since the day their mother died. We have a tearful good-bye between brothers, because even though Dean will eventually die and go to Heaven, he might never see Sam again. The finale ends with Sam in Heaven, looking down on the world, and a tear falls out of his eye.

Bill O'Reilly was next on God!Castiel's list before the Leviathans possessed him.

The "Boss" is God
Death said that the Leviathans were locked up because God was worried that, being so powerful, they would destroy the rest of the "Petri dish" (basically, the rest of the world). The reason the Leviathans are being careful about who they eat is to prove to God/the Boss that they won't destroy all humanity and should be allowed to stay on Earth.
  • This might make sense, except it is apparently the Boss that really wants the Winchesters dead. Since it's basically canon that it was God who teleported Sam and Dean after Lucifer's cage was opened, it kind of gives the impression that God would prefer it if they stayed alive.
    • He only wanted them alive during the Apocalypse. Now that it's over, anything goes. It might also be a case of the Levis unofficially considering God their Boss.

The "Boss" is Eve
Eve was dispatched of too easily. And it'd explain part of why The Boss wants the Winchesters dead so badly — she wants Revenge for what they did to her. Perhaps Phoenix Ash doesn't kill Eve, just sends her back to Purgatory. This makes even more sense, as we haven't seen the boss yet, meaning that they want to keep it a secret for some reason — perhaps because we already know who it is.

The "Boss" is Urizen
The reason God created them in the first place is to have helping hands in creating the Universe. The head Leviathan, Urizen, was the "architect", just like in William Blake's mythology. But at some point, Urizen wants to recreate the universe in his own image, by destroying this one.

Since the angels are, for the most part, dead, we'll encounter much more powerful entities who are the Leviathans' counterparts - the Zoas/Emanations from Blake's mythology. It'll be revealed that Urizen was one of them before becoming leader of the Leviathans.

And Tessa is Rukia. As of "Appointment In Samarra", Dean has Soul Reaper powers.

A theory about Eve and the Leviathans.
For a while, this troper found it really repetitive that all of the recent monsters have been able to possess people. It seemed uncreative and unlikely, but then they introduced the Leviathans. Now, according to some myths, God created two Leviathans so that they could mate. However, the offspring would have been much too destructive, so God killed the female Leviathan. In Supernatural's universe, however, there is obviously more than one Levi walking around. So what if God created several Levi's, who in turn gave birth to beings like Eve? Since Levi's can possess other people, and because Levi's predate angels and man, this could explain why Eve gets around via possession; she inherited it, and why she predates angels. Additionally, the Levi's could have been reproducing all this time while in Purgatory, even giving birth to whatever it was that possessed Dr. Visyak (the "Purgatory native"). This theory potentially has even MORE credence as of "There Will Be Blood," in which it was stated that the Leviathans were related to Eve's monsters through her. Furthermore, both Eve and the Leviathans have been shown to be able to block angelic powers, which could be another inherited trait.

The writers of Supernatural read TV Tropes
They definitely read Television Without Pity. Part of it is the series being Reference Overdosed and using well-known fanspeak, but sometimes it almost exactly quotes trope titles:

Where Tricksters come from
They're Gabriel's children with human women or possibly pagan gods; thus, he is the Alpha Trickster.

The dead priest monster
from "Houses of the Holy" ...was actually a fallen angel reborn as a human, like Anna. Dying triggered some of his angelic memories and abilities, which allowed him to manifest as a bright light, as well as explaining why he believed he was an avenging angel attacking evil-doers. At the end of the episode, he merely returned to Heaven.

The events of "The Song Remains the Same" went exactly as planned
Castiel himself said that nobody got out of Heaven unless they were allowed. So how did Anna escape? She gets brainwashed, the higher-ups tell her to kill the Winchesters to stop the Apocalypse, and send her back to do so. Michael shows up (convenient how he turned up just in the nick of time, right?), kills her, and meets Dean, like he had planned all along, with the added bonus of getting to look like the good guy.

"Father" is what demons call their current leader
Which is why Meg addressed both Azazel and Lucifer as such. Or Azzy was the demonic version of a priest.

Alastair was lying
Seeing as how all Azazel knew was that he needed to feed his blood to children to find Lucifer's "special child" and he needed to bust Lilith (the only one who knew the seals) out of Hell for the endgame to work, it's doubtful that any of the demons knew how to break the first seal. So, John was tortured in Hell, but he probably wasn't offered to go torture other souls. Suprise suprise, Alastair was lying to mess with Dean. Who would have thunk it?

YED and Alastair were very close
As yet another parallel to Sam and Dean's relationship, only this one is with demons. Both are evil mentors to the boys. They could even be considered their evil counterparts. Hey, when one's the King of Hell and the other is its Grand Inquisitor for centuries, you gotta be pals, right? Might play into Alastair's obsession with Dean, seeing as how he ended up killing YED.
  • I really like this WMG because it creates this very interesting thing where Dean was the one to kill Sam's demon counterpart, and Sam was the one to kill Dean's. Like, it represents how the boys need each other to face their personal demons, metaphorical and literal. Deep man, deep.

Michael fell and was reborn as a human named Adam Milligan
Yes, yes, ignoring that the show's already kind of disproved that. Bear with me, okay? This troper has a theory that the prospect of having to kill his brother unsettled Michael enough that, when the vessels were born and started putting the Apocalypse into motion, he got cold feet. Like Dean going to Hell rather than live without Sam, Michael chose to rip out his Grace and become another unassuming human rather than be forced to kill Lucifer, who he still loved despite it all. It wouldn't be the first time the angels lied about what was going on and who was in charge. When Adam is trapped in the Beautiful Room with Michael approaching, it was actually Raphael, who took him back to Heaven, possibly tortured him to change his mind, and restored his power and memories. That's why he is so cold and resigned in "Swan Song". Just look at the Adam-Michael connection entry over at the Fridge Brilliance section. Also, Adam is John's son, so he'd be keeping to his bloodline. (With all that out there, this troper would like to add that this WMG is purely to soothe her thoughts on Adam being stuck in Hell with Lucifer and Michael.)

Eve was a Leviathan

Death has something big planned with regards to the Leviathans
One thing I noticed back from series 6 is that Death had no reason to care about the souls (and the Leviathans) in purgatory, yet he went out of his way to help Dean and Sam by both giving Sam his soul back, trying to keep Sam sane, and by advising Dean on the importance and power of souls, telling them they are "digging at something", which he clearly has significant interest in.

Then at the beginning of season 7, he first informed the brothers about the Leviathans, and then (apparently) gave them the chance to put them back into purgatory, despite them seriously pissing him off and insulting him (which he has killed for before).

However, if he cared enough to go against the natural order by pretty much hacking into reality to bring another eclipse (needed for the door to purgatory), why did he not kill Castiel when he had the chance? and also why did he not simply wipe out the Leviathans before when god clearly wanted them dead?

Simple, he knew the new ceremony would not work enough to bring back the Leviathans, he just did not want the Leviathans to take control of Castiel's gargantuan power, and he does not kill the Leviathans because they are immune to death, and thus effectively outside of his power. This of course pisses him off a great deal.

In short he is using the events of the Leviathan's emerging to essentially tie up the loose end they represent to hum, but to do that they need to be made somehow killable, and that is where Dean and Sam come in, and Im guessing that the plan will hinge on human souls as a major part of it.

However, as this is death who has often stated and demonstrated how insignificant he finds humans, it is likely that he may well be every bit as much of an antagonist as the leviathans.

Castiel became human in the Bad Future of "The End" because Jimmy's family died.
Think about it. Castiel is whoring and drugging and all the things that the devout Jimmy would never do. My first thought was, what happened to Jimmy now that Castiel is permanently possessing his body? Then I remembered in "The Rapture" Castiel promised to protect Jimmy's family. What could have driven an angel to trying to drown his sorrows in drugging and whoring? Breaking that promise, that's what.

Any inconsistencies in the show are because of all the time travelling
"The End" showed that the future could be changed by the past. "My Heart Will Go On" showed that even one changed detail (the Titanic not sinking) in the past results in hundreds of changed details in the future (the Winchesters use a different car, Ellen and Jo are alive, Dean wins at scissors in rock-paper-scissors. and so on). The Winchesters have now personally gone back in time... four times. Thus explaining away any on-screen contradictions.

Balthazar is Gabriel in another vessel
Meaning that he's been killed by a brother of his twice now. Poor guy.

God is going to bring Gabriel back, and possess him in order to beat the Leviathans
In lore, it's been mentioned that either Gabriel or God will defeat the Leviathan- so why not a combination of both? After all, Gabriel would be unlikely to intervene and defeat the Leviathans by himself. not to mention episode 22 is called 'God'
  • Michael has also been described as the one who will slay the Leviathan, so if they do indeed take that route, then perhaps Adam could finally return and get his plot resolution. However, I couldn't find a source to back up the included spoiler, and without one, both the Michael and Gabriel guesses seems a lot less likely.

5x04 "The End" is going to happen
Lucifer was right - they will always end up in the 2014!verse, no matter what choices are made.

Castiel comes back (or eventually becomes) more-or-less human. After acknowledging Hallucifer's presence, Sam either gets possessed by the real Lucifer through a link between vessel and angel, or goes so insane that he begins to act like Lucifer has possessed him. Then, Sam and Dean somehow get separated. The Croatoan virus makes a comeback, possibly after some debacle with the demons or directly because of Lucifer's presence. And thus, 2014 rolls around exactly like it does in "The End".
  • I'm leaning towards the possibility as well. Bobby's dead. Cas's personality is becoming similar to that of 2014!Cas. The angels have been more or less wiped out. Dean's become more ruthless this season (killing Amy). Sam's the only one who doesn't quite fit, since he no longer has Lucifer in his head (although there's nothing saying cage couldn't be opened again). Season 8 isn't supposed to be the last season, which means the show will (probably) still be running in 2014. Everything seems to be getting into position to make the End!verse happen.
  • If the theory written way above this about demon blood only being a placebo is included, then it could have been possible if Sam believed he was possessed by Lucifer, then behaves like Lucifer and so taps into his powers.
  • It's possible, but unlikely...there's still debate over whether "The End"'s 2014 was real or just cooked up by Zachariah. Even if it's not, things are going to be radically different - Bobby was still wheelchair-bound at the time of his death, Sam and Dean have spoken since 2009, and Chuck is no longer on Earth. Besides, it takes all four rings of the Horsemen to open the cage, and do you really think Death is going to allow that to happen, considering how pissed he was at Lucifer? (I'm not entirely convinced he didn't just waste Lucifer while he was in the Cage retrieving Sam's soul). Dean is more ruthless, and considering the boys have lost just about every Morality Chain they've ever had, it's certainly possible, but highly unlikely.

The next season will be about a third war in Heaven, but this time its the souls of dead humans vs what's left of the angels/demons
Since Season 5, Heaven has lost God, both archangels, and nearly every high ranking angel, not to mention Castiel and his faction of rebel angels. This means that those like Ash who are able to jump across different personal heavens and bring souls together are now utterly unchecked. This would enable the souls in Heaven to congregate, and likely get some explanation as to what has been going on. They likely learn about the angels' utter Jerkassery both with them and with the world over the past few seasons, not to mention their utter incompetence and maliciousness in general, and most importantly the fact that their souls are considered unspeakably powerful by the angels. Unimaginably pissed off by this, they decide to overthrow the angels and take control of the afterlife.

Using the Leviathans' emergence as a distraction they begin to slowly take control of heaven, and also start infiltrating Hell in order to get the souls there on their side, and are able to instigate another war between the remaining angels and demons, and thus remove any possible threat to their plans before they rebel.

This will cause a massive case of mixed loyalties for the Winchesters, as the rebel souls are pretty much embodying every criticism the two have ever made of God and Heaven, and by opposing them they will be opposing everyone they knew and loved.
  • Whatever happened to Joshua? I always assumed he took over in Castiel's/Raphael's absence, but if this WMG came true, perhaps they could shed some light on that.

The Winchesters are literally a twisted alternate version of The Hardys
Two brothers following their father in the family business of helping people at great personal risk? Check. Father is the best in the business, with the boys not far behind? Check. Younger brother's girlfriend get killed in the first episode/book? In one version, check. Older brother trying harder to live up to Dad's reputation? Check. Father touted as pretty much the best hunter/detective ever, yet in literally all of his appearances he needs to be rescued? Check!

Bobby's ghost is not around
I don't think Bobby would make the choice to stay and be a ghost. Especially since with his mind disintegrating he'd be increasingly unstable, unable to remember the helpful things like that. It's probably one of the Fates or someone else with time stopping powers helping the boys out.
  • If it is Bobby's ghost, he's probably not sticking around of his own free will. Remember, Dean has his whiskey flask. That's personal enough to keep a ghost around, especially when goodness knows Dean doesn't want him to be gone.
  • Jossed to the extreme in "Party On, Garth." What the consequences of this are for everyone remain to be seen.

Garth is Gabriel.
He was just a random guy in Gabe's possessable bloodline until Gabe faked his death-by- Lucifer. Gabe wanted to help keep humans safe from Things That Go Bump in the Night, but he wanted to fly under the radar of Heaven (and possibly above that of Hell,) so he concocted a whole backstory and started Hunting.

Proof? You want actual proof? Here's a quote from "Party On, Garth": "Hey, I love [wine coolers]. Anything sweet."
  • Guys. Prophets have to be protected by an archangel. Who was Kevin staying with and watched over throughout the whole of season 8? Of course, Garth was gone a lot, but isn't it just like Gabriel to get bored and go cause a little havoc somewhere? I mean, he's hardly the most responsible angel we've ever seen.

The Winchester Brothers are going to break the masquerade wide open.
What's Dick Roman's golden rule? That the humans don't become aware there are monsters in the world. So faced with a seemingly unstoppable invasion of Leviathans, the brothers, perhaps with Crowley's help, will expose the Leviathans to the world... along with demons, angels, ghosts, and everything else with claws and fangs. Season 8 will deal with this post-masquerade world, enabling the writers to recycle the standard Monster of the Week plots with the angle that everyone knows what's going on. Other predictions: the Ghostfacers will hit it big time, Hell will go legit, and the Winchester brothers will become either celebrities or deputized government agents.

Oh, and Season 8's big bad? Humanity.

(There are downsides to breaking the masquerade, after all.)
  • Please let this happen. It would be so inventive and have the potential to save the show from its current state.

Kristin McGee will show up and get Adam out of The Cage.
Because someone needs to get poor Adam out and his half brothers don't seem to care at all. Maybe there's something supernatural about her, or maybe she just finds someone to do it for her, but she's going to appear in the show and free Adam.
  • At this point, getting Adam out would do more harm than good. Sam was out cold for ten days solid after eighteen months in the cage, and when the wall came down he almost died. Going by the dates on the Supernatural Wiki, Sam and Adam went into the Cage sometime around May 17th, 2010. It's hard to get a fix on the current date in the show (as of Season 9) but it has to have been at least three to four years (one year between Season 5 and 6, one between 7 and 8, and plenty of spare time in between), if Adam got out, whatever was left of his soul wouldn't be pretty.

Brady, Sam's pal from "The Devil You Know", had a great relationship with his family (at least before he got possessed)
Word of God is that Brady's full name is Tyson Brady, thus making Brady his surname. In the pilot, Sam says that his family isn't exactly the Bradys. Since the guy with him might not know Brady personally, he (and the audience) mistook it for a Shout-Out to The Brady Bunch. Why? Because why not?

God really does help more than anyone knows
When you hear the list of things Sam and Dean have fought, you'd think they'd have to have been killed by the gods, dragons, or leviathans. And yet, they've never been killed by any of those guys. Why? Because God transforms them from their giant monstrous forms into human-sized ones to give hunters a chance. However, he doesn't make the methods required to kill them any simpler, because God still has a boner for "free will" and acting in "mysterious ways."

She was one of Azazel's "children"/followers, so when he died, she decided to follow his heir apparent, Sam, in his stead. She spent the whole season protecting him, trying to make him stronger so he could beat Lilith in a throwdown for the crown of Hell, and helping him because she saw him as her new leader. After the Season 3 finale, though, Lilith sent Ruby to Hell and tortured her until she agreed to start batting for Lilith's team. When Ruby said she'd been playing Sam "the whole time", she actully meant "since I got back from Hell and convinced you to slurp my yummy demon blood".
  • Or the demon was not really Ruby in season 4 and just claimed to be her.

The three Gods with no speaking parts in "Hammer of the Gods" are:
  • The blonde woman (seated next to Ganesh): Venus (Aphrodite)
  • The guy in the tan suit(seated next to Odin): Apollo
  • The guy in the blue suit (seated next to Zao Chen): Mars (Ares)

At the end of the episode, the blonde woman is unaccounted for - perhaps she learned from past experience?

Charlie used to be Elaine Roberts of XKCD.
Extremely tech-savvy, defies authority, ran away and changed her name, and did we mention she's a hacking genius?

Thus explaining why he was never mentioned again in-series: he erased knowledge of his existence from everyone's heads, from his parents to the Winchesters to demons. He's already ridiculously powerful, so why not?
  • He's only ridiculously powerful when Lucifer is on Earth. They said this in the episode, but it is frequently overlooked. Under the current circumstances I'd wager that his power is roughly equivalent to a trained Psykid or maybe a low-level witch.

That special package Dick had dug up in Iran is clay from what was once the Garden of Eden.
Specifically, it's the clay that God used to shape the first humans. Dick wants to use it in order to generate his own humans, perhaps a more docile version. Heaven and Hell are going to want it because it gives them a chance to play God and actually create something new.
  • Jossed, It was in fact a "Word of God" tablet, which contained instructions of how to kill Leviathans.

The mental state of ghosts can be gauged by their appearances
Most of the vengeful spirits shown in the show tend to be sporting the wounds that killed them. On the other hand, Mary in "Home" and Molly in "Roadkill", both "friendly" ghosts, looked fine. Rule of Scary aside, could it be that vengeful spirits are so consumed by rage over the thought of their own demises that it starts manifesting in their spiritual appearance? (Will probably get confirmed or disproven by next episode by Bobby, if he's really gone vengeful.)

When angels remove their grace by force, they are reborn within their corresponding bloodline
Hence why Anna was able to use her human body as a vessel; technically, it was within her bloodline.

For the Season 8 opener...
While Dean tries to get out of Purgatory, he'll encounter many of the monsters he and Sam encountered over the series. Though many of them may be characters we never encountered before, so they may be a Faceless Mass. Some may try to help Dean, some may want to kill him (for personal reasons, for food, or for sport).

  • Gordon Walker: He's a vampire when Sam killed him. He won't be happy to see Dean again because he didn't kill Sam when he had the chance and blames them for his transformation as a vampire. But at the same time, he's embraced it and is happy to be with his sister again. Perhaps his sister will help Dean escape because she hated Gordon for killing her. So the two will end up killing each other, giving Dean a chance to get away.
  • Gabriel: He'll help Dean escape. After all, he owes him for giving him courage to stand up to Lucifer.
  • Uriel
  • Anna
  • Zachariah
  • Raphael
  • Balthazar
  • Azazel
  • Ruby: She really hates Dean so much.
  • Crossroad demons
  • Lilith
  • Eve

    • I'm pretty sure angels and demons don't go to Purgatory when they die; with the exception of Dean and Cas (which was under a special circumstance), it appears to be a monster-exclusive thing. Eve and Gordon are still viable, though.
      • Where else would they go, into complete nonexistence? At one of the cons recently, someone said Gabriel had a chance of coming back. Having dead angels and demons in Purgatory makes sense, especially if they're leading up to Gabe's return. Anyways, if nothing else, don't demons count as monsters?
      • Yes, for angels and demons it's Cessation of Existence. Cas said "every soul here is a monster." Demons were once human, so their souls are technically just twisted, deformed human souls. Cas, in The Man Who Would Be King, also said that he was an angel an as such, had no soul, and said that when he died, he just "stopped" until God put him back together. As for Gabriel's possible return, I personally wouldn't give much thought to Con teasers, but even if he is to return, there are other ways of going about that (flashback, hallucination, resurrection by Death/God/Metatron, the last Gabriel to die was yet another fake, etc.)
  • Bobby: The only friendly soul in Purgatory. And possibly able to escape with Dean and Cas (please).
    • This assumes that (as with vampires) ghosts no longer count as human souls and therefore go to purgatory when they are put to rest rather than to heaven or hell.
  • Amy: Seems like a no-brainer, given how guilty Dean felt about killing her.

During the six months Dean was dead in "Mystery Spot"...
Sam accepted Ruby's deal in "Jus in Bello" when she offered to kill herself and the virgin to wipe out the other demons with a spell, since Dean wasn't there to argue with him. Sam was already pretty cold and dark at that point and he was willing to do it in the episode. As a result, Ruby didn't start training Sam to use his powers, so Lilith couldn't be killed by him (or alternatively she was caught in the blast), so the angels didn't bother resurrecting Dean, which is why he didn't return after four months. Or... something. I dunno. Somebody come here and say what I'm thinking but in better words, please?
  • In the alternate timeline created by the Trickster in "Mystery Spot" (the one in which Dean was dead for six months), Ruby used the spell she offered to use in "Jus in Bello," since Dean didn't convince everyone to not go along with it. Since the spell killed Ruby, Ruby never taught Sam to use his powers. Since Sam never used his powers, he couldn't kill Lilith. If Lilith could never die, the apocalypse couldn't be started. If the apocalypse couldn't be started, there's no reason for the angels to bring back Dean and be Michael's vessel. Which is why they didn't revive him in six months in "Mystery Spot," when it only took them four months to revive him in season 4.

Gabriel created our world.
Or, at least the version in "The French Mistake". Which, technically, is our world. The version of himself that was killed by Lucifer was a copy. Gabriel predicted that whole thing would happen. So, while his Supernatural!world self was getting Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, he was kicking back as the Pepsi Zero guy.

Gabriel is the father of Jesus Christ
In the Bible, Gabriel is the one who told Mary that she was pregnant with Jesus, who he said was the Son of God. However, Gabriel, being the Trickster as well as an Archangel, has a habit of doing things that are funny for him. So it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to believe that Gabriel impregnated Mary with his Archangel powers, then lied and said that her son was the Son of God (because he thought it would be funny). Also, Jesus would be no different from any other human, as it is (so far) not possible to have an angel-human hybrid.
  • Actually came to add this one, but I will point out that now that we know about Nephilim, we know that Jesus totally could work some miracles if he had an angelic father. And remember — Jesus himself never said he was the Son of God.

Crowley still wants access to Puragtory
There is something there he still wants, which is why he hasn't killed Sam and Meg. He is going to get Meg to help Sam open Purgatory so he can finally get what he wanted in Season 6 before Castiel betrayed him.

Season Eight will feature the Fair Folk
For everything that the leprechaun mentioned in "Clap Your Hands If You Believe...", fairies have apparently not been seen in the series since then, leaving Dean's ability to see them rather redundant. So after dealing with Demons, Angels, and Leviathans, so dealing with the worst of the worst among Fairy kind could be next. We might even see Puck in the season, and he'll become a recurring ally of the Winchesters.
  • They may help Sam bring Dean back and help fight the demons since they are mentioned as being as powerful as angels.

Dean will end up as his own father
During "Dream A Little Dream of Me" Dean expresses his anger at what his father put him through. If we take into account the WMG's that say Gabriel is still alive, doesn't it seem like the kind of way he'd ensure that Dean and Sam were ready to face the things they have to? An older, battered and altogether more broken Dean is sent back through time to train his younger self in the things he will one day have to face on his own, becoming the thing he most hated, not a demon, but the father who made him what he was.

Angels really don't have emotions...
At least, in their natural states, seeing as how they don't have souls (which, according to Season 6, is what enables people to feel). We just don't see this because we only ever see them while they're possessing humans. Being stuck in a meatsuit with a soul rattling around in there inadvertantly opens angels up to emotion.

Crowley isn't the King of the Crossroad Demons, nor is control of Hell.
  • He's a higher up in Hell, but in reality the real king of the Crossroad Demons is Mephistopheles, the Trope Codifier for the Deal with the Devil which itself is the M.O. of the Crossroads Demon. Also Hell itself has other levels; Crowley is currently in control over what Lucifer had controlled, and will likely have to answer to Mephistopheles if he enters the SPN canon.

Christopher Marlowe made a Deal with the Devil
  • Addendum to above, since Mephistopheles is a character Marlowe created, the only way Mephistopheles could show up is if Marlowe was writing about his own experience (dramatized and details changed) with selling his soul, as a warning to others about the demon. After all, Marlowe did died in somewhat unclear circumstances.

Jess was possessed by a demon
Sam has a... track record... with people he likes. Not to mention, Possessed!Brady was the one to introduce Sam to Jess. Maybe Sam had no interest in Jess to start out with, so Brady got another demon to possess her- so Sam would actually get real close with her and hopefully go off the deep end when she died.

Demons no longer worship Lucifer.
They found out he doesn't really care for them and is disgusted with them. So they around his cage torturing him and mocking himself with Michael also inside. Though Lucifer doesn't give a damn or isn't bothered by their gawking, he just gloats at them.

Castiel will take a female vessel in Season 8.
For at least one episode. That's what the writers were referring to when they mentioned a 'physical change'; it may also allow for canonical Destiel.
  • Jossed, he's human now.

The reason Sam's body could work without a soul
Was because of the demon blood. (Brought over from the Fridge Brilliance page.) Castiel once warned Dean that drinking enough demon blood would turn Sam into a monster, and Sam drank gallons of the stuff in "Swan Song". Without his soul to act as a buffer when he came back from Hell, he turned into a sociopathic version of himself: none of the conscience or emotion, all of the demonic-ness (lust, pride, ruthlessness, sense of humor, etc.). And...

The Enochian sigils on Sam'n'Dean's ribs work by...
Rendering their souls undetectable to angels or demons so they can't just sense where they are, swoop in and snatch up the boys. This is why the blind demon in the diner ID'd Sam by his soul in "Lazarus Rising" but it wasn't until Castiel stuck his arm in Sam's body and found it empty that nothing supernatural noticed what was missing in Season 6. (Can't explain how the leprechaun noticed since we don't know too much about them - maybe he read Sam's mind?)
  • Well, the leprechaun/best casting choice ever said that he can detect souls because they give off a certain "perfume," which would seem to suggest that just by having a soul, humans radiate a certain "aura" (for lack of a better term) that maybe monsters are simply more attuned toward? (Now that I think about it, the Alpha Vampire was also able to discern Sam's lack of a soul without resorting to a soulonoscopy.)

Alastair used to be a dentist
Specifically, he used to be a Depraved Dentist named Orin Scrivello, until he went to Hell and became a demon after he died laughing and was chopped up and fed to an alien living plant.

Purgatory contains more souls than either Heaven or Hell.
Because not only does it contain monsters like vampires and werewolves, it contains the souls of all their victims. As well as Eldritch Abominations like the Leviathans.

The Big Bad in season eight will be Cthulhu
Do I need Justification ?
  • A justification would be nice, yes.
    • Alrighty then, following the confirmation of Leviathans inhabiting purgatory and since Leviathans are shown to be species of Eldritch Abombination, there's no knowing what other Eldritch horrors could also be in purgatory, and if Dean escapes purgatory something might follow him. For all we know the first Monster of the Week could be Slenderman.
  • Apparently Jossed: season eight's Big Bad appears to be Crowley.

Ruby's hosts
In Season 3, she possessed a hunter so that her initial cover-story of being a hunter would check out. In Season 4, the Jane Doe she possessed was actually named "Kristy" (the name she used in the premiere).

Bobby's dad did get raised as a zombie by Death in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
Bobby just shot him off-screen as soon as he saw him. Again.

The Campbell "brothers" mentioned in "The Mentalists" are the ancestors of The Campbell family, and therefore ancestors of Dean and Sam.
And they were hunters. And they were AWESOME.

Ezra Moore in "Time After Time After Time" was Bobby's mentor.
Clues? When Dean goes back in time to 1944, he notices that she says "idjits" the same way that Bobby does. Also, she has a a stash of lore and weapons like the 1000 year old stake in her store. My money is that part of Bobby's library belonged to her, or that she trained him sometime after he killed his father. Maybe she was a foster mother if his mom didn't want him around after offing his dad?

You need a soul for prayers to be heard.
Could be the reason Sam didn't get an answer from Castiel the whole time he was soulless and away from Dean. Was it ever indicated that Cas did hear Sam's calls and just didn't answer?
  • I love this. This is now a part of my headcanon.

Samuel Colt was a prophet.
He used a Word of God to develop a gun capable of killing Demons, and create The Devil's Gate in Wyoming.

Chuck is still out there writing his novels.
With Kevin Tran's girlfriend now dead, he now has set up Kevin as being the successor to Sam and Dean - who will want to take down Crowley for her murder. Sound familiar? Chuck does like his symmetry. So Season Eight is actually the set up for a Sequel Series to his "Supernatural" novels.

Sam went back to pick up Mjolnir
The only thing the boys have had access to that ice demons that easily are the Colt and the Knife, obviously a knife is more inconspicuous, but by the finale when all bets are off we'll see it again.
  • The very next episode features yet another reference to it's wielder]. Coincidence or foreshadowing?

The coin in "Wishful Thinking" was a prank pulled by the Trickster.
The Trickster —aka Loki, aka Gabriel— stole the coin from Tiamat, and has been using it to prank towns and to teach lessons. Wesley's grandfather, recognized it for what it was and sealed it away. When Wesley tossed the coin into the fountain, the Trickster used it as the perfect opportunity to prank the town and of course, the Winchesters.

In addition to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, there is a pagan Underworld.
Crowley wouldn't offer Plutus a million souls if the pagans didn't have someplace to put those. His and Samandriel's presence at the auction also suggest the gods are still important, at least collectively, so they must have a "soul power plant" of their own.

The Series will end with Meg as Queen of Hell
There needs to be a hell to keep the pit closed but Crowley isn't going to give up on his quest for power. Meg is fairly reasonable as far as demons go, powerful and ruthless enough to keep her fellows in line, and can maintain a good working relationship with humans and Angels (Castiel) if not a friendship. Also she's the only female character who's survived from seasons 1 through 7.

Adam will be a big bad at some point
They left him in the pit. Dean made one attempt to get him back and then, apparently, said "meh, fuck it". He's probably pissed. And crazy by now.
  • He's 300+ years (and counting) in the Cage with Lucifer and Michael. If he's not Ax-Crazy by now, then he's an even Greater Scope Villain than any villain to date. I would pay money to see this happen.

Cas did make it out of Purgatory, by using Dean as a vessel much the way Benny escaped.
(It's a bit late to put this here, with what we know of episode seven from the spoilers and summaries, but it was a fairly widespread theory after episode 8x01, and had several things that pointed to it as being correct before the episode summary Jossed it.)
  • Episode 8x01:
    • We see Dean leaving Purgatory and releasing Benny from where he was in Dean's arm by cutting himself, He later has a large bandage over that spot, but when we see him slice his arm to prove to Sam he's not a shifter, that cut is gone. Rapid healing, thanks to an angel inside?
    • We never see Dean sleep in this episode, he rejects the offer of dinner from Sam, and though he looks at a vending machine he doesn't get anything. The only thing we see him eat is a burger, which we know Cas likes, too.
    • Dean is oddly reticent when it comes to telling Sam what happened. We're told only that Cas "let go"; he never says what happened. Perhaps, for whatever reason, Dean meant Cas let go of his vessel?
    • Sam asks Kevin where the tablet it is. Kevin replies, "It’s safe." Sam asks again, "But where is it?" And Dean interjects, "as long as it's safe, that's all that matters." Why would Dean just let it go like that, unless maybe he's doing the same thing. Maybe Dean is protecting Cas. Maybe he didn’t leave him behind. Maybe he’s hiding him.
    • The only way to get out is through a human. Benny had a way to get his body back, but if Cas's vessel was left behind in Purgatory, where would he go?
    • We saw how concerned Dean was over Cas. “Where’s the angel?!” “Not until we find the angel.” He even straight up told Benny he’s not going without him, so “either you’re in or you’re out.” Boom. Dean wouldn’t leave without him.
    • According to S. E. Hinton, “Dean seemed very protective of Cas in Purgatory."
    • Dean doesn’t know everything Sam’s been doing for the whole year. If Cas is in danger, he'd want to be absolutely sure nobody’s around, and that it was absolutely safe to divulge it.
  • Episode 8x02:
    • Ooh boy. This one's a shipper's dream come true. We've got Dean searching Purgatory for an unspecified time, actually returning to torture and then shrugging that off in three words, and becoming infamous there, so that monsters have heard of him and his search for "his angel". Dean is serious about this.
    • There's also the fact that Benny and Cas both say that Cas is a walking target, but Dean still refuses to leave without him. Clearly, there's nothing that will stop Dean from leaving Purgatory without Cas, particularly if things got hairy toward the end, as Dean said last episode. And yet he did?
    • If that final scene is really when Cas "let go", then something's odd about that, since a really close look will show that it's Dean who let go, not Cas. Cas might, perhaps, have chosen to stay behind if it meant Dean would get out of Purgatory, but after everything we've seen, Dean wouldn't have let it happen if there was anything he could do about it. And Dean let go?
    • Additionally, if the last scene in 8x02 really comes immediately before the beginning of 8x01, why on earth was Dean so calm (relatively speaking) when he made it out? He spent all that time in Purgatory determined not to leave without Cas, and then Cas "lets go" while screaming Dean's name desperately, and Dean leaves, actually pretty calmly? Something really screwy is going on here. It should also be mentioned that angels can mess with memories, and what Dean has said doesn't match up with what we've seen. Perhaps there's something there?
    • And as a final note, we still haven't seen Dean sleeping or eating anything but burgers.
  • Episode 8x03: For a Cas-free episode, this had some interesting things in it.
    • Mostly the bit where we learn that having part of a supernatural being in oneself can change one. Having Brick's heart meant whatsherface started killing people to stay alive. Benny was inside Dean's arm. Maybe Benny could affect Dean's actions enough to make him let go of Cas, and affect his memory enough to make him think Cas let go?
      • Particularly of note is that in 8x01, we saw Benny was in Dean's left arm. In 8x02, we saw Dean holding onto Cas, and then distinctly letting go, with his left arm.
    • Still no sign of Dean eating anything but burgers, and we still haven't seen him sleep.
  • Episode 8x04: Dean-and-Sam light, and no Cas, but yet again no sleep (obviously) and no food but burgers.
  • Episode 8x05:
    • Benny and Cas are both still trying to make Dean leave Cas behind, and Dean won't. Later, Cas will "let go", and Dean will be a-okay leaving Purgatory without him.
  • Now, having said all this, according to the summary of 8x07, Cas has "no memory" of how he got out, and Sam and Dean are "stunned".
    • And now officially Jossed as of 8x07: Cas is out, no memory of how it happened, Sam and Dean were, in fact, stunned. And it turns out the angels were responsible for getting him out, and are using him as a mole to spy on the Winchesters without his knowledge.

Cas is already being manipulated before he makes it out of Purgatory.
We know from 7x23 that even Super!Ultra!Pacifist!Cas will go against everything he's been saying all episode to save Dean from a Leviathan. And now, in 8x05, a Leviathan goes for Dean, and Cas tries to just run away? We know leaving Dean is going to come back to bite him somehow. We assumed that meant Dean meeting Benny and beginning to trust him, but maybe there's more to it than that. Maybe the manipulation we were told about started in Purgatory, and this was our first hint.
  • Apparently Jossed: the manipulation seems to have begun when the angels pulled Cas out of Purgatory and set him on Earth to act as an unwitting spy on the Winchesters.

Benny is somehow responsible for Cas being left behind in Purgatory.
  • Jossed as of "Hunteri Heroici": Cas let go of Dean's hand. He left himself in Purgatory.

There's something fishy about Sam's relationship with Amelia.
We know that Sam hides things from Dean. And that whole flashback with the picnic seemed a little too...artificial? Sure, we know that Sam's always wanted a normal life, but it seems strange that he would just give up looking for his brother the minute some pretty vet started yelling at him. There's something going on there that Sam isn't telling Dean. My guess is that this is a cover story for what he was REALLY doing for the past year. AND —-have you noticed that every single flashback with Amelia goes into this hazy, perfect looking dream world? If I had to guess, I'm thinking she's a Djinn. Or, since Sam isn't tied up in a basement somewhere (that we know of), she's a succubus. She's using her mojo (among other things) to keep Sam thinking that their relationship was the best he's ever been in, and that's why he wants to give up hunting. Or better yet, he's been angelically mind-wiped the same way Ben and Lisa were, and this fits in with the upcoming episode with the angel Naomi. If there's some angelic mojo going on here (not surprising since no one is running heaven at the monent), it might explain why Amelia has the same name as Jimmy Novak's wife. (Either that, or the writers simply forgot.)

The 'someone' in Amelia's past is the shadowy figure that we saw watching as Sam left her house in episode 1
And, there's something supernatural about him. The reason Amelia doesn't want to put down any roots or get to know anybody is because he's stalking her, and she's trying to stay away from him and/or doesn't want anyone to get involved.

Castiel is a troll on par with Jim Halpert
Evidence? His actor, Misha Collins, is a troll. Also, every other angel's sense of humor was either really twisted or just plain bad, and most of them were at least acquainted with human pop culture. Hell, even Michael throws out a reference or two! Clearly, Castiel is just pretending to be innocent and naive to mess with people because he has a really weird sense of humor. (He thought Uriel was funny!) On the inside, though, he's laughing at everyone. The only reason this hasn't been revealed is because he has a very good poker face and true devotion to trolling.
  • Garth may also be a troll. He only does it around fellow hunters, though. That's why he hasn't been killed by a monster yet.

Benny and/or Dean will be the Big Bad of a future season
Season 3 and 4 Big Bad? Lilith, who escaped from Hell at the end of Season 2. For Season 5? Lucifer, who escaped from Hell at the end of Season 4. For Season 7? Leviathans, who escaped from Purgatory at the beginning of Season 7. See a pattern? Benny and Dean escaped Purgatory at the beginning of Season 8 and both have aspects of dark natures (Benny is a vampire and Dean feels best when he is hunting and killing things). Benny may or may not turn out to be Dean's Ruby. If Dean goes evil, it'll probably parallel Sam and Castiel Jumpiing Off The Slippery Slope in the seasons they went bad, and will probably end up repentant and redeemed.

How they defeat their enemies
Technically, the weakest Big Bad they fought was Azazel, and they killed him in two seasons. Then it was Lilith (who was a little stronger) and she also got killed after two. Lucifer was more powerful than both but he got defeated after only one season. The Mother of All friggin' Monsters died half a season after her introduction, and Godstiel only lasted one episode. Either God is lending more of a hand than we thought and arranging for the most dangerous threats to be killed/subdued ASAP, or the boys are just getting better at taking them down.

Amelia isn't real.
Maybe Amelia isn't real. Maybe she's either a coping mechanism or implanted memories.
  • Her name is Amelia. Just a season ago, Sam lost a one-time friend and almost-love-interest named Amy Pond, after the character from Doctor Who – except that the original Doctor Who character's full name was Amelia. They wanted to make the Shout-Out then, but are just ignoring it and re-using the name now?
    • Particularly odd considering she's not the first Amelia on the show, even if we assume Amy Pond wasn't short for anything; in The Rapture, Jimmy Novak's wife's name was established as Amelia.
  • Amelia is an awful lot like Sam, it's really kinda creepy. She sounds almost like she’s repeating Sam’s life back to him. She dresses much like he does. Even the people they lost sound alike: She lost a "Don", he lost a "Dean". She’s practically an extension of Sam himself.
  • Color timing. This is a film-making thing, but over-saturated footage (especially like in his birthday scene, which included a bloom effect to boot) usually means a false nostalgia and sentimentality. As in, making something appear better than it was or is. Meaning that these memories could be covering up something worse. Maybe Sam’s wall isn’t fully healed. Maybe he was tortured by Crowley or someone else.
    • Let's not forget, Sam's flashbacks aren't the first time Supernatural has used color timing. Shall we look at some of the others?
      • What Is and What Should Never Be... because of the djinn.
      • It's a Terrible Life... because of the angels.
      • Dark Side of the Moon... Heaven.
      • Dream a Little Dream of Me... dream root.
      • We Need To Talk About Kevin, Heartache, Blood Brother, Southern Comfort… flashbacks?
  • Also, there's the quantity and random nature of the flashbacks themselves. They're brought on by general and rather vague stimuli. In cases of implanted memories/coping mechanisms, (at least in literature and film,) the triggers of the fake memories are usually general so they'll reoccur as often as possible, and thereby fortify the memory in the implantee’s brain.
  • Due to them being flashbacks, we've never seen Amelia when Sam wasn't there. Even the memories involving someone else interacting with Amelia included Sam - the dog, the nurse - who says those were real?
  • She spent three months staying in a motel? Everyone handles grief differently, and on this show they don't pretend the ways some people cope are healthy, but that just seems impractical. Surely there were cheaper alternatives.
  • He's been hunting with Dean for at least a few weeks now, and we haven't been shown any contact between them; no phone calls in either direction, no emails either way, or at least none that we've seen. If they were really so close, together for the better part of a year, wouldn't she be worried if he just up and left in the middle of the night – did he even leave a note? – and then didn't contact her for weeks? While there certainly could be phone calls happening off-screen, when added to the rest of this it all seems to point to something…
  • Sam and Dean were fairly infamous among both hunters and monsters after the whole started-but-then-prevented-the-apocalypse thing, and (on the monster/demon side, at the very least,) that only escalated in seasons six and seven. Then Dean apparently dies, and Sam retires. And… that's it? Sam has an entire year off hunting? He ditches his phones, breaks all contact with everyone, sure, but not one monster, one lucky demon, got wind of where he was? For an entire year, he had a totally normal apple-pie life, all just that easy? Sure, Dean managed it for about a year - with Cas secretly keeping an eye on him and dealing with Crowley to make sure (among other things) that Dean wouldn't be dragged back into hunting. Sam didn't have an angel watching out for him; Dean and Cas were dead as far as he knew, and Crowley no longer had any reason to care about keeping the Winchesters alive with Cas gone, all deals over.
    • There are two perfectly good answers for why demons and Crowley may have left Sam alone. The first is that he simply never got around to lifting that 'leave the Winchesters alone' order he put in place so they could hand Leviathan. The second is after years of dealing with the Winchesters one of them died and the other retired and Crowley decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Most of the other monsters in the world Sam and Dean hunt down not the other way around so it's impossible to tell.
  • One of the themes of season 8 is that nothing is as it seems. Benny, though a vampire, isn't a "monster". Dean's memories of escaping Purgatory weren't quite accurate. Cas's memories, too, have been messed with; in his case by the angels, rather than his own mind. And Sam… had a totally normal apple-pie life for a year, though admittedly not without having problems from the grief over his brother's apparent death and his probable PTSD.
  • Going off the above theory, Sam was stuck in an "It's A Terrible Life" trap and Naomi was behind it. Whatever her ultimate goal is, she was afraid Sam would interfere with it, so she Reality Warped him an apple-pie life to get him out of the way. The flashback scenes are all overly colorful, happy, and "perfect" because Naomi designed it like that so Sam wouldn't want to leave. This explains both his Jerk Ass behavior in season 8 and why he gave up on finding Dean so easily when every past experience indicates otherwise. Amelia is either a minion of hers, some woman she pulled a similar trick on to get her to seduce Sam, or flat-out not real. The shadowy guy who was watching Sam in the premiere is another minion of hers who was supposed to keep an eye on him and warn her if he got loose. When Dean returned, he did, so Naomi went to plan B: Pulling Castiel out of Purgatory and using him as an unknowing spy on the Winchesters.

Sam was trying to kill himself when he hit that dog
He couldn't take losing Dean again on top of all the shit from the previous seasons, and tried to drive off a bridge/cliff/whatever. However, the dog got in the way, leading to the flashback in episode 1.

Naomi's endgame is the restart the Apocalypse.
Crowley is right; things haven't been going well for Heaven since the Apocalypse was derailed. Their civil war and Godstiel both weakened their numbers. They got pwned by the Leviathans and now they can't protect the prophets from demons. The reason she wants Castiel to watch the Winchesters is that she wants Michael and Lucifer free from the cage and their true vessels waiting and ready to go when that happens. And if Sam and Dean (and Cas!) can continue to be distracted by their issues, they won't realize they're being played.

One of the other tablets is about the Angels.
So far, we've had a tablet about Leviathans and now a tablet about Demons. I'm sure that one of the other tablets talks about Angels. Which may be another reason why Naomi wants the Winchesters to be watched.
  • And it will include instructions on how to close the Gates of Heaven (to anyone coming out, not going in.)
    • Original poster here: CONFIRMED! In "Torn and Frayed", Crowley finds out there is a tablet about the angels. I Knew It !

Dean and Sam will figure out about Cas's visits to Naomi before he figures out how to tell them.
They probably won't get exactly what's going on. In fact, they'll think he's doing it willingly, because then it will be as if Cas is betraying them again. Dean will take it especially hard. Because when have the writers ever passed up the chance to give the characters more angst?

Or contrarily, Dean and Sam will learn about Naomi/Cas spying on them before he tells them, but won't be angry at him.
Sure, they might not get all of what's getting on, but they will think that he's not doing it willingly, and Dean, at the very least, will refuse to believe that Cas would betray them again.
  • Sam may or may not believe as completely as Dean that Cas is innocent, possibly creating further tension between the brothers. That angst is going to have to come from somewhere, after all.
  • Cas, however, will blame himself completely when he realizes what's been happening, despite it being clearly not his fault (from the viewers' POV), and may end up apparently abandoning the brothers, trying to cut all ties and forms of contact with them, so as not to betray them any further.
    • If this does happen, it'll be the end of the mid-season finale; we know Misha Collins has several episodes off (8x10-8x15, IIRC), so it may be a while before Dean and Sam find him again.
    • Jossed in 8x17, in a melodramatic (and Ho Yay laden) scene, Cas nearly kills Dean under Naomi's control. But Dean's pleading causes Cas to break free from Naomi's control. He then heals Dean and tells him all about Naomi. He does, however, vanish with the Angel Tablet, claiming he needs to protect it from Naomi, and Dean.

Naomi and the supposed 'new group of angels' are the angels that left with God when he went wherever. This includes Metatron.
Cas has never met Naomi before, nor been in her part of heaven, and she took no part in the Apocalypse, but seems to be quite important. She also has powers that the angels in season 4-6 never had, specifically being able to force Cas to speak against his will, which would have been pretty useful for Zachariah & co during the Apocalypse. The reason she has these powers? They come from God himself, who would naturally be able to compel Angels. She was sent to get involved after the tablets got unearthed, since her group (which includes Metatron) is concerned with them.

Naomi is Metatron.
Just a wild guess.
  • She can't be. Metatron is an Archangel, and if Naomi were Metatron, then she would have had to protect Kevin from all of the recent dangers he has encountered.

Gabriel is the Metatron
  • According to Islamic belief Gabriel (or Jibrīl, as he's called) recited the Qu'ran to Mohammed, which Muslims believe is the literal Word of God. He's also the messenger of God in both Judeo-Christian and Islamic teachings. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that messenger duty might involve writing a few things down. And it would explain why Metatron hasn't shown up yet.

Dick was never looking for the Leviathan tablet in the first place.
It seems awfully convenient that Dick Roman would just happen to dig up the only thing in the entire world that describes how to kill him, but what if that wasn't the tablet he was looking for? Perhaps he was actually searching for the Demon tablet so that, once the humans were properly subjugated, he could make good on his proposal to "wipe the demons from the face of the universe."
  • Alternately, he wanted to destroy it. The tablets can be broken, we've seen that twice now. Wouldn't put it past Dick to get ahold of it so nobody else could find it and then get rid of it somehow - shoot it into space, break it into gravel and use it to pave the driveway...

Naomi is God

Angels are supposed to be genderless, so we can assume the same of God. We know that Castiel has never actually met the Big Cheese in person, so it's not so far-fetched to claim that she is, in fact, his Father.
  • Death, who knows God personally, has referred to him as a "he," and since God doesn't use a vessel (especially not around Death, who's practically his twin), Death would have no reason to use a vessel-based gender pronoun like all of the other characters use when referring to angels. Additionally, Naomi has been described by Jeremy Carver as "a kind of angel that we haven't seen before."
    • In English all things are assumed to be male until they are proven to be female. So 'he' is the appropriate gender neutral pronoun in this case. I don't think Naomi is God, simply that Death using the word 'he' probably means only slightly more than our referring to Crowley as a he and Meg as a she even though they could just as easily possess someone of the opposite gender. It may also mean that God chose to appear male more frequently than not. I certainly wouldn't want to base my assumption on THAT.

Naomi isn't as in control as she acts.
Not of Heaven, at least. That's why she won't let Cas in - he would see that it's really pretty much still chaos, and she's totally bluffing.
  • Confirmed by Metatron. Naomi is just in control of one faction of the many, many factions warring in Heaven.

Psychics aren't human
We haven't seen if they can be possessed or if they can be turned so maybe it's because they don't react to those the same as humans do. Basically after Eve made her children and Lucifer made his demons, God gave humans their own way to fight back (He clearly didn't anticipate Hunters). God couldn't stop the monsters or demons directly (because freewill) but since humans were His favourite He gave them the ability to make Psychics - humanoid creatures that had abilities that made them a fair fight against the supernatural.
Even better: Jesus was a Psychic. This would explain his powers and also how Mary had an immaculate conception. God created a Psychic child straight into her womb.

Death is a Stealth Mentor to Dean.
Let's face it, putting on Death's ring and being HIM for a day is right up there with being God for day (through more "legal" means–sorry, Cas). That's a lot of power you're handing to a pitiful human you unabashedly compared to a speck of bacteria, and constantly remind how insignificant you find him. I smell bullshit.
  • Firstly, Demons, humans, and even angels have been screwing with death/Death for literally eons and upsetting the natural balance. But of all of them, he FINALLY (despite obviously being constantly fed up with literally EVERYONE) chooses to emphasize the importance of this balance on Dean?
  • Secondly, Cas is in the midst of nearly breaking the world by trying to bust Purgatory, thinking that it’s all for the greater good. Instead of smacking some sense into the little angel that could, Death decides to clue in a powerless human (Dean) to do something about it? Despite supposedly considering Dean fairly useless and unimportant?
  • Thirdly, Death pretty much handed Dean the keys to Lucifer’s cage for the archangel using a certain spell to bind him to do his will. And he was clearly pissed (or as pissed as Death can get) about Lucifer even having the balls to attempt this. But when Dean does the same, he just gets a warning? Not even a little slap on the wrist?

Despite his snark and generally derisive (supposed) opinion of Dean’s significance, Death acts remarkably patient and almost like a mentor to him–leading him in the right direction and explaining stuff to him, but never holding his hand, just letting him figure it out and learn from his own mistakes. Plus, Dean acts like a younger, mouthier Death, anyways.

The 'new group of angels' are helping the Winchesters and Castiel retrieve the tablets so they can free Lucifer and Michael to start the Apocalypse again.

Through the rest of the season, Dean and Sam will have a falling out.

Azazel led to the creation of the Colt
The Book of Enoch says that Azazel taught men how to make "knives, swords, shields". He either taught Samuel Colt how to make Ruby's knife, or he made it and Colt got it later. Colt used the knife as a basis to create the Colt and devil's gates. Therefore, all of Azazel's problems in the first two seasons were directly because of himself, which eventually killed him. It's never brought up because Azazel got tired of getting mocked by other demons and tortured them all so badly that they can't bring themselves to talk about it even after he died.

Wings or it didn't happen
This is in relation to Samandriel's untimely death at Castiel's hands. Many fans have theorized and agreed that since there were no burnt wings where he died, Samandriel isn't actually dead.
  • Unlikely; we didn't see Balthazar's wings either and he never came back. No regular angel has ever survived being stabbed with an angel blade; we even saw Samandriel's eyes light up. I know that Supernatural has something of a reputation for bringing back dead characters (although they've never brought back a dead angel before, excluding Cas), but sometimes, legitimate deaths in the series do serve a purpose.
  • OP here: Just thought I would add that in response to Samandriel's wings not appearing, people are starting to say Crowley somehow managed to cut them off.
  • As much as I want to hold onto the Wings Or It Didn't Happen, it was tweeted that Samandriel didn't have his wings burned because only high ranking angels got that.

Naomi is a Leviathan.
Which explains why Castiel had never heard of her. She's not an angel. And it would explain Samandriel's last words before he died - "they're controlling us." After all, as Edgar said in Season Seven, "Leviathan beats angel."

The Angel tablet is in the Men of Letters bunker.
  • Jossed.

Sam got Amelia preggers the last time they banged boots.
  • What other reason would the writers have for them to screw one last time and then have Sam leave?

The reason the demon killing knife didn't work on Abaddon is because she's a Fallen Angel.
And the knife has already been shown not to work on angels. Also, she's one of the original Fallen Angels, cast out with Lucifer when he fell.
  • It didn't work on Alastair either, and he was just a really powerful demon (in fact, it had more of an effect on Abaddon than it did Alastair; Alastair barely flinched when he was stabbed by it). Besides, I think it was stated in the episode that the Knights of Hell were initially some of the first demons to have been created, which would logically have happened after Lilith's creation, and she herself was originally a human.

Abaddon destroyed the Men of Letters in order to weaken the hunters.
Without the Men of Letters, the hunters are reduced to random, scattered families and lone hunters, instead of being a cohesive army that can be brought to bear against the demons in the upcoming Apocalypse.
  • This actually makes tons of sense. The closest thing hunters had to a Man of Letters before the boys found the bunker was Bobby. It would stand to reason that his being backup for hunters wasn't a new thing. Which leads us to:

Ezra Moore from "Time After Time after Time" was one of the elite hunters that the Men of Letters dealt with.
Which explains why she and Eliot Ness seemed a lot more organized than most hunters. She was able to come up with the means to kill Cronus fairly easily.

Sooner or later someone's going to bring up the subject of Nephilim.
Combine the angels killing each other to hide the plans to start the apocalypse, the casualties in Raphael and Castiel's civil war, and the (stated in-universe as thousands) killed by Godstiel, and there simply can't be all that many angels left. There were even those angels reluctant to kill Castiel because of how few of them were left. There has been no indication that angels breed with each other - it's still fairly unclear whether they mean 'brothers and sisters' in a spiritual or biological sense - and if that's the case, then the only possible way to prop up the angel population is either for God to create more angels (unlikely given God's hands-off approach) or if, ahem, "the Sons of God [go] to the Daughters of Men and [have] children by them." (Gen 6:4)
  • Is it too soon to bring up the fact that Loki had a lot of kids and that Loki also happens to be an archangel named Gabriel?
    • Yes, but as I recall Loki's children include a giant wolf and Odin's horse. Something tells me their not going to bring those up. Although, the Nephilim are meant to be monstrous giants, so you never know.
  • Whoa, spot-on. Killing a Nephilim is one of the fake Heaven trials Metatron gave to Castiel.

The Thule Society has ties to Crowley.
Remember back in Season Five in "Abandon All Hope" (written by Ben Edlund) when Crowley was introduced? He was watching a movie about the Nazis and chuckling to himself. Now we have The Thule society in "Everybody Hates Hitler" (also an episode written by Ben Edlund.) How much do you want to bet that Crowley started the whole Nazi necromancer thing? To work a ritual, you sell your soul to Crowley to make it work. King of the Crossroads indeed.

Ruby was good (at least in Season 3)
Ruby started out very adamant about her desire to kill Lilith. However, given her plan in Season 4, this makes little sense. For Lilith to die and break the final seal, Dean had to break the first seal and to do that he had to go to Hell. Yet in No Rest For the Wicked, she encourages Sam to use his powers to kill Lilith immediately (Sam actually starts to consider it) and ultimately winds up assisting the boys in getting very close at saving Dean. While it's possible she had a Gambit Roulette going on, it seems just as likely that between Seasons 3 and 4, Lilith 'convinced' Ruby to take her side, knowing that Sam trusted (to a certain extent) and could be manipulated by her.

Sam is dying.
It's the real reason he didn't look for Dean and Castiel for that year they were in purgatory. Its why he had the nosebleed at the end of "Man's Best Friend With Benefits". Sam's dying and he didn't want to admit it to Dean. It's why he's so intent on closing the gates of Hell - he wants to do it before he dies.
  • And now with bleeding from the mouth in "Remember the Titans", it definitely looks bad.
  • And now with Castiel saying that Sam is "damaged in ways even I can't heal" in "Goodbye Stranger", this looks REAL BAD, but not quite CONFIRMED.

Azazel is an angel who fell and was reborn as a human and became a demon after he died.
Basically, he was one of the angels who agreed with Lucifer when he rebelled, and so chose to fall after Lucifer was cast down. This would have resulted in him being reborn as a human, like Anna. He may have even had access to "angel radio" and some angelic knowledge, just as she did. Once he died, he would have gone to Hell and become a demon, and his pre-existing knowledge of angels would have been extremely useful to him and his attempts to free Lucifer (and it would explain why he, of all the demons, was the most committed to Lucifer, and why he knew about the existence of angels in "In The Beginning"). It could also explain why he had abilities that are mostly exclusive to angels, such as dream walking, and why he was immune to holy water even though higher-ranking demons like Lilith and Alastair were still susceptible to it. And of course, it would explain his unique yellow eyes. Additionally, it would fit with the actual mythology about Azazel, which says that he was one of the Watchers, who were a group of angels that were known to have sired the Nephilim (perhaps the inspiration for Azazel's psychic children?).

Alternatively, Crowley is an angel who fell and was reborn as a human and became a demon after he died.
For a long time, it was suggested that Crowley may not actually be a demon due to the fact that his eye color had never been shown. That theory seemed to have been shot down in "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?" when it was revealed that Crowley has red eyes (and a unique red smoke cloud). However, as of "Goodbye Stranger," an interesting contradiction has arisen. It was revealed that Crowley and Naomi know each other and were even intimate for a time in Mesopotamia - which was last known by that name in the 7th century. The problem here is that Crowley, as the human tailor Fergus Mc Leod, wasn't born until around the 17th century. It seems like a major contradiction unless one looks at it from the same perspective as the above Azazel WMG; that Crowley was originally an angel who chose to rip out his grace in order to become a human (Fergus Mc Leod), who then sold his soul and went to Hell, where he became a demon. It would explain how he could be in Mesopotamia before he was born, how he knew Naomi and Samandriel personally, and how he could speak fluent Enochian in "Torn And Frayed". Additionally, he's also been shown to possess vast knowledge of the supernatural world that other demons seem to lack, such as his awareness of several anti-angelic sigils and a spell for summoning Death, as well as Purgatory. He also seemed to be the only demon who knew of Lucifer's contempt for their race. These could all be residual memories from his previous angelic life that were carried over. These memories of his time as an angel would have been inaccessible during his life as a human (as evidenced by Anna's prior amnesia), but may have been reawakened upon his death or as a result of the torture he endured in order to become a demon (in a manner similar to Samandriel's "operating system" being accessed through extensive torture). Furthermore, it would give a reason for some of the other curious odds and ends about him - such as him being able to rise through the ranks of the demonic hierarchy and become King of the Crossroads in only a short span of time (as he would be very valuable to somebody like Lilith due to his knowledge of sigils and spells, although, Crowley being Crowley, he wouldn't give away too much information about himself), as well as his red demonic smoke.
  • I always assumed that either the entire story of Fergus was a lie, remember Cas and Crowley were working together at the time, or Crowley had in habited Fergus for a long time. It's probably just for ease of the viewer that all major demons keep the same vessels instead of swapping them out every time but in-universe perhaps demons standardly keep a body around until they've run it completely ragged. Crowley didn't "know" about Lucifer's hatred for demons. He put two and two together and came up with four while every other demon put two and two and got five essentially. His exact words were that if Lucifer wants to wipe out humanity because it's corrupt what must he want to do to us? It's curious how NO other demon came to the same conclusion considering it was instantly obvious that Crowley wasn't lying or wrong when he said it. It's possible though that this was a writing failure, if you look at the Headscracthers page there seem to be enough times that the authors simply weren't thinking X seasons ahead so nobody for example brought any Knights of Hell to the APOCALYPSE.
    • Crowley doesn't inhabit Fergus, Crowley is Fergus. Fergus the now-red smoke cloud. His vessel is a literary agent from New York. As for him not "knowing" that Lucifer hated demons, he still has a very savvy and un-demon-like way of thinking, which is still just as curious for somebody who used to be a self-conscious "two-bit tailor." And lastly, the reason why there were no Knights of Hell involved in the Apocalypse is because the archangels killed all of them except for Abaddon, who was last present in 1958 before she traveled to and died in 2013, thus rendering her incapable of participating due to her temporal displacement and subsequent death.

Meg was working for Alastair in S2
John was taking too long to crack under physical torture, so Alastair decided to have Sam and Dean killed as another way to torment him. He wasn't willing to go up to Earth himself, though, so he found a demon who was pissed enough at the Winchesters to defy Yellow Eyes by going after Sam—Alastair's old student, Meg. That way, Alastair could stay in Hell and keep torturing John while Meg offed the boys. When her plan to trick Dean into killing Sam for added angst failed, she ran off before she could be exorcised to avoid Alastair getting his hands on her after she messed up, and tried to get back into Azazel's good graces.

Step right up and place your bets for what will be found in the Men of Letters bunker!
  • As stated in an above WMG, The Angel Tablet.
    • Jossed in "Goodbye, Stranger". It was found in one of Lucifer's "vaults".
  • And from another above WMG, Mjolnir (Thor's hammer.)
  • Gabriel's Horn.
  • The Ark of the Covenant. Word of God says this and the next few seasons are based on Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Orichalcum - the fabled metal of Atlantis, to go along with the Men of Letters using the Aquarian star as their symbol - supposedly it was inscribed on the gates of Atlantis.
  • Pandora's Box.

There's a fourth tablet: the Human tablet.
  • We've got the Leviathan tablet, the Demon tablet, and the Angel tablet. It stands to reason that the Human tablet is next.
    • However, it also stands to reason that there is no human tablet, since the entire tablet collection was intended "for the defense of mankind" according to Metatron. It's pretty easy to kill a human, and there's not really anywhere you could seal them away for eternity (and even then, both of those would be counter-intuitive toward the actual purpose of the tablets).
      • I'm starting to doubt this. More and more Supernatural is starting to resemble Buffy in that humans appear to be weak until you realize that five of us are both battling every monster Heaven, Hell or Purgatory every spat forth while maintaining the Masquerade. If witches and to a lesser extent vampires are proof of the power a "human" (I use the term loosely here) is capable of wielding having a way to stop us might be nice. Can you imagine an army of witches, armed with Colts and daggers?

Sam is regaining his psychic powers.
  • Well, he's bleeding randomly and other than his relationship with Amelia, we don't really know what Sam has been up to during Dean's year long journey in Purgatory. Sure, it could have something to do with the trials, but what if it has to do with him regaining his power?

Crowley KNEW and Castiel suspected that they would end the Apocalypse successfully
Seriously, why else didn't they play all the cards available to them during that final desperate bid to save the world? I would have brought my Knight(s) of Hell to the fight if I was Crowley and I would have TRIED to find/open Purgatory. Godstiel could probably have saved the world and an even split between Cas and Crowley MIGHT not have freed the Leviathans. If these are examples of the tools these two refused to break out for the Apocalypse I'm sincerely curious what level of threat justifies laying all your cards on the table and going all out.

Meg is either not dead at all, only Not Quite Dead, or will be revived somehow.
Despite his large jump in Jerk Ass in season 8, Crowley has never been specifically out to get the Winchesters. It's always been a case of whether or not their interests line up with his own. On the other hand, he and Meg have serious personal issues with each other which makes it seem like she really needs to be the one to do him in at the end.

Getz (DJ Qualls' one-shot character in Breaking Bad) was actually Garth.
Before Bobby died, Garth was, frankly, kind of stupid. It seems perfectly possible that Garth started reading about Heisenberg, and thought that some sort of drug ghost would be required to make meth that pure. Presumably Bobby set him straight soon enough, and that's why Getz never shows up again.

Charlie Bradbury's real name follows the pattern of her aliases.
Word of God says she's picks first names that are Stephen King characters as her first name, and famous sci-fi writers as her last name. (In fact, her first names are slightly more specific when you realize both refer to people with paranormal powers, as 'Charlie' is from Charlene 'Charlie' McGee, the 'Firestarter' in Firestarter, and 'Carrie' is from Carrie White in Carrie.)

Perhaps she's picking those names because her actual name follows that pattern, and is something like Tyler Sturgeon or Abigail Wells?

And does the fact that both aliases we know of are characters with paranormal powers mean anything?

  • Her real last name's Middleton, which personally I take as a reference to Kate Middleton, since Charlie's a princess (queen? I forget) this season. Oh hey, 'Charlie' = 'Charles' = heir to the throne. Maybe her real first name's something royal? Like Elizabeth or something?

The third trial requires curing a demon. That demon will be Meg
As stated above, there's evidence to suggest her either being Not Quite Dead but at the same time we're also dealing with a show where death is incredibly cheap Being the first major antagonist in the show and coming full circle to not only be redeemed, but turned human again makes a lot of sense. The potential gratification for Megstiel shippers is just a bonus.
  • Going by the guest stars listed for the finale, the demon they try to cure will be either Crowley or Abbadon.
    • Or both. As it turns out, Abaddon was their first attempt at curing a demon, but she escaped. The promo for the finale shows that they will try to cure Crowley instead.

The boys are about to commit a massive well-intentioned screw-up....again
Metatron's warning about the consequences of making a massive change to Creation sets off alarm bells. What does happen if the boys actually seal off Hell? Where will the souls of evil people go when they die? Certainly not Heaven. If they shut down a big chunk of the afterlife does this mean that the Earth could end up with vast numbers of evil ghosts because their souls have nowhere to go?

The demon they will cure will be Sam.
Hey, it's wild mass guessing. Sam's talked about the taint of demon blood inside him. Maybe the trial will pull a bait-n-switch and Sam will get cleansed of demon blood.

Crowley learned the baby-uvula muffin recipe from Lilith's "chef"
They both served Lilith, who Ate Babies. At some point, they crossed paths and the chef gave ol' Crowster a bunch of tasty recipes concerning... well...

The demon the brothers will cure is gonna be Crowley.
He is way too much of an Ensemble Darkhorse for them to really kill off or trap in Hell. And the promo shows them attempting it, so they might just succeed at it.

Season Nine will involve an Enemy Mine with the Winchesters and the angels.
With Metatron banishing the angels from heaven, and Naomi's Heel Realizations (and possibly the other angels), it's likley the Winchesters will help bring the angels back into heaven. It'll result in one of these situations.
  • God returning to personally bring order to the world.
  • Michael and Lucifer breaking free, as part of the Enemy Mine.
  • Gabriel's ressurection.
  • Some angels won't undergo any Heel Realization and will try to kill the Winchesters for making them mortal. Their hatred of humans would only be taken Up to Eleven.

The title of the eventual Series Finale will be:
"Carry On My Wayward Son."
  • I am now convinced that this must happen.
    • And the last scene in the show will be a Trunk Shot of the boys, with one of them saying "we've got work to do." Same way the first episode ended.
  • I'll do you one better: "Carry On My Wayward Son" will be the penultimate episode. The final episode will be called "Don't You Cry No More" (or maybe just "Cry No More"). The song will play at the end of the episode as well as at the beginning, with the final shot of the boys dead—having given their lives to save the world once and for all—but finally at peace.

Michael was responsible for Death being locked up
From what we know, it appears Michael is a control freak. This could mean that he saw Death as a threat since Death is most likely more powerful than Archangels, Michael convinced some Angels to lock up Death because he thought of a being stronger than him as an enemy; also take into account that Death referred to Lucifer as a "Bratty child throwing a Tantrum". It's very possible Death saw Michael in the exact same light and Michael thought he was doing the right thing...like he usually does.

The exorcism labelled "weird" was no ordinary Demonic possession...
It was an attempted Exorcism on a Horror from the GARO series, and since no Hunter or Men of Letters members had come across a Horror, they assumed an exorcism would work on it the same way it works on most Demons.

The shows Supernatural and Revolution are connected, but only indirectly.
It's true that Revolution doesn't have any supernatural elements...or does it? The supernatural elements might be occurring off-screen, and when characters in both shows die, they go to the afterlife seen in Supernatural just so they can suffer some more!

Angels can resurrect demons
Since demons are just twisted human souls, angels can bring them back as well as kill them. This means that all our favorite (and least favorite) demons can come back, if an angels needs/wants them. Or, hell, if someone just wants to fanfic something about it, there you go!
  • OP here: This actually may have more of a basis in canon than I thought. After Cass killed Crowley in "Caged Heat", Crowley turned out to be alive again in later Season 6 episodes and Sam, Dean, and Bobby (not to mention the viewers) assumed that he'd just switched out Crowley's human bones for fake ones; he destroyed the bones and then simultaneously pretended to kill Crowley. But not only is that something extremely complicated to pull off perfectly all at once—finding fake bones, hoping Crowley will play along and pretend they're fake bones without having to be told, hope Meg doesn't notice that they're not Crowley's, destroying fake bones while at the same time destroying Crowley's host while at the same time apporting Crowley himself away in such a way that Meg won't realize he didn't die at all—that all banks on Meg, a demon who not only possesses the superhuman senses necessary to notice all this but is sharp enough to put all the pieces together, not picking up on any of it. It's not workable. What is workable is if it went exactly as it seemed: those were Crowley's bones, Cass did burn them, it did kill Crowley, Meg went away completely satisfied that the King was dead (nasty surprise in store for her). With everyone fooled, Cass resurrected Crowley and host. This makes more sense to me in terms of believeability than the other theory. Now Crowley is believed dead by those who would make another attempt on his life, Cass has his ass covered, and Crowley's bones can't be used against him again because they've already been destroyed by Cass. Being abruptly murdered and brought back by his business partner might also shed more light on how tense Crowley is in "The Man Who Would Be King" and his later grudge against Cass.

Metatron will bring meta madness.
Similarly to how Chuck caused a lot of post-modern fourth wall poking. Since Metatron loves stories, he'll try to outwit the Winchesters by treating them like they're characters in a story (drawing attention to the fact that they are.)

Azazel had a hand in turning Meg and Tom into demons.
Azazel claimed to be Meg and Tom's father, but we know that demons are made from human souls being tortured in Hell, instead of the sexy-tiems! reproduction we automatically think of when we think of parents and children. Meg also referred to Lucifer as her father, since he created her kind. Maybe Azazel made the deals with Meg and Tom (and maybe other demons who he considers his children) that got them sent to Hell or he personally tortured them in Hell and transformed their souls into demons or something to that effect, and because of that he views himself as their daddy. (Or maybe they just called him "Father" and he called them his children because they were his followers, but the other options are more interesting.)

Also, Azazel was the thing John was hunting with Bill Harvelle.
I came up with this theory purely based on the scene in "Born Under a Bad Sign" where Meg!Sam is doing that whole Would You Like to Know How They Died? thing with Jo. We know that Bill got killed because of John when hunting some kind of hell-spawn. We have three characters in the scene in B Ua BS: Meg, Jo, and Sam. Jo's dad and Sam's dad were involved in the hunt that day, obviously, so why not include Meg's "dad", too, to complete the triangle? It'd explain why Bill was hunting with John (the YED is not a one-man hunt and John seemed to have been close to Bill, so he'd probably trust him enough to team up with him on it), why John messed up when he's supposed to be so good at hunting (overemotional and eager to kill this thing that killed his wife and is making plans for his youngest son), and how Meg seemed to know so much about what had happened (the YED probably laughed it over with her later).

Anna was brainwashed by Naomi.
Naomi wanted to ensure that Lucifer wouldn't get his true vessel, so she brainwashed Anna into destroying Sam, unwilling to risk herself by doing it directly (after all, Michael might not approve of not giving Lucifer a fighting chance or interfering with Destiny or such) and knowing that Anna could get close enough to the Winchesters to do it, given their history. She then freed Anna to go carry out her mission. Like Castiel, Anna didn't (consciously) remember anything about Naomi, so she thought she'd escaped, even though Cass said that was impossible. It explains why official press releases and summaries about the episode describe her as being "sent" by Heaven/following orders.
  • Alternately, Michael was in on the plan to kill Sam and Naomi even did it at his orders. But then Anna couldn't get at Sam directly (due to Castiel blocking her), so she tried to retroactively wipe out the entire Winchester family instead and Michael had to kill her to stop her from screwing up his plans.

In S9, Becky will learn how real magic works, which will lead to...
Sam and Dean being sent into the universe of Chuck's books and learning he took many creative liberties with his visions.

Supernatural does indeed share a 'verse with Good Omens ...
However, Crowley is not. The personality discrepancies are too great. What conceivable trauma could send someone, over the course of fifteen years, from "running into a burning building after my friend" to "muffins with fresh baby uvula"? Early in Good Omens, Crowley is originally called Crawlee and mentions that he plans to change it. Perhaps, following the Tadfield failure, Supernatural's Crowley took up the name to invoke the original's infamy against his fellow demons, who, as both sources remind us pretty often, love them some back-stabbin'. There are also lots of similarities in the general way the universe works:
  • Angels and Demons in both are, with notable exceptions, assholes, who fight simply because they're supposed to.
  • God is heavily implied to be on the side of free will, rather than the angels.
  • The Antichrist alters reality just by believing misinformation.
  • Death is a scary, but ultimately alright True Neutral who will participate in the apocalypse if he must, but would rather just get on with his job.
  • Famine appears to be fairly wealthy in Supernatural- perhaps getting defeated took its toll on Raven Sable?
  • Good Omens mentions Pestilence retiring after the discovery of penicillin. Pestilence in Supernatural is an older man whose forte was engineering antibiotic-resistant diseases.
  • War... got a sex change? Maybe?

Alastair used Sam
Given what Uriel said and did in "Heaven and Hell" (Dean: I don't break easy. Uriel: Oh yes, you do. You just have to know where to apply the right pressure.), Alastair probably twisted Dean's arm in Hell the same way Uriel did in "Heaven and Hell": threatening Sam. When Dean kept refusing to break, Alastair probably got angry and threatened to either go kill Sam himself or send someone else to go do it—knowing Alastair, it wouldn't be a nice, quick, clean death, either. That, or he broke Dean using Sam some other way, like making it seem as though Sam was in Hell with Dean. (Which would add another layer to Dean's reaction to Sam using his demonic powers and drinking demon blood—he feared for his brother's soul, knowing from experience exactly how bad Hell was and terrified of Alastair's illusions coming true.) Dean never told Sam because he didn't want to add to Sam's guilt about him being in Hell.

Mary's middle name was Deanna.
John's middle name is Eric, so it makes sense from a meta P.O.V. for John's wife's middle name to be named after Eric's wife. From an In-Universe perspective, Mary was named for her mom, so Dean is named for both his grandma and his mom.

Gabriel's Horn of Truth will resurrect him
Though it was referred to in season 6's "You Can't Handle the Truth", the true purpose of it was never revealed. According to Christian Scripture Gabriel's trumpet will wake the dead (as well as announce the coming of God, just in time for Final Judgement...). So maybe when the Winchesters are gathering up Heaven's Weapons from wherever Cas stored them, it'll only succeed in bringing Gabe back when they try to use it.

Season 9: Ash is now in charge of heaven
He is shown to have an unusual amount of control over the place in "Dark Side of the Moon" and with the angels all gone...

Season 9: Ezekiel is a bad news bear.
Consider that he's basically using Sam as a battery to recharge his grace. He's got Dean in the perfect position: he can guilt him with Sam's frail condition until he's powerful enough that Dean's objections won't mean anything anyway. He's quick to use deception (using Dean's face to ask) and seems just a bit too smooth for my liking. Call it a hunch.
  • Confirmed, ezekiel is dead and the angel possessing Sam is Gadreel

The REAL Sam is somehow in Ezekiel's vessel
The mannerisms of the Ezekiel who sat up in the bed are strikingly similar to Sam's. Ezekiel is still possessing Sam.

Death was projecting/subtly influencing the apparition of Bobby Singer that appeared in Sam's mind that was encouraging him to give up.

Alternatively, Bobby's apparition was Sam's own self-loathing.
This is the same guy who, when told that the trials would kill him, said "So?" incredulously. Sam's been, if not outright suicidal, then certainly apathetic to his life for a while now. Bobby is a manifestation of that. On the flip side, headspace!Dean is not just Sam's will to live, but a reminder of all the work he has yet to do and all the people who will miss him when he dies.

The Death who appeared in "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" was not the real Death, but another apparition created by Sam's mind.
Death holds a very dim view of the other beings in the Supernatural verse, likening Dean to a snarky bacterium and Lucifer to a whiny teenager. Even God, his equal and opposite, doesn't seem to impress him very much. So it doesn't seem in-character for Death to talk Sam up so much and feel "honored" to escort him to the afterlife. The real Death would have also recognized Dean/Ezekiel, and likely stopped them, as saving Sam from dying would have gone against the natural order he made such a big deal about in Appointment In Samarra. Instead, this one is another aspect of Sam's mind, who represents the choice Sam has to make: to live or to die. The Character Shilling is just Sam's ego playing himself up (hence the Bobby-apparition doing the same thing by dismissing Dean and Benny's role in the second trial) and he doesn't do anything about Ezekiel because, since Sam doesn't know it's Ezekiel, neither does he. Also Death`s actor pointed out the fact that he wasn`t eating anything when he appeared before Sam which is out of character for him

There are Destiel Shippers on Deck.
Angels and demons alike are aware of the tension, whether it's really there or just Shipping Goggles (hey, if so many viewers perceive the Ho Yay, why can't characters?), as evidenced by lines from, "...the other angel? The one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you!" to "He was your boyfriend first!" Now, those blatant assertions were from characters who were either apathetic to the matter, or even likely to oppose it. However, subtle comments from those who might be more inclined to support this ship:
  • Sam trying to get Dean and Castiel to reconcile in 8X22, "Clip Show." When Dean asks why he should bother, Sam responds with simple sincerity, "Because it's Cass." Sam actually gains little from his own relationship to Castiel (they've had very few one-on-one conversations, and let's not forget the whole tearing-down-the-wall-that-protects-your-psyche-from-freak-hallucinations deal that Cass inflicted upon the guy), so his only motivation in wanting to make up is because he perceives it as beneficial to Dean.
  • Charlie casually mentioning Castiel in "Pac-Man Fever." Up until now, unless it happened off-screen, nobody has mentioned Castiel to Charlie (presumably, she read about him in Chuck's continuation of the books), and we saw in "LARP and the Real Girl" that Charlie thinks Dean has recently endured a painful breakup. And then when she does bring up Cass, she describes him as "dreamy." Is this a fangirl fawning over a fictional character (unlikely, given that she's been established to be exclusively lesbian, although this might be a case of If It's You, It's Okay), or is she attempting to gauge Dean's reaction to hearing the angel brought up?
  • The angels especially seem to believe there's something there; from Hester blaming Castiel's descent on Dean ("From the moment Castiel laid a hand on you in Hell he was lost!") to all the angels knowing that the fastest way to find Cas is to find Dean, to Ezekiel claiming that there are angels that still believe in "Castiel... and you." And there is a great deal of precedent in the actual lore of angels falling for humans, so they may believe this is another case of that, rather than Cas falling for more ideological reasons (as well as for Dean himself).

The angels were told that Destiel was canon.
An expansion upon the last point; a possible explanation for why the angels would think Dean and Cas were together.

Castiel rebelled against Heaven because he objected to the engineering of The Apocalypse by the high ranking angels.

But this was not common knowledge: Cas only found out about it two episodes before the finale. The grunt angels would have no idea why their popular and respected Garrison Captain would pull a Lucifer and rebel against the Will of God, but they did know that Castiel was the angel that pulled Dean Winchester, a man halfway on the road to demon-hood, out of Hell. And they might have known that Castiel had been reprimanded and demoted prior to his rebellion because of the bond he was developing with this (literally) tortured soul, which was frowned upon (from their perspective) by God himself.

So it's possible that the higher ups decided to put out the story that Castiel had been 'corrupted' by Dean, who had been much closer to becoming a demon than they'd realised, and led astray from the road of righteousness to revel in sinful human pleasures (like, for a completely random example, lust). Just like Crowley put out false information that he and Brady were 'Lovers in League against Satan', Zachariah put out the message that Dean and Cas were 'Lovers in League against Michael'.

And okay, now they know that Castiel was right all along, but You Cannot Kill An Idea, and they'd spent an awful long time believing Cas and Dean were together, and there was the fact that their beloved leader would drop everything the second Dean sent up a prayer for help, to the point where Rachel decided she had to intervene to try and curb how much Dean was exploiting his influence on Cas...

Benny and Amy will meet in purgatory.
They're monsters. Likable monsters, who find ways of satisfying their need to eat (parts of) humans without actually killing them, but still monsters. And they've been through a lot of the same crap—becoming true friends with one of the Winchesters, while the other never accepts him/her because monster! Perhaps, if they met up, they could be friends... or more. And maybe that could make purgatory just a little more bearable.

The couples who died thanks to Famine's antics in 5X14 (My Bloody Valentine) did not stay dead.
The episode specifically states that most couples are not "matches made in heaven," but that cupids are sent when a particular union is necessary to fulfill a certain destiny (such as, Mary and Dean Winchester needing to come together in order for Sam and Dean to exist). Now, if the fate of the world hinged on these couples being together, but they died shortly after the match was made, it seems unlikely that they actually carried out whatever plan was meant for them in so little time. But, as we saw from Castiel "rais(ing Dean) from perdition," it is entirely plausible for angels to bring people back from the dead, and that Death Is Cheap in this universe. The couple who ate each other and the couple who committed double suicide will be revived, and continue on with whatever heaven's agenda was in uniting them in the first place.

Despite the tattoos, Sam and Dean can still be possessed...
...if they're hanging upside-down.

Originally, the Pentagram was a symbol that could ward off evil if the star pointed upright... but could *summon* evil if it were inverted. So, if by hanging upside-down, the Winchesters inverted their tats, is it an open invite to the demons? But then would they have to stay upside down to prevent the demon inside from being burned alive (or something) upon the star being righted?

Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, or both/all three will appear at some point in Season 9.
There's only two episodes so far, but Abaddon is already shaping up to be the Big Bad of this season. It's previously been stated that her kind can only be killed by archangels. There's only two archangels left alive, and both of them are in the Cage. The fact that Lucifer has already been mentioned by name as of "Devil May Care" also raises some flags. Of course, there's the possibility that Gabriel could be brought back by fan demand, too.

Either way, Sam and Dean would be foolish to try to trap and cement her like they did last season, as that's a temporary solution that didn't stick. There's a high probability an archangel will be needed in some way, shape, or form to finish her. Oh, and did we mention that this season is also supposed to be set during the year where Lucifer has his apocalypse as shown in "The End"? Not to mention that as of the latest episode of this season, just like in "The End", Cas is human and Sam is possessed by an angel (though not all the time, and it isn't Lucifer).

Confirmed, Gabriel appears in 9X18. Although how real he was is up for interpretation.

  • Not real, just an illusion created by Metatron.

After Dean threw away his amulet, Sam kept it
And it will be used in the desperate attempt to find some being more powerful than the new Castiel.
  • Alternatively, he snagged it after Dean walked out the door (in the scene he walks past Sam, drops it in the trash in full view of his brother, and the scene fades to black) and is waiting for the right time to return it to him.

Cas is heading towards 2014!Cas
As of the latest episode, he is human, he has experienced sex and enjoyed it greatly, he looks astonishingly like End!verse Cas, and Dean just kicked him out. That could account for him going farther off the deep end and for his changed relationship with Dean.

Being in Heaven dulls emotions because the Angels are siphoning off the energy from their souls
It would explain why angels seem to start questioning things and developing emotions as soon as they come down to Earth - they're getting "souled" for lack of a better term and getting the emotions that come with them. It would also explain why Ash and Pamela seemed so peaceful. Well, Ash was always mellow, but most of the people in Heaven are halfway to soulless because the angels are using them.

Eve taught/convinced Lucifer to create demons
Eve is the only other entity than Lucifer who seems to know how to twist human souls into monsters. Lucifer was already upset with God and Eve didn't seem all that fond of the Big Guy either. Maybe she used His children to spite Him—corrupting His most beloved angel and having that angel turn His most beloved creations into tortured monsters. Maybe that's the reason she got locked in Purgatory. It'd certainly be an ironic twist on Real Life lore...

Crowley will eventually pull a Heel-Face Turn.
Is he evil now? Absolutely. But the same could've been said, at one point, for a certain other British character on another show, who was introduced as evil, got into a few Enemy Mine scenarios but stayed evil, got captured and experimented on, and was kept as something ambiguously between "hostage" and "roommate." Eventually, the effects of the trial will come back into play, and some motivation (*please* not love in this case!) will make him deliberately seek the restoration of his humanity. It'll hurt, but he'll become one of the good guys.

Meg's real name was Vassago
Vassago is a high-ranking Prince of Hell who is also said to be a male with a woman's face and have "a good nature." All of this fits Meg in one way or another: she is the daughter of Azazel, who's implied to have been the King of Hell—which would make Meg the Princess of Hell. She is a female demon who possessed a male, Sam, at one point, which could be interpretated as her being a female who once wore a man's face. She ends up being the only demon-ally of the Winchesters who never screwed them over, and in fact helped them and their cause even though she knew that she would get screwed over big-time if she did, marking her as a little bit better than "kinda good."

Lilith was the Biblical Adam's first wife who was corrupted into the first demon by Lucifer
According to Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam's first wife who, like Adam, was created from soil but refused to submit to him (she wanted to rule alongside him); as a result, she left the Garden of Eden and eventually became the mother of demons. Maybe in the Supernatural verse, Lilith was Adam's first wife and the first human female, and perhaps Lilith wanted equal rule with Adam. After Lucifer was banished from Heaven by Michael, maybe he picked up on Lilith's desire for equality with Adam and used that (partially, at least; didn't Lucifer also torture Lilith?) to corrupt her into becoming the first demon. After Lilith was turned, God created Eve to replace her for Adam.

Ezekiel is actually a good guy through and through
They're trying to trick the Genre Savvy viewers because it would be the last thing they'd expect.
  • Jossed.

Naomi's vessel is Samantha Carter
They look just alike, don't they?

Adam and Michael will be the co-Big Bads of Season 10
When they (somehow) emerge from the pit, they'll both have gone insane enough to not only be insanely dangerous, but to become allies in their goal of getting revenge on the Winchesters. As an archangel, Michael would naturally take command of the fallen angels and unite them in the task of taking over the Earth (or alternatively, Hell) and creating a new Heaven.

Crowley claimed credit for locking Lucifer and Michael up
Which explains why no demon—even die-hard Lucifer loyalist Meg—showed anger at the Winchesters for re-imprisoning Lucifer or mentioned it or that Sam's soul was in Hell (you'd think that at least one demon might taunt him about what he went through down there, after all). Lucifer was imprisoned after Season 5, but Crowley still faced thousands of demons furious about his betrayal and needed to get them to back off somehow, so he told them that going after him now was pointless because Lucifer and Michael were trapped. He said that he was the one who did it because, well, what demon in their right mind would try to attack the dude who beat the big boss and his big brother without breaking a sweat? The demons were scared enough of Crowley and what someone like that could do to him that no one dared object when he took over Hell. Meg only worked with the Winchesters because she didn't know that they were the ones who'd really defeated Lucifer; if she had, she would have killed them first and then Crowley.

Most of the fallen angles are non-soldiers.

Based on recent events, any of the following could happen
1. Bartholomew allies with Abbadon in order to win the angelic civil war and negotiate a deal with Metatron.

2. Sam and Dean will pull an Enemy Mine with Abbadon in order to defeat both Bartholomew and Metatron

3. Gabriel will return to set things straight.

Castiel will continue to "eat" the grace of other angels in order to gain more power.

Dean will become a demon.
  • CONFIRMED! In the final shot of Season 9, Crowley goads a "dead" Dean into opening his eyes, which are pitch black. Dean is officially a demon thanks to the Mark of Cain and the First Blade.

The real name of the Leviathan posing as Dick Roman was Adam.
And he was Eve's mate. They produced the rest of the Leviathan together and God, concerned about how many there were getting to be, made it impossible for Eve to conceive anymore children with Adam (maybe He castrated him, which would be funny, considering the name of Adam's host). Eve was still able to lay eggs, but Adam couldn't fertilize them anymore. So when she managed to break out of Purgatory thousands of years ago, she got revenge on God by laying her eggs in His precious humans, turning them into freakish monsters, turning His children into hers. The Leviathan felt betrayed and abandoned by her creating and caring for what they see as unworthy half-breeds, and so turned on her, which only pushed her closer to her adoring monster children. Familial issues all around—of course, that proves that this WMG is entirely correct, since every single sentient entity in the Supernatural universe must have issues with their family members.

The "snake" that got into the Garden was Eve.
Again, just for irony. In mythology, Gadreel is sometimes believed to be the serpent that tempted Eve into eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. In Supernatural mythos, though, he was the one who was protecting the Garden. He screwed up and Eve got in and did... something—maybe she stole the power to affect souls from Heaven for herself. Whatever she did, Gadreel wasn't able to stop her and he was blamed for it by God and the Host, like how Eve in Real Life mythology was blamed for getting her and Adam (and the rest of humanity) tossed out on their asses.
  • Jossed. "Road Trip" reveals that Gadreel allowed Lucifer into the Garden.

Ruby was afflicted with the same curse as Angel
Meaning Ruby did something a long time ago to piss off a very powerful Witch, who cursed her with a human soul to make her feel the burden of the things she'd done as a demon, and should she ever have a moment of true happiness, she'd snap right back into being evil, if you're a shipper this is an added bonus as Ruby sleeping with Sam could've been that very moment.

Sam and Dean will gank Slenderman (or an Expy thereof).
Episode 9X16 is apparently titled "Thinman." While they've moved away from it somewhat, a throwback to the older face-off-with-urban-legends-type episodes would likely not be unwelcome at this point. The only question is, how do they kill it?
  • Sorta confirmed. Thinman really is a a Slender Man Expy, but not a monster. Just two psychos with a knife, a grudge and an internet connection.

Jane the Nephilim was Gabriel's daughter
The only angel we know to have been around on Earth at the time of her conception is the Gabester himself. And we all know how much he liked the ladies. He knocked Jane's mom up, but may or may not have known it and may or may not have been involved in her life prior to their deaths. He may even have other kids, since Loki (whom Gabriel was impersonating) is said to have a couple of 'em...
  • There's an old Norse myth that claims Loki spent eight years living as a human woman, giving birth to at least one child fathered by a human man. If Nephilim have immortality, Jane might have been the child referred to in the story. Considering that angels are traditionally genderless or gender fluid, and Loki is known to have given birth at least once, it's not that far out there for Gabriel to have been Jane's mom.

The apparition of Jessica at the end of "Bloody Mary" was Lucifer
It was never explained what it was. There are only three logical explanations: either it's Jess's ghost, a guilt-ridden Sam seeing things, or something purposefully appearing as Jess to Sam. The first option is unlikely, since she didn't show up again and if she were haunting Sam, he and Dean would've realized it and tried to move her on. The second option is a little likelier, but while he does have a history of hallucinations, they all occurred due to extremely unusual and stressful circumstances (demon blood and Hell-trauma) and he is never mentioned or indicated as hallucinating under ordinary conditions, which these were. That leaves the third option. Ghosts don't disguise themselves as people's loved ones and then just not do anything, which rules them out; demons can't appear in human form on Earth without a host and Jessica's body was by then way too crispy to use as a host, ruling them out; angels weren't allowed on Earth at that time, ruling that out; anything else had no interest in the Winchesters at that time, ruling them out.

So what's left that has the means and motive to take Jessica's form when appearing to Sam? Lucifer, who can not only shapeshift but also has a vested interest in Sam, specifically in learning what makes him tick and how to manipulate him when the time comes for him to be his vessel. The biggest problem with this WMG is that it seems like Lucifer wouldn't be able to do it at that time because he was in the Cage... however, he was able to communicate with Azazel in the convent while still trapped. Now remember that Sam is Lucifer's true vessel. "The Rapture" proved that even ordinary angels can communicate with their true vessels and affect them/their surroundings while being in two different dimensions (at this time, Jimmy was on Earth and Castiel in Heaven or possibly Hell, depending on when he started trying to gain Jimmy as a vessel and when he was sent to save Dean). Apart from raising the unsettling possibility that angels (including Lucifer) had have more of a hand in the Winchesters' lives than we'd thought, what does this mean? Lucifer could conceivably appear to Sam whenever he pleases, in whatever form he likes. (Which is supported by Mark Pellegrino's speculation that Hallucifer was actually Lucifer. And which raises questions about the nature of Sam's demon-blood hallucinations...) So the possibility is there, the means and motives are there, what about some evidence? Consider this—in "Free to Be You and Me", Lucifer will appear in Sam's dreams as Jessica in her famous white nighty. You already knew that, right? Now consider this—the real Jessica's nightgown, the one that she died in in "Pilot" (short, has a sheen, possibly silk), is different from the one that "Jessica" wears in "Free to Be You and Me" (long, no sheen, lacy, likely cotton). The one that "Jessica" wears in "Free to Be You and Me" is the same one that "Jessica" wears at the end of "Bloody Mary". That wasn't Jess, that was Lucifer.

Abaddon is Meg
Or to be more precise, "Meg" is Abaddon. They're waaay too similar and it makes things too fun (Crowley just can't get rid of this chick!). Meg's real name is Abaddon and she's the last Knight of Hell (apart from Cain, of course) and working for Yellow Eyes, who helped Cain train her so she sees them (and Lucifer) as her daddies. Anyway, after what happened with Boss-man Pappy Cain, Abaddon switches to working for New Boss-man Pappy Yellow Eyes. In the original timeline, she catches and kills Henry before he can escape, snags the key, and tortures the bunker's location out of some poor Man of Letters, so she and Azazel have access to the bunker. That's where they really got the angel tablet, which they hid elsewhere for safe-keeping. The original timeline progresses with the Abaddon Later Known As Meg. However, a later disruption in the timestream (probably the result of all the characters' time-traveling affecting the timestream) retroactively affects what happened in 1958, allowing Henry to escape Abaddon/Meg and go into the future to meet Sam and Dean. Past-addon follows and doesn't recognize either because, well, she hasn't met them yet. They don't recognize her because they can't see her true face and haven't seen Meg's face to compare the two. Both Abaddons (temporarily, if you'll excuse the pun) co-exist in Season 8 like how both Deans co-existed in "The End". That means that if the Winchesters and Crowley succeed in killing 1958!Abaddon... something, something, something...
  • Obviously, this theory would work best if Abaddon doesn't cross paths with Cass for it to be disproved when he doesn't recognize her, but there are two possibilities that can also work: Abaddon's true face in 1958 looks different from how it does in the 2000s (probably further disfigured from her big brother/uncle/mentor Alastair getting in some more torture while "teaching" her), or Castiel can't bear to acknowledge the evil past version of his dead would-be girlfriend. Try Jossing me now, tropers!

Every single black-eyed female demon who appears on-screen, has appeared on-screen, or ever will appear on-screen, is Meg
The next obvious conclusion to the clearly equally correct "Ruby is Meg" and "Abaddon is Meg" WMGs above. Even when there's more than one lady demon in a shot. Even when they get quote-unquote "killed." Even after she herself gets quote-unquote "killed." 'Cause that's just how she rolls.
  • Why stop there? We know from Born Under a Bad Sign that Meg is willing to possess men as well. Meg is every demon ever.

The Season 9 finale will result in the biggest Downer Ending so far.
Depends on what you consider the biggest downer, as that's extremely subjective, but I'd say Dean dying and turned demon, considering becoming a demon was his biggest fear way back in Season 3 is a pretty big downer!

Destiel will happen, but it will be a troll and actually not occur.
I see this occurring pretty simply, something will occur where Castiel will come onto Dean, and Dean will explain he is bisexual but simply not attracted to the current body that Castiel is inhabiting, so won't happen, or it will happen but within a woman's body, another host or in another timeline. Can you honestly imagine the bloody awesome tears if the show confirms Dean is bisexual, but won't sleep with Castiel due to his current body? The tears would be beautiful.
  • Considering Dean's usual MO when it comes to sex is Anything That Moves, it'd be a *huge* burn. But it would probably be suicide on the show's part, because then they'd piss off BOTH the Destiel shippers *and* the anti-shippers, the former because they wouldn't get their pairing, and the latter because it'd mean the subtext they'd been laughing off as reading too much into things actually meant something. Then again, it would appear that the show's ending after Season 10 anyway (or at least Carver's run will end at that point), so maybe they've got nothing to lose.
    • Though pandering to the audience is wrong anyway. Delicious tears :D Though angels "aren't" male or female, so I'd be cool with female!Cas and Dean. Though I'd also be cool with Dean and Cas, or Dean and another male Cas.

The Big Bad of Season 10 will be...Dean
He'll be so corrupted by the First Blade that he'll become the first of a new generation of Knights of Hell.

Season 10 will be the final season

Only the strongest were able to escape Hell at the end of Season 2
  • My theory is that when the Devil's Gate was opened by Jake the seal was only weakened and most demons were unable to escape. Astaroth/Tammi seemed to reinforce this when she showed her surprise that Ruby was able to escape in the short time the gate was open. Most of the season 3 demons: Astaroth, Casey, Father Gil, and the Seven Deadly Sins seem to be stronger than average Black-Eyed Demons. Also while about 200 demons escaped, it looked like less than 20 souls/ghosts were able to escape.

Sam had nothing to worry about in Shadows
  • Seeing as Azazel seemed to want Sam to be the Special Child to win, it's doubtful that he would've had him killed. Meg was told to have the daevas kill only Dean and John and leave Sam alive. The intent was probably to A) Kill off two major enemies/threats and B) Corrupt Sam even further by taking the last two family he has left. Maybe Meg legitimately was attracted to Sam and was trying to seduce him in order to bring him to the demon side.

Azazel really did kill Jess
  • When Brady told Sam it was actually he who did it on Azazel's orders he may have just been trying to bait Sam. Think about it, Azazel himself talked about the incident in a way that suggests that he directly was responsible, plus Jessica's manor of being killed was sort of Azazel's signature move. Also the angels have reinforced that it was Azazel's doing.
    • Furthermore, in "Salvation" John revealed that the signs of Azazel's presence that appeared in all the towns he appeared in were there before Jess was killed. It seems like only an extremely powerful demon could leave such signs. Brady, though he seemed to be stronger than the average demon, was probably not strong enough to make those signs appear, and even if he was, why didn't they appear the whole time he'd been in college with Sam?

In Season 10, Crowley will once again drop an Untwist on the audience
He has done so at least twice previously: in Season 8, when he revealed there was an angel tablet, and in Season 9, when he revealed that Dean has become a demon. Going by this record, he will dramatically reveal something at some point in Season 10 which everyone on the Internet will have already figured out months ago. Depending on Crowley and the series' longevity, this may become a weird sort of meta Running Gag where it happens Once a Season, and Dean will eventually lampshade it by deadpanning, "Wow, who could have possibly seen that coming?" and then looking right at the camera, complete with Fascinating Eyebrow. And then it will all have been worth it.

Our bouncing baby demon will get a new name in Season 10
Since demons appear to drop their human names and be rechristened something more suitably demonic once they're turned. Cast your vote for Demon!Dean's new name here!
  • Gavin, because Crowley is feeling fatherly lately and missing his human son; Demon!Dean will serve as a Replacement Goldfish.
  • Lazarus, because this troper likes to think that that's what Alastair (ironic fella that he was, Satan rest his soul) would have renamed Dean once the latter turned full-demon (and what this troper renamed Demon!Dean in her own Season 4 Demon!Dean AUs). The irony comes from the "rebirth/resurrection" and Christian mythology themes associated with the name Lazarus—blaspheming in this way which would undoubtedly delight demons and undoubtedly convince them to do it. Since Crowley's a funny, blasphemous guy himself and may have had a good relationship with Alastair (they ran in the same circles, at least, since they both served Lilith), he might honor the Grand Inquisitor's memory by giving Demon!Dean the name Alastair had picked out for him. On a meta level, Lazarus would also retroactively add some irony to the title "Lazarus Rising," which concluded Dean's time in Hell, which was a major step in turning Dean demon. This troper admits to being biased, but she just really likes all the delicious ironic layers this would bring.
  • Lazarus will also have the nickname "Lazlo." Whether or not he will appreciate the nickname remains to be seen...
  • Samael. It's traditionally the name of a Fallen Angel / demon (sometimes thought to be Satan himself), so it works as a feasible demon name. If Demon!Dean chooses his own name, he might pick this to strengthen his connection to Sam if he is having trouble remembering his human life but wants to.

Only demons who have gained sufficient age / power / rank are renamed
If our bouncing baby demon doesn't get a new name in Season 10, this is why. This explains why there are demons actually named Jason and Roscoe in addition to ones named Abaddon and Azazel—some haven't yet proven themselves worthy enough of a new name. It is also possible that demons may choose their own names if they forget their original names or if they want something more suitably badass. The former would explain Meg having "lots of names" and why even angels and other demons come to refer to her as "Meg" (she decided to keep it, for now, possibly having forgotten her previous name(s)), and the latter would explain Crowley — other demons were mocking "Fergus" and his human life as a Scot (we know that they call him "Lucky the Leprechaun" behind his back), so he dropped Fergus and reinvented himself as Crowley. If Demon!Dean keeps his human name, it's probably one or both of these two reasons.

Our other bouncing baby demon
Related to the above thoughts, Demon!Bela's demon name may be Belial (or something similar, like Baal) if she cannot quite remember her preferred name but wants to keep it as close as possible. It may also be Valefar/Malaphar, considering the demon's association with thievery and Bela's occupation in life. Considering how wily she is, she could have gained the proper status for a renaming by now (if we're going by the first theory), need a new name because she doesn't recall her past ones (if she's already forgotten her human identity, which, given the major trauma she went through in life and is going through in Hell, is possible if she's repressing or having a disassociative fugue), or simply want to reinvent herself as a "real demon" a la Crowley in the previous WMG (she's used to taking on new identities to hide her true self and get the job done, after all).

Dean will start torturing others again
Now unrestrained by his feelings of guilt and his moral code, his training from Alastair will kick back in with a vengeance. Depending on whether or not the show wants to keep him a hero, his victims may be either angels/demons/monsters or humans (or any of the above, if he's not too picky). His tool of choice for torture will be the First Blade. Depending on whether or not the show wants to redeem him, Crowley may or may not encourage it and possibly give Dean Alastair's old job as Grand Inquisitor.

Sam will use the demon cure from Season 8 to save Dean in Season 10
Confirmed. Sam succeeds in curing Dean in "Soul Survivor."

The angels will no longer be antagonists.
Not only that, after hearing Metatron, they decided to stop depending on a leader to tell them what to do and think for themselves to do the right thing from now on. However, some angels will still not forgive Castiel and continue to blame him for all the misfortunes that befell them.
Castiel: I'm not a leader. I never wanted to be. I just want to be a good angel.
An angel: You're right. You're no leader. You're not even an angel. You're nothing!

The continuity errors throughout Season 9 were fully intentional.
Reapers are retconned as a subspecies of angel. Castiel loses his "virginity" to April despite having been married in Season 7 (although arguably, the marriage might have been a front all along and so never consummated). Charlie goes to Heaven briefly while dead, yet Kevin gets trapped in the veil thanks to Metatron having boarded up Heaven. Dean recalls a rugaru hunt from childhood despite not having known what a rugaru was in Season 4. Obviously, every season has a few continuity errors here and there, but Season 9 just seems especially egregious. Maybe They Just Didn't Care?

OR, maybe, the errors were actually foreshadowing. They were lampshaded when Metatron uploaded all his knowledge of pop culture into Castiel's brain, lamenting that this action was "a bit of a retcon." And then, what do we have near the season's end? Crowley thwarting history by not sending Gavin back to his own era by the episode's end like he was supposed to, with a warning from Sam that this could have repercussions in the time stream at large. Could the continuity issues be the product of the past having truly been altered?

The Season 10 premiere will be titled "Back In Black."
It's just too perfect.
  • Well, that's partially right. It was titled simply "Black."

Gabriel was controlled by Metatron
Ever since "Meta Fiction" came out, it bugged me how Gabriel acted. I mean, he helped the Winchesters and Castiel, and if he survived and took a longer vacation God-knows-where, why come back and be a pain in the ass again? So here's my guess: Maybe the Angel Tablet held also spells to control or force Archangels to do one's bidding. It would also explain why Lucifer took the tablet and hid in the first place; I mean, why take a potential threat with you, if it wouldn't have any benefits? The Angel Tablet could have, if deciphered, allowed demons or humans to close up Heaven or worse.

Also, if Gabriel really hid in Heaven for all these years, he probably was also weakened by being cast out (granted, he's an Archangel, but angels died during the fall). It could still have done enough damage for him to have to take a break. So, Metatron takes the tablet via Gadreel, possibly after finding out that one Archangel is not as disposed as anyone believes, hooks up on the power, and binds Gabriel. He shows up before Cas and "Meta Fiction" happens. So, now after the tablet has been broken, he shows up again in Season 10 and helps the boys out with their Deanmon problem.

  • The Gabriel seen in Metafiction was simply a product of Metatron's narrative; the character is dead.

Supernatural is about the Winchester boys "tying up" God's "loose ends"
The first five seasons dealt with the big one: the Apocalypse. From the start, it was intended for Sam to be the one to avert the Apocalypse and lock Michael in the pit with Lucifer. Of course, there would be fall-out from averting the Apocalypse (as seen with Raphael), and Seasons 6-10 could be focused on Dean dealing with the remaining loose ends. Eve, the Leviathans, the Tablets, the Knights of Hell (Abaddon), and the First Blade and Cain are all 'loose ends' of God's story. Dean killed Eve; he also killed Dick and therefore decapitated the Leviathans and neutralized them as a threat; Dean was the one to kill the last of the Knights of Hell, while the Tablets and the First Blade are still to be dealt with. Presumably, that is what Season 10 will be about—tying up these last ends.

The final scene between Tessa and Dean in "Stairway to Heaven" was Sex Is Violence
Due to the subtext during the first time I watched it, this appeared to be the case: The way she pulls forward to slightly impale herself with the First Blade, saying "thank you" before driving it all the way in, gripping his shoulders as she throws back her head and groans... Also, the way Dean is fighting to control his enjoyment afterwards and the blood dripping off of the blade.

The entire series is the result of a Tulpa.
Chuck Shurley isn't God; he's simply a writer. A bunch of people began reading his books and forming blogs online, and a tulpa used that to create the entire plot line of Supernatural.

Castiel is a Principality
Anna was his superior. We never learn Anna's "angel name" for sure but a lot of people think it's Anael, who I'm pretty sure is supposed to be the boss of Principalitys.

Some demons are fallen angels
When an angel falls, they lose their grace and become human. Demons are twisted and corrupted human souls. It is entirely plausible for an angel to fall, live and die as a human, go to hell, and become a demon. This would explain why Azazel is Azazel.
  • Despite the name, Crowley mentions their time in Mesopotamia to Naomi, a billion-plus year old angel. Crowley supposedly died in the middle ages or something. How could they have spent "time" together in Mesopotamia and why would Naomi uhm...screw with...a demon? Because it wasn't Crowley, it was Crowley as an angel before he went human, then demon, then King of Hell. Naomi and Crowley DID spend time in Mesopotamia...Crowley was just an angel at the time.
    • Also explains how Crowley knows everything about angels that angels do, and understands Lucifer's plans to kill all demons. He's fluent in Enochian, knows how to "crack" an angel's "code", etc.

Lucifer and Michael will return.
However, they've managed to work out their issues while in the prison, and end the war.
  • Alternatively as of the Season 10 Finale the Godzilla Threshold has been met and exceeded by an entity so powerful God actually joined in the fight along with the archangels. This is an entity so omnipotent that Death seemed frightened of its return to the world. The boys are gonna need a bit of back up. So whatever happened to those rings they'll retrieve em and let Micheal and Lucifer out. Possibly a return of Godstiel and a power boost for Crowley as well. After all OOC Is Serious Business and nothing scares Death. All hands on deck would be my first instinct.

The entire series is just Sam, Dean, and some friends running a Hunter campaign
and the series will end when the last bad guy goes down, and Sam and Dean are just left cleaning up the dice, Cheetos, and beer bottles.

Whatever it is in borax that injures the Leviathans, the same component is within Phoenix Ash.
In "There Will Be Blood" the Alpha Vampire implies that there is at least some relation between the Leviathans and Eve. Eve, an Nigh Invulnerable being from Purgatory, just like the Leviathans. Whatever is in borax that damages the Leviathans, Phoenix Ash is a purer form of it, hence being able to kill Eve instead of just burning her like the borax does to the Leviathans. Sam and Dean just didn't make the connection, or didn't have any of the ash left.

The hunting will start to get to Dean and Sam.
While it's the influence of the demon blood, Dean has a lot of built-in anger on the life Dean and Sam chose. They start to point out every time they stop a major world-threatening disaster, another one happens soon after (usually as a result of the previous one).
  • More or less confirmed in "My Brother's Keeper", where Dean tells Sam they only bring misery around them.

Dean will have to kill Lucifer
"The river ends at the source" is what Metatron disclosed when Dean tortured him for information on how to remove the Mark of Cain. Dean may have received the Mark from Cain himself, but the one who first gave Cain the Mark was Lucifer. Lucifer is "the source" of "the river" from which the Mark's power flows, and killing him WITH the First Blade will "end" the Mark of Cain. In the same vein, it is what Metatron meant when he said "everybody dies" whenever he got out of jail - killing Lucifer will require opening his Cage and letting him out, and Michael is right in there along with him. Two archangels trapped for centuries in Hell in Lucifer's Cage by the Winchesters? Given how much they mutiliated Sam's soul, Lord knows how they'll vent their rage when they are finally let out. In short, Metatron intends to carry out his omnicide through Lucifer and Michael.
  • It's confirmed that Metatron was just screwing Dean, and what he said was just an attempt to manipulate him. Of course, he could be lying now.

Dean didn't kill Cain
After all, they Never Found the Body. This is Supernatural. Unless someone is salted, burned, and explicitly taken to Heaven by Death/God/Whatever, they aren't dead. And honestly, even then, they can still come back, provided God likes them. Dean is fast, smart, and good at sleight of hand. There's an excellent chance he switched the blades at the last minute and stabbed Cain with the other blade or cut off his head, effectively incapacitating him, but not killing him. Sam might even know, which may be why he says "Dean's in trouble" in the final scene of this episode (The Executioner's Song).
  • Alternatively, Dean DID stab Cain with the First Blade, but Cain can't be killed by his own weapon, meaning the only way to kill him would be Death's Scythe or God removing the Mark and finally letting Cain die. Since Cain's punishment was that he would eternally walk the Earth with the Mark.
    • Could've also been Cain's attempt at Suicide by Cop. He started his mass murder spree to spark the Winchesters, Cas, and Crowley into action, eventually forcing them to kill him. He was a genuinely nice guy (although a bit scary) in his first appearance. All he wanted was to die. He likely knew that the only way this would happen would be if he forced Dean's hand by becoming a monster again (although he was never actually SHOWN to kill an innocent, just criminals. The little boy may have been his last hope of forcing them to kill him).

Angels and Demons are both evil.
Demons are the more prosaic evils of possession, murder and mayhem. Angels are evil due to possession, Fantastic Racism, and an abiding belief in The Evils of Free Will. They both murder and destroy with ease and without regret. The angels that actually break with this are considered rebels, for whom the death penaty is considered just fine.

Dean will make a deal with Death to remove the Mark of Cain.
  • Confirmed in "My Brother's Keeper".

The Winchesters will be reunited with Chuck.
After finding out that Chuck is indeed still around in Fan Fiction, it's only a matter of time until he meets them again. Maybe in Seaon 10, maybe Season 11.

There are three YEDs who appear on-screen
When Dean told him in "In the Beginning" that he would kill him in the future, the yellow-eyed demon working towards Lucifer's release decided — just in case — he would act through his fellow yellow-eyed demons, using them as decoys who could be killed with Dean none the wiser to the fact that he hadn't really killed him. These other YEDs may or may not have been in on the first demon's ultimate plans for how he meant to use the special children, which is why there is so much misinformation and misdirection about what the YED's plans are. It also explains why the YED's eye color changes pretty much episode to episode. Dean killed the yellow-eyed demon Azazel, but unless someone else took them out, there are still more YEDs out there — including the one who started it all, who probably isn't thrilled with the Winchesters for screwing up the Apocalypse.

Likewise, the CRD in "Crossroad Blues," "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two," and "Bedtime Stories" is three different demons
The ones from "Crossroad Blues" and "Bedtime Stories" have red eyes with black pupils but the one from "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two" doesn't, marking her as either higher-ranking or lower-ranking than them. Crossroads demons (in this WMG) are tied to their specific crossroads and the Winchesters go to three different crossroads in three different locations in these episodes; this explains why the one in "Bedtime Stories" couldn't break Dean's contract, as it actually belonged to the one from "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two" — "Bedtime" Demon kept this secret and fed Sam a lie about a higher-ranking male "boss" to prevent him from going after "Part Two" Demon and succeeding in saving Dean, and also because crossroads demons usually pretend there is only one of them when dealing with non-demons in order to confuse everyone and keep information about how Hell works secret. Of course, the cat was out of the bag with Winchesters and friends after Sam killed one with the Colt and demons kept showing up at the crossroads anyway.

What Cas said to Dean during "Lazarus Rising"
It hardly matters now, but I was rewatching and I had an idea of what he could be saying.
  • The first time he was either trying to explain the situation to Dean or when he said "Dean Winchester is saved" it was loud enough for Dean to catch it, even if he didn't understand.
  • At the motel he was trying to warn Dean about Sam going with Ruby.

Rowena's "demon lover" was Azazel
  • For added irony, maybe they had kids — Meg and Tom.
    • So...that means Crowley actually killed his half-sister in "Goodbye, Stranger."

The Darkness is Urizen.

The Darkness is Death's true form.
While Big Daddy Reaper's role in the show has so far been that of The Sacred Darkness, it is possible that the "sacred" part of it might have been yet another "chain" placed on him. It is also suspicious how he has described both himself and the Darkness in a way that evokes The Anti-God, how the lock keeping the Darkness away had so much to do with immortality, or how he would let himself be scythed so easily.
Death: (to Dean) As old as God, maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless, at the end, I'll reap him too.

The Darkness created God/Light as a plaything.
And for a time, the Light would humor the Darkness, crafting the first beasts such as the Leviathans or the Mother of All. But then the Light made the Archangels and with them was able to overpower the Darkness, locking it and the first beasts away. That makes the Darkness the original and malevolent creator who was dethroned by the original and benevolent rebel, though the scenario was later repeated between the Light and the Archangel Lucifer in a more conventional way.

The military will get involved in Season 11.
Come on, nobody could possibly ignore shadows engulfing everything. The US military will take action, possibly find out about everything that's been happening, and Dean, Sam, Cas and several others will be forced to flee and become fugitives.

No one will be able to die in Season 11
Maybe because Death was killed, maybe the rules of death will no longer apply and everyone becomes immortal.
  • What about the Reapers? They seemed to get by with their business well before Death himself made his debut in Season 5.

Chuck is God's vessel rather than God Himself
Perhaps Chuck was just Chuck during his first few appearances, but then he gets possessed by God during Season 5.

The Darkness being unleashed will force God to FINALLY return to Heaven

Team Free Will will be forced to free Michael and Lucifer from the Cage to battle the Darkness in Season 11
With Raphael dead and Gabriel AWOL (but see the WMG right below this one), Team Free Will will have no other alternative but to free Michael and Lucifer, the only Archangels still alive, from the Cage. Michael and Lucifer may call a temporary truce, but either one of them, or even the both of them, will decide to finish the Apocalypse as it was meant to be once they've dealt with the Darkness. That would REALLY up the stakes in Season 11.

Gabriel/The Trickster will return to help battle the Darkness

Crowley’s Villain Decay / Took a Level in Kindness in seasons 9 and 10 was originally intended for Meg.
The initial idea for the writers would have involved Meg being the person Sam and Dean attempted to cure of being a demon, while Crowley would have continued to remain the main antagonist. Of course, Sam wouldn’t have finished the procedure like with Crowley, resulting in an almost-human-but-still-demon Meg, whose newfound humanity would have mirrored Castiel’s loss of grace rendering him human, possibly developing the relationship between them more and focusing on the guilt both parties would feel, Meg for all the evil she did as a demon and Cas for his role in banishing the angels. However, Rachel Miner’s medical issues made it impossible for her to continue acting, resulting in the creators killing Meg off in the show and defaulting to Crowley.