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Warning! All spoilers below are unmarked.

Island mode is canon.
Island mode is not a "what if" scenario, but the solution the survivors found to bring everyone back, resetting everything to before the mess started and not allowing Monokuma to steal the administrator position, allowing everyone lives solution.
  • But that wouldn't explain the errors in Island mode (i.e Characters talking about deaths that happened in the original).

Izuru was the mastermind behind The Biggest, Most Despair-Inducing Incident In All Of Human History
In the final trial it seems that Junko is terrified of Izuru/Hajime when he emerges, which puts to doubt the relationship between them, it's possible he actually was the mastermind behind everything that happened in the backstory, using Junko as a figure head after she "corrupted" him.

Dangan Ronpa shares the same universe as Fallout.
The Ultimate Despair happened in the year 2077, but was planned decades in advanced by Junko and Mukoro's parents, who were also with Ultimate Despair. The nuclear weapons that started and ended the Great War were launched under the influence of Ultimate Despair. Furthermore, Hope's Peak Academy, before the Despair incident, was with Vault Tec Corporation, and Jin Kirigiri was working with them. When the students of the first game locked themselves in the academy, they were actually using trying to develop it into a Vault, which went south when their memories were taken by Junko. It's also a possibility that Future Foundation is a division of Vault Tec. Remember Tranquility Lane from Fallout 3? Well that could easily use the same technology as the New World Program.

Ultimate Despair is the Product of a Hope's Peak Experiment
Junko is described as being born with a hunger for despair. Considering how much influence and technology the Hope's Peak Board of Regents have, she could have been a failed Izuru prototype. Considering to her data analyst abilities in Dangan Ronpa Zero she probably was made to achieve the ability to analyze everything and use them for the cause of hope, but due to a messed up 1/0 binary input on the idea of hope... The other Ultimate Despairs could be seen as experiments as well, and the Despair Fever victims are simply reawakening their memories of botched experiments to create Izuru's way of thinking.
  • The IF novel states that Junko "possessed despair-inducing abilities that surpass the capabilities of any normal human", which along with her insane durability, implies that she has several if not all Ultimate talents like Izuru. Her going through similar surgery isn't so farfetched.

Peko Pekoyama was created as a Foil to Touko Fukawa.
The two are both glasses-wearing girls with schoolgirl uniforms and braided hair who hold deep affection for a blond-haired rich guy with a bad attitude. There are a number of differences, though. Touko:
  • is an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • has an intellectual talent
  • has a tendency to overreact to things
  • has been scorned by every boy she's fallen in love with
  • has killed many of the men she's fallen in love with
  • wants a romantic relationship with Byakuya, but is ignored, except as a tool
  • survives the whole game
  • reveals she is actually Genocider Syo after being pushed to do so
Peko, on the other hand:
  • is has white hair
  • has an athletic talent
  • is consistently unemotional
  • has had a single-minded loyalty towards one boy since childhood, who adores her in return
  • tries to kill 12 other people (and succeeded in killing one) so that her beloved could escape being subject to Monokuma's whims
  • is content to just be a tool. Fuyuhiko disagrees, though, and wants her to stand by his side as an equal.
  • is executed in Chapter 2
  • pretends to be the mad vigilante Sparkling Justice of her own accord

Gundam suffers from Chuunibyou (eighth-grader syndrome).
If anyone is familiar with Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!, then it's pretty obvious that Gundam is having the same kind of delusions that several of the characters in that series do; he hasn't recovered from them and still fancies himself a dark overlord.

Gundam is the one who cut out his own eye so that he could see despair.
It was mentioned specifically in game, and it would explain why one of his eyes is gray and scarred, when the other one is red. Who else has gray eyes? Junko Enoshima.
  • Jossed Dangan Island reveals that the red eye is a contact, so both of his eyes are naturally gray. While on the subject, Fuyuhiko would be the most likely candidate. If this troper remembers correctly, the silhouette of the person who cut out their eye shows that it was the right eye, the same eye Fuyuhiko lost when Peko cut him. Knowing Monokuma, he could have planned for Peko to cut Fuyuhiko in that specific place in order to mock what he did to himself in reality.
  • However as the whole point of Dangan Island was to replace the cast's memories, we can't be fully sure if that's true or if that's the program covering it up (see Nagito's left hand).
    • We can be reasonably sure. While the point of the school trip was to eventually replace the students' memories with their new ones upon graduating, their avatars were constructed from their memories at the time they joined the academy, which is why they look different from their current selves outside the program. Nagito's left hand is still normal because he hadn't yet replaced it with Junko's at that point in time. Likewise, Gundam's scar and contact being present in the program means they were already present back then, so the point still stands. Their behavior is completely unaltered beyond also being reset to how everyone acted when they joined the academy, so he can't be lying as a result of that either. In addition, the silhouette of the person who replaced his eye somewhat resembles Fuyuhiko (his hair style is practically identical), which probably makes him the more likely candidate as mentioned above.

Kazuichi, as part of Ultimate Despair, was the one who built the contraptions for Junko's executions from the first game.
Even though Junko may be the Mastermind and designed all of the executions to fit her friends' despair, I doubt she's smart or talented enough to to build some of them herself, such as the rocket ship from "The Space Journey". But, there someone who is and who would do anything for her: Ultimate Mechanic Kazuichi who can build and fix anything.

The Despair Disease is actually Radical 6 from Virtue's Last Reward
Both are Spike/Chunsoft and both are diseases whose main symptom is crushing despair
  • Alternatively Radical 6 is a mutated form of the Despair Disease, where the crushing despair leads to the victim committing suicide as opposed to death from other symptoms.

The Junko body Ultimate Despair found was a fake.
Take a look at the execution from the previous game, the girl is nigh invulnerable.
  • More specifically, the body they found might have been Mukuro's(who was still dressed up as Junko). The Despair crew weren't exactly in the most stable frame of mind, so it's believable if they couldn't tell the difference.
    • Mukuro's head was pretty much destroyed by that bomb. How would Ultimate Despair recognize her as Junko?

Fauxgami is actually Byakuya's brother.
Byakuya's final FTE in the first game states that he and his relatives played a game to determine who would be the heir of the family. Everyone who lost to him was disowned and treated as though they did not exist, a status that would be befitting of a Ultimate Imposter who has no true self. A more in-depth reasoning can be found here.

Peko was never corrupted by Junko's despair
She just went along with it because Fuyuhiko did.
  • This seems possible, since aside from her Master, she has nothing to lose. The other members of Ultimate Despair all destroyed the things that mattered to them, but what matters more to Peko than Fuyuhiko?

Nekomaru is actually Ultimate Eyebrows.
Kiyotaka was super jealous.

Junko Enoshima is The Master, and Makoto Naegi is The Doctor.
Well, reading about AI Junko's plan in the game made me think, 'what if?'

Akane was the student who starved herself for despair
There are two students who love food, one of these is Akane. At the end, we see a picture of an emaciated, leathery hunger worn student. Who would go deeper than Akane into despair without food? It's been speculated that Monokuma wanted to mock the students for what they did: for example, the above speculated fuyuhiko plucking his eye out, and in Chapter 5 Monokuma starves everybody until a murder is committed, and Akane is still alive in that chapter.
  • It could also be the Impostor, which would mean their body is thin in the present while their past form was obese. This could be used to facilitate a number of twists in the Another Episode spinoff, such as having Junko seemingly come Back from the Dead only to turn out to be the Impostor impersonating her to keep the Despair cause alive.

Chiaki is still alive
While she probably didn't survive the Forced Shutdown, the copy of her on Jabberwock Island was probably not the only copy of her. As an AI she can be copied onto alternative hardware. Seeing as Alter Ego had multiple copies of himself, Chiaki probably had a few back-ups as well. Still, any copies of this nature wouldn't have firsthand memories of Jabberwock island outside of what Monokuma broadcast. Note that this means that AI Junko probably has copies as well, but since Izuru Kamukura would probably be their proprietor, it wouldn't be too much of a chore for him to destroy them.

Usami is inspired by Alter Ego's late-night talk with Hifumi
After all, he was the most enthusiastic about magical girls, and Alter Ego was eager to learn about his interests. He's also one of the only students besides Chihiro that Alter Ego's known to have an extended conversation with.
  • I'm just going to accept this as canon for making that much sense.

The person Mikan was talking about at the end of Chapter 3 was Izuru Kamakura.
Specifically, the person who she "loved" and ended up killing for. It could have been Junko she was referring to, but Izuru is another possibility. After all, it would explain the times during Chapter 3 where Mikan ended up falling asleep on top of Izuru. Perhaps, having regained her memories, she recognized him as Izuru.
  • Highly unlikely. That would only work if:
    • Mikan knew Izuru used to be a reserve student named Hinata Hajime, which he was unlikely to share with anyone since he would view information like that as useless trivia.
    • It doesn't line up with the fact the Ultimate Despair are Junko's cult of personality. While the information Junko gave may be unreliable her statement that all of the Ultimate Despair either loved or hated her beyond compare seems true based on Nagito and Izuru's interactions and Mikan specifically said she murdered for the sake of her beloved's "Despair" which fits the original Ultimate Despair more than the former Ultimate Hope.
    • Izuru would see no reason to ever give anyone as "boring" as Mikan the sort of attention needed to make her this obsessive unless Junko told him to, since he already has her talent she is redundant at best from his perspective but Mikan clearly believed her "love" actually loved her back, while we know Junko already did something similar to this with her sister Mukuro so doing this herself makes more sense.
    • Also Mikan fell asleep on Hajime due to exhaustion because of how hard she was working and catching the fever respectively so those incidents were already explained pretty well.
      • Point #1 can actually be easily explained; Mikan just had to do a little bit of process of elimination the same way she figured out who the traitor was. Essentially, once she got her memories back, she looked around and realized, "There are two people here whose names I don't recognize: Chiaki Nanami and Hajime Hinata." Since she likely knew of everyone that had been put in the program, she would've easily been able to connect Hajime and Izuru (because, you know, Izuru's a guy). Point #3 could be explained as Izuru "forgiving" her in the sense that she's every bit as useless as everyone else is, therefore making her equal to everyone but him. Given that we know that she wasn't exactly stable mentally, that might've been all it took for her to become obsessive, and perhaps convinced herself that he loved her back out of desperation despite him not giving any indication of such.

Gundam's final spell was not intended to protect himself.
When he collapses on the ground, he doesn't look surprised or upset that it didn't protect him. This suggests two possibilities:
  • Gundam knew the spell wouldn't work, because he knew there's no such thing as magic. His final act of defiance was intended simply to maintain, to the last possible second, his mystique.
  • Gundam's spell, which may have worked, was intended to protect his hamsters. His first act after the collision is to check that they're all right.

Cybernetic brain implants were involved in the surgery that turned Hajime into Izuru
... and the computer involved had just enough storage space for copies of Chiaki and Monomi's programs to hide themselves until their respective Big Damn Heroes moments at the end of Chapter Six.

Dangan Ronpa 3's theme will be a Cultural Festival
The first game's theme was "killing school life". This game's theme is "killing school trip". The next game should be about a "killing school festival".

For Dangan Ronpa 3, there will be other forms of Zero Escape shoutouts
For example, the protagonist will be SHSL/Ultimate Memory and the game will play with branching paths like Virtue's Last Reward. The only way to get to the true final level would be to go through every path, then fight the Mastermind (Most likely Junko) with everything you remember from each branch.
  • Only one thing needs to be amended; from what we've learned from Absolute Despair Girls, there's basically zero chance of Junko ever being the villain again, barring a prequel.

The fact that the game takes place inside a computer simulation and the player character Hajime Hinata is Big Bad Izuru Kamakura is meant as a Take That towards the player themselves.
As Monokuma would probably put it, you don't care about the students, they're just characters in a video game! And you want them to suffer despair and die! If you didn't, then why did you play this game? The first Dangan Ronpa ended on a bittersweet but ultimately hopeful note, and you could easily have simply accepted that as the ending and left the series alone! It was YOU who chose to play the sequel and see more despair! YOU are the one who wanted this!

Dangan Ronpa 3 will take place at least six years after the second game.
Based off what we know from Another Episode, It's possible that the Warriors of Hope who survived that game will show up as high-school aged students in the third game. Perhaps, in that amount of time, the world has recovered enough from the Despairing Incident that the Future Foundation will attempt to open a new Hope's Peak Academy.

Izuru Kamukura's plan was (supposedly) to destroy Ultimate Despair.
We know from Absolute Despair Girls that Nagito has a literal love/hate relationship with Junko, loving her and hating her at the same time. It is possible that Izuru shares the sentiment: they're both deeply connected to hope (Nagito deeply believes in Hope; Izuru was supposed to be the Ultimate Hope) and despair (Nagito has his constant cycle of good/bad luck; Izuru started the Incident). So, while they follow Junko, they really hate her and everything about her.
  • So, back to Izuru: his plan could have been an attempt at mass suicide, killing himself, the other members of Ultimate Despair, and "Junko", or at least part of her. The problem is that, according to ADG's epilogue, Izuru knew about Junko's plans; in turn, Junko knew what Izuru was attempting, and manipulated him, maybe "suggesting" to him the idea of suicide. So what should have been a mass suicide was turned by Junko into yet another plan to spread despair: destroy the Future Foundation's attempt at saving Ultimate Despair, and possibly kill off some of the Foundation's members if they enter the program and attempt a "Forced Shutdown".

The Five who were mentioned in the final debate.
They are the five survivors as only five were mentioned. It was one last jab at the five survivors to give them reasons why they should graduate. If it were Mikan who tried to have children with Junko's corpse or Gundam who cut out his eye it wouldn't have quite the same impact.
  • Starving to despair: Likely Akane based on how much she wants/loves eating. Her constant eating may even be a side effect of her brain still registering her physical body recovering from a state of skeletal starvation. The depiction is a person with darker and longer hair than Sonia.
  • Mass murder: Kazuichi. Similar hat style and it is done with a machine.
  • Eye transplant: Lost the same eye as Fuyuhiko. Wouldn't be out of Monokuma's/Junko's personality/humor to lead Fuyuhiko down a path to end up with an ironic injury to match his real physical injury.
  • Necrophilia: Almost certainly Hajime as depiction is a male mounting. Of the five he's the last male and his alternate personality is depicted as equal to Junko in despair.
  • Parent murderer: Sonia is the likely candidate as she is focused/worried about becoming queen. How will that happen? When her parents die.

Chiaki may have not been the one who killed Nagito
Sure, Nagito is the Ultimate Lucky Student so he might have got the traitor to throw it. Even if that isn't true, who could have said otherwise? Monokuma has seen who had thrown the actual poison. However, he also wanted the Future Foundation spies to be dead but isn't allowed to touch them. Therefore, he could have used the opportunity to use the voting to kill Chiaki, regardless of whether or not she killed Nagito. This would act as a mirror to trial 5 of the last game where Monokuma did try to pin the blame on Kyoko since she knew too much. However, since there is not Ultimate Detective, he could get away with it this time.
  • AI Junko was bound by her rules even more so than her live self, so executing anyone other than the culprit was out of the question.

Nekomaru is wearing a protective cup
The shape of his bulge looks too even to be you-know-what, so it's likely he's wearing one since his field of expertise probably requires it. Furthermore, when he turns into Mechamaru, he no longer seems to have the bulge. That would make sense, since a robot wouldn't need any kind of protection down there anyway.

In the real world, Chiaki was one of the student council members killed by Izuru.
This, combined with her being one of the Observers, is why she was able to take the reins as the group's leader after Fauxgami died. The AI Chiaki was created from memories of one or more of the students as they were going into the simulated Jabberwock Island.

Gundam actually can use magic
Maybe not as God-killingly strong as he claims, but far from the point of delusion. It's just that being inside the Neo World Program limits his abilities by a wide margin. Hence his claim to defeating Nekomaru in single combat.

Dangan Ronpa 3 will somehow involve time loops
Because what's more despair-inducing than making your friends kill each other? Making them do it over and over and over again.

Hajime really will construct a statue of Nagito
Not because anything he did was necessarily praise-worthy, but because after all he's been through in life, years down the line Hajime might decide that the lovable psycho (who he once considered a friend) deserves at least that much.

Dangan Ronpa 3 will have a Decoy Protagonist
Based off the last two games, the victim of the first case is always a shocker to establish that Anyone Can Die. The first game killed off the apparent Love Interest/assistant character, and the second game killed the returning character from the last game (though he was later revealed to be an impostor), before he could tell anything about what he was doing there. How can the next game up the ante?

The protagonist is the first victim.

The real protagonist will likely be the character introduced as the "assistant" like Maizono or Nagito, and is likely to receive a whole lot of death flags to try to trick us into thinking they'll die first. Bonus points if it turns out that the supposed protagonist was actually a villain acting as an Unreliable Narrator.